I slowly made my way into the dark corridor, gripping my staff. Pitch had said to come alone. He didn't say anything about having to come unarmed. It's dark, I don't know where it is, it almost looks like a lair.

"Jack Frost."

I flip around gripping my staff tighter. The voice sending chills up my spine. "You said you wanted to speak to me. I won't listen to anything you have to say unless I can see you."

The deep voice was back. "Very well."

Like Sandy, Pitch uses sand, just darker. The sand falls upwards and Pitch stands before me. "I'm surprised you were asleep long enough for me to reach you. The Guardians must be keeping you very busy."

Kangaroo wishes, I think to myself. "No. I find ways to be preoccupied." Trying to sound important.

Not even touching the ground, Pitch moves in a circle around me. "Ah, so they don't trust you enough to let you help them?"

"No I'm sure-"

"Sure of what? They won't let you help because they think you're a useless child. After all no one believes in you." My thoughts drift to Jamie, but I quickly direct them to what Pitch is saying, "We're not much different you and I. In fact we're similar in many ways"

"I'm nothing like-"

Cutting me off he finishes my sentence "Me? No one believes in you, or me we're both cast out from the world. The Guardians don't care about us, we're just the insignificant objects gathering dust on a shelf. They're just using you Jack. Why would it be now that they come and find you Jack? After all these years of being alone, why now?"

I think of how weird it is that they had just come and found me. Why hadn't they ever looked for me before?

"I can see you starting to question your own judgment. We could do so much together." Did he just say together? Was this what this meeting was about, him wanting me to join him? "That's exactly what this meeting is about Jack." I'm ripped out of my thoughts with the voice of him inside my brain. He's been reading my thoughts this whole time. "We could be so much, do so much. We could change the world"

"In a good way or bad way, cause I'm pretty sure you mean bad way."

"Stop being arrogant! You know what my offer is, and you know I'm listening." The sand form hovers into the darkness and disappears.

My brain hurts. It was true that the Guardians didn't really acknowledge me. Bunnymund treated me like dirt, North treated me like I was an adult, and Tooth was just too obsessed with my Teeth. Sandy was the only kind one yet we couldn't talk to each other. I'd have to sleep on it before seriously thinking about anything.