Return of the Scatterling Angel

Summary: Seven years after the last war with VICTIM, Zero Enna has settled into a quiet life on Zion. Engaged to his former repairer, and working as a gym teacher at a local high school, he seems content to leave his past with GOA and GIS behind him. But when he runs into a bounty hunter, he comes face-to-face with a secret.and the hunter, who goes by the handle of Darden Angel, seeks answers to his own set of questions.

Pairings: Zero/Kizna, Clay/Saki, Yamagi/Roose, Rio/Gareas, Hiead/Zero, Erts/Kizna

Rating: PG-13 for language and themes, may go up.

Disclaimer: I do not own MK. Sugisaki Yukiru, Bandai, XEBEC, and Cartoon Network have the rights to the anime, while Gum Comics has manga rights. But I wouldn't mind a collection of Hiead/Zero doujinshi, if that exists. Otherwise, how about a few pins with the MK bishonen?

Genre: Drama/Mystery/Romance

~.~ indicates song lyrics, and/or file information . indicates thought {.} indicates telepathy

Author's Notes:

Greetings and Salutations! How are y'all all doing? I hope everyone's doing well.

I've read a few post-VICTIM stories here and there. Now, I want to throw my hat into the ring.

Do you wonder what Zero would be doing in civilian life? And some of his friends? What would Zion be like? And how could the former "Last Observer," Clay Cliff Fortran, really foresee the final outcome of the conflict between GOA and VICTIM, if he couldn't name the final number? There are events, which slip past the ironclad canon of destiny.

Seven years after the final showdown, the social order on Zion and its colonies has begun to unravel. Crime, violence, and chaos have returned. Bounty hunters have sprung up to fill the gaps, which law enforcement, cannot fill.

Zero Enna has, to all appearances, made a respectable life for himself. At 25, he's a gym teacher at Red River High. He's engaged to Kizna Towryk, his former Repairer, and an English teacher at Eleutheria Middle School. The two share a house, a cat, and domestic duties. Yet, on certain nights, Zero still has nightmares about that showdown, and an unexpected sacrifice. The nightmares, and memories of a silent past, haunt the young man.

Elsewhere, another young man works as a bounty hunter. He has no memory of his past, only dreams of space, a dark-haired boy with eyes like a winter evening, and a silver ring. When he is not searching for criminals, he searches for information concerning his identity and his former life. He goes by the name of Darden Angel, a semi-nomad, who keeps few possessions, among them the silver ring.

When a bounty takes Darden to Red River City, he encounters Zero. The meeting shocks them both: Darden, because he recognizes Zero as the boy from his dreams; and Zero, because the bounty hunter wears the same ring which he gave to a comrade, presumed dead. More to the point, Darden Angel looks exactly like this comrade.

Zero Enna finds himself torn between the promise of a contented life and the memory of a promise he made years before, to his first love. As he begins to piece together answers to his past, Darden Angel must come to grips with a life he does not comprehend---the life of Hiead Gner---and a longing for the young man who has starred in his dreams for seven years.

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