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Werewolves. Superstition right? Wrong. They're the reason I'm running for my life right now. Come to think of it, I think I had been running for ages now. My feet kept running and running, my breath was even, and my eyes darted around the trees, looking for the wolves that were pursuing me. I wish I could've used my powers on them, but there were three of them chasing me, flanking me at all times. All I did was come closer to the Cullens than usual just to check up on them, but then, these wolves come out of nowhere and decide that it would be fun to see Jane Volturi run and run for their pure entertainment. Do I seem amused? I don't know how long it had been. But I know it had been long because I had seen the sun go down. It was dark now, and the bitter chill sent shivers down my spine. The full moon spread its light into the woods, lighting my face up. It was a beautiful night, and I would've been able to enjoy myself if not for those freaking wolves. I stopped momentarily to take a glance down at my feet. My little flats were beat up and practically falling apart now. There were slight blisters on my heels, and I shrugged. No biggie for a vampire who happens to be centuries old. I grinned to myself in pure, selfish satisfaction.

My name is Jane. I'm fourteen years old (add a couple centuries, give or take). I have pale blonde hair, red eyes, full lips and am 4'10. I am beautiful. Partially true. Oh, and did I mention I'm a vampire? I love being a vampire and sucking the blood of humans and making people feel the pain that I felt and still feel. If I was human, I'd probably be suicidal or maybe emo. I don't know. Sometimes I cut my own wrists just to see the blood slowly gush out. I love to make the comparison of the scarlet to my pale, pasty skin. It's so fascinating; I don't really know why I do it. Once in awhile when I'm bored.

A snarl caught me by surprise as I turned my head slightly to catch a wolf's ravenous jaws just inches from my face. I glared at it and hissed, swiping out a hand to attack it. The wolf agilely dodged my swipe, and he seemed to let out a bark-like laughter; that was enough to send me in a rage alright. I'm officially sick of these wolves. There weren't any more for a good proximity, and I smirked at the wolf. It had russet fur and brown eyes. I knew this one… Jacob White? Oh, I meant Jacob Black. He was in for a treat.

"You're in for a treat, Dog," I snarled at him, running faster, "Courtesies of Jane." I sent my most vicious glare at him, and Jacob seemed to cringe in pain. My lips curled up in a satisfied smirk, and I chuckled lightly; this is the kind of entertainment I need once in awhile. Soon, he was writhing on the ground, whining and whimpering. Truthfully, I was surprised that the rest of the wolves didn't come running to his rescue. "What are you gonna do now, Dog?" I hissed at him, a simper on my face. I loved to see others in pain; it was purely great and god-given. "Like me now?" I grinned, feeling my need to see pain momentarily relieved. I heard more howls and growls and snarls, so I know he had sent his recruits. Fun was over. I sent him one last glare before sprinting off once again. I felt more of the wolves' hot breath lingering on the back of my feet, and I shook my head, not wanting to deal with the rest of them. I silently listened to see what was going on back there. Maybe there were two more? I whirled around, taking a protective stance. "Let's get this over with," I shrugged, feeling bored. I mean, what more was there to be felt? Fear? I don't think so. One of the wolves stopped short as his eyes flickered on mine, and I tilted my head to one side, being almost confused. What in the world..? His brown eyes widened at me, and the rest of the wolves whined and shot a glare at their companion. What was this now? His sandy pelt seemed more pushed down as he didn't bristle at me anymore, and his brown eyes were soft. His face almost twisted in confusion, as did the rest of his companions'. What the heck? Weren't they just chasing me not even five minutes ago? This is one reason why I hate wolves; they confuse me. I widened my eyes at him and put my hands across my chest.

"Will someone please tell me what's going on?" I asked, not in the mood to deal with these werewolves. These fleabags had cost me my good pair of shoes. Now they were wasting my time, but it's not like I have all the time in the world. Note the fact that I was being sarcastic. One wolf, the big black one, threw me a filthy growl before grabbing my shoulder in his jaws and taking off. "What are you doing? Unhand me you filthy creature!" I was practically shrieking at the wolf, not exactly sure what to do. I mean, I could make them experience very crucial pain, but maybe they were trying to tell me something? I sighed and rolled my eyes, making myself relax. Wherever they were taking me was a mystery. The wolves evaded trees coming at them, and they seemed to turn at the very last second. It was almost intriguing… captivating. Finally, the big black dog—er, wolf, came to a stop in front of a small red house. They were probably already on the reservation. The big black wolf dropped me and he and the others disappeared into the trees. I got to my feet, wiping the dirt off my dress. Should I bolt? My eyes darted to the little house as four more people came out the house. I didn't recognize them, but there were three tall boys and a beautiful girl. She wore a proud look on her face but scowled once she caught sight of me. What can I say? I scowled back.

"What is going on Sam?!" she called sharply, her brown eyes lingering on the trees where the other wolves had retreated.

"Seth imprinted," a deep, gruff voice came from the trees, and I saw a boy, no, young man come romping back over to us, with at least four more younger boys behind him. I caught sight of Jacob glaring at me as he was flanked by two boys.

"And that's a bad thing, Sam?" a youthful voice came from the little house. The boy trailed behind the beautiful girl, and she glanced at him, looking at the man. I looked him over; so he was the black, big wolf. The leader.

"He didn't imprint on just anyone, Collin. Leah," Sam brushed off his pants and stared at Jacob and the rest of them, almost hesitantly. Now I was really confused. I wanted someone to explain something to me.

"Can someone please tell me what's going on?" I said, my voice bored. I stood there, hands on my hips, looking rather impatient. My hair had fallen out of the bun, and my blonde hair cascaded down my back as I glared up at the wolves. I deserved some explanation to say the least.

They completely ignored me; maybe they forgot I was even there… "Go ahead, Sam. She deserves to know; she is Seth's sister." Jacob sounded like he just attended a funeral. Leah bit her lip as she looked desperately at the one called Sam who was about to say something, but no sound came out. Her brown eyes widened as Sam was trying to speak. It was rather comical to say the least.

"Seth imprinted on her…" it was another who had spoken. I think his name was Quil. He spat the 'her' part out like venom, and it was then when I realized they were all staring at me.

"That filth?" Leah's voice was shrill as she pointed an accusing finger at me. Her mouth was slightly open in surprise, and the boy behind her gasped as well. Both my eyebrows shot farther up my forehead. This was really, really funny.

"A bloodsucker!?" he asked, his voice rising significantly. It was then when I scoffed.

"You've got to find a better nickname. That one is just stupid," I rolled my eyes, glaring at them. Quil shot me a hostile glance, and he continued to speak, ignoring me completely. Maybe they had forgotten that I was there; everyone except for Quil…

"Yeah, Seth's back there with Jared and Brady, begging to see her," he said again, glaring at me then turning back to the rest of his pack. Each one of the wolves gave me a glance. Leah's eyes were wide with surprise, and then narrowed into hostility. Collin's mouth was open, and the rest of them had grim expressions written all over their faces. Wow, maybe it was a death at a funeral now.

"What did I do?" I finally demanded; the wolves shrank back slightly, and I raised an eyebrow at them. Ah, so they were intimidated by me? Good thing they know whose boss around here. Leah glared at me, her pretty features curling into something rather evil. She walked over to me with a slight swagger, her eyes fearless and her presence almost— almost terrifying. She was towering over me, about five inches away, and it was then when I realized how much the wolves smelled. Like dogs.

"Listen here—" she started, her voice low and dangerous.

"Leah, what's going on?" it was a sleepy voice, and we all turned. I peered around Leah to see someone that looked eerily familiar. She had copper, curly hair and brown eyes; the girl looked around nine or ten, and she looked at Leah with round eyes. I narrowed my eyes at her, but she didn't flinch. She was comfortable with these wolves. How peculiar. A little human comfortable with a bunch of worthless fleabags.

"Nessie, go inside." it was Jacob's voice, and my eyes lit up in surprise when I realized just who that little girl was. Renesmee's cheeks were pink as she attempted to put up an argument with Jacob.

"Immortal child," the words had barely left my mouth before Leah glared at me once again. I caught sight of Collin shoving the girl back into the house, scolding her slightly. I wasn't surprised for long. My disdain covered up. "What's she doing here?" I asked, my voice commanding.

"She's Jacob's imprint," Sam explained, coming over to us. The other wolves had seemed to close in slightly. I felt slightly claustrophobic, and I couldn't hold back a cough when the smell of dog clogged up my nose. Sam continued, not noticing me. "She's his soul mate."

"I know that!" I said, completely irked by these fleabags. "What has this got to do with me?" ah, now that's the real question.

"Seth imprinted on you; you're his soul mate," Sam told me bluntly. I blinked. Once. Twice. The wolves were holding their breaths. Then I laughed.

"That was the funniest thing I've ever heard!" I couldn't help myself. The surprised, hilarious laughter echoed through the dark forest, and it came back and bounced around like a ping pong ball. That was hilarious.

"You wolves really know how to crack a joke!" I grinned, tossing my hair out of my face. I was given strange, curious looks in return. My smile faltered, and my heart skipped a beat, even though it's not even beating any longer. "You're not joking… are you?" my mind reeled. This was the last thing that I needed; werewolves falling in love with me. Just perfect. Perfect end to the perfect day.

"Does it look like we're joking?" a voice asked, slightly irritated. I turned to glare at another fleabag, Paul.

"Listen fleabag…" I started, glaring at him. Paul was over six feet tall, and with his jaw set, he literally flew over to me, pointing an accusing finger at me.

"I swear you're going to pay for that, bloodsucker!" he hissed, trembling and shaking violently. Before anything could happen, another voice stopped anyone from getting hurt.

"Please let me see her!" it was a young voice. Leah tore her eyes away from me, and she desperately turned her eyes to someone else. A younger boy nearly sprinted into the small clearing, desperation clearly plastered on his face. Two more boys were chasing after him in a sad attempt to catch him. He was protesting as he danced out of the way of their attempts to catch him. "Just for a minute, Jared!" he was saying, almost whining. So he was the sandy wolf from the chase. I could see the resemblance. I'm dreaming… I thought, shaking my head exasperatedly at them. What was this? A Korean soap opera?

"Seth!" Leah pleaded, running over to him. I turned to give the boy a piece of my mind, but as I turned, he gave me a fleeting look. That's when I first realized who Seth was. He had a jovial, boyish face and wore a grin on his face. His hair was thick and black, and he was tall and gangly. At least two heads taller than me. Maybe taller. I backed up slightly. Creepers. Maybe I should cause him to feel pain? I was about to, but the look on his face made me stop short; what was wrong with me? Get a hold of yourself, Jane! I didn't recognize him from anywhere, but the look he gave me was as if he knew me his whole life. Alec had known me for a long time, and even he didn't stare at me like that. I reverted my eyes away from his, but when I looked back, there was a clearly happy expression on his face; it was as if Christmas came five months early for him. "Hullo!" he responded, a genuine smile on his face. He took a step forward. I stood where I was. I would show him, all of them, who was the boss. I put my hands on my hips, and I put on a bored tone to my voice. It was as if all the wolves circled around us, giving us a good deal of space in their circle they had created around us. They were tensed, and I raised an eyebrow at them. Did they seriously think that I was going to attack him?

"May I help you?" I asked, my voice lifeless. I glared at him, feeling almost afraid. He was too happy for my taste. I raised an eyebrow at him, waiting for my answer.

"Yeah, you're that girl back from the woods." He didn't mention anything about chasing me. He just said: That girl from the woods. Surprising. I really was surprised, but I didn't let it show. Normally people start throwing insults the moment they realize who I am. Or what I am to be more specific.

"Yeah I am, and your point is?" I snapped irritably at him, running a hand through my straight blonde hair in irritation. Seth's eyes lit up and he stared at me like a lovesick puppy. Awkward.

"I'm Seth. Seth Clearwater." Right after he flashed me a smile and gave me a wave, I knew something was wrong with me; no one in their right mind waved at me, much less, smiled at me. I nodded. He waited expectantly. Did he want me to, you know, introduce myself? Fine, introductions are fine.

"Jane Volturi," I replied formally, shooting him a sarcastic glance. The wolves exchanged uneasy glances, and Leah's eyes followed me as if I would kill her brother before her very eyes.

"Nice to meet you, Jane!" his voice was excited as he smiled broadly at me, and it was then when I realized he stood merely inches away from me. Not only was he smiling at me, he was smiling down at me. Wow he was tall. Or was I short? Both? I looked up at him, my face a mask of boredom. "Guys, this is Jane!" he grinned, smiling at his comrades. Was he not paying attention to the 'Volturi' part of the story?

"We already heard her the first time, buddy," it was Quil's amused voice. The ground seemed to rumble as each of the werewolves laughed together. I rolled my eyes. Pathetic.

"Pay no attention to them," Seth replied, waving his friends off. "They're just jealous!" Seth explained. I sighed, clearly irked now. This was a waste of my time if you asked me. As I looked at the wolves, they looked pretty disgusted, probably by my scent as well. They were uncomfortable? Good.

"Of you and your bloodsucking girlfriend?!" it was another wolf, maybe the one called Brady. His voice was incredulous as he stared at his friend. Not long ago were these guys trying to hunt me down.

"Don't call her that!" Seth protested, defending me. I didn't understand why. Why would someone do something for me? Why? It didn't make sense. It wasn't logical! I don't know anything anymore. I should be back to Volterra right now, but maybe my trip would be a little delayed for the moment.

"What's wrong with it?" Brady teased even further, anxious to see how Seth would react. He sent his friend a glare and shook his head, sighing as he did so.

"It's not nice," Seth informed him firmly, he glanced at Brady, daring his friend to challenge him, and the younger boy didn't do anything. As I turned my eyes back to Seth and noticed his boyish, youthful face, I realized he couldn't be any older than sixteen. Intriguing. As he was smiling at me, I sighed.

"What happens now? You and me ride off into the sunset living happily ever after?" I asked him sarcastically; Seth looked slightly hurt, and I was about to open my mouth to respond, but Sam beat me to it.

"No. Right now, you go off to Volterra and act like this never even happened," he responded, his voice dangerously low. Seth sent me a pleading look that almost made me feel sorry for him. I blinked at him and I could see Seth's heart breaking. It was killing him.

"Fine by me," I muttered before taking off into the forest, not looking back. I didn't need this. I didn't need this in my life. I was perfectly fine with everything else. As I took off into the night, the moon at its fullest, I heard a howl of grief and sorrow, but I didn't turn back. As I began to run off, it was then when I realized that Seth didn't smell like a dog like the rest of those fleabags…

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