Title: Turbulence
Rating: R (M) – for mild swearing (those damn teenagers) and some inappropriate public behavior.
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Summary: AU. Sasuke hated flying. SasuHina.

Let's put down the landing gear and end this puppy...

Chapter 8: Lights Out

Hinata's chest heaved as Sasuke pulled out and rolled away from her. He landed in his own seat with a gentle grunt and was silent.

That was...

...had been...


The cabin still shuddered as the storm raged on, but Hinata felt at peace. Instead of seeming daunting, the swaying oxygen masks dangling from the ceiling put her into some kind of relaxed trance. A few people were crying, or screaming, and the wind howled angrily against her window, but it was almost as if someone had turned the volume way down on the entire scene.

The heiress' body thrummed and vibrated in the wake of her tryst with Sasuke. She could still feel his lips against her face, his hands roaming her body, his...self inside of her. Hinata shivered again as she remembered how he'd lifted her leg and –

Startled away from her improper thoughts, Hinata felt Sasuke's cool fingers make contact with her fevered skin. Lowering her drooping gaze down to her hand, she found it conjoined again with the Uchiha's, their digits tangled together haphazardly. He had woven their fingers together, loosely this time, and was holding on fast.

Hinata allowed her eyes to slowly wander up his arm, over his shoulder, and finally come to a stop at Sasuke's face. He wasn't looking at her – had his eyes closed again, in fact – but she knew he had reached out to keep them together. Just a little longer.

Closing her own eyes, Hinata inched closer to her seat partner and rested her weary head against his shoulder. The blood rushing through the heiress' veins was beginning to cool, her heart slowing down to a restful pace. She breathed in a deep gulp of air and released her breath slowly.

Peeling her heavy eyelids apart just a little, Hinata took one last glance up at Sasuke before leaving herself to Morpheus ( 1 ). He was already deep within the god's embrace and snoring lightly. Hinata didn't bother to repress a warm smile as she leaned up and pecked the slumbering Uchiha on the cheek. She then rearranged them both so that his arm was draped over her shoulder and her ear was pressed comfortably over his heart. More cozy this way, Hinata closed her eyes again and gave herself over to the power of sleep.

She was ready to die, if that was what the gods decided. In the meantime, she would curl up against Sasuke and listen to the steady beating of his heart. If he wasn't scared, she wouldn't be, either.

Sasuke didn't know when (or even how) he'd fallen asleep, but the next time he opened his eyes he found peace. The cabin wasn't shaking, the passengers weren't panicking, and the sky outside (as far as he could tell from his current proximity to the window) was calm and relaxed. Most importantly, Hinata was snoozing comfortably in his lap, her soft cheek pressed against his thigh.

The Uchiha, discovering that his hand was resting on the curved slope of her shoulder, brought his fingers up to his eyes and rubbed the crusty grains out of the corner of his eyes. He opened them again and gazed around him.

It was sometime late at night, he figured, because most of the lights were muted and the students were quiet. Kiba snored loudly in the seat in front of Hinata and there was someone – was that Nara? That stupid bastard really could sleep anywhere – sprawled out under a blanket in the middle of the aisle. The only person who still seemed to be awake was Kakashi, who stood out at the front of the plane with his light glaring down over him. He idly flipped pages in his book and continued to read. Vaguely, Sasuke wondered if he'd even moved from that position during their collective near-death experience.

A sweet mumble of contention catching his ear, Sasuke renewed his attention on Hinata. She wriggled a little in her sleep and folded her sock feet underneath her. Her skirt was pulled up to her waist – had he left it like that? – and the Uchiha noticed that she still wasn't wearing any panties. He gently tugged the hem of her uniform down over her modesty and ignored the warm blush tingling in the crests of his ears.

Coughing a little, Sasuke again scanned the cabin as he searched for the missing underwear. The tiny swatch of white fabric eluded his gaze during the first attempt, so he cast it out again, more thoroughly this time. There was Kakashi with his (clearly involving) book...Iruka snoring loudly and drooling on the window...Ino stretched out across all three seats, her head on Akimichi's knee and assorted crumbs in her hair...Sakura clinging desperately to Naruto in her sleep, whimpering quietly...Naruto stroking Sakura's pink hair while he dozed...the flight attendants all passed out in their seats, cups of coffee tipping precariously in their hands...but no panties.

Oh, there they were. Right on top of the drink cart.

Making a mental note to pocket them discreetly later, Sasuke settled back down into his chair and made himself more comfortable under Hinata. She wiggled a little as he moved, but remained steadfastly asleep and unaware of the world around her.

Tucking a stray piece of indigo hair behind her ear, Sasuke sighed and closed his eyes. With any luck, they would both stay unconscious until they landed.

Author's Note: Bah...I kinda hate this chapter. Not because of the style, grammar, or anything, but because it's rather...pointless. But, having already written it in its entirety before realizing this, it seems a little wrong not to post it. So, instead, I cleaned it up, improved it and...still kinda hate it, haha. Oh, well...

Next chapter will be the last one and then there will be an epilogue tacked onto the end.

( 1 ) Morpheus – the Greek god of dreams, NOT the guy from the Matrix trilogy. That would be stupid. (Gives that guy's character a totally new spin, though, don't it? :D Wiki it.


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