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Chapter 6 – Justin Blows Up a Small Town

Damas's POV

The metal heads being here? Yeah, I wasn't happy about that.

Just can't get away from them, can we?

Nope. Lunar answered.

I think that was a rhetorical question.

Oh shut it, egotist~ Lunar started before Solaris cut him off.

Don't even.

Guys! Shut up! I snapped in my mind. I must have had a weird look on my face, because Bradin was staring at me like I had three heads. Well…

We had moved back to the Fenton's house, where we were sitting in the living room. Sam, Danny's wife, was still tending to Jade's eyes, who was starting to sound like Justin with the rapid fire questions on what happened. Speaking of Justin…

He had a look of intense concentration on face. Uh-oh. That could mean a number of things. He was either trying to figure out which question out of the millions in his head to ask first, how the metal heads got here, or some new invention that might accidently blow up a small town (long story). I hoped it was the second.

"Justin?" I asked.

"Hm," he responded.

"What's on your mind?"


Brilliant. Say bye-bye to this town!

Oh shut up! I rolled my eyes with a deep frown. Again, Bradin glanced at me with that cautious look of someone standing next to a crazy, potentially psychotic guy. Fun.

Justin suddenly looked up Danny Sr. "Mr. Fenton, is there some kind of portal around here?" he asked. Oh Precursors. He wasn't doing rapid fire questions. He was really focused on something now…

Danny Sr. groaned slightly at the title, became thoughtful for a moment, and then sighed. "Yeah. The Ghost Portal. Why?"

"I think we should check it out," Justin said, immediately standing from where he was sitting on the couch.

"I'm coming!" Jade said, immediately standing. My stomach churned. Even before Sam pulled her down and told her she couldn't, I knew. Jade's eyes were seriously messed up. I could tell from the bandages around them.

My fault. I should have made her take the goggles. I should have grabbed a second pair, just in case. I should have given her mine when we first got caught in the storm. I should have… I should have…

I noticed Justin look at me, but he didn't say anything. Bradin shook his head and looked over at the two of us, his blue eyes full of determination. "I'm coming as well," he said.

Danny Jr. suddenly dropped through the ceiling, landing about an inch in front of me and causing me to jump back, distracting me from my guilt about Jade. "If you're going to the Ghost Zone, you'll need a guide."

Danny Sr. bit his lip. "I'd prefer you to stay here, Danny. I was going to take them," he said.

Danny Jr. looked over. "Dad, you already have so much to worry about. I know the Ghost Zone like the back of my hand. We'll be alright," he said. Wait, wasn't this kid grounded?

His father frowned slightly before sighing. "Alright. Please be careful? All of you."

"We will!" Danny Jr. (I really hate those two being in the same room. Must be confusing for Sam and everyone else) said before he lead us into the kitchen and down the stairs, into a laboratory like basement. Justin, of course, was momentarily distracted from his concentration. I could already see a million more questions cropping up.

Even Bradin was impressed. "Some basement," he said, looking around. Danny shrugged.

"It's alright. Common," he said, pressing a button on a terminal looking thing. A set of yellow and black stripped doors opened up to reveal swirling green light. It looked like a warp gate, except made of Ecto-Eco (Or Green Eco. They're both the same shade of green. Thankfully the monks know the difference). Danny lead the way through.

First thing I noticed? The fact that it seemed like an endless swirl of black and green. Creepy. Also, the sheer amount of random floating doors. Doors? I mean, what the hell? Where did they all come from? They seemed pretty pointless, like they didn't lead anywhere. I shook my head and turned to the others. Danny was already walking away, staring at a paper. A map? I dunno.

Justin was right behind, the child like wonder back in those red eyes of his. Geez. I feel kind of bad for the Fenton's when we got back. Honestly, Bradin seemed to be doing the same thing (minus the child like wonder). Are those two more alike than first impressions say? Maybe. I jogged forward to catch up, looking over at Justin.

"So, why are we here?" I asked.

"Oh! Right! The Metal Heads might be coming from somewhere in here. The way they invaded Precusia was through a rift gate. Perhaps they got here the same way? And Rift gates tend to open in or around the same area as other portals," he explained. The look on his face, however, seemed to say that he didn't believe it was a rift gate. Neither did I. There were too many flaws. First, of…

"They invaded through the rift gate into the past from 300 years in the future," I pointed out. "Not to mention that the gate they had went through was the last gate in existence."

Justin didn't answer, though I saw his eyes trail over to where Bradin was walking. Now I was REALLY confused.

Bradin said he got us here. Maybe he opened a portal? Solaris asked.

Maybe, but wouldn't he have to have kept it open for the Metal Heads to come through? I questioned, glancing over at the brunette myself. Guess he noticed us looking at him, 'cause he blinked at us.

"What?" he asked in that soft voice of his.

"Nothing, just thinking," Justin said with a small smile before looking forward again. I shook my head and fell into step with Bradin.

"How'd you get us here?" I asked, making sure there was a decent amount of curiosity in my voice. Hell, I've heard it enough from Justin. I'm sure I pulled it off.

"I…" he started, looking over at me. "Have the ability to make portals. Light portals…" he said. I blinked, wondering if it had anything to do with Light Eco.

Hey Solaris~


You don't even know what I'm going to ask…

If I can make portals using Light Eco. Seriously, Damas, I've been in your mind seventeen years. Of COURSE I know what you're going to ask. He responded.

"Oh," I said softly, with a small frown. I think I confused Bradin.

"Did I say something wrong?" he asked.

"Huh?" I asked. I sometimes talk out loud to Solaris and Lunar. Did I do that this time?

"Well you just kinda frowned and said 'oh'… um…" he blinked at me.

"Oh! That wasn't to you," I smiled weakly. "I uh… well, basically have split personality disorder. I was talking to one of my other personalities," I explained in the simple terms.

"Right, well… if you have that, how do you know you have other personalities? I thought people didn't know of that if they had that disorder…" he said.

"Well… I'm… a special case," I said. He raised an eyebrow.



We both looked up at that moment, and I nearly froze.

"Where'd Danny and Justin go?" I asked.

"I… don't… know…" Came Bradin's intelligible answer.

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