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Five Years Later

It had been five years since the war with the Giants and the Earth mother and five years since the passing of so many demigods during that war. Out of the demigods who had survived were all of the children of Poseidon, most of the children of the war God, but not all of them. Among the dead lay the teenaged descendent of Poseidon, Frank Zhang, who had entrusted his life to the youngest son of the Lord of the sea. Harry, now 15, knew that would happen, but he still felt incredibly sad whenever he thought about the Canadian demigod. Frank not only trusted the adolescent with his life; he had been his friend and had always been willing to listen. The teenaged Harry thought about his friend often, but he also remembered the words that Thanatos had told him so long ago. The Greek God of death had told the young boy to live his life the best he could and so, that is what the youngest son of Poseidon tried to do.

Sure it hadn't been a bed of roses, but that was to be expected, especially in the life of a demigod. Now that Arielle was no longer a baby, Poseidon went back to Olympus and his underwater Palace full time. He occasionally dropped by to see his children, but he had been extra busy lately. Not only did Poseidon have a lot of duties to take care of; he also had another child to take care of. This child was not mortal however. In fact, she was both his and Athena's daughter. Yes, both Poseidon and Athena finally admitted their feelings toward one another, which everyone was happy about. Anyway, their daughter was a four-year-old minor goddess, but when she was in human form, she had one eye that was sea green, and the other was stormy gray. She could breathe underwater and talk to horses and other animals like her father and half siblings, but she had her mother's intelligence.

As for Percy, he was in his junior year of college and he was doing very well with surviving life. He was still the head counselor for the Poseidon cabin, but whenever he was away at school, Megan was his second in command. In other words, during the school year, Megan was head counselor until he returned. Arielle was now five years old and she was just learning how to train with the other campers. There were times though when she felt extremely lost and lonely without Percy or Annabeth there. This was to be expected because they were the two people who took care of her the most as an infant besides her own father. However, because Percy and Arielle had such a big age difference, the five-year-old often referred to her oldest brother as Daddy, while she referred to Poseidon as Grandpa.

Elizabeth was now 10 years old and she somehow grew out of her separation anxiety just by experiencing many different things. She still loved her siblings very much, and she still hung out with Meg and Harry whenever she felt lonely, but she found that as she got older, she began to have the same faraway look in her eyes as the older demigods had. This faraway look meant that she and many others had experienced far worse than anyone in the whole world. She never forgot the times that Percy and Harry had taken care of her when she and her mother had been so sick when the Earth mother was rising. She never forgot how kind they were to her or the simple acts of compassion they had shown her. Elizabeth also knew that when she finally opened her eyes after that long and terrible sleep; both of her uncles were right there at her bedside. She had been frightened at first, but they both hugged her and told her that everything would be okay. From that moment on, Elizabeth was forever grateful to Percy and Harry for literally saving her life and her mother's.

It happened to be dinnertime so the open-air pavilion was full to capacity with campers and counselors. The young man whom Elizabeth had been thinking about previously suddenly materialized right next to her; startling her. When Elizabeth realized who the young man was because of his sea green eyes, she literally leaped into his arms and gave him the biggest hug she had ever given anyone. "Oh my gods, Percy? We weren't expecting you until tomorrow morning!" She cried happily. "How is college life treating you? I missed you!"

The 21-year-old son of Poseidon hugged Elizabeth back as he answered, "college life is great! I missed you too, Kiddo. I hope you are staying out of trouble," he gently teased. "Though we all know that it might never happen."

Elizabeth laughed as she gently smacked her uncle's arm. "Stop it!" She teased back. "According to my sister, you were the troublemaker if I remember correctly."

Before Percy had a chance to answer, a little blur of dark hair came crashing into him. "Daddy, Daddy!" The little one said, "I missed you!"

Without thinking about it, Percy automatically scooped up the child and held her at arm's length. He wasn't expecting it when the child placed a very sloppy kiss on his cheek. "Hey there sweetheart," Percy said gently. He was so happy to see his baby sister that he didn't even bother to correct her on who her father really was. "Oh Arielle, you have gotten so big since the last time I saw you. Well, let's go over to our table. Shall we?" And without waiting for an answer, the 21-year-old carried the five-year-old over to the Poseidon table where he was greeted enthusiastically by Megan and Harry. They had missed him since he had gone away to college, but they knew that he would always come back to them.

And as they ate, Harry filled his brother in about going to school at Good High School. He also told Percy about their mom's discovery that she was pregnant with twins and that she would be due in May. Harry laughed at the incredulous look on Percy's face and said, "don't worry Percy, the Twins are 100% mortal, so nothing will happen to them." As for what happened next, well, you will just have to fill in the holes for yourself.

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