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"How did I never notice that you had a twin sister?" Tori turned to Jade. "How come you haven't said anything about her?"

"Aw, Jadey didn't say anything about me? I'm hurt." Sam laughed. Jade completely ignored her, but she still glared and gritted her teeth.

"She doesn't..." Jade seemed to search for the right words to say, all the while her scowl was firmly in place. "...go to school here..."

"Hah!" Sam laughed bitterly and went to say something but Jade cut her off.

"Why are you here Sam?" She asked through gritted teeth.

"I wanted to visit my dear little sister." The apparently older twin grinned, but for a second her eyes flashed with something Tori recognized as regret, before turning as unreadable as a blank page. Just in the same way Jade's eyes did.

Jade let out a bitter laugh, the same as Sam had seconds before.

"When was the last time you came to visit me since you left us?" Jade hissed.

Sam, for the first time since Tori had seen her, looked very uncomfortable. Tori felt very uncomfortable also, watching the two girls in their apparent reunion.

"Oh, that's right." Jade growled angrily. "You didn't!"

"I couldn't come back!" Sam shouted, her voice echoing in the hallway. Jade didn't flinch. Tori, to her credit, didn't either. She was quite used to Jade's thunderous moods, so she semi-expected one of girls to explode, quite right she was too. "I swore I would never come back."

"Hey look! You're back right now!" Jade yelled just as loudly.

"If you were so angry about me leaving why are you so mad about me coming back?" Sam yelled, even louder if it was possible.

"Because we don't need you now!" Jade exploded. "You left us seven years ago. Trey was only three! We needed you then! Not now!"

Tori felt like she was intruding on them so she started to back away.

"I'm interrupting so... I'm just gonna... yeah... go..." She mumbled but as she went to turn around Jade reached out and caught Tori's wrist firmly in her grasp.

"Oh no, you aren't going anywhere." Jade said, slightly more softly but still angrily. She turned to Sam. "If anyone is going to be leaving it's YOU! AGAIN!"

"You could have left too!" Sam said, trying to calm down but failing. "I offered you the chance to come with me but you were TOO STUBBORN to come!"

"Trey was three! I was not leaving him with them!" Jade growled, still clutching Tori's wrist. Tori could feel the goth shaking and knew that despite the angry front, she was trying not to break down and burst into tears.

"You could've brought him with us then!" Sam growled back.

"I was not going to take a three year old to live on the streets." Jade exclaimed. "Even as a ten year old I knew what was a good and bad idea."

"We are the same age!" Sam exclaimed. "Besides, I turned out perfectly fine!"

"Oh yeah? Do you go to school? Like a 'perfectly fine' seventeen year old would?" Jade hissed.

"I-..." Sam faltered.

"See? You aren't perfectly fine." Jade hissed. "How did you even afford the outfit your wearing? Selling drugs like a lot of the other teens on the streets?"

"Jadey?" A timid voice called out from behind the girls. Tori and Jade, who knew exactly who it was turned to face him. "What are drugs?"

"Nothing you need to worry about Trey..." Jade said crouching down to talk to him face to face, in a noticeably quieter way than when she had been yelling at Sam. "They're bad things that I wont let get anywhere near you."

Jade glared over her shoulder at Sam who looked like she was almost about to cry.

"I-is that... Trey?" Sam asked timidly.

"Who is that Jadey?" Trey asked peeking over the goth's shoulder to see. "How does she know me? Why does she look like you?"

"Nobody important..." Jade told him quietly, causing Sam to actually flinch in the corner of Tori's vision.

"Why are you talking about me?" He asked curiously before he frowned. "and why were you yelling? I could hear you from down the hall..."

"It's nothing buddy." Jade smiled tightly.

"Why are you here?" Tori asked crouching down too.

"I was invited to sing at the concert today." Trey beamed proudly.

"Congrats!" Tori smiled, trying to ignore the fact that Sam was behind them.

"So... should I introduce myself to her?" Trey asked pointing at Sam, who looked very conflicted.

"No!" Jade growled causing Trey to jump.

"Jade just means that..." Tori wracked her brain in attempt to soothe the now scared boy. "...she already knows you Trey."

Sam crouched down where she was slowly.

"D-do you... remember me Trey?" Sam asked unsurely. Jade tried to smother her growl since Trey was in the room.

Trey peeked over Jade's shoulder once more to look a the girl and slowly shook his head.

"No... should I?" He asked unsurely too. Sam flinched again and stood back up.

"It's okay..." She mumbled, I don't know whether to Trey or to herself. "You were three... how old are you now?"

"I'm ten!" He exclaimed proudly, holding up all of his fingers.

"Congrats Trey..." Sam smiled trying not to let her emotions show on her face, but she obviously didn't have years of performing arts experience like her sister to pull it off. "I guess... I'll be going then..."

"Okay! Bye person who looks like my sister!" Trey beamed innocently. His choice of words even made Tori flinch at the same time as Sam.

"Bye Trey... Bye Jade..." Sam said, trying to keep her composure. She turned to Tori and faltered.

"Tori..." The half-latina supplied for her, feeling her pain. She didn't know what exactly happened between them but she knew that things shouldn't be the way they are between them.

Tori fought with her own sister, a lot. But in the end she still loved Trina. She couldn't imagine fighting with her the way Jade and Sam did.

"Bye Tori..." Sam finished with a tight smile, before turning and walking away her whole body shaking in grief.

The three of them watched her leave, although Trey was still blissfully unaware.

"You need to go talk to her." Tori told Jade with a frown. She was expecting some resistance, this was Jade she was talking about after all. So she had her argument ready for the 'No!' she was sure she was about to receive.

"I know..." Jade said with a heavy sigh. Wait... what? Tori thought. Again, Jade has unknowingly proven that she is anything but predictable.

"I'll look after Trey then..." Tori spoke, whilst picking a whooping Trey up in her arms. Jade nodded and walked out the doors of the school to find her sister.

"Where's Jadey going?" Trey asked confused.

"She's going to do something she needs to do." Tori said, and Trey nodded although he didn't really understand what was going on.

"C'mon. Let's go get you ready for your song then." Tori smiled at him, and although anxious for the two West girls, she led him down the hallway back the way they came.


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