After filling the tub with warm water, Boxer and Sock enjoyed a nice, relaxing bubble bath together.

"So, Soxy, I was just wondering; Why is it that you like being treated like a baby?"

"You want to know why?"

"Yeah, like how did it start?"

Sock thought for a moment. "Well, truth be told, I've always had these feelings inside of me. I guess it's because I've always felt a little...unloved."

"Unloved? But, I love you, Sock. More than anything."

"I know that now; But you never really acted like it until recently."

Boxer mentally cursed himself; He had no idea he'd been making his little brother feel bad all these years.

"I've just always wanted so badly to be nurtured and comforted, and to have a mommy or a daddy to care about me. Life can be stressful, you know?"

Boxer nodded.

"I suppose there's nothing wrong with a little escapism, right?" Sock smiled.

Boxer wrapped his strong arms around the younger boy, and kissed him on the neck. "Nothing at all. And if you've never felt truly loved before, then it's my job to make you feel loved all the time from now on."


"Cross my heart. You're my brother, and now you're my baby boy and my sweetheart; You always will be."

Sock looked up at his brother with a soft expression before the two angels began kissing passionately. Sock caressed the blond boy's cheek.

"You ready for bedtime, Soxy?"

Sock nodded.


Boxer gently dried Sock off with a fluffy towel. "Your hair is so cute when it's all messed up like that" Boxer chuckled.

The goth boy blushed bright pink, and cleared his throat.

"Alright; Now, lie down on the bed for me, okay?"

Sock did as he was told.

Boxer grinned. "Good boy. Just wait there for a minute." Boxer went through a couple of drawers before returning to Sock's side. He slid a pair of tight black underwear on him, and then dressed him in a pair of dark blue footie pajamas. "Okay; One more thing" the older boy said before heading to the kitchen.

Sock stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. He really liked the way he looked in his pajamas; They made him feel so safe and secure, just like how he imagined an actual infant would feel. He picked up Honekoneko, and hugged him to his chest.

Boxer reentered the bedroom, holding a baby bottle in his hand. He sat down on the bed, and lightly patted his knee, gesturing for Sock to come over to him.

The loli goth happily sat on his big brother's lap before Boxer slipped the nipple of the bottle into Sock's mouth. Sock drank the warm milk with a look of pure euphoria on his face. Once he finished, Boxer replaced the nipple of the bottle with Sock's paci, and then laid him down on the bed. He covered him with a blue fleece blanket. He kissed Sock on the forehead as the younger angel's eyes slowly closed. "Will you stay with me, Daddy?" Sock asked in a hushed voice.

"Sure, baby." Boxer lied down next to his brother. "Goodnight, Soxy; Daddy loves you."