For some reason, this popped into my head, because there isn't near enough Claude/Raven stories out there in the fanfiction universe! Doesn't everyone agree?*silence*

Well, I think that there isn't any! So join the ride, fellow writers and readers, and start writing some Claude/Raven stories! I'll review them if you like!

I probably should get started on my own first XD. It won't start out Claude/Raven, since Raven is... single at the beginning. You shall find out why in a bit, my young readers. This is also as if the first three actual books of Vampire Kisses has happened.


Damn stalker. Following me down the hallway like he owns the place.

My eyes shifted backwards over my shoulder as I stole another glance at the annoying goth following me. Today, he chose a black shirt with some weird dark red and white designs on it, with a pair of black jeans with a lot of destruction on them. His hair, bleach blonde and black, was the same as it always was, shaggy and in his face. Covering up his eyes, the same eyes of my EX-boyfriend, Alexander.

Oh yes, he decided that "for my protection", we couldn't be together anymore. For goodness sakes, it's like this is Twilight! Except the vampires in this story are actually not fairies and are REAL vampires. With the fangs and stuff.

I thought I made it perfectly clear to him that I do not need protecting! Well, maybe I need a little help, but it's not like Claude or any of his other gang members could actually hurt me. Like I'd let them. I'm way too kick-ass to get my ass hauled to the cemetery or the blood bank by those gothic weirdos. Well, I suppose that Rocco's pretty buff, and Kat has a wicked sense of style, and Claude is really hot, but Tripp is still a weirdo.

A/N Sorry Tripp!

I nervously pulled on the hem of my ruffled black mini-skirt,, my legs covered in dark purple tights, cursing the fact that I had decided to skip out on my jeans today. Why exactly did I do that again? Oh wait, cause I'm an idiot. My shirt, a black and purple striped tank top that was tied in the back in a weird little knot, pulling it up to reveal a black lacy cami-tank top. A Hello Batty purse hung on my shoulder, and black high-top sneakers covered me feet. Just a normal sunny day for Raven Madison's fashion choices.

Ok, stop obsessing over your fashion choices, Raven! Time to try and run from a stupid halfling that WON'T STOP STALKING YOU! And I hope he heard my capitalized thoughts!

When he met my eyes, just for a second, a smirk spread across his lips, making his lip ring stick out even more. God damn him for being so attractive! Keeps on making me go all fan-girlish and marshmallow-melty.

I quickly slipped down an almost deserted hallway, determined to make a short cut for the doors to the school. Thank God the day's over... I can finally get away from Claude and focus on more pressing matters... such as some business to be attended to, such as some urgent text messages from Luna. I've recently reconciled with her; apologizing for hiding my true identity from her and such. She, graciously, accepted my apology and apologized for trying to steal Alexander from me. She didn't seem to believe me when I told her we broke up.

Anyways, she's been texting me about a possible new boyfriend of hers, and I honestly couldn't be happier for her. She really deserves someone that will willingly spend the night with her.

As I was quickly replying to her text message (hopefully she didn't fall back asleep on me), I ran into... Claude. Go figure. He must've sneaked up on me as I was replied to my texts.

"Hey Rave," he purred, snatching my phone from me. "Who you texting?"

"Give that back!" I growled, reaching out for it in a clumsy attempt to grab it. Of course, all he does is smile at me and dance out of my reach, flipping open my phone and scrolling through my texts.

"You've been texting Luna? My, aren't you high up in the world?" Claude teased, holding me back with one hand as he continued to go through my messages with the other.

"Haven't you heard of privacy, Claude?" I grumbled at him. He shot me an award-winning smile, before finally snapping my phone close.

"Nope." he replied, popping the p. My eyes narrowed at him, shades darker then his.

"Figured. So, now that you have read my messages with Luna, can you give me my phone back? I kind of need to get a ride home!" I snapped at him.

What really pissed me off was when he used the hand that was holding me back to pull me up against his chest, my face tilted up to look at his.

"Claude!" I squealed, my face turning a bright red. He just smirked at me (big surprise) and laughed slightly.

"Why? Does being so close to me make you," he leaned in closer, "uncomfortable?"

"You're a man-whore." I growled at him as I tried to struggle out of his grasp. Of course, his grip only tightened.

You'd think people would intervene if they saw me being forced up against Claude. But, no. I don't matter enough.

"Claude, I swear to God if you don't let me go right now, I'm going to," I started, but he cut me off by shoving his lips forcefully onto mine.

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