I Had A Nightmare: Don

Blue eyes widened as the scarlet color of blood poured out of the huge gash in his brother's side, causing the brother to fall on the ground in pain. The same blue eyes quickly turned to another brother where rocks suddenly pummeled right on top of him. The last brother was trying to get to the one with the blue eyes before a lasso wrapped itself around his neck and pulled him away from the blue eyed brother. The blue eyes snapped to the spot in front of him and saw all of the enemies that he and his older brothers fought in the past. Shredder, Karai, the Foot, Hun and his Purple Dragons, the Federation, the Triceritons and many more. Even the ones from the future were there as well.

Mikey looked back and forth from all the villains that they have fought. He tried to go after Donnie after the lasso took him deeper in the shadows. He didn't know if Raph was still alive under the rocks. Leo hasn't moved either after taking that blow from the Shredder's gauntlet. But no matter where he looked, all he saw was that rose red liquid that flowed from his brothers' bodies. Even blood was coming from the shadows where Donnie was taken. Mikey tried to help his brothers, but the bad guys kept stopping him. Pushing him farther and farther away from his brothers. He was at the edge of a deep, dark trench. The Shredder's laugh echoed around the darkness that surrounded Michelangelo. Soon, the whole place was filled with laughter from everyone that wanted to kill him.

"Guys! Please help! You can't be dead! You can't leave me alone! I'm scared of being alone you know! Come on guys! Guys?! Bros?" Mikey tried so hard to get his brothers to answer him, but they were gone. His one fear coming true. He was now alone.

Mikey whimpered as the laughing continued. Suddenly three green arms (leave a review if you can guess who did that) pushed Mikey into the trench. Mikey screamed as he fell into the pit. He landed on his shell very hard and groaned as he got up. He looked around to see nothing but darkness. The darkness was as dark as the darkest soul and Michelangelo couldn't see a thing at all. He looked around nervously as he heard many spooky sounds coming from every direction. Mikey cringed as a loud voice echoed around the pit.

"Michelangelo! You are scared of being alone! Though right now you are not! For now, everyone is watching. Everything is watching." The voice died down and millions of red eyes appeared in the darkness. Their piercing gaze seemed to be burning holes into Mikey's skin. Mikey shook his head. He knew this couldn't be real. Mikey then felt pain in his side as something with very sharp claws lashed out at him. Mikey screamed in terror and pain. The laughter filled the pit again, but this time it sounded like evil little pixies. Mikey cried as they laughed at him, hurt him, treated him like he was a weakling. He wanted his brothers. He needed his brothers. His brothers were the only ones that filled him with hope, bravery and happiness. But now they are gone. If they were gone, then so was the carefree Mikey everyone once knew. Mikey lifted his head.

"Just shut up! Leave me alone! Go away! Just go away…" Mikey fell on his side as he kept crying. The sounds were gone. So were the bloody red eyes. All was silent, not even a whistling of the wind. Suddenly, three thumps sounded around Mikey. Mikey looked up and gasped in horror. His brothers were there. Their bodies were limp; their eyes looked like they were cut out and you could barely see their green skin with all of the red liquid that covered their bodies. Leo's body started turning to stone, followed by Raph's. "No! No, no, no, no, no, no. Please no!" Mikey tried to save their bodies but it was too late. He quickly turned to Donnie's body. It too was starting to turn to stone. Mikey kneeled down next to his smart brother. He bowed his head.

"Mikey!" Mikey's head snapped up. He looked at his dead brother's face to see it looking right at him. "You need to wake up!" Mikey screamed. He backed away from his brother's body as it slowly stood up, body still turning to stone. "Wake up little brother! Wake up!" Dead Donnie launched himself at Mikey.

Before Mikey could process what was going on, he was looking right into Don's chocolate brown eyes. Mikey screamed and tried to crawl away from his brother. Don looked hurt, confused and worried. Don tried to step a little closer to Mikey before Mikey whimpered, causing him to stop in his tracks.

"You're dead! You, Raphie and Leo. You guys are dead! You were dead! You died and left me with the scary villains and monsters! You left me alone…" Mikey rolled up in a ball. Don finally understood that his only younger brother had I nightmare. One that had his fears in it. Monsters, being left alone, probably darkness since Mikey didn't say anything about that and he always has nightmares that has the dark and one of his worst fears: his family dying right in front of him.

"Look Mikey. I'm very much alive. So are Leo and Raph. We ain't gonna leave you Mikey. Everything is fine. You just had another nightmare." Don slowly approached his brother. Mikey looked exactly as he did when he was a young child and would have nightmares. Don sat next to Mikey and pulled him into a hug. "See. I'm alive and real. You have nothing to be afraid about. Everything is a-okay." Mikey cried softly onto Don. Donnie gently patted his shell.

"You guys left me. Leo from a gash on his side. Raph under a rockslide. You from a lasso around your neck." Donnie automatically grabbed his neck once Mikey said how he died. "Monsters were everywhere. They slashed at me and when I told them to go away, your bodies fell onto the ground and started to turn into statues."

Don sighed at the events of the dream. He continued to hug Mikey until his crying was only soft sobs. He looked into Mikey's blue eyes. "You feeling better now bro." Mikey nodded. "Good. You know that you won't have to worry about us dying right? We stick together no matter what. We protect each other and we care for each other. We never let anything happen to each other. Leo as our body, Raph as our muscle, me as our brain, and you. You have the most important job Mikey. You are our heart. You keep us feeling our feelings, keep us caring for each other. We protect you the most. We know that you don't like to be alone and despise the fact that we might die someday. This is why we are never going to die until it is truly our time."

Mikey sniffled and stared at his older brother. "Really?" Don smiled at the childish tone his younger brother held in that small question. Donnie nodded and Mikey beamed at his older brother. Then Mikey looked uncomfortable as he asked a question that did not surprise Donnie that much. "Would you stay here for the rest of the night?"


"Because I want to feel that one of you guys are still with me and I'm not fully alone. If you're with me, I feel braver to face my nightmares." Don smiled at his brother.

"Okay then." The two youngest of the family snuggled close to each other in Mikey's bed. They said their good-nights to each other before drifting off into their own dream worlds. Mikey didn't have anymore nightmares that night because he knew that his brothers were always with him no matter what.

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