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Chapter 5: Those Damn Pajamas

Emma was a mess. A bona-fide jumpy, jittery, twitchy, fidgety mess. Her skin was practically crawling she was so turned on. And there was absolutely nothing she could do to fix it.

After her unfulfilling excursion with the mayor, the sheriff had careened back to her apartment in a rage, missing stop signs and blatantly flipping the bird to pedestrians that didn't deserve her ire. Then she'd just sat there in the bug outside of her building for who knows how long, knocking her head on the steering wheel and heaving with pent-up aggression, berating her existence and continual bad luck.

When she tired of looking like a head-case parked in her own driveway, Emma then moved her turmoil into her bedroom, where she flailed on her bed in frustration and pummeled her pillow into a pulp, screaming and beating on it like that would help.

It didn't.

That's when the anxiety had kicked in, muffling most of the residual anger at her predicament to make way for her nerves to wreak havoc on her common sense. The blonde paced incessantly, worrying at her fingernails and wearing a worn streak in the carpet at the foot of her bed for the better part of an hour, during which time she concocted at least fourteen different text messages to Regina trying to explain herself. Her draft folder was now cluttered with pleas ranging from I'm sorry and But what if I make it up to you? to attempts at ill-placed humor C'mon don't be mad, it was actually kind of funny to her favorite biting bit of snark Hey it's not my fault you're so loud. The last crumb of sanity she was clinging to told her that it was not a good idea to send any of these and for once, Emma actually listened to that little underused part of her brain and saved herself the trouble.

She decided to distract herself with food instead. But after annihilating an entire carton of ice cream and burning through half a loaf of bread in her attempts at make a decent grilled cheese sandwich, she abandoned that endeavor to become a functioning member of society.

"I can too be productive," Emma muttered to herself, sounding a little crazed. "Regina and her paperwork. Just you wait and see. My skills should be put to better use. I'll prove it. There must be something wrong with the toaster. It's not me. It can't be me. No one can burn that much toast."

The curiously intricate inner components of her roommate's now-deceased toaster were still littering the kitchen countertop, mocking her renowned skills with a screwdriver.

Hell, in her current state of duress, Emma had even tried to finish herself off a few times just to ease some of the throbbing tension lingering in her nether regions… but her mutinous body just wouldn't allow her to tip over the edge without Regina's help. It was maddening. No matter how hard she tried to convince herself otherwise, her body could just tell that they were her own fingers and not the incredibly sexy brunette's digits that she craved so badly it hurt. Which just left Emma even more uncomfortably aroused than before.


Changing into her pajamas for the night had been a feat. Her skin was over-sensitized and her frayed nerves were tingling in the worst possible way, so pulling her wife-beater over her braless nipples had not been a pleasant experience. Neither was having to deal with the way the pink-striped pajama pants Mary Margaret had gotten her brushed teasingly over her sex when she wasn't wearing any underwear.

But anything was better than being trapped in the skintight jeans that Regina had been rubbing herself against that afternoon.

The wayward thought immediately made the heat rush back into her face and Emma fought the urge to shove her hand down her pants again. Her fingers thrusting inside Regina, the brunette's thighs clamped around her own, the mayor's head thrown back against the seat of the car as her fingernails threatened to puncture the leather…

Emma shook her head to try and clear the tantalizing image back to the recesses of her mind. When that didn't work, she jumped up and down a few times and thrashed her entire body about like a maraca. Then she poured herself a glass of ice water.

Hmm… water. There's nothing sexy about water. Ice water. Refreshing. Wet. Icy. Calculating. Cold. Regina can be a cold-hearted bitch sometimes. I wonder if she'd let me use ice cubes on her?

"Ahhhh!" Emma groaned in exasperation and face-planted her forehead onto the kitchen counter; her cheek barely missing a pile of screws that had once been inside of an appliance. Everything made her think of the frickin' mayor. The more she tried not to think about it, the more her brain shoved the woman in her face.

In the desperate struggle not to pull out her own hair in frustration, Emma finally decided, in a last-ditch effort to find some sense of inner peace with her situation, to rearrange the living room. Heavy, forced, manual labor should put her out of her misery. If that didn't wear her out, nothing would.

The sheriff made quick work of lining the brick wall of the house next to the bookshelf with most of the stuff she didn't want to deal with, mainly the little desk burdened with an ancient corded phone and the porcelain-looking coffee table with the ever-present almond dish, before turning to deal with the more cumbersome items. She moved the lonely lamp out of the corner and onto the growing pile of belongings before waddling the awkwardly massive globe that Mary Margaret must have brought home from school to join it. Then she rewired the TV to play in the newly-bare corner of the room and heaved the surprisingly-heavy black armchair around to face it.

The finishing touch of her masterpiece was lugging the boringly beige couch across the room away from the wall and turning it back on itself to face the window, successfully sequestering the living room off from the rest of the apartment. It would suck when the sun came up and beaned the people sitting there in the eye, but for now, it was perfect.

Operation Movie-Watching Nook: achieved.

Out of breath and massively proud of herself, Emma hoped that exerting this much physical energy in one go might quiet her nerves enough to let her pass out, or at the very least calm down enough to where she could focus on a film without thinking about planting her face in between Regina's thighs.

Fuck. And there was that mental image again. The blonde sighed.

"Damn that woman and her never-ending sex appeal," Emma swore under her breath as she wiped some of the glistening sweat from her brow.

Five rapid knocks pounded in succession on her front door.

Emma's head snapped up in surprise; she wasn't expecting Mary Margaret back for at least two more hours. Seeing a married man behind his wife's back was a tricky business that was best done under the cover of darkness and at extremely sketchy times of night.

So who was knocking at her door at 1:00 in the morning?

But the five persistent knocks rang out again, and this time they were accompanied by a terrifying voice. "Ms. Swan! I know you're in there! And you will open the door this instant or so help me–" the voice screeched through the wall, followed by another five resounding knocks and what sounded like the irritated huffing of a clearly incensed brunette.

Emma panicked. Oh God. Not now. Not when she was like this, with her nipples poking through her shirt and her hair all tangled up because of how much she'd been pulling at it. She was not in any state to actually see the woman she'd been fantasizing about all day, no matter how much she'd wanted it. Regina was just too enticing when she was enraged and Emma didn't know if she could handle the brunette yelling at her right now. Her eyes glinting with that barely restrained malice, her teeth set on edge, her plump lips curling into a sneer…

Emma might just jump her where she stood.

So the blonde stuttered in circles wracked with indecision, frantically ping-ponging around the apartment and dashing about with no contemplated destination in sight at a complete loss of what to do with herself. Every fiber of her being was screaming at her to HIDE NOW, but at the same time her loins really wanted her to answer the door.

But when another five knocks pummeled her door so hard that she thought Regina might actually beat it down in order to get what she wanted, Emma made her decision. She sighed in resignation with the knowledge that the unsexed mayor was not going to leave her alone until she had been properly chastised and degraded for her earlier transgressions, and the blonde took a second to mentally prepare herself for the harsh tirade she was about to endure.

Do not look at her lips. Don't even think about her lips. Focus on her words. Pretend they don't sound sexy. She's your boss. And she's angry. And that's not supposed to be hot.

The sheriff tried to let herself feel perturbed by the late-night intrusion and managed to school her countenance into a somewhat angry one, before she begrudgingly stomped over to the door and threw it open with a scowl on her face.

She was met with a sight she had not expected to see.

Emma was greeted by the top of the brunette's head, bowed slightly as Regina stared defeatedly at the door jamb near her feet. Her hair was damp and beginning to curl around the edges of her face, and her skin was glistening with a faint drizzle of moisture that was only evident due to the dim bulb glowing in the hallway. She was panting slightly as her left arm dangled loosely at her side (she had presumably been knocking furiously with it earlier) while the other hand dug into the doorframe just above her head, her fingernails carving little half-moons into the peeling paint.

It must have been raining outside because the tan trench coat slung open across the brunette's shoulders was dripping heartily on the floor, and where it wasn't covering Emma could see where little droplets of water had stained the matching pajama set underneath. The sporadic wet spots darkened and bled further into the crimson silk the longer she stood there gaping at the disgruntled mayor on her doorstep, and if the fact that Regina hadn't noticed or bothered to care about the blemish to her wardrobe wasn't odd enough… the woman wasn't wearing any shoes.

Then suddenly it clicked in Emma's brain: the mayor's Mercedes was still at the edge of town, which meant that Regina had presumably left her mansion in the dead of night only to run the distance to the sheriff's house though a mild rain storm.

The whole idea was a little romantic.

But as soon as that thought had invaded her mind, it just as quickly fled for the hills at the lustful shine in the mayor's suddenly obsidian eyes that were instantaneously boring into her soul.

At the appearance of Emma's pale toes in front of her own, Regina raked her gaze greedily up Emma's form, taking in the ridiculously patterned pants slung low on her hips; low enough to spot the protruding hipbones that the brunette suddenly felt the urge to purple with her teeth. It followed the slim waist up the flimsy white tank top where she could easily see the entire outline of the blonde's perky breasts through her shirt, to the exposed collarbones where a light sheen of perspiration still decorated the sheriff's chest, and then on up the elegant slope of a neck just waiting to be plundered.

The blonde's obviously disheveled state made Regina yearn to be the cause of it, and she allowed herself a small intake of breath as the tendons of Emma's muscled arms tightened under her scrutiny. A hungry snarl danced across her lips as she locked eyes with the sheriff; Regina quite liked the noticeable affect her presence was eliciting.

Emma gulped. The mayor looked positively feral: Regina was staring at Emma like she was a slab of meat and she was a lioness that hadn't eaten in days. The sheriff's fingers clenched around the door handle still in her grasp as the brunette wet her lips.

At the sight of the blonde's neck muscles working like that, what little was left of Regina's irises disappeared as her pupils blew wide with lust. As casually as she could, the brunette threaded her hand through her bob in rough nonchalance and watched as Emma's eyes tracked the movement of her deft fingers, her nipples hardening noticeably through her thin tank top. That was all the encouragement the mayor needed.

Regina straightened her spine to re-erect her mayoral posture into place, and then with a haughty look of indignation that only she could make look attractive, she fired back her earlier words to the blonde in a completely different light. "Do you have time now?" the brunette questioned huskily.

Emma hadn't realized how shallow her breathing had gotten until those words literally knocked the rest of the wind out of her lungs. Her hands darted out like lightening as she grabbed Regina by the lapels of her overcoat in both hands. Emma barely managed to husk out a low "absolutely" before she had yanked the mayor over the threshold and onto her earnest mouth.

The two women crashed together in a frantic mauling of one another's faces. Emma pulled the brunette into her body hard with her hands only tightening their grip in her overcoat, refusing to relinquish the mayor from her grasp as Regina's hands simultaneously tangled in unruly blonde waves, one palm disappearing into the curls while the other lingered at the nape of the sheriff's neck; the brunette's fingers wrapping around the back of her throat in a possessive show of ownership.

Their lips melded together in passionate desperation, their teeth clacking together in their fervor. They clutched and clawed at each other's frames as if they were long lost lovers finally reunited: they just couldn't seem to get close enough together, as if any space at all was too much.

Emma tugged the trench coat down Regina's arms as the brunette shimmied a little to try and help the sheriff rid her of the garment. Their lips never disconnected.

But once the coat hit the floor, Emma broke free of the mayor's lip-lock to spin the pair of them around in the middle of the room, backing up slightly so that she could donkey-kick the door shut behind her.

Then with her devious smile still in place the blonde quickly erased the space between them again by shoving Regina unexpectedly backwards into the island in the middle of the kitchen and meeting her there, pressing the full length of her body into the mayor so hard that the brunette's back bit into the countertop a little. Regina let out a hiss at the slight discomfort but noticing the piercing lust glittering in Emma's eyes at seeing the brunette trapped against her body, the mayor decided to stay put.

She needed Emma to kiss her again so badly… their faces were already close enough together that they were breathing in each other's air and the mayor was tired of being teased. Regina could feel Emma everywhere; like mirror images of one another they were matched leg for a leg, arm for an arm, and then their breasts brushed against each other and the mayor had to stifle the gasp that had bubbled up in the back of her throat.

Regina leaned forward to try and close the minuscule distance between their lips but was instantly rejected, with Emma instead pinning her forcefully back against the bar with her strong hands holding both of the mayor's biceps down. And then she smirked irritatingly at besting the brunette when Regina tried to level her with a growl.

"You might want to hold onto something, Madam Mayor."

Regina's menacing growl quickly turned into a groan of pleasure as Emma cupped both of the brunette's breasts in her hands, delighted to find that the mayor had forgone a bra this evening under her silky pajama top. Emma kneaded the mounds brusquely through the fabric, rolling her nipples hard enough to cause the brunette to keen a little in response, her sharp gasping breaths bouncing off of the walls and resonating throughout the tiny kitchen.

The mayor's arms scrambled to find purchase on the countertop behind her, knocking various bits of toaster to the ground in her lustful haze and creating quite a clatter as tiny mechanisms dropped to the ground and scattered around the tile. The sheriff continued to relentlessly squeeze and pinch Regina's nipples until the little buds were visible through her shirt, and another moan was ripped from her throat as the stiffened peaks brushed against the silky fabric, sending little electric shivers straight into the brunette's abdomen.

Regina's eyes fluttered in rapture at being handled in such a brutish manner, her hooded eyelids drooping against her will as she fought to keep eye contact with the blonde vixen in front of her. Emma smirked at the mayor's losing battle, and as soon as the brunette let her head lull back in pleasure the sheriff closed the distance between Regina's neck and her mouth. Sucking heartily on the flesh she'd been offered, Emma felt Regina's moan before she heard it, vibrating up her throat to mix cadences with the thundering pulse in her neck.

The mayor whined pitifully when Emma's hands began to wander away from her breasts, but quickly changed her tune when she felt the blonde's fingers sneak under the edge of her top to toy with the soft skin around her navel. The muscles in Regina's stomach jumped at the contact and she whimpered yearningly.

"Lower," she breathed, and Emma chuckled darkly into her neck.

"Always so impatient," the sheriff murmured seductively into the antsy brunette's ear.

And then suddenly the blonde was gone from her neck and sinking to her knees in front of her, peppering the mayor's abdomen with feather-light kisses that made Regina's head spin.

The woozy and light-headed feeling only increased when Emma tucked her fingers deftly inside the waistband of the brunette's pants and pulled them smoothly down her long tanned legs, the silk floating deliciously over her limbs as the sheriff's hot mouth followed the trail of the fabric down her left thigh.

When the garment finally pooled on the ground, Regina practically kicked it away in her desire to finally have the blonde's mouth on her.

And then Emma was face-to-face with the mayor's wet heat. The woman was drenched and the sheriff couldn't help but feel a surge of pride at that. It was a magnificent sight, seeing Regina's sex unhindered by the cave of a dress where she had gotten a glimpse of it before, and now it was glistening in arousal all because of her. Emma's breath caught for a moment as she just looked.

She got the distinct impression that she was bowing before a queen.

Unable to wait any longer, Emma grabbed the back of Regina's thighs right underneath that righteous ass of hers and ran her tongue up the mayor's slit in one fluid motion.

Dear sweet Jesus, she had died and gone to heaven.

Regina just tasted so good. Maybe it was all of that health crap that she always ate. Or maybe it was all those damn apples. But whatever the case, this unwaveringly bitter woman tasted remarkably sweet. The blonde hummed her approval into the mayor's pussy and Regina's thighs quivered in response.

The pleasure rocketing through her core at Emma's touch was one that she had long forgotten that she could feel, and Regina's fingers clawed madly at the edge of the countertop in the effort to remain standing upright. Her legs trembled and her knees shook as the sheriff lapped up the wetness coating her inner thighs, and just when Regina thought she might collapse, Emma surprised her by pulling one of her legs off the ground and throwing it over her shoulder, intent on opening up the mayor even more.

What a brat.

Regina cried out loudly as the sheriff's tongue plunged into her core at this new angle and she fisted her right hand into the blonde's curls in a vain attempt to keep some semblance of balance. Emma hissed at how hard she was pulling on it but the mayor didn't loosen her hold. Regina was afraid that if she let go her entire body would buckle.

And it was this thought that broke the mayor out of her blindingly aroused stupor. As hot as it was that Snow White's daughter was defiling her mother's kitchen by ravenously sucking the Evil Queen dry, Regina didn't like the amount of control she had given over to Emma at the moment. So she yanked roughly on the blonde hair in her hand to get the sheriff to stop, but Emma just groaned and kept on going.

Interesting, Regina thought. Noted and catalogued for later.

But she jerked the hair in her hand again and this time the sheriff's feasting mouth detached from her sex with a loud sucking noise and Regina pulled the blonde up to meet her gaze. The perplexed expression on Emma's face shouldn't have been cute, but it was, and the mayor couldn't resist giving her a firm kiss on the mouth for her obedience.

Regina controlled the whimper at tasting herself on the blonde's lips, their combined flavors mixing in a heady concoction that made the brunette want to do all sorts of nasty things to the woman in front of her, but instead she pulled the sheriff's face away from her own and held it there. She kept Emma right where she wanted her with the fist still clenched tightly in her curls, hovering their faces close enough together that she could still lick Emma's lips if the desire filled her.

Regina was practically panting she was so turned on and her eyes darted over Emma's face and settled on the blazing green in front of her. She had the blonde's attention, now what did she want?

"Take me on the couch," Regina commanded breathlessly.

And there was that shit-eating grin again. "Yes ma'am," the sheriff readily replied. And then as easily as if she were a child, Emma scooped the pantless mayor up in her arms in a bridal carry and marched her towards the attached living room.

Regina let out a girlish yelp that she'd later look back on with more than a little scorn, but before she could berate the blonde for her unseemly behavior, Emma had charged forward and dropped her over the back of the sofa.

She landed heavily with a loud 'oomph'.

Emma was gleefully running around the couch to pounce back on top of the grumpy brunette when the mayor's voice caused her to skid to a halt next to the arm of the sofa.

"Stop right there, Ms. Swan."

Even half-propped up on her elbows with her naked legs sprawled outward on some ratty old sofa, the woman still maintained a regalness about her. Regina had her hand held up in front of her like she was some kind of esteemed monarch and her entitled expression only served to complete the picture.

The hand turned into a reprimanding finger as she spoke, "We are going to do this my way, or not at all. Are we clear?"

Emma merely nodded, the heat pooling in her stomach as she waited for Regina's next move and wishing that the mayor would part her knees just a little more so that she could ogle the brunette's core while she dictated her instructions.

"Good." Regina smiled condescendingly, "Now lose the pants, Sheriff Swan. Immediately."

Emma instantly complied, tearing her pajama pants down and off in one fluid movement. She quickly tossed them out of the way where they landed promptly on top of the lamp in the corner.

Her eyes snapped back to the lounging mayor and her breath quickened at the hunger glittering in the brunette's eyes, her gaze locked onto the blonde's core. Regina licked her lips and Emma shuddered. The predatory look the brunette was leveling at her was giving her goosebumps.

Regina noticed.

"Do I make you wet, dear?" the mayor drawled devilishly.

"Yes," Emma managed to answer.

"Show me."

When the blonde hesitated, all Regina had to do was cock a challenging eyebrow in her direction before Emma's fingers got the right idea.

Emma ghosted her hand down over her taut abdomen, hovering to circle her bellybutton for a moment, glancing coyly in Regina's direction, before she continued its path only to pause it directly over her mound. Then with one last look at the brunette, Emma slowly allowed her middle finger to slide through her wetness once, a tiny gasp fleeing her lips at the sensation.

Wet might have been an understatement. Soaked was more like it.

Gingerly coating the entire digit in her juices, the sheriff languidly dragged it away from her needy sex and presented it to her captor.

Regina's dark gaze glued to the finger now glistening with the blonde's essence.

"Want to taste?" Emma offered boldly.

The answering smirk almost brought her to her knees again.

Emma bit her lip as she watched Regina crawl forward along the length of the couch on her hands and knees, her silken red top gaping open as she moved and giving the sheriff a perfect view down her shirt to the glorious breasts she'd fondled earlier. The rest of the garment was left to tease around the brunette's thighs as she prowled toward her, and Emma knew that if the mayor were to turn around at this exact moment, that that delectable ass of hers would have been on display for the whole world to see.

When Regina wrapped her mouth around the blonde's finger, Emma moaned obscenely loud. The mayor sucked lightly on the offered digit until it was cleaned of its dressing, circling her tongue around it and scraping her teeth teasingly across the skin as she released it from her plump lips.

Her first taste of Emma was far from disappointing. The blonde was surprisingly tangy and fresh, and Regina found herself thinking that it was definitely a flavor she wouldn't mind getting used to.

The mayor kissed her inner thighs and trailed little biting nips over the blonde's hipbones, raking her fingernails up the outsides of Emma's legs before she reached around the sheriff to massage her bared ass with her fingers. She squeezed handfuls of the flesh as she skirted her breath over Emma's core and she heard the blonde draw in a shaky breath above her. So Regina nuzzled the top of Emma's mound with her nose and sucked in the heady scent before lightly flicking the tip of her tongue over the blonde's clit. The sheriff's hips surged forward and Emma had to steady herself by grabbing onto the back of the sofa.

"Don't… tease, Regina," Emma gasped. "Please."

Regina smirked at the unintended victory of getting the blonde to beg for it. "Well, since you asked so nicely…"

And then the mayor's tongue was inside her, around her, opening her, filling her, and Emma swore that she had never felt anything quite so wonderful as Regina's mouth at work. For someone who said as many mean things as she did, the brunette had this particular type of nasty damn down to a science.

The sheriff wove her free hand through the mayor's short brown locks to hold her in place, "Oh my god, Regina. Right there. Yessssss," Emma moaned flatteringly, her abs contracting and twitching with each sweeping movement the brunette's mischievous tongue made. Regina's mouth was a flurry of biting, flicking, stroking goodness until the blonde got a taste of her own medicine and her knees started to shake.

Then Regina added one delicate finger to her casual assault and languidly pumped it in and out of Emma's throbbing sex at an unnecessarily leisurely pace as she licked lazily at Emma's clit, and the sheriff nearly screamed in pleasure.

But Emma almost lost consciousness when the brunette finally started to give her little bundle of nerves its long-overdue attention. Regina's talented lips and tongue teased the throbbing nub from its hood until it stood out proudly away from its protective folds, and then the conniving brunette blew a tiny breath of hot air over the sensitized bud.

And that was when Emma decided she couldn't take it anymore. The groaning sheriff shoved the brunette away from her with both hands on her shoulders so that the mayor fell back against the sofa with a 'thud', and then Emma jumped on top of her, smothering Regina's mouth in a kiss that left them both gasping for air.

Emma ground her body down into the one below her, her hip pressing up into the apex of the mayor's legs while her hands got lost in the tousled bob of the brunette. Regina's hands snuck up under the bottom of Emma's tank top and clutched at her shoulder blades, digging in little indents with her fingernails before sliding her palms around to the front where she could cup the sheriff's bare breasts underneath her shirt.

Emma gasped into the mayor's mouth and Regina smiled evilly in return. She palmed the mounds in her hands vigorously, feeling their weight jiggle and bounce before she ran her thumb over the tip of each. As a result, Emma ground her hips down even harder into the brunette, biting Regina's earlobe in the process and sucking it into her mouth. The mayor moaned and the blonde felt the rumble deep in Regina's chest before it made its way up to her throat.

With the mayor's groans of pleasure spurring her on, Emma trailed biting kisses down the writhing brunette's neck to the base of her throat where the collar of her shirt was suddenly in the way, hiding her tantalizing cleavage from view. The sheriff sat up from her position on top of the mayor and Regina frowned as her hands fell from underneath the blonde's shirt, upset over the loss of contact.

But within no time at all, Emma gave Regina something else entirely to be upset about.

Without even trying to undo the buttons on her top, the blonde grabbed both halves of her shirt by the collar and in one swift movement, ripped the entire garment straight down the middle. Expensive-looking buttons flew everywhere, pinging off the coffee table and rolling under the sofa to hide in the shaggy white carpet that matched the couch.

The now-useless shirt fluttered loosely at the brunette's sides, attached to her now only because her arms were still in the sleeves, exposing the entire upper-half of her body to the sheriff's lustful gaze.

"You're going to pay for that," Regina spat angrily, fuming over the loss of one of her favorite pieces of sleepwear.

But Emma was not deterred in the slightest. The look of horrific indignation that was currently coloring Regina's flawless features was so worth any amount of retribution she would receive later.

"Oh, I'm sure I am," Emma intoned seductively. She was much too captivated by the newly-unveiled bosom fully on display in front of her, that and the long expanse of smooth olive skin once again finally open to her gaze, and the sheriff took a moment to appreciate the look of Regina splayed out angrily underneath her. She ran her fingers teasingly up the sides of the mayor's abdomen and the brunette had to fight to keep her scowl in place. Emma grinned wickedly, "and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it."

The blonde bent her head and took Regina's rapidly hardening nipple between her teeth and sucked forcefully on it, flicking her tongue over the peak as she did so. Regina's back automatically bowed and a mewling noise that Emma had never heard the brunette make before came catapulting out of the mayor's mouth. Regina's hands flew into the blonde's hair and held her there, instantly pulling in sharp, ragged gasps at the sensation and whimpering under her breath. It seemed as though Emma had just found one of Regina's hot spots.

Hot damn.

Regina's pelvis reacted with a mind of its own and strained upwards into Emma, desperate to create any type of friction, and Emma was only too happy to give it to her. Soon the two of them were slamming their bodies into each other as hard as they could, Regina's hips rocking wantonly against the sheriff's thigh while her own rubbed up against Emma's core.

The blonde continued to bathe Regina's nipples in attention, biting and sucking, licking and scraping her canines over the sensitive nubs with increasing fervor as she snuck her hand in between their undulating bodies to stroke teasingly at the mayor's sex. Her digits slipped easily through the moisture pooling there, pulling wanton groans of need from the mayor's lips until Emma finally gave in and skewered the brunette's core with two of her long, tapered fingers.

She felt Regina's body grip them tightly in place as soon as she entered: it was like they were meant to be there.

Regina's grasp tightened in the blonde's curls and a groan of satisfaction ripped itself from the mayor's throat as Emma's fingers picked up the furious pace set by her hips. The sheriff pounded away at her sex and her body rippled in approval under the blonde's manic onslaught, thrusting and rocking against the woman above her. She grabbed two full handfuls of Emma's ass and pulled her even closer, desperate to consume as much of the blonde as she could.

And then a playful little idea sprung into Regina's head.

Emma was so busy driving herself into the mayor that she didn't notice the brunette's knuckles sliding past her own until Regina was cupping her mound as well. And then in one sharp movement, Regina evened the playing field by impaling Emma on two fingers of her own.

Emma gasped and shuddered at the unexpected intrusion and her wide eyes flashed to Regina's smug ones. The mayor experimentally scissored her fingers inside of the stunned sheriff and Emma moaned loudly, her hips pressing down onto Regina's hand.

"Oh you like that, don't you?" the mayor's eyes sparkled with newfound malice, her self-satisfied smirk etching itself in place even though she was just as breathless as the blonde. "Don't you, Emma?"

A breathy gasp tumbled from the blonde's lips as Regina pressed her thumb down hard on the sheriff's clit and Emma's eyes slammed shut as a wave of pleasure instantly engulfed her body. A helpless whimper followed it as Regina curled her fingers inside the sheriff and the blonde's hips jerked forward without her consent.

"Do you like the way I say your name, Em-ma?" the mayor cooed. Her only response was a guttural groan set deep in the back of the blonde's throat and the fervent nodding of the sheriff's head.

Regina's voice wrapped around her name sounded like honey-dipped chocolate marshmallows. Sweet, syrupy, and oh-so-bad for you.

The mayor pumped her fingers mercilessly into the blonde on top of her and in her frenzied state of ecstasy, Emma momentarily stilled her assault inside of Regina to focus on the overwhelming sensations of pleasure ricocheting through her.

In response, Regina corkscrewed her fingers together inside the blonde and twisted.

Stars exploded behind Emma's eyelids and she wrenched them open to lock with the brunette's.

"Don't stop, Regina," she panted. "Whatever you do, don't stop."

Regina stopped.

"I won't if you won't, dear."

Point made. Emma glared at the woman underneath her for only a moment before her radiant smile bloomed across her face once again. "Deal."

The sheriff rode the mayor's fingers with a newfound vigor as she plunged her own deeper and deeper into Regina's core, her toned thigh pushing behind her hand to drive as hard as she could into the brunette bucking beneath her. They rocked in time with each other, thrusting, moaning, pushing, sliding, grunting; sweat beaded on their backs and torsos, coating them in a thin sheen of lust that made them glide together all the more frantically.

Stiff nipples brushed against one another, one set dangerously exposed and the other remained tortuously contained by fabric that was quickly becoming more transparent due to perspiration. Their muscles strained and their hearts sped up, their blood rushing in their ears.

Emma caught the mayor's panting lower lip between her teeth and bit down. Regina clawed her nails into the back of the blonde's thigh, pulling her even harder against her. The sheriff's arms began to shake as Regina's breath shortened to small sporadic gasps. The brunette's thighs started to clench as Emma's insides began to suck at her fingers.

They looked at each other, disbelieving. There was no one there to stop them. They were actually going to make it this time.

Regina felt the wave of pleasure starting in her abdomen, building up behind the unseen blockade like a dam ready to be released. Her spine arched and her limbs stiffened; her teeth snagged on her bottom lip. A whimper escaped her as she weathered Emma's voracious attack on her sex until her body was thrumming with imprisoned desire.

"Say my name."

Regina forced her eyes from their half-lidded state to connect with the blonde. Her mind was beyond words at this point, but she did manage to raise her eyebrows at the request.

So Emma said it again. "Regina," the blonde moaned, so close to her own climax that her toes had begun to curl in anticipation, "say my name."

With one final thrust, Emma plunged her fingers as far into the mayor as she could and crushed her palm against the brunette's clit… and Regina shattered in her arms. Her insides clamped down on Emma's digits so hard that she couldn't have removed them if she tried, the mayor's wetness gushing all over the couch and soaking the blonde's hand in the process.

But the cherry on top of the whole experience was Regina screaming the blonde's name at the top of her lungs as she came, convulsing and thrashing in ecstasy as she threw her free arm around the sheriff's neck and clung to her like a lifeline.

It was just the extra push Emma needed to send her flying over the precipice as well.

Emma crashed with Regina into glorious oblivion, writhing and shaking with pleasure as their skin slapped together: an undulating mass of twisted limbs and quivering tendons as they found satisfaction buried within one another.

The squeaking of the couch mixed with the sound of their moans was the most beautifully awful cacophony Emma had ever heard.

After the quaking in their bodies finally receded to a manageable level, the blonde collapsed bonelessly on top of the brunette, the mayor just as spent underneath her. And for a moment, neither of them dared to speak.

Then Emma started to laugh.

It was only a tiny giggle at first, contained to just her nose. Almost a snort. Then it expanded, turning into a chuckle that jostled her throat and shook at her windpipe. Which then, of course, grew to the size of a belly laugh and resonated throughout her chest cavity and rumbled all the way down into her stomach. She tried to stifle the noise by hiding her face in the crook of Regina's neck but she was massively unsuccessful. Her body vibrated against the brunette with barely contained glee.

"And just what, may I ask, is it that you find so amusing?" Regina tried to remain stern but at the look on Emma's face when she pulled back to confront her, the mayor found herself smirking along with the blonde's contagious good mood.

Emma sat up, fully straddling the mayor, and looked down at her with the most triumphant smile Regina had ever seen plastered across her face. "We did it." Another incredulous chuckle erupted out of the blonde while her eyes danced with mirth, "I mean, we actually did it. And nobody stopped us." Emma thrust both of her fists into the air in victory. "I just had sex with the mayor of Storybrooke. HELL YES!"

Regina rolled her eyes breathlessly beneath her, unable to squelch the satisfying feeling of success at bedding the blonde coupled with the pride of knowing that fornicating with her warranted such a celebration. She just refused to show her joy in such a juvenile way.

But just as the mayor was about to make a snarky remark of her own…

Mary Margaret walked through the door.

If anyone, in the history of world, had ever mastered the deer-in-the-headlights look… it was Emma Swan in this moment.

Panic shot through the blonde so fast that she didn't even think to pull her arms down from either side of her head. She just sat there with her hands in the air like an idiot and briefly thanked God that in her sexual frustration that she had decided to rearrange the furniture that evening. Because right now the only thing that was blocking her roommate from seeing Emma straddling an almost completely naked Mayor Mills… was the back of the couch.

She also was relieved that Regina had not managed to rip her out of her wife-beater during their sex-fest. Otherwise Mary Margaret would have been in for an eyeful.

Emma tried to appear normal, unharried and perfectly calm, but her pained smile and bulging eyeballs were a far cry from the desired effect. She let out a strangled "hey" and quickly remembered her arms and threw them into her lap, which unfortunately just pressed them into Regina's bare stomach… which was distracting to say the least.

Mary Margaret jumped at the sound of her voice and in her surprise she missed tripping over the trench coat lying next to the doorway. The schoolteacher clutched her heart in over-exaggeration, "Oh Emma! You scared me! I didn't think you'd still be awake at this hour."

"Yeah… well…" Emma shrugged noncommittally and hoped that her roommate would yawn and say she didn't want to talk about her date until tomorrow.

No such luck. Instead, to the blonde's abject horror, she started to look around.

"Oh wow. Did you move all of this furniture by yourself? It looks great–"

"Don't come any closer!" Emma shouted, and she threw her hands out in front of her in a panic. "It's not safe!"

Wincing internally at how stupid that sounded, the sheriff dared a glance at the woman underneath her. Regina was frozen in fear, her eyes wide and her hand clasped over her own mouth as she tried not to make a sound. The mayor was completely naked from the waist down, and the top half of her wasn't much better: her pajama top was dangling limply on her arms where Emma had practically torn it off of her and now it was completely useless to hide her heaving chest.

Not to mention that she herself was also naked from the waist down (and still had her pussy planted firmly against the mayor's… ahhhh). 'Mortified' didn't even begin to cover how she would feel if her roommate managed to see what was going on behind the couch blockade.

That being said, it still took an unnatural amount of willpower on the blonde's part not to reach down and cup Regina's bobbing breasts in her hands and pinch her nipples until she squirmed. They were just so perky… but now was not the time.

Mary Margaret cocked her head to the side questioningly at her roommate's odd behavior. "What were you doing before I got here?"

Emma answered too quickly, "Watching a movie."

"But the TV's off."

"It just finished."

"What movie was it?"

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarves."

Emma didn't know why that movie was the first one to pop into her head but now that she'd said it, she'd just have to go with it. She smiled sheepishly and hoped that the schoolteacher would just leave it alone.

Mary Margaret stared at her suspiciously, like she didn't believe for a minute anything that the blonde was telling her, but in the end she decided not to bother. Emma looked awfully guilty about something, and she was pretty sure that the pair of pajama pants hanging on her favorite lamp had not been there when she'd left. A big part of her really wanted to keep pestering the blonde with questions until she got to the truth, but in the end, she knew that Emma would tell her eventually. She just had to give her roommate the space to think it was her own idea to confide in her in the first place.

"Okay…" Mary Margaret said reluctantly, drawing out the syllables in the word longer than necessary. "Have a good night then, Emma. I'll see you in the morning." And with that, the pixie-haired woman disappeared into her bedroom and locked the door.

"Oh my god," Emma gasped, letting out the breath she had been holding to look down at the naked woman she was straddling. "That was close."

The brunette had risen up on her elbows underneath her, a smirk dancing across her lips as Emma smiled at her, taking in the mayor's rumpled sex hair and smeared lipstick. Her lips were swollen from how hard they'd been kissing and her cheeks were still flushed from her orgasm.

Final consensus: the woman still looked flawless, even after she'd come completely undone.

Regina grabbed the gaping blonde by her tank top and pulled her back down against her body. "Yes it was, Ms. Swan." The brunette breathed the words hotly over Emma's lips and the sheriff shuddered. "But it was totally worth it."

And then the world blurred into blackness and all Emma could feel was a fuzzy sort of warmth spreading through her veins as her nerves instantly hummed back to life.

Regina was kissing her again.

The End.