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Hey, so I thought I'd try to write a Victorious fanfic today. Jade and Tori this time around. The idea's have sort of been buzzing around in my head for a while but I think they finally came together today. Let's get to it then :)


Jade West looked up at the house in front of her. She'd been coming here a lot recently. She crept alongside the house to a tree conveniently growing right by the side of the house. She grabbed a low branch and hoisted herself up before proceeding to climb up the tree she'd grown to become very familiar with during her night-time visits.

The goth girl crawled along one of the higher branches and dropped silently onto the tiled roof like a cat. She crept along the tiled first story roof until she found the window she wanted.

It was unlocked, like it was most nights but that wouldn't have stopped the raven haired girl from opening it anyway. It wasn't the most secure window of all the houses Jade had ever 'visited' in the middle of the night.

It's like she's asking to be robbed. The girl mused as she ducked through the window and landing with a muffled thud on the carpeted floor. She's lucky I'm not actually interested in stealing anything.

Jade looked towards the figure seemingly sleeping soundly in the bed occupying the middle of the room she now stood in. The goth had to be sure though.

"Tori...?" Jade whispered to the girl who appeared to be fast asleep. When there was no reply the technically trespassing girl smiled and relaxed a little.

The girl started forward when the sleeping girl mumbled something unintelligible into her pillow. Jade paused listening again and watching the rise and fall of the other girl's chest.

"...Jade..." A familiar voice said sleepily. Jade froze thinking she'd been caught. "... Jade...don't...ngh...do that..."

The goth realized that the girl was indeed asleep, just sleep talking. She let out a breath that she didn't know she had been holding. She started to question why Tori would dream about her, when most of the time Jade was sadistic, mean and downright awful towards her.

She figured Tori must be having a bad dream and that briefly gave her pleasure. The thought left her mind though as she remembered why she was here.

She crossed the short distance between the window and Tori's bed in a couple of step's and found herself lifting the girl's bed cover's and crawling into bed with the girl.

You might be thinking 'Jade West is willingly crawling into bed with Tori Vega?! What has the world come to?!'. Well the goth in question was wondering the same thing.

She got settled in the singer's bed and closed her eyes thinking back to how these nightly visit's all began.


It had happened exactly many weeks before. Jade had been lying in her bed late at night writing out another possible ending to one of her dark, twisted plays when she had received a weird text. From nobody other that Tori Vega.

It wasn't strange for her to be up late, she was having trouble sleeping an found it relaxing to write before trying unsuccessfully to sleep before early morning.

The fact that Tori was texting Jade was weird enough but the message the text included was rather strange as well.

'Hey Jadeeeeeeeeey? Could you pleeeeeease come over to my house. Like... noooow? . xoxox' -Tori

'Sure, Whatever Vega.' -Jade

Jade, who had just killed the final character in her play decided she had nothing better to do so she got up grabbed her keys and set out for Tori's house.

Whatever she had expected to find at Tori's house was definitely not what she found. She had half-hoped that there was some head-case running around the Vega household trying to kill Tori.

Turned out she was sort of half right. There was definitely a nut-job there, just not who she expected it to be.

She opened the door to find the house completely trashed. She stepped forward and some broken glass crunched under her shoes, it had come from some vase previously sitting on the shelf in the entry way. Paper cups littered the floor and most weren't empty.

The goth lifted one of the cups to her nose and sniffed and smelt alcohol. There had been a party, that much she had understood. What she didn't understand was why it was VEGA's house this party happened in. She also wanted to know where Vega was. If it was so important for Jade to come where was Tori?

She found the answer to the her question lying across the piano giggling. Jade let out a sigh.

"Vega..." She shook her head and made her way through the room that looked like a bomb had gone off inside it and somehow made her way to the still giggling girl.

"What... happened?..." Jade asked with a sigh knowing she would regret it later.

"We had a little paaaaaarty." Tori giggled and hiccuped, Jade realized she was drunk. Very drunk.

"A 'little' party?" Jade cocked a pierced brow.

"Okayyyy. Y-you caught meeee. A big party!" She giggled motioning with her hands. She sounded like Cat. On happy pills. And that's saying something.

"Who is 'we'?" The goth asked helping Tori up off the piano, and steadying the wobbly girl with her hands.

"Trina threw... big partyyyy!" She giggled again. Jade would've done a spit-take if she'd been drinking something.

"Trina. Your sister." She asked to clarify, the younger Vega nodded repeatedly, her face stretched into an overly-wide grin. "She, threw a party... and people SHOWED UP?!"

"Loaads of people..." She giggled. Jade scowled, she hated it when Tori was happy. "She mentioned there was alcohol... and EVERYONE showed up!"

Tori had waved her hands with her emphasis on the word 'everyone' and over balanced and would've fallen if Jade hadn't caught her.

"So... why am I here?" Jade asked helping her up a bit annoyed, but less angry than usual because she knew there was no point wasting perfectly good anger if Tori wouldn't remember it happening.

"I dunno..." Tori said frowning slightly before shaking it off and grinning again.

"..." Jade was silent as she scowled. "You don't know. You called me over here. But you don't know why?"

"Yep." The girl said popping the 'p'.

"Great..." Jade scowled and folded her arms annoyed.

Tori giggled and stumbled her way to the couch before collapsing on it.

"Anywaaaay... whadaya wanna dooo?"

Jade sighed and followed Tori before grabbing her wrist and trying to pull her up off the couch.

"C'mon." Jade groaned at the resisting girl. "You need to go upstairs and sleep."

"I don't wanna." Tori pouted.

"Well you're going." The goth said firmly and pulled the girl up with surprising force and hoisted the complaining girl over her shoulder. Jade grunted and carried the girl upstairs. She put Tori in her bed and tucked her in.

"Stay here, go to sleep. You'll wake up with an awful hangover but you'll live." She said slowly making sure Tori understood. "Understand?"

"Yep." The youngest vega said popping the 'p' cheerfully.

"Great." Jade said before turning around. "Then I'm leaving."

"No!" The girl said, rather forcefully for someone who probably couldn't stand up for more than a few seconds properly. But then the girls smiled again. "Stay the night? Look after me?"

'Somebody is having mood swings...' Jade thought in annoyance.

The goth looked towards the door causing a small growl to come from the drunks throat as she noticed. Tori was sure different when she was drunk.

"Fine." She groaned knowing she'd regret this too.

Tori pet the space beside her in the bed and Jade climbed in. Within seconds Tori was out like a light. She rolled over and wrapped her arms around Jade before cuddling into her back and letting out very light cute snores.

Jade didn't object, she was too tired. Days of sleeplessness were catching up to her, and Tori's bed was very comfortable. Soon Jade was fast asleep too. That was the first night she'd slept in Tori's room.


And now she was back again, snuggled into her supposed enemies bed. After that night she had gotten up, left the young Vega asleep and tidied the house as best as she could, she had nothing else to do, and then returned home pleased she'd finally gotten a good night's sleep.

She spent the rest of the day finishing up her play but when it came to nightfall her good mood vanished, the sleepless night's continued.

At school the day after, Tori gave no indications she remembered anything from the night before after the party and Jade was happy to keep it that way. If word got out that she, the Jade West, had helped look after a drunken Tori Vega. Well, her reputation would never be the same.

But the sleeplessness continued. The goth lasted a week before giving in. She wondered why she'd had a good night sleep at Tori's house and decided to test if it would help.

She snuck into the Vega household for the first time, as far as we know, and climbed into bed with Tori. She had the best sleep she'd had in a very long time. She wondered why this might be and the only logical explanation she'd come up with at the time had been that Tori's bed was more comfortable.

At school Tori would never mention Jade coming in to visit her, because she either didn't know or didn't care. The goth didn't care as long as it wasn't mentioned.

As the days went by and Jade snuck in more and more often, she began to doubt her original reasoning behind her nightly visits. She soon realized that she felt safe at Tori's house, unlike at her own house where she thought her parents might start arguing any second and start throwing things. Again.

But when she started coming every night in a row, she realized there must be something else going on too. She didn't just feel safe. She felt completely at ease. Something she had never felt. Not even when she was with Beck.

She had come to a realization one night when she entered the girl's room for the umpteenth time and saw the moonlight from outside catch on the sleeping girls skin. Her heart had stopped for a few beats.

That day exactly eleven days ago was the day she had realized, that even after all her teasing, all the shoving, all the things she'd put the brown haired girl through. Jade West loved Tori Vega.

After this revelation the goth had became more grouchy towards Tori during school than she'd ever been and the brown haired girl was getting frustrated at not knowing why. The goth had overheard her asking Beck if anything was wrong. He had replied that Jade didn't talk to him anymore.

It's true. She doesn't. Beck still waves and says hi and occasionally he'd buy her a coffee in the morning but she didn't really, really talk to him anymore. Not since they had broken up.

The young Vega was worried, not for herself because the goth was being horrible, but for Jade because she was being horrible.

Jade laughed to herself bitterly. But fell silent as she felt the girl beside her stir in her sleep. The brown haired girl turned over and wrapped her arms around the goth who was invading her bed.

The goth rolled her eyes but a small smiled escaped on her lips, she knew from experiencing it that Tori clung to things in her sleep. And once she decided she wanted to cling to you, you couldn't get her off.

Jade breathed out and shut her eyes preparing for sleep, she'd wake up early the next morning and sneak out again before anybody woke up. Just as she always did.

Her body went rigid though as she felt the girl let go of her, that hadn't happened before. She felt her heart stop as she heard the confused voice of the girl behind her.

"Jade...?" The girl had asked cautiously, sounding very, very much awake.


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