Hello, everyone. This is my first 'Flight of the Navigator' story. I hope you enjoy. :) What if Max didn't take him to 1978? What if he left him?

David could believe Max had taken him home. Seeing his family made him happy, but seeing the NASA officials and government officials there, didn't make him any better. All he could think of at this time was being treated like a guinea pig to a host of tests run by Doctor Faraday, the liar. Max had warned him that if he took him back, it'd hurt him or worse.

David didn't want to be the subject of so many tests and to tell them about Max's existence. He didn't want them to probe into his mind. His mind might've been emptied, but they'd take away his friend for experimentation. Something he didn't want.

Looking at Max and then his family, he turned about and said, "Take me with you Max."

"I cannot," Max said.

"I don't belong here." David said.

"Isn't that your family out there?"

"Yes. That's my family out there. But I don't belong here in 1986. My time's 1978." David explained. "If I go back, those scientists will treat me like a guinea pig for the rest of my life-"

"David. I cannot take you back to 1978. You know how dangerous it's going to be if I do take you back. This is your home."

David knew he couldn't convince his friend, er no longer friend to take him back to his own time. David stumbled out of ship's stairs, looking at Max before several government officials grabbed his arms and took him away from the ship. Max said, "Bye David."

Then the ship began to rise up into the air and the door closed. David and the entire assembled humans watched the ship streak away.

Then Faraday began issuing other orders. The government agents dragged him toward a van, but his brother, Jeff, interfered. "Now wait a minute! David's not goin' to NASA or some secured base! You promised to let him go home!"

"Not anymore." Faraday said. "I need to run more tests on him."

"No!" Bill shouted. "This is my son! You're not dragging him into another hospital room and run tests on him!"

"I-he's a national security risk." Faraday said. "He's been in contact with aliens-and who knows what type of radiation he has on him! Put him in the van! Now!"

"NO! DAD!" David screamed out, fighting against the two agents. "Don't let them take me away! Again!" His backpack fell to the ground, expelling clothing all over the grass as the government agents dragged him to a van. One of the agents pushed David into the van.

David found he couldn't open the door or the window. Two government agents stepped into the front seats and drove away.

David looked out the back window and saw his Dad fighting several government agents and his mother screaming, Bruiser chasing the van, and Jeff jumping onto a bicycle to chase the van. David felt dizzy and tired before passing out from the exhaustion and shock.


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