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It had been two and a half months and things had been moving pretty fast, which wasn't exactly surprising considering the start that Michael and Lorraine had got off to. It wasn't like they were going to move in together, get married and have kids, at least not yet anyway, but they had got passed the 'I Love You' milestone in the relationship and the 'toothbrushes at each others' places milestone. The milestone that hadn't got passed was telling their friends and colleagues and it was no secret to either of them this was not going to be an easy ride.

Lorraine knew that telling the staff at the school was a big deal and that they had to be careful how they did it. They couldn't just rock up to school one day, holding hands and kissing in the playground, but equally she didn't feel that making an announcement was an ideal approach either, but one way or another the staff would have to find out if Michael and herself intended on making a real go of their relationship. If the relationship was to last, then they would have to go public, they couldn't just keep it a secret forever.

Michael's biggest issue with telling people was what would they think? Although Michael was no longer working at the school Lorraine had attended and Lorraine was no longer a student there, the fact that Michael was Lorraine's former teacher still remained. Whilst they both knew they weren't actually doing anything wrong, it didn't take away from the fact that they would almost definitely be judged, by most of the Waterloo Road staff and possibly others who knew the situation. The person Michael really dreaded telling was Sian. It wasn't that he thought Sian would be jealous or that he still had feeling for Sian, just that he knew Sian well enough to know she was extremely by the book, in all areas of her life. When faced with scandal Sian panicked, although this wasn't a scandal that involved Sian, or indeed a scandal at all, he couldn't help feeling Sian would not approve and would find it very hard not to make her feelings known. But Michael knew that putting off telling Sian would not make it easier, and would be detrimental to life in general in the long run.

So it was on a snowy January morning that Lorraine and Michael walked through the doors of Waterloo Road together. Arriving earlier than everyone else discussing how they were going to go about telling the staff.

"We can't just come right out and tell them like it's announcement, that wouldn't make any sense, it would look like we were expecting a bad reaction." Michael explained.

"But Michael you are expecting a bad reaction." Lorraine pointed out.

"Are you not?" he asked, with a hint of surprise in his voice.

"Well perhaps some raised eyebrows, mainly Sian, but no I agree the announcement thing is not a method I'm overly keen on." She agreed.

Maybe if we just tell Tom and Sian and then see if the word spreads?" Michael suggested.

"No I think it's important we tell everyone, otherwise it's just putting off the inevitable, We need to face this head on, and we shouldn't be so worried, it's our relationship, it's a good thing." She reassured him.

"You're right I guess we're just gonna have to face the music." He sighed, they had reached his office. There was pause and he circled her waist with his arms, their lips met for perhaps just moment, it was just unfortunate timing that by the time the pulled apart, a very shocked Sian was standing in the doorway staring at Lorraine and Michael.