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Caroline started noticing the black van following her. She wondered who it was, but seeing a young man with glasses was familiar. Was this David's brother? Why was he following her. He made a waving motion and she nodded. She pulled into a gas station and David's brother pulled in behind her. Keeping her doors locked, she watched David's brother walk up to her window and rap on it. She rolled down her window a little so she could ask what he wanted.

"Caroline, right?"

"Yes. What is it?"

"I'm Jeff. David's brother."

"Yes I know. Why were you following me?"

Jeff looked around the gas station to make sure they weren't followed. "I need you to be honest with me." Jeff turned back to Caroline.

"All right."

"I want to know what Farraday's plans are."

Caroline looked at Jeff with a concerned look. "I'm not sure." She replied.

"Can you help me get David out?" Jeff asked.

Caroline nodded. "Yes. I'll try. If anything I don't really like Farraday any more than your parents. Personally, he's threatened me not to try anything around him and to stay away from him. I don't like seeing David hurt or subjected to some kind of insane test."

Jeff nodded. "We'll meet at Lauderdale Cinemas. That way everyone thinks I'm heading out on a date with a new girlfriend. Less questions asked."

"Great. I know where that is." Caroline said.

"Looking forward to meeting you again."

Jeff left and went to his car. Caroline left the gas station pleased and relieved that maybe they could get David out without being overheard by NASA staff.


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