Please excuse all spelling and grammar mistakes,I have always struggled with basic literacy and I do not have a beta reader.

This is my version of series 3.

Edith sat there stunned, she had reread the letter twice but she still could hardly believe it, she never though she would get the secretary job, but she thought while her family was in London she might apply for some secretarial Jobs just to see what an interview was like and to make sure her research was correct when it came to wages and hours.

She had taken the same course Gwen had taken to get her qualifications ,hiding her typewriter and course work in a disused cottage on the estate.

She had taken lessons in basic cooking and housework from a war widow in the village in exchange for a few shillings and letting her keep whatever she cooked.

Using the fact that the women really need the money and food to insure the women kept her secret.

Edith knew she would have to move quickly has the Job started on Monday and she knew she could not stop under her father's roof once he realised what she was doing.

She had been saving the pin-money her family gave her for years, and she also had some unwanted Christmas presents that she could take to a pawn shop to raise further funds.

She knew the money she had saved would probably only get her a room in a slum somewhere 'but the more she thought about it the more she realised she would rather sleep under a bridge than go back to Downton and be the spinster aunt.

She was sick and tired at being made to pay for the fact that her twin brother had died at birth and she had survive.

They never treated Mary and Sybil badly for being born girls, even when they thought Mary was going to marry Patrick they never seemed bothered about helping her find someone to marry.

And when she found a wonderful man, who not only would have been a good match for her 'but she also loved they sent him away and dragged her to London not caring what would happen to her once her parents died leaving her to have to go begging to Mary for a place to sleep and the clothes on her back.

She folded the letter back in to the envelope and placed it into her pocket then she went to get her hat and coat so she could start looking for a place to start her new life.