Summary:As he walked up to her, he dimly noticed the scrapped up knees and the blood that ran down her shin, unknowns to her. He chuckled and knows she's fallen. As her chocolate eyes look up from her book to stare into his own, he knows its in more ways then one. -Drabble-

Skinned Knees

She is reading a thick book, and she looks delighted.

He noticed her a few minutes ago, but the waking seconds he stares at her feels like hours. Beautiful, tantalizing, hours that leave the man's mind and heart in shambles.

No, he refuses the thought of love at first sight. He wasn't the brightest man in the world, but he'd been forced into enough romantic conversation with Erza to know what is true and what is not- at least by his own definitions. But then again, her porcelain skin gleamed with the suns rays and the dark wooden bench she sat on contrasted elegantly with her light skin tone, and her light blue and white cream sundress. Her medium lengthen blonde hair seemed half heartedly, yet carefully crafted, into a loose long braid. Her silky blonde hair shinned with the sunshine and the tress rested over her left shoulder. His gaze hasn't shifted, as Natsu stands rooted in his spot. Yes, he has been standing there, staring at this woman for about five minutes now.

The pink haired man could not help it.

While being entranced by her beauty, Natsu dimly noted the fire engine truck red knees that bleed inches below the hem of her pristine dress. The liquid dribbled down, circling her calf and dripping to the black concrete floor, where it blended into the common dark. Looking up to her face, he wonders if she looks even remotely distressed at the scraps on her knees. She was smiling gladly at the contents of her book, and the pink haired man wondered if something interesting has happened in the tale that she's had her eyes glued to since he saw her.

He readjusted his scaly white scarf, and makes his way to her, grinning broadly at the oblivious girl.

He nudged his foot agaisnts hers and hops over her long, full legs to her sit at her side.

His onyx eyes gleamed with excitement as she shifts her attention from adventerous tale, to the stranger resting beside her. The woman's shoulders tense with suspicion.

Her eyes meet onyx and her face flushes.

Now, Natsu doesn't believe in love at first sight. And this wasn't love at first sight, at least, not really.

"Hi ya' Lucy!"

Her porcelain skin shines brighter at his voice, her chocolate eyes becoming bottomless and Natsu thinks- believes he's truly fallen in love with his best friend.

The open wound on her leg tells him she must have tripped earlier that sunny day- probably because she had her nose stuck in the book now resting on her lap. No surprises there.

However when she smiles, when her face flushes and when her brown depths look closely at him, in a special way only used with him, Natsu finally sees her and he smirks internally: Natsu believes she's fallen in more ways then one today. Her smile speaks louder then her swift, love laced word; and this time, Natsu catches it.


His smile is crooked, and imperfect, but Lucy allows herself to gush internally.

His smile speaks volumes too, and his loving word lingers in her heart, and makes the muscle soar at the recognition of everything in his tone.


A/N::: I don't even know. I rarely ever do though.