Author's Note: This is my first time writing these characters, so please tell me if they're out of character at all. I hope you enjoy.

Boxer lay awake in his unkempt bed. It was one of those rare nights when he didn't have five ( or more ) buxom ladies engaging in mature activities with him. He was covered by a single sheet, his face burried in a pillow. He kept thinking about Sock. The gothic lolita boy had been sick with the flu all day, and had been sleeping uneasily since eight 'o clock that evening. Boxer was actually the one who got Sock sick in the first place, so he knew how crappy he must have been feeling. As minutes passed, his eyelids grew heavy, and he soon drifted off to sleep. But not for long. Because, after a while, he heard the creaking of the mattress springs as someone else got in bed with him. When he opened his eyes, he saw his brother staring back at him. "Sock? You okay, dude?"

Sock didn't answer. His eyebrows were upturned, and his cheeks were a viprant shade of red. He looked like something might have upset him. Maybe he had a nightmare? He seemed so helpless. He slowly reached out and stroked the blond boy's arm with a trembling hand. And then, he murmured just one word: "Daddy."

Boxer's eyes widened. He knew Sock was into some pretty kinky stuff, but wow. And, to Boxer's surprise, it was kinda hot. His lips parted slightly as he felt his fingers tingling.

Suddenly, Sock took Boxer's hand and pressed it to his abdomen. "Make me...feel better...Daddy."

A devilish grin slowly spread across Boxer's face. His entire body became very warm. But then, he took another look at the younger boy. He was clarly still half asleep. It just wouldn't be right to have sex with him in this state. After all, Boxer did have standards ( low standards mind you, but standards nonetheless ). He took his hand away from Sock. "No, baby. No sex tonight. Time for sleepybye" Boxer said softly, figuring he'd at least indulge the loli goth in his little fantasy.

Sock's lower lip wobbled before he started bawling, hot tears streaming down his cheeks.

Boxer got out of bed and walked to the other side of the bed. He picked Sock up bridal-style and carried him off to his own room as he continued his wailing.

"Now, now, we've had enough of that" Boxer cooed before whispering "Seriously, please shut up" as he set the purple-haired boy down on the soft bad which was surrounded by stuffed animals and torture devices. Sock didn't seem like he would be calming down any time soon. That was when Boxer noticed the ringpop on the nightstand. He gently put the candy in Sock's mouth like a pacifier. Sock's sobbing ceased as he suckled. Before long, his eyes closed and he fell into a peasful sleep.

Boxer smiled as he lay next to Sock. He sweetly kissed his 'baby' brother on the forehead. "Goodnight, little bro. I love you."

Well, that was pretty fluffy, wouldn't you say? If you guys like it, I might write a sequel. Pease, love, yaoi.