AN: It's been a while since I've posted a story. My last story was kind of dark, so now I have decided to write something more light-hearted. Whispers is a playful, cute, adventurous love story about stepping out of boundaries and not giving in to fears and insecurities. Also unlike in my last story, Love Is A Fairytale, I've kept Sasuke and Naruto closely in character. Naruto may be mute, but he's the same 'ol Naruto in every other respect.

Warning: There is mature content in this story such as cursing and sexual acts.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Naruto series or any of the characters from the series.

"When I first saw you I knew nothings like it's used to be
Boy you have got to be the finest thing in history
The way I feel inside is just so hard to understand
You feed my appetite in ways I can't explain"

- Eat You Up by BOA

This campus has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Both of my parents began working here when I was a toddler. So for sixteen years of my nineteen (soon to be twenty) year old life-this place has been akin to a second home to me.

My mother, Kushina Namikaze, instructs acting classes in the J building. The building for performance arts. My father, Minato Namikaze, instructs several classes; Composition I, Composition II, Ethics, Psychology, and Philosophy. Yeah, he is a pretty deep guy. This is one of the things that wooed my mother. Another thing was his "dreamy" blue eyes, which I inherited. For the most part I look very much like my father, though I have my mother's heart-shaped face.

Several close family friends also work here and I attend classes with their children that are childhood friends. I know that I am very fortunate to have so many people in my life that care about me. There are so many people in this world that are not as lucky as I. They are alone. No light, no love and slipping hope. I have made it my life goal to make as many people as I can smile. I cannot live my life in contentment if I am not doing the best I can to make a difference. If I do not help my fellow man.

My major is Psychology. Recently I have added a minor in Journalism.

A couple years ago, I lost my voice. I have since mastered sign language. It is effective in communicating with family and friends, but many strangers I encounter do not know sign language. For those circumstances I carry a note pad.

I wanted to be a motivational speaker and psychotherapist. But I doubt I will ever speak at full volume again, so I decided to minor in journalism so that I can still communicate with and encourage my readers; especially those who need encouragement the most. Once I set my mind to something I stick to it. I, Naruto Namikaze, am no quitter. My father once said to me, "Besides your mother, I have never met a person more stubborn than you."

He also said that if I ever did meet such a person, to marry them. He claims that I get along too well with others. I don't know about that. I very much so like that I have no enemies. He says that a person needs rivalry for inspiration to better one's self.

Anger and frustration will light a fire under my ass to be sure that I conquer my goals and show that person who challenges me that I am not someone that backs down. That I will succeed in everything I do. That that person cannot bring me down but lift me higher.

That's love, my father says. He takes the saying, "Love thy enemy" literally.

My father is such a complicated person. There is always so much on his mind. CAT scans of his brain should be framed and displayed in the art gallery.

At the moment, I am leaving the library and making the short walk towards building J. A moment ago I concluded my weekly tutoring session with my favorite professor, Iruka Umino. He is the one who taught me sign language. During the tutoring session I can communicate what material from my classes I am having trouble understanding. He always finds a way help me understand. Iruka is a very important person to me. I love him as if we were blood related. Besides my father, I feel that he knows me best.

I pass by a roaring waterfall installed in the middle of a small court yard made of rich red bricks. The waterfall is located amidst a moderate patch of lush green grass and foliage. Within the waterfall is an old small red airplane from the 50's or 60's. Upon the side is a faded painting of a cartoon squirrel wearing a helmet. It smiles cheerfully at onlookers.

To the right of me is the music wing. To the left of me on the other side of the small courtyard is an art gallery. Where particularly outstanding student paintings and collages are displayed. As well as works of talented local artists.

Beyond the waterfall I pass by the theatre where dance facets and plays are held. Separating the theatre from the performance arts building is a large fountain. Green statue people dance in a circle within the fountain. Upon entering the building I head towards the large room where acting classes are held. It is 4:50pm. My mom's Acting II class ended five minutes ago.

A few steps into the miniature version of a theatre I am pulled into a tight embrace by one of my closest friends, Sakura. Sakura is a very pretty girl; positively adorable actually.

She is of a petite build standing at 5'1 and light as a feather. Her slightly wavy hair falls just below her shoulders. Since 10th grade she has been dying her hair pink. Naturally is it is a golden honey brown. Her skin a glowing porcelain color and her cheeks are round. She is so freaking cute.

If I did not play for the other team, I'd definitely be one of the many guys wishing to be her boyfriend.

Once she releases me from her iron clad grip she looks up at me with her shimmering green eyes and then pecks me on the cheek. Her gaze shifts to the left as she smirks devilishly.

I furrow my brows in confusion. She isn't always this touchy feely. I sign to her, "What are you up to?"

She replies vocally in a hushed tone, "Sai is behaving like a total ass today, so I'm getting payback."

Sakura and Sai have been dating for five months. Before they started dating I had never met him. I'm not very fond of him, he's kind of rude, but Sakura obviously likes him. I trust her judgment. She is no push over. If she has kept him for this long than he must be a decent person.

I don't think he is a bad person, I just think he has a bad attitude is all.

Sai is not aware that I am gay. Either Sakura has kept this bit of knowledge to herself for situations such as these, or she just hasn't thought to bring it up. I think it is probably the latter. She has known of my homosexuality for so long, longer than myself really, that it is not something she would think to bring up in a conversation.

By the look on his face right now as he sits across the room by the stage, I assume her plan to make him jealous has succeeded. If looks could kill I would definitely be dead as a door knob right now.

With deeply furrowed brows and a grimace he stalks over towards us.

He raises his brows from their furrowed position and leers at me as he possessively wraps his arm around Sakura's shoulders. He is much taller than me. He is at least 6'2 and I am 5'9. He and Sakura standing next to each other is similar to an ostrich standing next to a canary.

I suddenly get a fantastic, or possibly horrible, idea. I like to look on the bright side of things. I might get some rough treatment for this from Sai, but I think it's worth to see the look on his face.

I reach out to Sakura as one does when they want a hug with a secretive smirk. When she smiles knowingly and steps forward I pull her close to me and wrap my arms snuggly around her. Leaning down so that my lips are close to her ear I whisper, "This oughta make him really jealous."

My voice comes out like the hiss of a snake, cracking slightly from lack of use. For the most part my voice is gone. Verbally I am only capable of whispering. These whispers are so faint that my lips can only to be a few centimeters from whomever's ear I am trying to communicate with.

To onlookers it more than likely looks like I am kissing her neck.

Sai abruptly, yet gently, lifts Sakura's light frame up into his arms away from me and promptly leaves the classroom. Sakura laughing loudly all of the way.

That went much better than I expected. I was anticipating a couple of bruises and a bloody nose. The reason he didn't do or say anything to me is probably because of the fact that my mother is also in the room.

I head closer to the stage and see my mother conversing with another woman. The woman, Kurenai, instructs the modern dance class that is held down the hall.

In the past, I would have shouted out "Mom!" to catch her attention. At times, my mother gets sad about my condition. She has always done her best to protect me, but she could not manage to protect me from the illness that stole my voice.

If I had gone to the doctor sooner, we might could have prevented losing my voice. That is my fault. I've always hated doctor's offices. I thought it was just a sore throat and that it would go away eventually.

By the time my mother decided to drag me to the doctor herself, it was too late. We tried treatments to shrink the tumor in my throat, but it started making it hard for me to breath. So it was surgically removed.

I snuck up to my mother's side and pecked her on the cheek. Her brows raise in surprise and she turns her head to look at me. She's smiles brightly and pulls me into a hug.

I wave at Kurenai in greeting. She is a beautiful woman with thick ravenous hair, large copper brown eyes, an hourglass figure, and flawless skin. One of those women that age like fine wine.

"Hey, sweetie!" My mother says with a broad smile."What are you up to?"

I grin and shrug my backpack from my shoulder. Squatting on the ground I unzip it and pull out a paper back and hand it to her.

Upon opening the bag her face lights up like the fourth of July. "You bought me apple turnovers! I love you so much" she coos as she litters my face with kisses. Imprinting lipstick onto my skin.

I wriggle and squirm to get away. I should have known this was going to happen. I should have ran away as soon as I handed her the bag.

Kurenai laughs at the sight and excuses herself.

The moment my mother loosens her hold on me I wipe at my face with tissue, desperately hoping to wipe the ruby red smears from my face to no avail. My mom giggles and reaches for her purse, located on the table next to her. From it she withdraws a pack of moist make-up wipes.

"Have you finished your photography project yet, pumpkin? It's due Monday if I remember correctly." She asks as she wipes face.

I raise my brows and make a sheepish, yet comical face. I look to the side and move my lips up in the shape of an upside down U.

Mom chastised me for having not even started my project for my Digital Photography class. This project is the first for the semester, focusing on getting to know the settings of the nearly $1000 camera my wonderful mother bought me. Truth is, I have barely even touched it. Yes, I am ashamed. I should be using it 24/7, as my mother constantly reminds me. It is just such a complicated piece of technology. Last night I sat in my room for thirty minutes trying figure how to get the darn flash to even work.

The project is due next Monday, which is four days from now. I have a habit of procrastinating until 12am of the day the assignment is due and by the (nonexistent) hair on my chinny chin chin manage to complete it in time. Usually five minutes before the class starts.

I drive to a lake located a small distance from campus. There is a decent sized dock there. I figure I can get some good pictures there. My proffessor wants some variety. I'm hoping to knock out the majority of the project there though.

Upon getting out of my car I notice long legs sticking out from next to the tall, wooden locker that fishermen store their fishing rods in. It is never locked. The long legs that are covered in a dark blue shade of denim are all that is visible of the guy. His torso and face are hidden by long, drooping branches. I creep closer to peek at him, curious if I know the guy.

I raise my brows at the sight of a very handsome man, around my age if not a couple years older. Dear lord is he attractive. I wouldn't mind climbing him like a tree and then sticking to him like white on rice.

His skin is of a flawless porcelain. Not a single flaw or blemish from what I can see. He has long dark lashes that shield his what I can suspect equally dark eyes. As well as messy yet silky in appearance hair that is jet black. I am certain he must have some Asian in him. I cannot emphasize enough how absolutely gorgeous he is.

He seems to be deeply engrossed in the textbook propped up in his lap. Thin rimmed glasses rest on the bridge of his nose.

If I could still speak I would say "Excuse me", "Hey", or "Howdy Handsome" and ask if it would be alright for me to take a picture of him. Possibly (definitely) flirt a little (or a lot).

Instead, I take advantage of his deep concentration and kneel down in front of the oblivious dreamboat. I attempt to set my tripod down on the wooden surface of the dock as stealthily as possible.

Turning my camera on, I still myself and snap a picture. Thankfully I had previously adjusted the settings on my camera.

"What do you think you are doing?"

Peeking over the top of my camera I see my subject gazing at me with irritation evident in his dark grey eyes. I inhale a quick breath of air and snap one more picture.

"Hey!" The irritated beau furrows his brows as his expression morphs into one of anger. I snap another picture.

I know it is wrong of me to come up to a complete stranger and start taking pictures of them without their consent. I may piss him off, but the perfect score I get on this assignment will make it worth it. In my opinion, he should be flattered.

As the guy slams his book down on the surface of the dock next to his thighs I adjust the settings on my Canon EOS Rebel T2i, speeding up the shutter speed so that my lovely subject's movements are frozen in time without any blurs appearing within the photograph.

Before I can take another picture I am pushed backwards onto my bottom and looking up at my now, very angry, subject. "You've got a lot of nerve, idiot."

Whoops. Well, I did have that reaction coming. The guy was just too pretty not to take a couple shots. I grin sheepishly. I drop it when the icy glare I am receiving does not falter.

As I look up at his looming form, I am awe struck by his beauty. The setting sun shines on the right side of his face and torso, the other half of his form hidden in shadow. His stormy eyes glittering with life.

I snap another picture.

If I were still able to speak above a whisper, I would have loudly shouted out as I found myself being lifted into the air. My smaller form has been thrown over one of this madman's broad shoulders as he stalks towards the edge of the dock. I am stricken with fear upon the realization of what is about to happen.

This prick is about to throw me into the water! I badly want to plead for the survival of my camera. My mother will skin me alive if this camera gets destroyed.

He comes to a stop a few inches away from the edge and to my surprise puts me down. Our bodies are very close together and only until now do I realize how much taller he is than me.

Looking up, I see that he is smirking arrogantly down at me. Taking a step back, he grips the collar of my shirt with one hand and grabs my camera with the other. Once he has successfully torn the device from my hands he releases my collar and I fall backwards into the warm water of the lake.

As I resurface from my plunge, gasping for air, I look up to see him sitting Indian style on the dock with my camera in his hands. Lifting it up to his face, I spy him smirking behind the bulk of my camera as he takes a picture.

I should have known. As the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold. For such a beautiful boy, he has a nasty temper.