Edith packed away the last of her cleaning supply's and suppressed a yawn, she had had a busy couple of days she had managed to find a room and get it furnished.

The room wasn't very big there was a sink, a small stove and just enough room for a small table with four chairs and a bed in the corner that she managed to pick up from a second hand shop and get delivered earlier that day.

It was a little nosier than what she was use to but she thought she would get use to it as well as sharing a outdoor toilet with everyone else in the street.

Now all she had to do was tell her parents about her new life which she was planning to do tonight, so she could move in to her new home tomorrow morning.

Not that there was much to take she had already taken most of the clothes she would be needing, all she had left to pick up was her jewellery box and her typewriter which she would ask her family to send on to her.

Edith let herself into the house and was about to run upstairs and get change for dinner, she had lost track of time and she knew it would not go down to well if she kept her family from their dinner.

When she ran straight into her father, she was about to apologise when she notice a thunderous look on his face.

'Where have you been Mr Lucas came round for tea and no one knew were you where?'

Edith resist the urge to roll her eyes, Mr Lucas was some relation to her uncle in India who she wrote too.

He said he was moving back to Britain and had paid them a visit on the pretence of delving a letter to Edith from her uncle, and for a unknown reason he had took a liking to her, unfortunately she found him quite the bore but no matter what she said or did her family seemed intent on pushing the two of them together.

'Sorry papa I did not think anyone would miss me'

Robert just rolled his eyes at his middle daughter 'really Edith you have to stop wondering around London on your own it's not be fitting a lady of your station.'

Edith bit her tongue, she decided now was not the time to start a argument after all she only had to put up with being treated like a child for one more evening then she would be free.

'If you excuse me Papa I need to get ready for dinner' Edith ran upstairs before her father could say anything else.

She decided not to bother to ring for a maid she just just change her dress and put a brush though her hair than ran downstairs for dinner silently praying that the evening would not end in a argument.