Title: Turbulence
Rating: PG-13 ( T ) – for mild swearing (those damn teenagers) and life-affirming make-out sessions.
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Summary: AU. Sasuke hated flying. SasuHina.

You'd better turn off your electronics now; it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Chapter 1: Baggage

Hinata loved flying. Sure, airports were a pain and the food on planes was terrible, but there was a spirit of adventure in flying that other modes of transportation didn't have. And, really, despite what people liked to think, airplanes were perfectly safe. The average person is much more likely to get into a fatal car accident than an aerial collision or a sudden fall from the sky...

So, no, Hinata wasn't afraid of the fourteen hour-long flight to New York, NY with her classmates. If anything, she was looking forward to the stomach-flipping, gravity-defying journey through the wide blue sky...As she waited in line at customs, she trembled a little in anticipation.

"Nervous, Hinata-chan?"

The Hyuuga heiress turned to the person immediately behind her and smiled at him. He was just one more reason why this trip was going to be the best she'd ever taken. "N-No, Naruto-kun. Excited!"

The blond boy guffawed at her, his loose tie swinging back and forth like a pendulum against his chest. "I would've thought you'd be afraid of flying!"

"Oh, no," Hinata replied, blushing demurely. She tucked a long strand of hair behind her ear before continuing, "M-My family travels all the time. W-We even have our own pl-plane."

Naruto's eyes widened comically. He looked like a gawking baboon (an adorable gawking baboon). "No shit?"

Not really the type to curse, the heiress replied, "N-No fooling."

"I knew you guys were loaded, but...wow..."

Hinata felt her shy blush erupt into heated embarrassment. She clutched her hands within the burgundy fabric of her uniform skirt, twisting the thick material into wrinkled clumps. If she could see Hinata now, her grandmother would scold her for making herself less presentable. "M-My f-father's company is d-d-doing very well..."

"I guess so...," the blond said, shaking off his surprise with another hearty laugh as he shrugged off his suit jacket. He flung it casually over his shoulder by two fingers, making Hinata inwardly swoon. "So you fly a lot, then?"

"Y-Yes," she responded, feeling the pool of warmth in her cheeks begin to abate. Sheepishly, she released the hem of her skirt and allowed it to rest naturally against her thighs. Hopefully, no one would notice the wrinkles and fingernail marks. "We have a lot of family abroad."

"Any of them where we're going?" Naruto asked, his sky blue eyes darting up the line in front of them. He seemed to be looking for someone.

Hinata replied cautiously as she watched his movements. "A c-couple of cousins, I think..."

"Sweet!" he exclaimed, though Hinata wasn't entirely sure that he was talking to her. A little ways ahead of them, a bobbing head of pink hair was visible amidst the sea of black and brown.

Hinata smiled wanly at her crush before readjusting the shoulder strap of her carry on bag and moving forward in line. This trip might not end up as perfect as she had originally imagined it, but she was going to make the best of what she was given.

Sasuke hated flying. It wasn't just the crowded noise of the airport or the crappy food on planes, but also the inherent danger of entrusting your life to a floating metal tube that hovered over the ocean. Sure, a person is much more likely to die in a car accident than a plane crash, but really. How often do most people fly? If businessmen used airplanes to get to work every morning, then perhaps the statistics would change. Besides, one is much more likely to walk away from a car accident...

Basically, Sasuke figured that if man were meant to fly, he'd have wings sprouting out of his back. Since he could think of no one outside of comic books with that particular feature, the Uchiha prodigy had to figure that Fate had decreed that mankind was meant to stay on the ground. Period.

"Any of them where we're going?"

"A c-couple of cousins, I think..."


If Sasuke wasn't agitated already, he definitely was now. The dobe was right behind him schmoozing the only girl in their class (heck, the only one in the entire school, even) that didn't give him the heebie-jeebies. Hyuuga Hinata didn't stalk him, didn't make creepy shrines of him in her locker, didn't attack him with poorly composed poetry...basically, she was the only girl in his acquaintance that he even halfway considered "not bad." (Not that he liked her, or anything, she was just nice to...he liked it when she...never mind.)

As the line inched forward, Sasuke slyly watched Hinata and her dumbass suitor out of the corner of his eye. Sure, some might consider the behavior was creepy and almost stalker-ish, but it gave him something to concentrate on other than his impending doom.

"How many times have you been overseas, Hinata-chan?" the dobe queried, clearly not paying attention to her. Instead, his gaze was trained on something up ahead. When Sasuke turned (very subtly, of course) to investigate, he had to stifle a groan; Naruto was ignoring Hinata for that pink-haired harpie, Sakura.

"Umm...," she paused a moment, presumably to think about her response. She was twitching a little bit and Sasuke suspected that she knew what Naruto was up to. That dick. "About...s-seven times this year. I think."

The dobe was all amazement at her answer; he even stopped staring at Sakura and returned his attention to where it should be. Hinata blushed under the wide-eyed scrutiny. "Woah..."

"Figures," Sasuke muttered to himself. The charity case scholarship student probably hadn't ever left the the city before, much less the country. Sasuke couldn't help but scoff a little at the moron.

"S-So...which seat are you in? On the p-plane, I mean," Hinata asked, probably searching for a change of subject. The patchy pink stain on her cheeks reminded him of that time in kindergarten when he'd spilled his cranberry juice on a girl's white skirt...

Naruto riffled through his jacket pockets before withdrawing a crumpled and slightly torn boarding pass. "12B."

A cheerful smile spread across Hinata's cheeks, causing Sasuke's heart to play a quick game of leap frog with his Adam's apple. The blush was now more of a warm glow. "Oh! I'm in 12A. W-We're right next to each other."

"Oh, cool," Naruto said, though Sasuke found it hard to believe him. The dobe suddenly looked nervous and began inching away from the shy heiress.

The people in front of him – a bunch of bickering harpies hellbent on sitting next to him on the plane – moved forward another few feet and Sasuke followed, his dark mood growing steadily darker. He stopped short of the girls by a few inches lest he give them the wrong idea with his proximity and they pounced on him. He just didn't have the patience for their lovesick antics today.

"Oh! I'm s-so sorry...I've g-got it..."

Sasuke returned his attention to Hinata, frowning bitterly at her. She was struggling with her bag, which seemed to be a little too heavy for her slight frame.

"Are you alright, Hinata-chan? Do you need some help?" the dobe offered, reaching out a tanned hand to take her luggage. Oh, so now he wanted to make nice with his plane buddy? Pathetic...

The heiress shook her head in refusal and gave her belongings a hefty jerk, successfully reattaching the strap to her shoulder but also stumbling a little with her efforts. "I-I've got it...," she said, teetering a little. Before fully regaining her balance, she tipped over backwards and collided with Naruto's chest. "Oh! I'm s-so sorry..."

Okay, enough.

Without even bothering to ask, Sasuke trudged over to her, snatched the bag away and hefted it onto his own arm. (Man, what was she taking with her? Barbells?) "You're holding up the line, Hyuuga."

Hinata's face immediately paled at his sudden appearance. Funny, he'd expected her to blush; that's what she did in the presence of every other boy in school. "I'm s-s-sorry, Sasuke-san...," she stuttered, stepping away from the dobe with her hands outreached for her bag. "I'll j-just t-take that now and..."

"Whatever...just hurry up," Sasuke snipped, swirling the bag out of her reach. He stalked away from the stuttering heiress, her luggage bumping against his hip. He was such a gentleman.

Author's Note: This is another story I found buried in my files, just waiting to be completed. Seriously, this hasn't even been opened since 2010! I'm still working on editing it, so please be kind...9-10 chapters to follow.

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