Author's note: all right guys, sorry for the long wait, but I had a lot of writer's block and I needed to think about how I was going to do the sequel. But never fear, because I am back with the sequel to Poseidon's Secret Son, which is called, Twisted Faith. Again, if anyone has any concerns or questions please let me kno. So without further ado, I give you my second fan fiction. Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians or the Harry Potter series. All rights belong to their respective authors.

Chapter 1:

Unexpected Visitors and Mysterious Letters

Harry James Potter, a messy haired, green eyed boy of 10 had been living at Camp Half Blood with his older half-brother Percy and half-sister Meg for three years now. He loved it there because it was one of the few places where he felt safest and nobody treated him like he was a freak. Camp Half Blood was the first place that Harry Potter had learned of his true heritage and that he had family who truly loved him for who he was and not for the hero everyone expected him to be. You see, when Lily and James Potter were killed, they sacrificed themselves so that their child would be able to live. However, this also gave Harry titles that he did not like or even want for that matter. They were titles like, the boy who lived and the Savior of the wizarding world. No, Harry did not like any kind of special attention of that sort. He believed in treating everyone fairly and he was very kind hearted even to those who were prone to judge him harshly. In that aspect, Harry Potter was a lot like his older brother Percy because like his older brother, he was very loyal to those whom he cared about.

In the three years that Harry had lived at the camp, he had met many new campers and a couple of them happened to be his cousin Tom's younger half siblings, and their names were Nico and Bianca DiAngelo. After Percy had made a request of the gods to claim their children, new campers had been coming in more regularly than usual. Also for this reason, there was even a cabin for the Lord of the dead. This meant that his half blood children could train at the camp instead of in the underworld. There were some drawbacks to this because for whatever reason, animals were too afraid of the children of Hades to even go near them. But at the same time, none of the children of the big three felt like outcasts the way they used to. Even Thalia, who was the daughter of Zeus, did not feel as lonely as she had thought. Yes, she was the only person in her cabin, but that didn't matter to her as long as she had her cousins and friends to lean on. Luke's betrayal had been very hard on her and she had considered becoming a hunter of Artemis, but something stopped her. The daughter of Zeus had become very fond of the 10-year-old son of Poseidon and he was like a younger brother to her. She didn't know why, but Thalia felt a kind of connection with the 10-year-old that she could not explain. However, she sensed that Harry Potter was able to easily empathize with her because he had also been imprisoned in his own home unfairly by his own relatives. He could easily empathize with her because he had somehow recognized that the white pine on top of the hill was once her home. There were times when the daughter of Zeus found herself wishing that she had stayed in her tree, but those were only days when she felt a sadness so deep, that she could not shake it on her own. Those were also days where the youngest child of Poseidon would find his older cousin and sit and talk with her; telling her stories of how Percy had found him half dead and starved. And for whatever reason, these stories always seem to help the older half blood because she realized that there were worse things than being stuck in a pine tree. And that was when Percy had found his younger brother in the sparring arena.

"Hey kid," the head counselor of Poseidon called. "I hate to break up your sparring session, but Chiron needs to see you."

"What for?" The younger half blood asked. "Does Dad need a favor? Is it something to do with my relatives?"

Percy growled under his breath at the mention of Petunia and Vernon Dursley, but he wisely held his tongue. Instead, Percy followed his younger brother to the big house where Chiron was waiting. When Chiron saw Percy and Harry, he smiled. "Ahh, thank you boys for coming so promptly," he said cheerfully. Harry was so used to seeing Chiron in his usual form of a centaur, that it surprised him to see a wheelchair at one end of the table he was using to play pinochle. The other occupant, Mister D, did not look happy at all. And he looked even more unhappy when he saw the youngest son of the Sea God coming toward him.

Before I go any further, I should probably explain why Mister D was so unhappy and grumpy. The thing is that Mister D is really Dionysius, the God of wine. The reason he is so unhappy is because he was punished by his father Zeus for chasing a wood nymph that apparently was off-limits to him. So for his punishment, Zeus told his son Dionysius that he needed to serve 100 years probation at Camp Half Blood as its director. For this and many other reasons, the God of wine had become very bitter and had nothing but sarcastic comments to offer. Along with Mister D's sentencing to Camp Half Blood, was a restriction on alcohol and growing wine grapes; another reason for his permanent bad mood. Before Chiron could speak, Mister D barked, "and what is it that you want, Henry?"

Chiron gave the black haired God a withering stare before addressing the 10-year-old. "Harry," Chiron said gently, "I have called you here because there is something that I should have told you a long time ago. Along with that, is a letter that I should have given to you as well." Seeing Percy standing protectively behind his younger brother, Chiron added gently, "Percy, you may stay, but you cannot tell your brother anything until I tell you that it is okay to do so." With shivers running down their spines, Percy and Harry followed the centaur into the big house where he led them to his office.

When the boys got to Chiron's office, their mouths dropped open in shock at who was standing there in front of them. When Percy recognized the person, his frown turned into a scowl and Harry let loose a string of curses in ancient Greek. He usually did not have such a filthy mouth, but he couldn't help feeling angry at the person standing in front of him. The person of course, was his aunt Petunia and she had come all the way from England to see whether or not her only nephew was safe. But Harry did not know this. He remembered his aunt as being cruel and negligent, so it was understandable that he would feel the way he did. Percy finally laid a hand on his younger brother's shoulder and whispered gently, "calm down, kid. I know you're upset, but you're only making it worse. Besides, you're not even speaking English, Child."

"But it's not fair!" The younger son of Poseidon said in ancient Greek. "Why does everything always have to happen to me?"

Percy smiled at his younger brother but he felt sympathy for him. "I don't know, kid, but we will figure everything out soon. I promise."

To Chiron, the 10-year-old asked sharply, "what is she doing here?" And for further emphasis, he pointed at his aunt in an accusing gesture. Harry Potter might have been kind hearted, but it was not easy for him to forget about what had happened to him at his relatives' house. So, naturally, Harry was somewhat bitter about the whole situation.

Chiron laid a calming hand on the young boy's shoulder as he answered, "Harry, I'm sorry that things happened the way they did, and I believe your aunt feels the same way. That is one of the reasons why I gave her permission to enter the borders of the camp. She has informed me of her conversation with your father and how she had asked for forgiveness even though she felt that she didn't deserve it. She is here because she wants to explain some of these things for herself." Harry's face remained hard and unrelenting, but when he glanced at his aunt's face, he was startled to see tears running down her cheeks. Yes, the 10-year-old was angry, but he was not heartless. And for this reason alone, Harry allowed his aunt the chance to explain herself and ask for his forgiveness for her wrongdoing.

"Yes, nephew," Petunia Dursley said softly. "What I did was wrong, and I'm sorry for all of the pain and sadness I have caused you. Vernon and I never wanted to treat you like that. Yes, I was slightly jealous of your mother, but I knew that was no excuse for the way I treated you. But Harry, there is something else you must understand. When I treated you the way I did, I was not in my right mind. The former headmaster of your mother's school put a compulsion charm around all of the letters that he sent us and even in the blood protection that was around our house. At the time, I was too miserable to realize that the magical wards were fake and did nothing to protect you at all. When you were removed from my care, the false blood protection had fallen. When it did, Vernon and I came back to our senses and we immediately felt guilty about what we had done unintentionally."

"So, you treated me like crap because of that strange old man many years ago? You really did love me?" Harry's anger was slowly ebbing away, only to be replaced with confusion. "What about my mother? She and James really didn't die in a car crash then, right?"

"Of course not," Petunia answered with a wry smile. "They were killed, yes, but no car crash could have done what a wand in the wrong hands had done that night. As for your first question, of course we loved you. It's just that Dumbledore had also placed a compulsion charm over you as well. I couldn't have shown you any affection even if I wanted to. But I want you to understand this. I realize what I have done and I will do everything in my power to make it right again. Which brings me to the second reason why I am here. I have a letter that your mother had written and she asked me to keep it safe for her in case anything ever happened to her." And without further hesitation, Petunia Dursley handed her nephew a very thick envelope and watched anxiously as he opened it. And although the letter was written in English, the black ink against the white parchment made a very good contrast for Harry's dyslexia.

My dearest Harry, it had read. I have written this letter explaining everything to you just in case something would happen to me. I have given this letter to your Aunt Petunia for safekeeping until you are ready for what lies ahead. If you are reading this now, it means that something has happened to me and your step father. Yes, you heard that correctly. James Potter was not your real father. Although he loved you like his own son, he knew who and what you were from the beginning. Your real father is known by many names, such as Stormbringer, Earth Shaker, Lord of the oceans and seas, and father of horses. Your aunt and uncle also know of your true heritage, but they have promised not to say anything for your own safety. We all knew that you were a child of one of the big three, which meant that your scent would one day be very strong to dangerous monsters. To keep you safe, James and I put a glamour charm on you so that you would be hidden from any of the monsters that would try to find you.

I also wanted to warn you that Dumbledore has been trying to get at you for a long time and he may be up to some mischief. If you ever run across him, do not let him use you for his own purposes, and especially do not let him control and manipulate you. He does this to everybody because he wants them to be his perfect weapons against who he thinks is the evil dark Lord. However, James and I know better. We know that your cousin Tom is also a half blood of Greek mythology and he wants nothing to do with the dark arts. I want you to understand because the children of Hades always get judged unfairly because of their appearance and their abilities. But what I want you to understand, my young son, is that Tom loves you with all of his heart and he would never hurt you intentionally. And one more thing. Since your true heritage is that of a demigod, you must train as a demigod first before training as a wizard. That's what your father wanted. He wanted you to have as much of a normal life as possible before you were ready to take on the hardships of your blessing from Lady Hecate. If it had been up to me, I would have asked her to remove her blessing, but as it is, you are the only one who can do so. I love you, my son, and I want you to know that I am always watching over you.



when the 10-year-old looked up from his letter, his eyes were shining with tears. He had always known that he had been different, but now that he knew why he was different, it didn't seem so bad. His mother's letter made sense and it answered a lot of the questions that he had been asking himself for years. It suddenly made sense to him why whenever he got angry, the waves in the lake became choppy and unsettled. It also explained the reasons for being able to speak to fish and other marine life as well as horses, zebras, and other animals that were similar. Harry must have been lost in thought because his aunt's voice made him jump. "Harry," she said gently, "are you all right?"

"I always knew that I was different, but now I know the reasons for it," the 10-year-old said softly. "I'm just a little confused. When will the glamour wear off? Can I get it removed early since I'm at camp already?"

His aunt smiled and answered, "the glamour will wear off as soon as you turn 17, but since you are at camp already, you may ask Lady Hecate to remove it for you if you wish." And before her nephew could ask how she knew so much about Greek mythology, Petunia answered his unspoken question. "I knew about Greek mythology when I was studying it in high school and I am also one of the few mortals who are clear-sighted. Clear-sighted means that despite the mist, I see things the way a demigod sees them. I see things for what they really are rather than what they appear to be."

"Could my mother see through the mist as well?" Harry questioned his aunt.

"Yes, we both could," she answered him gently. "Now, I had better go, but before I do, I do have a favor to ask of you. It seems as though Dudley just can't sit still and he is having a hard time in school. I have also noticed other monsters watching the house more and more. Is there any way that you could come and bring him to camp with you? I know this is not fair of me to ask because of the way I have treated you, but it may be his only chance for survival. Could you please do this for me?"

Before Harry could speak, Chiron spoke up. "Mrs. Dursley," he said gently, "ever since I sent Percy to collect his younger half-brother, I have monitored your house from afar to see whether or not young Dudley was also a demigod. I suspected myself that he might be, and so I sent a satyr to his school to keep an eye on him." And with a dismissive wave, Chiron sent Percy and Harry to the dining pavilion to eat dinner. After that, Harry had one of his sleepless nights and so he drew until well after midnight.