Hi! So, I got the series for Christmas (and I cried at the end, boo-hoo) and I lovedlovedlovedloved it! I wasnt gonna write a fic about this, but ohhh well!

Bertie stood on the roof the of the theatre. Although she was married to Nate, and it had been five years since Ariel had sacrificed himself for her and the theatre.

Tonight was just one of those nights.

One of the nights Bertie dedicated to remember him.

The stars were out, and it was late December. New Year's was in a few days, and people were already preparing for the celebrations to come.

Bertie was not as jovial as the rest of the world was. In the theatre people were cooking up their own fairy. She could only imagine what chaos was going on thinking of the fairies.

A slight breeze ruffled her crimson hair. Yet again, she had dyed it. Red had been the color she had been in the mood for yesterday, and the fairies hadn't made a mess this time when it came to her hair dye.

The breeze soon turned into a gust, and she sadly remembered Ariel.

Honestly, she wanted to curse, but knew she owed him this much, even though she spent most of her time in the theatre and not outside where she couldn't feel the breeze.

Turning back to go inside, one final blast of cold wind made her stumble as she reached the door.

Ariel remembered her, too.

Personally! I loved Ariel a little more than Nate... but I loved the series nonetheless! Please leave a thought or two if you'd like!

I was just being weird... lol.

Thanks for reading!