To be honest, the Doctor never thought that he would ever marry again, never mind love. Losing his wife and children was too painful to even consider inviting the possibility for the experience to repeat itself. His first wife wasn't exactly "love of his life' material, but she would always hold a special place in his hearts. As much as he had loved his family and wished they were with him, it seemed like they were so far in the past that they were part of someone else's life, and not just in terms of regenerations. They were fading as if they were a dream, but the pain was still fresh.

For a moment, he thought that he could have had something with Rose. Oh, Rose Tyler. She had stirred feelings inside him that he hadn't felt in a while. He thought that she might be his chance for a fresh start, for love. But sadly, that was ripped away from the realm of possibility before it could be brought to fruition. It just wasn't meant to be.

Rose was really the only companion in a long while that the Doctor thought could be more than just a companion. He loved the others too, but they were more like siblings and the dearest of friends.

But then there was River. Professor River Song, who could make his hearts flutter and his knees buckle with just a look. He remembered that Amy suggested River would be his wife one day, and she was right. River was as special and original as their relationship. She teased, flirted, and fought with him in a way that made his blood boil (in a good way). She brought something out of him that no one had before. She understood him completely, sometimes, he swore, better than he did himself, but she didn't need to know that. More importantly, River knew his name: something that he had only ever shared with anyone except his first wife. Words could barely begin to describe how much he loved her; how much he needed her and wanted her. River. His River. His wife…

These thoughts drifted in and out of the Doctor's mind as he sat in the library, staring at the large portrait of River as Cleopatra which hung near the diving board. For her own future amusement, River had commissioned it while posing at the Queen of the Nile all those years ago. It captured her essence perfectly: regal, intelligent, with just a twinkle of mischief in her eyes, and most of all, downright sexy. The Doctor couldn't help but smile fondly at the portrait each time he saw it. She was a goddess; his goddess, befitting the wife of 'an ageless god.'

"Sweetie?" Came the voice down the hall, drawing him out of his trance.

Smiling, he got up out of the chair and followed the sound of River's voice. As much as he liked the portrait on the wall, nothing compared to the original.

"River?" He called in reply.

He turned the corner into the console room, and was greeted with a warm smile, among other things: His wife was dressed in her provocative, for-his-eyes-only fashion again. She wore a long, black, floor-length silk nightgown that clung to her curves in all the right places, which in fact were getting progressively more full and voluptuous as of late. Where the fabric had once been loose and flowing, it now was more tightly fitted due to her five month baby bump. He still couldn't believe she was carrying his child; their child. A Time Lord no less. It was nothing short of miraculous. And luckily, despite his initial fear and concern, River took quite well to the pregnancy. She glowed. Literally glowed: The baby, just beginning to flex its regenerative abilities, was causing her body to glow: sometimes in large bursts, but there was always a faint radiance emitting from her. She looked stunning: the baby had rejuvenated her. Her eyes shone brighter, her hair was shiny and lustrous; she was perfection. The very thought of her stirred carnal feelings deep inside his core. Good lord, he thought, what had this woman done to me? It was as if her constant innuendos and flirtations had rubbed off on him. For the first time in a long time, he felt…sexy. Granted, he was a bit wary of it sometimes, but it was bloody fantastic.

His breathing deepened and he swallowed hard as he took her beauty in.

"Sweetie?" River repeated, walking towards him with her hands on her stomach.

He cleared his throat nervously. "Yes, dear?"

"Are you coming to bed?" she asked with just a hint of suggestion.

With her looking like that, how could he refuse?