Note: I do not own Supernatural of any of its characters. This is going to go back and forth with what it acknowledges. Some fics might acknowledge the most recent events and others might completely ignore them. However, I'll be putting a note at the beginning or make it obvious if it chooses to do something that the last chapter did or didn't include/acknowledge.

It was late when Castiel and he got back. They had been gone an agonizing three weeks. Well, technically, it had been two weeks and five days, but it felt like a full three weeks! Finally, Gabriel had managed to convince Cas that the angels could survive without their assistance. The angels were slowly, but surely, recovering. They relied entirely too much on Gabriel to tell them what to do, but at least there was some form of unity among them. Gabriel nominated the least dickish angel as temporary leader and left, promising to return later.

Castiel and Gabriel didn't know whether they would find Sam and Dean at home or out on a hunt, but they decided to try for the former before calling their phones and waking them up in the middle of the night. The two angels popped into the bedroom and had to smile at the sight that met them. The Winchester's laid asleep, their arms curled around each other. Sam's head laid on Dean's shoulder and Dean's chin rested on the top of Sam's head. Glancing at each other, the two angelic brothers silently undressed and crawled into bed with their lovers. Gabriel crawled in next to Dean and Cas crawled in behind Sam. Wrapping their humans in their embrace, the angels drifted off to sleep.