A/N: I started writing this story a long time ago. I was just cleaning out my documents when I came across it again. I didn't post it at the time because 1. I had a lot on my plate 2. I wasn't sure if people would like this pairing. Honestly, I have NO idea if there's another story like this one out there, so if there is, I apologize. I know there are some time travel stories and marauder stories, but I don't know if Sirius/Lily Potter II is common or not. I just got to thinking that since Sirius Black is my favorite HP character, I wanted to write a story about him, and his perfect match in my mind is a female version of James Potter; a girl who is feisty, intelligent, talented, prankster, loyal, and so much more. Who would be better for him than Lily Luna Potter? Let me know what you think, and don't be afraid to tell me if you hate it!


Lily Luna Potter found herself, once again, playing hide and seek in the Burrow. She didn't exactly enjoy the game, but her younger cousins did and she simply couldn't say 'no' to them. The entire family was gathered there in celebration of Hugo's 17th birthday. Lily couldn't help but laugh as she heard the scuttle of tiny feet and knew her four year old cousin, Jasper, was trying to find a good place to hide.

Jasper Remus Lupin was the son of Lily's cousin, Victoire, and Teddy Lupin. Lily counted loudly all the way up to the number 30 and then shouted out, "Ready or not, here I come!" and began searching. It wasn't at all hard to find the four people she was looking for. Molly had hidden under the table, Roxanne was scrunched up in the bathroom cupboard, Jasper was giggling in the corner of the sitting room with a lampshade over his head, and Albus Potter had magically stuck himself to the ceiling. It took Lily the longest to find him.

Even though Al was two years older than her, he was still very much a kid at heart and loved playing these types of games. "Okay, Al," said Jasper, who was clearly in charge of this game, "It's your turn to count."

"My turn?" Al pretended to be upset, "but I thought it was your turn," he tickled his young cousin.

Giggling, Jasper said, "Nope!" and ran off to find a hiding spot. With a reluctant sigh, Albus covered his eyes with his hands and began to count out loud. Lily, trying to find a hiding spot that had been better than Al's, took off immediately to the one place she knew he wouldn't look; the attic.

With her raven black hair, so much like her father's, trailing behind her, Lily ran as fast as she could through the Burrow. The Ghoul in the attic didn't mind being bothered, but that didn't stop her Grandma Molly from expressly forbidding any of her grandchildren from entering the attic.

When Lily came up through the small door in the floor and hoisted herself into the attic, however, the ghoul was nowhere to be found. Sighing in relief, she shut the trap door behind her and scrambled into an old trunk that smelled of mothballs.

She waited with bated breath for Albus to find her, knowing that it would take him quite a while. He would never expect her to hide in the attic because Lily never disobeyed her grandmother. Her hands groped blindly in the pitch black trunk and she felt spare bits of parchment, old quills, and something furry that she prayed was clothing and not a dead animal.

After what seemed like forever, she had almost given up when she heard the creak of a trapdoor opening. She froze and her fingers clenched around a cold chain on the floor of the trunk beneath her. "Lils?" Al asked in a whisper, "Are you up here? You know we're not supposed to be up here, but I've searched everywhere else."

The floorboards groaned under his feet as he looked behind an old bookshelf, but Lily wasn't there. That was when he spotted the trunk. It was definitely big enough to be able to fit his slender sister. Quietly as he could, he crept up to the trunk, and sprung the lid open while yelling, "AH-HA!"

Lily screamed as well. She jumped up, tripped, and laughing, the siblings fell to the floor. "What's this?" Albus asked, motioning to the chain that was still twined around Lily's fingers.

"I don't know," she answered honestly, "I found it in that trunk."

She held up a long thick golden chain that had a clasp on the end. "Is it a necklace?" asked Al.

"Yeah, I reckon it is," said Lily as she reached for the other end. That was when she noticed the trinket attached to the chain. Lily brought up the other end and clasped it closed, and then inspected the trinket that dangled from the center of the necklace.

It was a series of golden circles and in the middle was an hourglass. "Hang on," said Al as he reached for it, "there's an inscription here," aloud he began to read, "I mark the hours, every one. Nor have I yet out run the sun. My use and value unto you…are gauged by what you have to do."

Albus Potter made a face at the necklace and Lily said, "What the bloody hell is that supposed to mean?"

"No idea," said her brother.

"Well, I'm going to wear it," she snatched it back from her brother and slung the long chain over her head. The hourglass landed just below her breasts. "It's very pretty."

"Yes, it is," said Al patronizingly, "but we're not supposed to even be up here. Gran would be thoroughly pissed off if you traipse downstairs wearing that thing. Not to mention it could be dangerous. You know how Grandad charms everything that's muggle made."

"I don't think it's made by muggles," said Lily as she held the hourglass in front of her face, appreciating it's beauty.

"Still, I have a bad feeling about it, Lils, just put it back and let's get out of here."

"No, I think I'll keep it. There's no point in something this pretty left alone up here collecting dust."

"I said put it back!"


Albus made to grab the necklace, but Lily stopped him and the two siblings began to wrestle for possession of it. Just as Al's fingers brushed against the hourglass, Lily became desperate and spun on the spot to disapparate.

She and Albus landed in the middle of Hogsmeade. "Lily Luna Potter!" yelled Albus angrily; he hated disapparition.

Lily stuck her tongue out at him childishly and he made a desperate lunge for the chain around her throat. Lily fumbled with the trinket in her hands, and accidentally flicked the hourglass. The hourglass spun repeatedly inside the golden circles and she couldn't take her eyes off of it. When she glanced up, it looked like the whole world was spinning.

That was when she panicked. Albus had been right; something was terribly wrong with that necklace. Lily wrenched it from around her throat, the hourglass still spinning crazily, and then she fainted.

When she woke up, she felt groggy, sick, and disoriented. She didn't hear any noise, which was extremely unusual as normally everywhere she went was exceedingly noisy. That's just the way things were when you had a family as crazy as hers.

Moaning deeply, her eyelids fluttered open and she found herself looking at a very familiar ceiling. She was in the Hospital Wing at Hogwarts. She'd been in enough Quidditch accidents and other magical incidents to know that ceiling too well. When she fainted, Albus must've taken her immediately to the closest Healer; Madam Pomfrey at Hogwarts, as they had just been in Hogsmeade.

To confirm her suspicions, she turned her head to see the concerned face of her brother looking down at her. "Albus," she said softly, "you were right. I'm sorry I didn't listen to you."

"Albus?" he asked in a tone of confusion.

Lily blinked at him and realized that this boy's eyes were hazel; not green. "James?" she asked and the boy nodded, but she had a feeling this wasn't her oldest brother either. "You look different," she said, "Younger…and something about your nose is off. Why are you wearing Al's glasses?"

"I don't know who this 'Al' bloke is, but I can promise you these glasses are mine," James gave her a smirk. Lily felt a bit queasy. This boy looked like her oldest brother, and responded to his name, but there were obvious differences, even if they did have the same exact smirk.

"How did I get here?" she asked.

"We found you in Hogsmeade unconscious just lying there in the middle of the street," another voice had spoken. Lily turned her head to see a boy who looked vaguely familiar. He had sandy brown hair and kind blue eyes.

"Thanks for, um, helping me?" her gratitude came out sounding like a question.

"You're welcome," yet a third voice registered in Lily's ears, but this one was a bit deeper than the other two. Lily's eyes slid from the boy with the sandy-colored hair to rest on a handsome boy who was looking at her with open curiosity. He had hair that was almost as black as hers, but not quite, and his eyes were a shade of grey.

"What's your name?" asked James.

"You…you don't know me?" as much as she had suspected that this boy was not her brother, she had still hoped otherwise.

"Should I?" he questioned, his brow furrowing in concentration as he tried to recall having seen her before.

"My name is Lily," she said, "Lily-" but she never got to reveal her surname as the door to the Hospital Wing opened and yet another man Lily did not recognize entered.

He had a long silver beard and long silver hair. He wore half-moon spectacles over his twinkling blue eyes. The man reminded Lily of a kind grandfather and she felt a surge of comfort at his presence.

"Ah, yes," he said as he smiled down at her, "Thank you, Mr. Potter, Mr. Black, and Mr. Lupin for making sure that our guest was assaulted with your prying questions upon waking."

Even though his eyes still twinkled brightly, all three boys hung their heads in shame, "Our apologies, Headmaster," said the sandy-haired boy sincerely.

"It's quite alright. Curiosity is not a sin, boys, though you should be very careful with what you do with it," the headmaster said this very kindly, but it was clearly a dismissal. Without another word, the three young boys filed out of the room, leaving Lily alone with the man with the silver hair.

"I'm sorry," said Lily, "but who are you?"

"My name is Albus Dumbledore."

"But that's impossible," said Lily with a frown.

"I assure you, my dear, it is not only probable but also reality. I am Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Ask anyone here and I'm sure they'll tell you the same thing. The question now is who are you?"

"My name is Lily Potter," there was a blaze of suspicion in his eyes, but she continued speaking anyway, "I don't know what happened, but I was with my brother, Al, down in Hogsmeade. We were fighting over a necklace and something strange happened. The necklace started to spin and the world around me started to spin and I fainted. I woke up here."

"Do you know where you are?"


"How do you know that?"

"Because I am a student here. I've been attending this school since I was eleven."

"I see," Lily felt a brush of his consciousness against her mind, and she slammed walls up against this intrusion. The headmaster looked slightly taken aback. "My apologies," he said as he inclined his head toward her, "I wasn't aware that you would feel that. I see you are a rather skilled Occlumens."

"Yes, Sir," she said with gritted teeth, now openly suspicious of this man.

"I assure you I meant no harm, I just wanted to see if what you spoke was the truth."

"Of course it's the truth! Why would I lie about something that could be so easily disproven? I am a student here."

"It seems, if I am correct, and I usually am, I can surmise what has happened to you very quickly. It seems like you have traveled through time, Miss Potter. What time are you from?"

"Excuse me? Are you mad? Time travel is impossible!" Even as she said the words, she remembered the hourglass in the necklace and the inscription on it. Wasn't there a line about counting the hours? Perhaps it counted years as well.

"Not impossible," said Dumbledore kindly, "it is the only explanation that would make sense. Am I right in assuming that you are a descendent of James Potter? Forgive me, but you two do resemble each other, you share a last name, and when I told you who I was you recognized my name but thought it was impossible for me to be here. It is inadvisable for me to know too much about my own future, but I am guessing that in whatever time you are from, I am dead."

Lily nodded numbly. She had always heard that Albus Dumbledore was brilliant, but this man was a bloody genius the way he had surmised so many things from the few facts she had revealed. This wasn't a dream then, she realized suddenly. She really was here. There was no way her brain could have created such a vivid and strange persona as this man. Excitement rushed through her quick as adrenaline and with a rush she came to the conclusion that she was almost happy to be here.

She knew she should be afraid, yet she wasn't. She knew that she should be worried about the prospect of never seeing her friends or family again, but that worry had yet to set in. For now the only feelings she had were excitement and burning curiosity.

To her surprise, Dumbledore smiled even wider and said, "Well this certainly complicates things. I wish to know nothing else about the future from you. However, there are a few things I must say. Firstly, the Ministry is working on a method of time travel as we speak, using devices called Time Turners that resemble the necklace you have described, but they have not yet been created. Where is the one you claimed to have had on you?"

"I…I tore it off," said Lily, a sick feeling growing in the pit of her stomach, "I tore it off and flung it from me while I was traveling back in time! It must have been lost somewhere between now and…my time."

"That is rather unfortunate," Dumbledore's smile barely faltered, "For now, however, we will just have to do our best with the situation at hand. What house are you in?"


"Naturally. We must think of an alternative last name for you. It seems you've already told your fellow students that your first name is Lily, and I think perhaps you should invent a last name."

Lily debated for a long time on what name to give. All the names that were coming to mind were the names of magical families that people would recognize and then they would know she was lying. Finally, she decided to try her aunt's maiden name. "Granger?"

"That's a good a name as any."

Lily nodded and asked, "I'll be staying here then?"

"Yes. I will work tirelessly with the Ministry to see that these Time Turners are invented as soon as possible, and when they are, I will send you home. Though I warn you, I've no idea how long that will take."

"That's fine," said Lily, seeing a golden opportunity to finally meet the grandparents she had never known.

"You are not to divulge anything to anyone," Dumbledore said very seriously, "you must not tell anyone that you are from the future. This is of extreme importance. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Very good. Now I suggest we go on up to the Gryffindor common room. If I'm not mistaken, the room has already accommodated to your arrival. Tomorrow I will allow you to go to Hogsmeade to get a few things you'll need."

"Um, I'm sorry, Sir, but I don't have any money. I can't go shopping."

Dumbledore waved a hand airily, having already considered that, "You will find what you need in your dormitory. Don't worry about any of that," Dumbledore motioned for Lily to get up and follow him. He walked with her all the way to Gryffindor common room, where Minerva McGonagall stood waiting.

"Albus, what?" she began, but Dumbledore held up a hand to stop her.

Lily couldn't help but be startled at how young McGonagall was. And how strict she was as well. Minerva McGonagall was a very close friend to the Potters, and as a result, Lily knew her on a very personal level, but during her own time, McGonagall had been retired for a long time and this strict professor before her was not the same woman Lily knew in the future. This made it easy for Lily to differentiate in her mind between her 'aunt Minerva' and 'Professor McGonagall.'

"Minerva, this is Lily Granger. She was homeschooled for the past six years. When her parents died in a tragic accident recently, her muggle aunt decided she should attend Hogwarts as she would not be able to continue her niece's magical education," said Dumbledore quickly.

Lily nodded in agreement and attempted to look sad, which wasn't hard as she was so frightened at the moment. "She has just been sorted," added Dumbledore, "and was placed in Gryffindor. Have a goodnight, ladies," Dumbledore inclined his head politely to each of them and then turned and strode off down the hall.

"Very well, Miss Granger, right this way," McGonagall led her into the common room, and up to the 7th year girl's dormitory. "Miss Evans," said McGonagall and Lily sucked in a breath in anticipation. A girl with dark red hair turned immediately at the sound of the professor's voice.

"Yes, Professor McGonagall?" Lily Evans had eyes that matched her son's and grandson's perfectly. Lily Potter couldn't believe what she was seeing. Her grandmother, her namesake, smiling at her and welcoming her warmly into the dormitory as Minerva explained the situation.

"You'll love Hogwarts," said a girl with short brown hair and a kind smile. "My name is Alice, by the way, Alice Fortescue."

"It's nice to meet you, I'm Lily."

"Well we're going to have to figure out some way to differentiate between the two Lilys now! What's your middle name?"


"She shouldn't have to go by her middle name," Lily Evans objected, feeling bad enough for the recently orphaned girl.

"I don't mind."

"Oi! Lils!" another girl, this one with long blonde curly hair and a tall willowy figure, came bouncing into the room saying, "James Potter is at the foot of our stairs."

"What does that have to do with me?" Lily Evans snapped, sounding angry, but her eyes betrayed just a bit of the joy she felt.

"Because his arms are overflowing with lilies and he's staring up the staircase with a look of longing."

Lily Evans rolled her almond shaped green eyes and said to Lily, who was now known as Luna, "This is Mary MacDonald. She and Alice are my best friends."

"Nice to meet you."

"Well go on," said Alice, "run downstairs and break poor James' heart!"

"I'm not going down there!"

"Yes you are!" said Mary firmly.

"No, I'm not! And if either of you try to make me, I'll put you both in detention!"

Grumbling, Alice and Mary fell silent. It was late in the evening and the girls were doing various activities in the dorm room. Alice was curled up in her bed writing, Mary was brushing her hair in the mirror, and Lily was doing homework.

Not sure what to do with herself, Lily Luna Potter left the dormitory and went to the common room. "Ah," she sighed with relief as she spotted her favorite chair. However, right as she reached it, somebody else moved to sit in it at the same time.

"Oi!" she said, "I was going to sit there!"

"Normally," said James Potter with a cocky yet charming smile, "I would deny your claim over my favorite squashy red armchair and make you duel me for it, but since you're new here, I'll give you a break," chivalrously, he stood up and Lily sat down, curling up like a cat.

"I'm sorry about your circumstances," said the boy who she now knew was Remus Lupin. That was why he looked familiar to her; he resembled his son, Teddy, when he wasn't using his metamorphamagis powers to change his appearance.

"It's alright," said Lily and she meant it. Dumbledore was working on a way to return her to her own time. Her father thought so highly of Albus Dumbledore that he had named his son after him. Lily was fairly confident he could accomplish this task within a reasonable amount of time.

"Are you excited about attending school here?" asked James with interest as he and his friends took a seat on the couch across from her.


"What's your favorite subject?" asked James.

"She doesn't have a favorite subject yet, you prat," said Sirius Black with a smile.

"I can make a pretty good guess and say it will be Defense Against the Dark Arts," Lily offered.

"That's my favorite as well," Remus told her.

"Mine is Transfiguration," said James as he twirled his wand between his fingers.

They all looked to Sirius then and he shrugged saying, "I hate them all equally." Lily laughed at this and Sirius smiled appreciatively.

Just then a pudgy blonde boy with small watery eyes came over and asked, "Has anyone finished their Potions homework yet? My essay is much too short, but I can't think of anything else to write."

"Just write about how much you look up to Professor Slughorn and how you aspire to be half of the wizard he is and he will give you top marks, Wormtail." said James with a shrug.

"Wormtail?" asked Lily in outrage. She leapt to her feet faster than they could blink. After sucking in a deep breath of air she said, "You are an evil coward, you little shit!"

"Woah, calm down there, Granger," said Sirius as he stepped between them. James and Remus looked on in shock.

"What's gotten into you?" James wanted to know.

"I…I'm sorry if I…if I've done something…" said Peter, sounding sincerely sorry. But Lily didn't buy it for a minute. He may not have done anything wrong yet, but he would, and it would be the worst thing a person could ever do. Lily knew that in a few short years, Peter would betray his friends and sell them out to Lord Voldemort. She was more tempted at that moment than she ever had been before to do something she knew she shouldn't do. She wanted to warn James, to tell him what Peter would do, but if she did, then she would alter the future and she may never even exist.

Trying hard for indifference, but failing miserably, she said, "Oh, no I'm sorry, it's just…I seem to have mistaken you for someone else. You remind me of someone who I really hate. Do you think you could just please leave me alone?" Not knowing what else to do, Peter shrugged and sauntered off to work on his Potions essay by himself.

Knowing that there were just some things about women that men couldn't understand, James, Remus and Sirius made the smart decision to keep their mouths shut about what Lily had just done. Instead, James asked, "Do you play Quidditch at all?"

"Yes!" she gushed, "I love Quidditch! I'm a superb Chaser and not a bad Seeker, either."

"Are you going to try out for the team? You're right on time if you're interested. Tryouts are tomorrow evening."

"No, I don't think that's a good idea. I just started school here and I need to concentrate on my schoolwork," Lily couldn't tell them that the real reason she would try out for the team was because she would hopefully be leaving very abruptly before their first match.

"You sound like Moony," said James as he gave his friend a gentle shove with his shoulder.

"What are you doing tomorrow?" Sirius asked, "We could show you around Hogwarts and tell you where all of your classes are."

"I am actually going to Hogsmeade tomorrow to get some things. Professor Dumbledore said it would be fine. I left home rather suddenly and forgot a few essentials."

The three Marauders nodded their heads in understanding. As strange as it was to be in the presence of these people she had heard so much about, Lily couldn't help but feel comfortable. James and Sirius were exactly how her father had described them, and Remus was so much like his son that Lily felt right at home.

"What? That barmy old codger is letting you go to Hogsmeade? By yourself? Wasn't he in Gryffindor? Shouldn't he be a bit more chivalrous than that? You should consider yourself lucky that we're here to watch over you," James said importantly, "we shall escort you to Hogsmeade, and make sure you have a safe journey."

Sirius rolled his eyes and said, "Do you just have a thing for Lilys, mate?"

Lily felt her stomach churn in disgust at the idea of her grandfather being interested in her, but to her immense relief, she saw a similar look of revulsion on James' face as he said, "Absolutely not. Evans is the only girl for me, Padfoot…" James trailed off, not knowing how to explain what he felt. This new girl meant something to him, though it wasn't any sort of physical attraction. More like a close friend or a sister. He felt protective of her and familiar with her, as if he'd known her his whole life. He didn't know why, but he knew that Lily Granger was important to him, just not in the same way as Lily Evans was.

"Trust me, Prongs, I know. You spend more time swooning over her than hanging out with us."

"I'm just so close! She's starting to fancy me, I can tell!" James said with firm conviction, "You just wait, Padfoot, in a few weeks I'll be dating Lily Evans!" he sighed dreamily. Lily couldn't help but smile at this and she felt it warm her heart.

"Sure, and I'm going to marry Moaning Myrtle," said Sirius sarcastically.

Lily snorted. If only he knew that James was right. Lily took a minute to study each of the people before her, committing each of them to memory. It was a bittersweet moment for her, as she knew the terrible fate that awaited each of them, but they were currently sitting before her laughing and talking without a care in the world.

Remus Lupin resembled Teddy. He seemed the most kind and genuine of the three of them. Lily felt a surge of emotion looking at him. His pale eyes shone with sincerity, loyalty and he seemed just all around good. James Potter, her grandfather, resembled all of his offspring. His raven black hair was an untidy mop on top of his head, and his round-framed glasses slid down his nose as he spoke and he had to push them back up. His mannerisms and the arrogant way he handled himself reminded Lily so forcibly of her oldest brother that she felt like she knew her grandfather already.

Sirius Black wasn't at all what Lily had expected. She had been told, of course, that her father's godfather had spent twelve years in Azkaban and it had taken a toll on him so whenever her thoughts wandered to Sirius Black she pictured him broken and worn and tattered, but this bright seventeen year old boy before her was the opposite. He wasn't arrogant like James, oppositely he seemed reserved on the outside, but when Lily stared into his steel grey eyes, she sensed a deep passion for adventure and a love for life on the wild side. Everything about him screamed 'sexy as hell.'

He caught her staring then and she blushed and turned back to James who was talking, which Lily knew must be normal. "….and then I asked her if she wanted to go to Hogsmeade with me and she said she would rather eat undiluted bubotuber pus."

"How is that a good thing, mate?" asked Sirius with an arched dark eyebrow.

James' face fell when he realized his friends did not understand his point, "Well normally she says that she would rather die than go to Hogsmeade with me, but this time it was just consuming undiluted bubotuber pus. Which means that I must now be a better option to her than death." He smiled smugly.

"I'm sure she'll come around," said Remus, though it was obvious that he was just trying to console his friend.

"In the meantime, we Marauders can continue our reign of chaos in this school," said Sirius quietly.

"And Maraduerette!" Lily trilled.

"What?" James asked in surprise.

"You didn't think you could leave me out of any of your evil schemes, did you?" She demanded with excitement, "playing pranks is my forte! If we're going to plan something big, we should use the Map."

"Unfortunately, Filch confiscated the – wait! How do you know about the Map?" James looked shocked and somewhat frightened.

"I…um…" Lily stuttered frantically before practically yelling, "I overheard you talking about it!"

James furrowed his brow at her for a moment in confusion then gave her a half-shrug and said, "It's not like it matters if you know about it or not because Filch has it."

"Lil-um, Luna?" Lily Evans called tentatively to her from the girls' staircase, "it's okay with us if you want to stay in the common room for a while, but Mary, Alice, and I are turning in for the night."

"Oh, alright. I'll be right up!"

"Luna? I thought you said your name is Lily?" Remus questioned.

"My name is Lily, but since the Head Girl and I share a name, we figured it would be easier if I went by my middle name; Luna," as she said this, she stood up and stretched. She noticed with a hint of smugness that Sirius' eyes trailed up and down her body as she reached her arms over her head.

"Night, Lu," said James with a smirk.

Rolling her eyes she said, "Don't call me 'Lu,' I'm not a toilet."

"Night, Lu-Lu," Sirius teased.

Lily playfully ruffled his hair as she passed him and said, "Night, Snuffles." She knew she had made a mistake as soon as the words were out of her mouth. All of the boys froze in shock and stared at her. Right as James was about to open his mouth and ask how in the hell she knew that was one of Sirius' nicknames, she ran for the girls' dormitory and didn't look back.