The Doctor ceased his motions the second he heard her cries. "River, what is it." He said, horribly concerned that he had hurt his wife.

River winced. "It's nothing, just that I'm too far along…ow…to be flat on my back. The baby's putting too much pressure on my spine."

The Doctor's face showed a combination of disappointment and concern.

River sighed. "Well, unless you want to be tied up again, I guess we'd better try something different." She lifted herself up and started to roll over.

"Like wha…River, what are you…Yowzah."

River chuckled at his reaction. She was on all fours now, her back facing her husband. "I've always thought you wanted to try this." She said, glancing up at him with a smirk on her face.

The Doctor was speechless, taken aback by her directness. He just gawked at her behind.

"Don't be shy, now..." River teased. "C'mon, you won't hurt me like this."

The Doctor cleared his throat, still awkwardly in shock.

"Doctor…" River said, growing frustrated at her husband's shyness. Every muscle in her body ached with longing. She had been denied him for too long, and she wasn't going to let some stupid conservative anxiety ruin it.

The Doctor finally recovered from his shock. He straddled her legs and slid himself into her once again.

If the previous few moments were amazing, then what River Song felt right then was nothing short of mind-blowing. It was extremely kinky, not being able to see him: she relied solely on touching and hearing, and it turned her on beyond belief. She sunk her face and chest into the pillows, arching her back up as far as it could go, giving him maximum depth and a fantastic view of her bottom. The feeling of his hands guiding her hips onto him was foreign and yet incredibly hot.

"Doctor Song…I…bloody…love you." The Doctor managed to utter between thrusts through gritted teeth. She had been right: even though the thought of him fucking her from behind was slightly intimidating, he had thought about it before. Her arse was probably his favorite feature of hers, well, apart from her breasts, and so nothing could have pleased him more than what he was doing then. In fact, this was becoming his new favorite position. It just felt so easy and natural for the both of them: he could go as hard, fast, and deep as he wanted to and he wouldn't hurt her. Even better, he could feel that she loved it almost as much as he did, with the fact that she kept slamming herself into his pelvis, making each move just that much more intense.

With each thrust and grunt, River could feel her insides become slicker. The angle at which he now penetrated her was right up against her G-spot, making the pleasure so intense that she could barely keep her arms up to support her. She was shaking in ecstasy. Her screams were becoming deeper and fierce with every moment; she could have muffled them into the pillows, but she knew he liked to hear her cries. Finally, the release she had been longing for came, and she screamed his name at the top of her lungs, her walls tightening around him. That caused his release, and soon the two were collapsed on the bed, still panting heavily.

"Oh…my…God." River managed to say in between labored breaths.

The Doctor beamed with happiness. "Come here you." He said, and River rolled into his arms.

She sighed contently as the Doctor stroked her hair and placed a kiss on her forehead.

"I love you." He whispered into her ear.

River's smile widened and she returned the sentiment. "I love you too, sweetie."

"You are sensational, Doctor Song." He declared.

"You're not bad…" Was her reply.

The Doctor was taken aback by the lack of her enthusiastic praise. "'Not bad?' That's it?! 'Not bad?' I was spectacular!" He said, trying to reassure himself of his performance.

River shrugged. "Eh…alright."

The Doctor's jaw hung wide open in shock. "River!"

She laughed. "Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry. I'm kidding!"

The Doctor was annoyed and embarrassed. "That's not funny."

"Yes it is!" She said, still laughing at the expression on his face.

"Doctor Song, you are a very naughty girl." He said through gritted teeth.

River smirked. "And what are you going to do about it? Spank me?"

Suddenly, there was a mischievous look in her husband's eye, and he disappeared under the covers.

"Sweetie? What are…" a loud burst of laughter suddenly escaped from her lips. "Sweetie, stop it!" She giggled, wriggling. The Doctor, the cheeky devil, was under the covers tickling her feet. River was so out of breath with laughter that she could barely protest anymore. She tried so squirm out of his grasp, but it was to no avail. "Sweetie…" giggle "stop…" gasp "that's not…" giggle "fair!"

The tickling torture stopped, and the Doctor emerged from under the covers, smiling playfully.

"Who said life was fair?" He teased, and kissed her belly, allowing his head to rest there. She stroked his hair tenderly, still beaming from his tickling.

"Mmm…I hate you."
"No you don't." He said, pulling himself up face to face with her again. "You love me."

She cupped his cheek, guided his head down to hers, and kissed him. "And don't you ever forget it."

This was the Doctor's married life. And he loved every minute of it.

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