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Jane's Perspective

I don't even know how to begin explaining the bonfire that Seth took me to that night. Definitely exquisite to say the least.

It started out when Seth and I were walking towards First Beach, hand in hand. The moon was gently hanging over us, making the night seem welcoming; the sky was a dark midnight blue, and there seemed to be millions of stars in the sky. "Look up," Seth whispered to me, and I obeyed, peering at the stars blanketing over us. He stopped us from moving and walked behind me, wrapping his arms around me. "See the stars?" Seth asked. I nodded against his chest. How could I not? There were so many! And they were oh so beautiful, sparkling this way and that. "My dad told me that those stars are the countless stars in Heaven, watching over us." I sighed, a slow smile crossing my face.

"That's beautiful," I agreed, my voice dropping. Seth exhaled loudly and kissed the top of my hair, smoothing it out before resting his cheek on it. The slow lugging of his heartbeat allowed me to relax a bit more, and I sighed, leaning into his warmth. Seth immediately tensed, and a shiver ran through his body, probably because he wasn't used to how cold my body was in contrast was his. Sometimes, his body was so hot, I thought it would literally melt mine.

"Yeah it is," Seth consented, "And my dad's up there too." I froze. Seth's dad…? I mean, I barely even knew his mother, considering the wolves didn't want me near the humans on their reservation, but I knew nothing about Seth and Leah's father. My eyes widened, and I gulped.

"He… he's passed…?" I asked Seth, turning my head so I could look at him which forced him to stop leaning on my head. He pulled back slightly, and the warmth was gone. He nodded.

"Sometime a couple months ago, Leah was arguing with my mom and dad. She got so angry that she phased for the first time. I did that night too. My dad died of a cardiac arrest. The shock was too great for him," Seth said, his voice almost seeming monotone. I tilted my head up to kiss his neck.

"I'm sorry," I said, not knowing what else to say. Why didn't he tell me earlier? There was sadness evident in the boy's eyes, and he smiled weakly; I could tell he wasn't only trying to reassure me, but perhaps himself as well. I stared at him skeptically.

"Don't be. He's in a better place now," Seth said simply, taking my hand again and leading me towards the fire. I kept staring at Seth. It looked like he was trying to convince himself that he was alright, but I knew he was still tormenting himself about his father should never have died.

"Hey…" I said, stopping him. Seth looked down at me. As we grew closer to the fire, I saw the firelight dance in his brown irises which looked rather sad at the moment. I gently placed both my hands on either side of his face and tiptoed up slightly while he leaned down as I kissed him gently. "Are you alright?" I asked, as I pulled away. Seth breathed out, and I saw his breath floating around in the air. He paced around slightly, glancing anxiously towards the campfire. He looked uneasy, and his heartbeat had quickened significantly. He was worried; I could tell. Probably about how this was the first time he was bringing his vampire girlfriend to a campfire meeting that only had werewolves in it.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine," I reassured him, squeezing his hand. Seth shook his head.

"Jane, I—" my lips molded against his before Seth had any time to say anything else. He was startled at first, but then, his hands rested on the sides of my arms gently, and my hands went to his chest. When I finally pulled back, smiling in triumph, Seth was breathless.

Laughter came from nearby. "That's one way to shut him up." It was Jared. Out of all the wolves, Jared was the one I had taken a liking to the most. He accepted me for what I was, and I was grateful to him for that. I tried not to wrinkle my nose as the wolf stench crossed my senses, and I cleared my throat, pulling away so I was standing next to Seth, standing up straight and tall. The scent of human blood was barely visible, being covered my wolf stink, but I could still smell it. Jared looked down at me before hesitantly looking behind him. Peering from behind Jared's shoulder was a girl.

She was taller than me, being around 5'6, and she looked at me with curiosity shining in her brown eyes. Her skin was a beautiful copper color as the moon gently grazed on her. Her black hair was nice-looking, and as she blinked, a shy smile crossed her face.

"Jane, this is my imprint, Kim. She's been waiting a long time to meet you," Jared gently nudged Kim forward, and she peered at me with an unreadable expression on her face.

"It's nice to meet you, I'm Kim Connweller." Her voice was guarded, as if she was afraid I would attack either her or Jared. I dipped my head at her in acknowledgement, immediately catching onto her wariness.

"Jane," I dipped my head at her, my eyes following her every movement from how fast her heart was pounding unsteadily in her chest and how her hands clutched onto Jared's arm as she bit down on her bottom lip. I felt slightly remorseful to see that this girl was afraid of me. I was a monster.

Kim's Perspective

I think Jane caught onto me. I was fearful, unsure of what she would do. I mean, she already murdered Sonny, or so Brady and Paul said. As we walked towards the fire, I couldn't help but keep glancing at her. The girl who stood next to Seth was very beautiful. Her loveliness was indescribable. Her pastel, marble skin looked so breakable, I was afraid if I shook her hand she would instantly shatter before my eyes. She was a mousy little creature, standing only maybe five feet tall, and her pale blonde hair was plaited down her back in a braid. Wisps of her hair came free, and as the wind gently stirred, the little pieces danced wildly in the air. I admit, I was a bit intimidated at first by her intense beauty and her piercing gold stare. I had never encountered a vampire before, so I was unsure of what to expect. But, I was immediately quieted when Seth and Jane joined us around the fire. Like the rest of us, they took a seat on a blanket that covered the sand. At first, Jane was sitting straight up, her posture inhumanely frozen. She didn't blink or even move except for her eyes. Those amber eyes followed every wolf's movement, as if she was afraid they would spring at her. Her eyes especially lingered on Embry. He was sitting next to Sam and Emily, and he leaned closer to them. I saw him flash a warning glance at Jane, and she immediately looked away. Embry was never one's enemy, and he was a great friend. Quiet and shy and very loving. But the look that he gave Jane was pure hate and distaste. I had never seen such a look become on the boy's face until that very moment. I looked away.

Seth was sitting back, whistling to himself, and he was the only one who looked completely at ease. One by one, everyone started to feel a bit more comfortable around Jane, and soon, laughter was coming from everyone as it usually would on a bonfire night.

I watched Jane carefully. Seth leaned forward to whisper something in her ear, and he kissed her softly on the cheek; a soft smile crossed her impassive face, breaking the coldness that surrounded her, and she leaned closer to Seth until his arms were wrapped around her. After awhile of watching them, I saw both of them lean back so far that they were lying on the blanket, Seth's arms wrapped protectively around Jane. I glanced at Seth's sister, Leah.

A look of pain was evident in her beautiful eyes, and I saw a trace of longing lingering on her face. Then a smile tugged on her lips as she watched the couple. I knew Leah deeply wanted what everyone had, even her baby brother. She looked obviously happy for him, and I wondered how Leah and Jane would get along. As far as I was told, Jane had only met Leah once or twice, and the two were hostile towards each other. Now they were more tolerant, and Jane would be hanging around Seth and his family more often now. I settled closer to Jared who let out a sigh.

"Jane and Seth are so perfect together," he said out loud, and everyone turned to look at him. I heard murmurs of agreement followed by silence. Paul and Rachel's lips immediately detached from the others, and Jane sat up so quickly, I had to look at her closely. She was tensed, her whole body rigid as if she would spring at Jared. Seth was paying no attention, half asleep I proposed. His hand immediately went to Jane's waist, and he got her to relax and lie next to him. His soft and comforting voice was soothing, even to the rest of us. "What!?" Jared defended himself. "I'm only speaking the truth!" Brady immediately started to cackle.

"Everyone told me to tell you guys this once you were 'officially' together." He put the word 'officially' in quotes with his fingers, and he winked at the rest of the pack, who smiled at him.

"My science teacher said that protons and electrons are two opposites. Positive and a negative. So when you put them together, you get Seth and Jane!" I laughed just for the heck of making Brady sound like he was funny. Whole-hearted laughs came from the guys; I wasn't sure if they were faking it. Jane looked amused at the slightest, and she smiled at us.

"Protons and electrons aren't the only ones that attract. There's the ionic bond which involves a metal and a nonmetal, and they're opposites." I hadn't heard that voice for quite some time. Our heads all swiveled towards quiet little Embry. He blinked at us. His brown eyes flashed towards Seth and Jane. Both of Seth's arms were wrapped around her tiny waist since they had resumed their position of lying on the blanket. His voice was so soft and barely audible, I could only catch him say words like, "I love you" or "You're so beautiful…" He smoothed out her hair lovingly before pecking the top of her head softly.

I watched Embry longer. A look of pain flashed through his face as he was looking at all the couples that lay before him, and Embry briskly got up and stalked away letting out a quiet 'excuse me'. Everyone slowly turned and tried not to pay attention to Embry, but we couldn't help it.

Embry Call was one of the best looking guys on the reservation (asides from Jared of course), and all the girls flocked towards him like bees swarming a hive, but not once has Embry tried to pursue them. He's the quiet one on the reservation, and he finds connecting with girls harder than the rest of the guys. And Embry hasn't dated in awhile, ever since he phased, in fear that he would imprint and break his girlfriend's heart, a situation most commonly heard of with Sam, Emily and Leah. I sighed. Why did everything have to be so complicated?

Jane's Perspective

As Embry left the fire, I so desperately wanted to go over to him and apologize for the loss of Sonny. I know her death could've been prevented, but I did nothing to try and stop it. Nothing. And it was killing me to know there would be nothing that I could say or do that would bring Sonny back to Embry. There would be nothing that I could say or do that would make up for everything that I've put him through…

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