Christmas Breakfast


Note: I do not own Supernatural of any of its characters. Some overlap with the books.

After they finished with the tears and embraces, they finished opening the presents. Of course, Sam and Dean's presents of giant candy bars, sex toys, and guinea pigs pale in comparison to Cas and Gabe's presents of bringing their parents back from the dead, but the angels seemed genuinely pleased with their gifts. Afterwards, they settled down to a rather large breakfast, courtesy of angel magic.

"See," Gabe explained, shoveling a forkful of scrambled eggs into his mouth, "the main problem was locating your souls. You," He waved a utensil at Mary, "were in Heaven, but you," He pointed at John, "were just sort of floating around down here. After that, I just called in a couple of favors with Death and used a whole lot of angel mojo and, voila!...Mind passing the hash browns, Sammy?" Sam shoved them across the table.

"Well, thank you. Thank you both." Mary bestowed Gabriel and Castiel with an enigmatic grin.

"Ummph!" Gabriel pretended not to notice as Mary elbowed John. "Thank you. That was very...generous of you."

"Anything for Sam and Dean." Castiel looked at their humans with that doe-eyed look he had. If it had just been the four of them, Gabriel might have commented on it. Given the present company, he decided it was better to be on his best behavior.

"So." John cleared his throat. "You two are angels."

"Yup." Gabriel confirmed.

"And you all live...together."


"That's…" Mary shot her husband a look. "Great. Just great."