Bunnymund kept his eyes on Pitch as he reached for his eggsploders. "What did you do to Jack?"

"I would say I have expanded his mind." Pitch chuckled. Bunnymund looked over to the boy. He looked terrible, he was hunched in on himself, gripping his head like it was going to fall off. His eyes were screwed tightly shut, trying to block out whatever Pitch was showing him. The boy's staff was nowhere to be seen, which was odd, since he always had it by his side. Bunnymund glared at Pitch, "What do you want with him?"

Pitch spread his hands, "I only want a helper."

"A helper?" Bunnymund repeated incredulously. Pitch stood straighter as if to justify himself. "You have your eggs, the Fairy has her birds, the old man has his elves and beasts, and the Sandman has his sand. I have no one."

"You have your nightmares." Bunnymund pointed out. Pitch snorted, "they are servants. They cannot think or be of any real use. Jack too is alone, in case you haven't noticed, he could also use alliances." Bunnymund was about to say that Pitch and Jack were nothing alike, but upon further thought, he stopped himself. They were both powerful, no denying that. They both had tragic origin stories. Neither could be seen by children, but both could make their presence felt. And the Guardians were wary of both. Bunnymund kept a hand on his eggs. "Why him? Why not manipulate someone else?"

Pitch glared at him, "are you volunteering? You don't seem to understand. You have nothing to offer me. What, the fear of bunnies? No, the boy could give me the fear of cold, the fear of being invisible, the fear of being alone, the fear of drowning." Over in the corner, dark sand seeped out of the floor and formed a spiral around Jack, closing in on him. The boy began to scream. Bunnymund tried to run to him, but the dark substance pushed him back. "CUT IT OUT!" he yelled, but Pitch only smiled. Jack subconsciously tried to protect himself against Pitch's dark power. The snow thickened as it blew through the room and the floor was slick with ice. Bunnymund shivered, the temperature was dropping rapidly, a far cry from his favorite Australian climate. The shadows deepened and bent as nightmares raced out and started to spin around the room, adding to the chaos. Under all the confusion, Bunnymund tried again to get to Jack. He grabbed the boys shoulder and pulled at him. "Jack, snap out of it!" he yelled into the boy's ear. Jack looked up, his eyes wet with tears. The moment they touched his skin, they'd freeze and fall to the ground as bits of ice. "It's all my fault, I did it, I-I killed her. I'm sorry just I can't." The boy wasn't making sense at all, and Pitch started to laugh a scary maniacal laugh. "It seems the boy is afraid of me! Go on rabbit, run!" Bunnymund realized that if he stayed he'd freeze to death. Pitch didn't have a body to keep warm so he wasn't affected. If Bunnymund didn't leave now, he'd die, plain and simple. But Jack was obviously not moving, and the little widow in the corner was getting harder and harder to get too. Bunnymund cursed under his breath then made a decision. He looked Jack in the eyes, "We'll come back for you, don't give in." Jack showed no evidence of understanding, but it'll have to do for now. Bunnymund hopped to the window, threw an eggsploder at it and leapt out. He ran.