Chapter 3: Below the Belt

Regina pinched the bridge of her nose. "It wasn't supposed to be like this," she thought sourly.

This was getting ridiculous. Regina had read the exact same line three times in a row, and no matter how much she tried to concentrate on Mr. Gold's proposal to reopen the library, she just couldn't seem to make her brain process the information. It was far too busy remembering how good it had felt to run her hands over Emma Swan yesterday afternoon.

Her eyes skirted around her office, again, searching for some sort of motivation hiding in the corners of the wide room. It felt especially big and hollow today for some reason. Usually sitting in a room of this grandeur made her feel powerful and larger-than-life; that was the entire reason she had it built like this in the first place. But after her scandalous rendezvous with Emma in that tiny bathroom stall she found that she missed the smallness of it, the way that everything had felt magnified by the lack of space: the touches warmer, the inhales sharper, the tastes richer; until the entire stall had been pulsing with the heat of their lust, their combined energy expanding to fill more than the room itself.

In comparison, Regina just couldn't help but hear how her heavy sigh seemed to echo through the large room around her, bouncing off the far away walls and taking much too long for the sound to reach back to her ears.

Boredom was tedious. Regina drummed her fingers on the desk before her eyes caught the cell phone perched on top of a box that had once contained someone's heart. The sheriff had been a bit miffed that she had never returned any of her calls. It was time to remedy that.

She plucked her phone off of the container and rapidly punched out a text.

"How do you feel about the color purple, Sheriff?"

She stared at it for a moment, then quickly pressed 'send' and flipped the cover shut before she could second-guess herself and decide not to send it.

Regina gingerly returned her cell phone to the desk and went back to pretending to read Gold's proposal. She told herself it didn't matter if Emma texted her back or not.

A couple minutes later, her phone juddered to life and scooted across the desktop at her, the sound of the vibrations starting a slow fluttering in her abdomen.

"It's pretty I guess. Why?"

Regina smiled to herself. She could picture the sheriff's suspicious eyes puzzling over the seemingly innocuous text and she could definitely hear the skepticism in the blonde's tone. She just needed to pique Emma's interest a tiny bit more and she'd have her, the mayor thought as her devilish grin spread even wider across her face. Playing with Emma made her feel more alive than she had in years.

"Well, what a coincidence. I've recently bought some lingerie in that color that I'd love to get your opinion on."

Regina didn't even have time to place her phone back on the desk before it was buzzing in her hand again.

"Where r u?"

"I'm in my office."

"Be there in 5."

This was going to be fun.

Emma arrived exactly five minutes later and was anxiously rapping on the mayor's office door. At the mention of lingerie the sheriff's imagination had gone wild as it leapt from one crazy possibility to the next on the drive over and now her palms were sweaty and tingling in anticipation. When she finally heard Regina's "come in" float through the wall she quickly stole through the double-doors, nearly bouncing in excitement to see what she would find waiting for her.

Emma had been expecting some sort of show to be honest; that upon walking in the brunette would have greeted her in something made out of tight latex leather… that maybe had a dog collar attached with spikes of some sort. At the very least she had predicted fuck-me boots. Regina had always seemed like the kind of person who would have a dominatrix fetish, and everyone in Storybrooke knew that their mayor had a flair for the dramatic… so Emma was mildly confused when she walked through the door only to be greeted with Regina's (very clothed) back as she bent over her desk.

That didn't stop the blonde from staring however, and she let her eyes roam over the impressive figure in front of her as she stalked across the room.

Regina was gorgeous. I mean, she'd seen Regina naked once before but damn, the way that woman wore clothes just made you want to rip them off of her. Her muted grey dress was clinging to her in all the right places; the back scooped low enough to show off the top of her exquisite spine and her tiny waist was accentuated by the small belt clasped around her middle.

Add that to the fact that the way Regina was leaning over the desk practically put her ass on display for anyone who walked in the door and Emma was done for. The blonde licked her lips; she'd have had to be blind not to notice.

Unsure of exactly where to go from here, Emma curiously strolled up behind Regina's shoulder and tried to see what she was working on.

Before she even had the chance to say anything, Regina beat her to the punch.

"What do you want, Ms. Swan?" The mayor's voice was clipped as she leaned over the desk, shuffling papers about, signing and scribbling on this and that. The crease between her eyebrows said that she didn't want to be bothered and Emma faltered a little bit.

Emma spoke out the side of her mouth, "I thought you needed my opinion on something." Even though no one else was around to hear, it had every bit of the nudge-nudge-wink-wink quality laced through it.

Still not sparing the blonde a glance, Regina replied, "Well as you can see, Sheriff, I'm quite busy. Whatever it is you want you're just going to have to get it yourself."

It took a second for the words to really sink in. Get the lingerie herself? That was dangerous territory to fall into but it was just so like Regina to taunt her like this. And Emma was not about to leave here empty-handed.

So the mayor wanted her to work for it, did she? Well, she'd earn that lingerie all right.

Challenge accepted.

"Get it myself, huh?" Emma husked, dropping her voice into her 'sexy tone' as she sidled up behind Regina and wrapped her arms around the brunette's waist.

"I don't know if that's such a good idea, Madam Mayor," Emma breathed into her ear. She pulled Regina's hips back into her as she pressed her pelvis forward into the brunette's ass, causing the mayor to shift forward, her hands flying out on the desk to brace herself against the unexpected pressure.

"You might get distracted," Emma continued suggestively. She swept her leg behind Regina's and kicked her feet into a wide stance like she would someone about to be frisked. A startled gasp escaped the mayor's lips and Emma smirked, her mind flying back to her previous fantasies of taking Regina on her own desk back at the station.

The constricting dress was stretched as far as it could go without ripping and Regina's sculpted calves tensed in an effort to stay upright in her polished black stilettoes.

Emma pressed her breasts into Regina's back, contouring the entirety of her body against the mayor. She felt a shiver shoot up the woman in front of her as she ran her hands up the backs of the brunette's thighs and up over her butt. She snaked them up Regina's sides to cup her breasts and she immediately squeezed the rounded flesh, molding the mounds in her hands.

Regina's breath was hitching regularly and she pressed her own hands into the desk to steady herself as Emma nuzzled her face into her hair and lightly began sucking on her neck just below her earlobe. Regina tilted her head slightly to the side to give the blonde more access and a tiny whimper bubbled up in her throat.

"You feel so good, I almost can't decide where I want to start," Emma murmured.

The sheriff trailed kisses down the back of her neck to just above the sloping neckline of the grey dress and Regina hummed in the back of her throat. The adoring kisses were a pleasant surprise from the usually brash blonde, but soft and slow was not what Regina was in the mood for right now. She was beginning to squirm beneath Emma's casual assault and she didn't like it. She wanted more.

Emma began pulling the zipper down between Regina's shoulder blades and smiled as she watched the brunette's muscles contracting underneath her skin as she peppered the newly exposed flesh with a smattering of kisses.

She could feel Regina starting to get annoyed with the lack of pressure. She would try and arch up into Emma's hand, but every time she did Emma lightened her touch. The blonde couldn't stop her shit-eating grin when Regina huffed after another failed attempt.

"Getting impatient are we?"

Regina growled.

Emma brought her lips to the shell of the mayor's ear, "You know this would go a lot faster if you just showed me that lingerie."

Regina's unaffected attitude slammed back into place with astonishing speed. "Oh Ms. Swan, if you think that is all it's going to take to distract me, you have another thing coming. You're going to have to do much better than that." Vaguely irritated with this turn of events, the brunette flipped herself around in the sheriff's embrace to face the offending blonde for the first time that day.

Her breath caught in her throat and Regina felt her eyes nearly bug out of her head. "That'll do it, though," she rasped under her breath.

Emma blushed a little at the dark hunger glittering in the mayor's eyes. She knew she looked at Regina like that, but to see that look turned back on her was beyond hot. The mayor's gaze was raking over her form so slowly that she might as well have been naked. Emma audibly gulped.

Regina's eyes darted to Emma's shirt as it hung loosely around her torso, teasing at the slender waist and perky breasts she knew lay beneath it, and the blonde's deliciously tight jeans left nothing about her rockstar legs to the imagination as they disappeared into knee-high brown boots. The emerald green button-up Emma had left untucked did marvelous things to the blonde's skin, making it porcelain almost to the point of glowing, and her golden hair was swept back into a ponytail, leaving an angelic cascade of curls to drape down over one shoulder.

Her plan had been to make Emma wait for it.

Plans change.

Regina's hands shot out around the blonde and grabbed her ass, grinding Emma into her as she kneaded the rounded flesh of the sheriff's butt cheeks through her jeans. A tiny groan fled the brunette's lips. She had forgotten how much she really loved Emma's ass in those ridiculously tight pants she always wore.

"You, my dear, look good enough to eat," she whispered into the blonde's ear as she nipped at an earlobe. "And I assure you that this distraction suits me just fine."

Then in a surprising feat of strength Emma hadn't expected Regina to possess, the sheriff suddenly found the back of her knees hitting Regina's desk as the mayor bruised her lips in a hot and heady kiss. By the time Regina released her mouth the room was spinning.

For lack of a better word, Regina had officially 'pounced', and Emma wasn't complaining. Granted, this wasn't exactly how she had envisioned this fantasy playing out, but she definitely liked the new direction it was taking. The minx was currently sliding her luscious body in between Emma's thighs; the entire length of the brunette pressing sinfully against her own tingling skin.

Regina caged the sheriff to the desk with a hand on either side of her torso, methodically grinding her hips against Emma's core and forcing the blonde's back to bow against her onslaught. Emma let loose a groan as the brunette ghosted her hot breath over her flushed chest and up the side of her neck. The almost-touch was utterly maddening and Emma's hands clenched on the edge of the desk to ground herself as she tried to slow her erratic breathing with no success. This woman was driving her insane.

"Mmm," Regina hummed sweetly almost to herself, twisting the fingers of her left hand through the curls of Emma's ponytail. "How'd you know that I like something to hold on to when I fuck you?"

A sudden yank on the hair in her fist wrenched Emma's head to the side and in the span of a heartbeat Regina had sunk her teeth into the tender flesh of the blonde's neck and was happily biting away. Emma hissed in pleasure at the rough sensations, the slight pain in her scalp only adding to the carnality as Regina sucked and nipped her way down the sheriff's throat, her tongue occasionally flicking out against the reddening marks she was making.

Horny Regina was rapidly becoming her favorite version of the mayor; far outranking her jealous, condescending, and power-hungry alter-egos. And right now the woman was practically on fire with lust.

When Regina's hands started to wander Emma's vision literally swam in front of her. The overwhelming sensations rocking through the blonde were almost too much and she moaned loudly. If someone had asked her what her name was she wouldn't have been able to concentrate long enough to remember it.

Regina squeezed at her ass and raked her fingernails up her arms. Hands clutched at her back and fingers skittered up her sides. Palms pressed into the planes of her stomach, sliding the silk of her shirt over her abs until the mayor's hands moved to cup both of her perky breasts in her outstretched fingers.

At this, Regina finally ceased her attack on Emma's neck and pulled back slightly, completely mesmerized by the mounds in her hands. She watched in fascination as her thumbs skimmed over Emma's stiff peaks and the sheriff's head dropped back, eyes closed and lips parted, her chest heaving in an effort not to pant openly.

"You are positively devastating in this color," Regina stated huskily, and Emma had to bite her lip to keep the embarrassingly loud groan from flying out of her mouth.

"But that's not really fair, now is it?" Regina asked rhetorically; not that Emma could have answered if she had wanted to anyway.

"You've seen me completely out of my clothes and I have yet to see all of you," she continued, plucking at the buttons before her until Emma's shirt gaped open to reveal the swell of her breasts to the mayor's gaze, the blonde's hardened nipples already pushing up through the thin black fabric.

Slipping her hand inside Emma's bra, Regina rolled one of her nipples casually between her fingers and Emma had to bite her lip even harder in order not to scream.

Suddenly Regina seemed to tire of the obstruction and pushed the cup of the bra aside to expose Emma's naked breast to the cold air and the blonde felt her already pert nipple perk up even higher.

"Marvelous," Regina breathed, and with that she latched her hot mouth onto Emma's straining nipple and sucked hard.

Emma's back arched of its own accord and she let out a long moan of satisfaction, followed by several sharp gasps as Regina scraped her teeth across a dusky peak. The sheriff managed to get one of her supporting hands off of the desk and laced her fingers through the mayor's cropped hair, holding the brunette's head where she had craved for her to be and pushed her further into her breast. Regina bathed her nipple in attention, fervently sucking and nipping at the tender flesh as she hummed contentedly in the back of her throat, continuing to massage Emma's other breast with her left hand.

Emma was panting heavily and noises of pleasure were being ripped from her throat in a steady stream. She was writhing under the mayor's touch and her praise of "Oh my god, Regina!" came out as more of a strangled cry than she had wanted it to, digging her fingers even harder into the hair she'd tangled them in.

Regina dragged her fingernails up the denim encasing Emma's enticing thighs until she was cupping the blonde's sex through her pants. She chuckled deeply in her chest at the heat her hand was met with and she pulled back from Emma's breast for a moment to look up into eyes already half-closed in pleasure.

"Well someone is a little excited, aren't they?" Regina smirked. She rubbed her hand firmly against the blonde's crotch and Emma groaned as the delicious friction rocketed jolts of ecstasy through her entire body and into her core.

Then in a moment of lucidity she hadn't known she still possessed, Emma grabbed Regina's wrist and pulled the brunette so close to her that their faces were almost touching.

"You promised me lingerie," Emma intoned darkly.

"Oh I see," Regina drawled thickly as she slowly backed away from Emma, puckering her lips together tantalizingly.

Now a few feet in front of her, Regina pulled slightly at the zipper behind her back until a smooth shoulder coquettishly slipped out of her dress. She locked eyes with Emma under heavy eyelashes and slid the dress even further down until the top of her purple satin bra peeked out, the entire garment draped dangerously in black lace.

"This lingerie?" Regina purred. The gloriously alluring fabric only covered about half of her breast, leaving the rest as a perfectly rounded outline against her inviting olive skin.

Emma's core was pounding with arousal and her mouth had gone completely dry. She licked her lips to try and wet them, but she found she couldn't. It seemed that all of the moisture in her body had rapidly relocated to somewhere vastly more important.

"Bottoms," Emma managed to squeak out. She attempted to clear her throat once and then tried again, this time hoping to sound a little more demanding. "I want to see all of it."

Regina fake-pouted, pushing her lips into an irresistible pucker and rolled her shoulders forward, causing the dress to dip even lower than before, exposing her entire bra-clad breast and a slice of the tanned stomach underneath it. She plucked weakly at the belt around her middle. "I can't. This dress is too tight. I'd need someone's help to pull it up."

Emma growled and pushed off the desk, closing the two steps between them before she grabbed the other woman roughly around her biceps. "Regina Mills. You are a fucking tease."

"So," Regina challenged, mischief dancing in her chocolate eyes. "What're you going to do about it?"

With a determined look on her face, Emma sank to her knees and allowed her hands to travel down Regina's form with deliberate slowness, casually gracing over her exposed breast and teasing down her sides until Emma was nose level with Regina's stomach and holding onto her waist. The blonde nuzzled the fabric with her nose and inhaled Regina's scent, and she faintly heard a tiny gasp escape from the lips above her. The pose was strangely intimate and yet both of them were extremely comfortable as Regina rested both of her hands against Emma's shoulders to keep her balance.

Emma traced her fingers in feather-light patterns up Regina's bare calves until she reached the bottom of the dress, and then feeling the brunette's fingers tighten their grip on her shoulders, she inched past the hem and brushed lightly over Regina's sensitive skin. The blonde pressed her lips into the fabric over the mayor's abdomen as she continued her agonizingly snail-like assent up Regina's thighs, and she swore she could almost hear the mayor willing her legs to stop quivering as Emma's fingers deftly danced around the edge of her purple panties.

As Emma's touch teased around her softness, Regina realized that she had been holding her breath, and she suddenly found herself releasing it in a low moan as Emma squeezed her ass under the fabric of her underwear once, before she hooked her fingers through the lace and slid them down her long, toned legs.

Regina watched with rapt attention as Emma knelt on the ground before her and delicately fingered the underwear she'd stripped from her body, skimming her digits lightly along the black lace edging. Her romp with Emma had left the mayor unbelievably wet, which was easily evidenced by the damp fabric the blonde was now holding in her hand, and Emma suddenly buried her face into the garment and inhaled deeply with her eyes closed.

When Emma finally looked back up at the mayor, the blonde's pupils were so dilated with arousal that Regina could barely make out her irises.

Emma's voice sounded like someone had dragged it through the gravel, and Regina shivered at the intensity of her tone. Low, hungry, and full of need, she ground out, "This has definitely just become my new favorite color."

Regina let out a small whimper just as a knock resonated throughout her office.

The mayor whipped her head back toward the offending sound at door and the sheriff's eyes nearly popped out of her head.

"Oh my god!" Emma exclaimed as the flight part of her fight-or-flight reflex kicked in and, seeing as she was already on her knees, dropped onto her hands and crawled for cover. The only furniture in the room close enough to hide her was Regina's giant desk and she quickly scooted under it, curling her legs in behind her.

"Make them go away!" she whispered vehemently from within the cavern of the desk, her plea bouncing around the spacious room.

Regina rolled her eyes flippantly even though the blonde couldn't see her. She didn't lack common sense, only the control of her libido when Ms. Swan was around. Whoever was at her door was just going to have to come back later, Regina decided in a huff, zipping up her dress as she headed towards the door.

She was in no mood for this. She was entertaining a very sexy sheriff at the moment.

The mayor wrenched open the door with a scowl on her face only to have her stomach drop into her toes. Mr. Gold's probing eyes stared expectantly back at her.


"Hello dearie." The imp had the gull to smile at her.

"What do you want?"

"I came by to see if you had read my proposal yet."

"As a matter of fact, I had just begun to look over it when you so rudely interrupted me," Regina replied coolly.

"Oh good. We'll have a chance to go through it together then," and Mr. Gold started to press himself past the mayor.

"No, now is really not a good time," Regina insisted sternly, blocking the smaller man with her body. "If you come back later, we can go over your proposal when I've had time to study it further."

"No, I don't think you understand, sweetheart. This library is very important to me and I want to discuss it now."

"Well I'm sorry; you're just going to have to come back later," and the brunette tried to close the door in his face.

"Oh I don't think I will. Because you're going to go over it with me now," his voice was deadly as he spoke his last word, "Please."

Her jaw clenched painfully as she tried to squash the panic she could feel bubbling up in her chest and she fumed internally. She fucking hated that word.

"Of course," Regina spat through the sickly sweet smile she had plastered to her face. "Come in."

"What the hell was Regina doing?" was Emma's only thought as she heard the brunette's heels clicking over the hardwood toward her hiding place across the room. The sheriff scooted further back into the desk until her back crunched against the wall as Regina sat down in her office chair and blocked her escape route. Regina wouldn't have gotten her all riled up just to have her sit through an obnoxious business meeting with Mr. Gold… that would just be mean.

And then Emma's world was suddenly eclipsed of the surrounding light and all that existed were Regina's elegantly tempting legs resting in front of her.

The mayor still wasn't wearing any underwear.

She knew she shouldn't. She really knew she shouldn't. But boy did she want to. And those perfect legs were just taunting her with their presence. Regina would be pissed… but when had that ever stopped her before?

Emma reached out in the cramped space and scratched her index finger in a long line up Regina's calf. Goosebumps erupted over the skin she had touched and Regina twitched a little, refusing to uncross her ankles and kicking her foot in Emma's direction, a silent 'stop that now or I'll kill you later' to the sheriff. An evil grin cracked along the blonde's face.

Emma ran both of her palms lightly over Regina's calves and just relished the feeling of the silky skin beneath her fingers for a moment before she, without warning, grabbed the pair of legs tightly in either hand and yanked them apart as far as the mayor's dress would allow. She heard Regina gasp above her head and she quickly snapped her legs back together, shutting Emma off from the view she most desperately wanted to see.

Not deterred in the slightest, Emma gripped the mayor's rolling chair and tugged it forward slightly, forcing Regina to sit as close to her desk as humanly possible and effectively shoving her legs completely into the tiny space currently crammed with Emma.

The sheriff again ran her hands up over Regina's legs and held them there, pausing for a moment to kiss both of the brunette's knees. A shiver ran past her lips and Emma smiled. She could faintly hear the mayor still prattling on above her as if nothing at all was happening below the desk and the blonde was mildly impressed with the woman's will to seem unfazed.

"It's time to test that willpower," Emma thought to herself and she pulled slightly on either one of Regina's knees. The mayor's legs immediately pressed together even tighter than before and Emma could see the muscles flexing in her thighs as she fought to keep them shut.

But Emma decided that she didn't feel like playing fair at the moment, and so she was soon grazing her fingernails over the tops of the mayor's thighs, tickling and teasing until the brunette was trying hard not to squirm in her seat. Distracted by the tiny thrills that each of the little touches was eliciting, Regina relaxed just long enough for Emma to take advantage and force her legs back open again.

There was a brief intake of breath above the desk as Emma splayed the brunette's legs below the mahogany countertop for the second time; completely opening Regina to the blonde's feasting eyes.

And suddenly Emma was staring at the mayor's dripping sex, beautifully drenched in arousal just for her, and the sheriff couldn't help the tiny whimper that escaped her throat at the sight. The blonde's stomach did a flip-flop as she felt her own gush of wetness dampen between her legs at the thought of tasting the striking creature before her, and in anticipation she leaned forward and softly blew a breath of hot air over the glistening entrance.

That was apparently the wrong thing to do because Regina abruptly clamped her knees back together at the sensation, trapping Emma's face between them so that she couldn't move. The message was clear: stop now. But Emma didn't want to stop, and from what she could see of the mayor, Regina didn't really want her to stop either.

Emma's face was squished almost painfully between Regina's toned thighs and she tried to wiggle her head free. Nope, the mayor's legs only pressed in tighter; she wasn't going anywhere. Emma was left to stare at the mayor's soaking pussy and any time she tried to breathe she found herself swooning when the smell of Regina's arousal hit her nostrils.

It was torture being able to look and smell the thing she wanted so badly but not be able to taste and touch what was literally right in front of her face. She just wanted one taste, just one, and she was so very close.

Emma pouted at her plight until a random thought floated through her head. In college she had been known throughout the fraternities for her incredibly long tongue…

"What the hell, it's worth a shot," Emma mused.

The blonde tentatively snuck her tongue out as far as she could, and in one swift lick she caught Regina's entire center from bottom to top, smiling as the mayor's hot liquids decorated the tip of her tongue.

Regina let out a strangled cry and her body jerked once in her chair. She stood up immediately and her hand caught Emma's face in the process,pushing her forcefully back underneath the desk with a shove.

When she spoke her voice was a little strained but still positively thrumming with venom,"I'm sorry, Mr. Gold. Now is clearly not the time to discuss this. As you can see I am not feeling well at the moment and it would be an incredible favor to us both if you were to come back later."

And with that the mayor forcefully escorted the sniveling man out of her office doors and banged them shut behind him.

"MS. SWAN!" Regina bellowed as soon as she was sure the imp was out of earshot.

Emma popped up from behind the desk at the sound of her name, her neck periscoping around with her eyes wide like a meerkat. "Is he gone?" Regina might have thought it was cute if she hadn't been so furious.

Regina's face was flushed and blushing; from arousal, embarrassment, or anger, Emma wasn't sure. Possibly all three.

"Just what do you think you were doing back there!?

"Well what happened to you making him go away?!" Emma fired back.

Regina chose to completely ignore Emma's valid retort and blazed ahead with her berating tirade.

"You were completely out of line, Ms. Swan. He was here on official town business that needed to be seen to right away. I couldn't have just left him out there without arousing suspicion. You, on the other hand, almost got us discovered," she added, turning a menacing finger toward the blonde.

Her rage was flowing freely as bore down on the sheriff, piercing Emma with her fiery gaze and nailing her to the floor.

"How any kind of sense manages to get into your brain with your thick skull in the way is beyond me," the mayor ranted. "Do you know what this could have done to my reputation? I have an image to protect, Ms. Swan, and I refuse to be considered unprofessional."

Regina's condescending tone was eating at her nerves, which were already frayed from being between her thighs for that long, and Emma finally snapped.

"Oh you don't get to give me a lecture on being unprofessional, Miss Booty-Call Texter!" Emma spat as she converged on the brunette. "You don't get to be mad at me! You knew perfectly well that you didn't have any underwear on, and you left me down there anyway. What was I supposed to do, be content to just admire the scenery!?"

Regina opened and shut her mouth a few times, completely at a loss for words.

The two women were standing much too close together, their skin tingling with adrenaline as they glared at one another. They both suddenly wanted to maul the other's face with their mouth, but neither of them wanted to give the other the satisfaction of the makeout. And so they stood in a faceoff for an incredibly long moment, seething at each other as the tension sparked in the air between them.

"Give me my underwear back," Regina finally spat through gritted teeth, and flung her palm upwards like she expected Emma to place them in her hand.


Regina blinked. "Excuse me?"

Emma pulled the panties out of the back pocket of her jeans and dangled them over a finger.

"Oh you heard me, Madam Mayor. I said no."

Emma defiantly marched past the stunned brunette and made a beeline for the door.

"You can't do that!" Regina called after her, a little more high pitch than usual.

"Oh yes I can!" the blonde shouted, waving the stolen panties in the air like a flag. "I earned these fair and square, Regina!"

She cocked an eyebrow as her voice dropped. "And I'm going to keep them."

And with that Emma slammed the door behind her back, and left the mayor standing dumbfounded with her fists clenched in the middle of her office.

A/N: I know I am a terrible tease, but I did put the word 'torture' in the title after all haha. Bear with me just a little while longer and I promise it'll be worth the wait ;)