I have not seen this movie (duh, it's not out yet) i just thought this'd be a cool story. So , yeah... enjoy.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters.

Bunnymund sniffed the ground, following the scent he'd been on for hours. He was getting close, he could feel it. North had sent him and Tooth out to look for Jack while he and Sandy stayed behind to strategize on what to do about Pitch. Personally, Bunnymund thought that Jack had just up and left after their first fight with Pitch. It'd be very typical of the boy, but North refused to believe it. Now Bunnymund was following Jack's scent that was getting colder, literally. Like Jack the scent smelled of just-fallen snow, pond water, and magic from that staff he always carried around. Bunnymund approached a large empty house where the trail led. He crept around it, looking for a less than obvious way in. The scent was definitely stronger in here, and the fact that the temperature since he'd been near the house hinted that a certain annoying, immature winter spirit was indeed inside the large, spooky house. Bunnymund jumped onto the roof and slid inside an unlocked window. He stepped into the attic, might as well start searching from the top. His ears twitched, he could hear something out of place here. He ran through the empty, dark house to the basement and pressed his long ear to the door. Yes, there it was! A low murmuring accompanied by the unmistakable sound of someone crying. Bunnymund cautiously opened the door and was met with a gust of freezing cold wind. Yep, the boy was down here. Relieved that his search was over, Bunnymund tromped down the stairs and looked around. Bits of snow swirled around at blizzard speed, forming a cyclone around the huddled corner in the far corner. The white hair and bar feet gave it away that it was Jack, but he was acting weird, even for him. "Oi, mate, get up! We need to get out of here." Bunnymund tried to approach the boy, but a dark force pushed him back. "I'm sorry," a dark, sinister voice said, "but Jack is not going anywhere." Bunnymund watched in fright as Pitch himself stepped out of the shadows. A twisted smile spread on his face. "The boy is mine now."