This story starts at The Yoko Factor and will be continuing into Primeval and will have Angel included. I wanted to rewrite this episode for so long because I wanted so badly for Angel to stay. The whole first part is cannon until the end than the scenes between Buffy and Angel are mostly mine! Angel Shows up in Sunnydale like in canon but things do not turn out like you think! Memories are in Italics. Without further waiting please enjoy The Angel Factor~Angel098756

Xander walked into the ruins of Sunnydale high. It had only been a year since the whole graduating class took down the mayor. The walls may be charred and the whole place was falling apart but he knew his way around that school better than his own house. Xander walked to where his old locker used to be. It also just happened to be where Buffy's soldier boyfriend was hiding out. Xander set his back pack down and sat beside Riley.

Riley looked thankful for the company as he said "Do you know if she's back yet?"

Xander opened the bag "L.A woman? Haven't heard from her she'll probably come here first thing though. Hey! Who's your buddy?" he said pulling out clothes.

He handed Riley the clothes and noticed the questionable look on Riley's face "Try those on! You'll feel like a new man!"

Riley smiled and shook his head "Would this man have a bright red nose and big floppy feet?"

Xander looked at him not sure if he was serious or kidding and raised his eyebrows.

"Hey I'm sorry that's the cabin fever talking." Riley said folding the clothes and setting them next to his stuff.

Xander looked around at the left over mayor goop "but as post apocalypse splendor goes….."

"I've done wonders with the place!" Riley said looking at his army stuff on the floor.

Xander looked at the archway near his old locker where the door used to be and could not help but remember when Angel lost his soul and almost killed willow.

Xander could not stand seeing his friend in so much pain. Will had just found out about him and Cordie and he did not know it would hurt her this much. He was about to tell her about his plan to kill the judge when the lights went off.

"Willow, Xander?"

"Angel?" Xander asked sort of confused.

Willow walked closer to Angel "Thank god you're ok did you see Buffy?"

"Yeah, what's with the lights?"

Xander was getting a wiggins about this whole thing but decided to leave it for the moment "I don't know but listen I have a plan…..

"Forget about that now I have something to show you!"

Willow stood there intrigued "Show us?"

"Yeah, Xander go get the others, Willow come here."

Xander's wiggins feeling was getting stronger but he went along with it anyway "Ok" Xander started running towards the library when he knew something was wrong and ran back!

He got back in time to see Jenny talking to Angel who had Willow by the throat.

From that day on Xander hated Angel. He never particularly liked him as soul boy but that was the moment seeing that blood sucking fiend with his hand around his Willow's throat that he hated him. Knowing Buffy was with him right now instead of with her boyfriend who had ditched his soldier life for her had his blood boiling.

"Still the sooner Buffy gets back the better I'll feel." Riley said leaning his head against the wall.

"You and me both Big Guy" Xander said trying to calm his anger down.

Riley looked at him with a quizzical look "I take it you're not an Angel fan either?"

Xander looked at him with a smile "Well it's not like I hate the guy. Just you know…. The guts part of him."

"Can't blame you but to be fair it's not him you hate it's the curse!" Riley said waiting for a reply he looked at Xander nervously "Right?"

Xander at that moment wondered just one thing "What did Buffy tell you?"

"On Angel? Everything, More than I wanted to know sometimes, She loved him, he turned evil, he uh… killed people, she cured him, he left. I find it to be an interesting little curse."

Xander looked at Riley "One moment's happiness!"

Riley stared at the floor confused "What do you mean?" he asked

Xander at that moment knew Buffy had not told her guy the whole truth "You know, it's his trigger, Angel's an ok guy if he is mopey, sad and brooding, but if you give him even one second of pure, real pleasure…."

Riley's head shot up looked at Xander "And that sets him off?"

Xander knew he should he should stop but the words just kept coming "Only in the big ole kill your friends kind of way, and you know what makes Angel happiest? I'll give you a hint, it's not crème brulee!"

Riley was about to lose his mind "Buffy" Xander nodded and Riley fully understood now "Sex with…Buffy" he wanted to punch something. He could not believe Buffy would let that dead thing touch her that way.

At that moment Xander knew he had gone too far and felt like a total ass "She…. Kind of left that part out huh?"

Riley was seething. He had no clue how to feel about this "Yeah She did. That explains a lot of things that…. I wish weren't explained."

Xander put his hand on Riley shoulder "Hey, man that's all ancient history."

Riley scoffs "She went running to L.A to bone up on her history."

Xander knew he had done it now "No! I'm sure it's boneless. She just needs to make sure everything's okay. She's probably back already!"

Riley felt like all of the air had left his lungs "Maybe." He said looking at the floor.

Xander knew he was going to be in a lot of trouble when Buffy got back. He just knew the Slayer was going to kill him "You'll feel better when you see her"

Riley just got up leaving Xander where he was and walked out needed to clear his head.


Buffy had just gotten back and was putting her coat in her closet when there was a knock at her door. When she opened it she saw her boyfriend…. Or she thought it was her boyfriend she could not really tell with all the goofy clothes.


Riley stood in her door way in the goofy clothes Xander brought him "I got a little tired of sitting around waiting so..."

Buffy looked at him with a smile "You joined the circus?"

Riley looked at her like she lost her mind "Xander took my clothes to clean them and left me these." He said stepping into her dorm "Does he uh… hate me in some way I don't know about yet? I think I would've attracted less attention in my uniform."

Buffy wanted to hug him and be all happy she was back but all she could think was he would get caught by the initiative "Is it ok for you to be here?"

Riley's blood was still boiling from the info Xander gave him earlier that day "You tell me"

Buffy looked at him weirdly "I just meant with the government branch hunting you down and all" She did not understand this weird vibe she was getting from him.

Riley pulled a walkie talkie out of his pocket and waved it at her "I'm good. Uh… it took me awhile, but I patched into their frequency!"

Buffy gave him a smile "You're the sneakiest" the energy between them was awkward and Buffy really just wanted to get out of the room.

Riley stood there and was noticing that his girlfriend was acting odd "Why they hired me." "You okay?" he asked while Buffy was pacing from her bed to her desk.

Buffy looked at him trying not to let her eyes well up with tears "Yeah, I just…. Angel kind of upset me."

Riley hated that vamp more than how could a guy who has been out of her life for almost a year still have this much of an effect on her "How?' he asked.

Buffy looked up at him "It's not that interesting"

Riley moved closer to her "Got my attention" he said looking softly at her.

Buffy looked at the floor "He just spun my head a little"

Riley clenched his fists "You don't want to talk about it?"

Buffy smiled at him "It's just deconstructing Angel can wait, right now I just want to get out there and find Adam. We can talk about it… later"

Riley wanted to hit something, he knew she was hiding something but he could not get it out of her, why would she not just talk to him "It's the pants isn't it? It's okay, I couldn't take me seriously in these things either."

Buffy knew she had hurt him "Riley it's not a big deal"

Riley had had enough he was tired of trying to get information out of her "Tell you what why don't I get out of your face! You had a long trip."

Buffy moved to stop him "Look you don't have to go…."

Riley had lost the smile and was now walking towards the door "its okay, besides… Have to recharge them every two hours or they go dead on me." He said walking out the door and closing it behind him.

Buffy stared at the door and all she could say "Okay" and went to grab her gear to go find Adam.

Buffy was walking through the woods. She was still distracted by the awkwardness that was Riley in her dorm room. He was acting strange like he was interrogating her about Angel. She was still trying to decipher what had happened in her dorm when she heard a rustling in one of the trees. She armed the blaster and prepared to shoot when Forrest stepped into her eyeline.

"Don't Shoot" Forrest said holding up his hands.

Buffy glared at the soldier "Give me one reason not to"

Forrest really hated this chick "You're killing humans now?"

First Buffy had to deal with the weirdness of Riley and now she had to deal with his friend that hated her. Buffy looked at him with one of her sarcastic looks "Not yet, Beating you senseless should do just fine."

Forrest glowered at her "I can have patrol here in under a minute, so here's the plan you go your way I'll go mine"

Buffy shook her head lowered the blaster and started heading towards the cave when she looked behind her and noticed Forrest was following her.

"I'm checking out that cave" Buffy said looking at him questionably.

Forrest looked at her "My orders exactly"

Buffy looked at him suspiciously "Alone?"

Forrest just stared at her "We're spread a little thin, so yeah, family's tearing apart"

Buffy looked at him and said sarcastically "Family? What kind of family are you? Corleone's"

Buffy turned to walk further into the cave. Looking around the corners she continued stepping inside when she heard Forrest come up right behind her.

Forrest continued to follow her "We weren't until you showed up."

Buffy turned to look at him "What? No Girls in the club?"

"You think you're the first girlfriend Riley's ever had!" Forrest gave her a mocking type look "Such a big head on that skinny little body, No see you're just the first one to make him commit treason. Riley had a career, a future till he met you, so yeah I got a problem with that"

Buffy took a step towards him "A future? A future doing what? Illegal experiments, torture, murder, oh but I guess killing someone isn't really a problem for you"

Forrest raised his weapon and stepped towards her "Less and less, why don't you get the hell out of her before I…"

Buffy just smiled "Touch me and you'll find out what slayer strength is like"

Forrest cocked his head to the side egging her on "I think it's about time you showed me then!"

Both of them shot around when a "Yes" came out of no where

Adam stood in the cave watching the slayer and the soldier "I think that would be interesting"

Buffy stepped forward to shoot the blaster but Adam was too quick and knocked it out of her hand. She jumped up a struck him with a front kick that barley fazed him. Adam swung out and sent her flying; she got up and went to punch him when Forrest rushed in to attack.

Buffy pushed him "Get out of here" She said.

As Forrest fell to the ground Buffy collided her fist into Adam's face. Adam hardly felt it grabbed her by the neck and threw her across the cave. Buffy slammed into the wall. Adam pulled his polgara skewer out preparing to use it. Forrest picked up his blaster and fired at Adam. Adam took a step back and received the hit. Adam absorbed the blast and seemed to gain more power because of it.

Adam smiled at Forrest "Thank you!"

Buffy tried to stand "Go! Get Out!" she got to her feet and just as she was about to step back into the fight Forrest charged. But Adam was ready for him and put the skewer through his stomach

Buffy's eyes went as big as saucers and she screamed "NO!" Adam threw the body of Forrest crashing into Buffy. Buffy pushes the body off and stands up. Adam picks up the blaster and points it at her.

Adam fires the gun and Buffy narrowly jumps out of the way and the blast blowing a huge chunk out of the wall. Knowing this is a losing situation Buffy says" Oh God" and limply runs out of the cave just as Adam fired the blaster at her again. Checking to make sure the cyborg was not following her, Buffy lost her footing fell down a small slope and hit her head on a boulder knocking her out.


Riley sat in the ruins of Sunnydale high wondering where his relationship with Buffy stood, or even if he still had a relationship with the slayer. The conversation with her was awkward and forced and he had no clue how to fix it. What if something did happen with Angel? What if Buffy had decided to see him again and was just too polite to say anything. Riley had so many thoughts going through his head when his make shift walkie started making noise.

"Back up team! Request immediate back-up! Over, they're tearing us apart over here, two men down from out of nowhere Mayday! Repeat! Mayday! We're in the alley behind the school building! Where the hell is… Fall Back, Fall Back! Its coming" A commando on the walkie said.

Riley grabbed his gear and bolted for the alley.

Riley rounded the corner of the alley expecting to see the initiative crawling all over he looked down and seen three of the men unconscious and saw one man standing in the alley….. Well at first he thought it was just a man.

Angel turned around and saw a boy standing in commando gear and he could smell her on him the minute that kid stepped into the alley "Riley Finn!" He said smirking at him.

Riley gave the man an odd look "I know you?"

Angel kept his smirk and took a step towards Finn "We have a friend in common!"

Riley looked at him and realized that this was not a man… It was a vampire, the same vampire who used to date his girlfriend "Angel!"

Angel looked around at the guys laid out on the concrete "Welcoming committee your idea?"

Riley was pissed, he could not believe that this guy followed his girlfriend back to Sunnydale "Way I heard it you were all peaceable now!" He looked at the unconscious guys than back to Angel "You didn't by any chance go and lose that pesky soul again did you?"

Angel looked at this kid and clenched his fists did this guy actually think he could talk to him like that "Don't push me boy!" he said trying to hold back his temper.

Riley clenched his fist and decided to try and get info out of this HST since Buffy wouldn't tell him anything "Now what possibly could've happened with Buffy that would make you lose your soul!"

Angel walked around Riley; this kid actually thought Buffy had slept with him….. He had no clue what his Ex saw in this kid but he figured he'd play along, Angel Smiled at Riley "That'd be between me and her."

Angel started to walk away when Riley stepped into his path holding a baton in his hand "Where do you think you're going?" Riley asked his hand on the release button of the baton.

Angel could not help but smile at this kid; he actually wanted to laugh but figured that would be rude "Going to see an old girlfriend!"

Riley hit the button and extended the baton putting his arm in Angel's way "Oh, you really think I'm gonna let that happen!"

Angel knows what's coming he really tried to prevent it by walking away but the kid had to get in his face "You think you're gonna stop me?! He said trying to hold his temper down. Angelus wanted to come out to play and he could feel himself slowly vamping out.

Riley looked right at the vampire, he could not imagine Buffy in love with this thing and if he killed Angel here and now… sure Buffy would be pissed for a while but she would get over it "I surly do!"

That's all Angel could take, he had tried to walk away but this boy would not give up. Angel slammed his right fist into Riley's face and that was that the fight was on. Riley retaliated and whipped the baton into Angel's face.

Riley spins into a backhand swing but Angel caught his arm forced him down onto one knee and connected his knee into the commando's face. Angel kept hold of Riley's collar lifted him to his feet and swung him around and tossed him into a pile of trash and cardboard boxes.

Riley jumped back up to his feet grabbed his baton just as Angel leapt through the air. Riley Swung the baton which collided with Angel's face, he grabbed the collar of the vamp's coat and rammed his knee into Angel's back which sent the vamp face first into the building.

Angel swings backwards and hits Riley in the face; Riley brought out his taser and shoved it into Angel's chest. The Shock knocks Angel onto the ground and when he got back on his feet he turned around and growled Angel was fully vamped.

The shock of the tase made the demon show its true face and gave Angel more strength. Riley went to strike him with the taser again but Angel was ready for it this time. He forced Riley to drop the taser the rammed his fist into Riley's stomach them picked him up and sent him flying across the alley.

The sound of a loud engine makes Angel and Riley both stop. Angel jumps up onto the roof of the building and books it, leaving Riley to slowly limp away further into the alley just as the initiative vehicles pulled up.


Buffy looked in the mirror and knew there would be no hope of covering up the cut on her forehead. She started looking for some bandages when she heard a knock at her door. She walked to the door and when she opened it Buffy expected to see Riley but instead came face to face with….

"Angel?" Buffy looked at him with a quizzical look.

Angel leaned on her door frame "Hi! Can I come in?"

Buffy took a step back and held the door open "I guess." She said looking at the floor.

Angel stood at the door blocked from entry "Uh, I need a little more than that."

Buffy looked at him then remembered he needed a proper invitation "Oh…Um… Come in"

Angel walked in he had only seen her room from outside once but it was nice, not as nice as her room back on Revello Drive. He stood in front of Willow's bed looking at Buffy.

Buffy looked up at Angel "You're hurt!" she said looking at the bruises and cuts on his face.

Angel motioned to the bruise and nasty cut on her head "You too!"

"I'll live; you want to tell me who ran your face into that doorknob?"

Angel flashed her a small smile "Not really, It's not world in peril stuff!"

Buffy looked at him, he was seriously going to keep information from her after what went down in L.A "Let me guess" She said finding her anger again "You thought of something else really hurtful to say and, well, you couldn't tell me on the phone because the funniest part is that look on my face…"

Angel raised his hand to stop her "Buffy, please I don't have a lot of time…"

Buffy knew he was serious the minute he put his something face on "what's going on?"

Angel never had time to answer because that minute Riley burst through Buffy's door "I told you, you weren't coming near her!" Riley said clenching his fists

Buffy looked at Riley's face then back at Angel's and lost it "You have got to be kidding me! This is why you came back!"

Angel shook his head "No! This was an accident." He said pointing to Riley.

Buffy was so angry she wanted to bash both of them over the head "Running your car into a tree is an accident, running your fist into somebody's face is a plan! Please explain this to me!"

Riley was now pointing a gun at Angel with no sign of putting it down "Put that gun down" Angel said calmly.

Riley was so pissed he was starting to shake he continued to point the gun at Angel "It's pretty much all I got left, so I'm thinking not. He attacked four of my men Buffy; he's up to his old tricks."

Buffy looked at Riley "He won't hurt you!" looking back to Angel "Tell him!"

Angel smirked at Riley as he moves towards him "Might hurt you!"

Riley takes a step towards Angel "Please try"

Angel just stared at this kid, this boy actually thought he could talk to him that way "Ha, Some threat you can barely stand!"

Riley held up the gun "Trigger finger feels ok"

Angel had a huge smile on his face and looked at Buffy "You actually sleep with this guy?"

Riley's fist shot out and hit Angel in the face, Angel quickly retaliated with a little more force. Buffy walked up to the two men stepped in between them and used her slayer strength to separate them, sending Angel onto Willow's bed and Riley into the door.

"Ok that's enough, I see one more display of testosterone poisoning and I will personally put you both in the hospital" Buffy said still standing in the middle of the room.

Riley takes another step towards angel when Buffy gave him a furious look "Anybody think I'm exaggerating?"

Angel looked up at her wanting to explain "He started…." But shut up as soon as he seen Buffy point her finger and give him the look. He knew that look and knew not to mess with her.

Buffy walked over to Riley and held out her hand motioning towards the gun "Riley"

Riley handed it to her and felt her touch relieve some of the anger "I'm sorry, I just wanted to know you were safe."

Buffy walks over and stands near Angel "I need to talk to Angel for a minute!"

Riley felt his temper rising all over again "What?"

Buffy could see he was getting angry again "Riley Please!"

Riley looked at Angel then back to Buffy "I'm not leaving this room! I mean it"

Buffy looked over her shoulder and motioned to Angel to follow her outside. Angel got up and gave a smile to Riley has he passed him to go out the door. Riley leaned against Willow's desk and stared at the empty room "Not moving a muscle!"

Buffy turned around as soon as Angel shut the door and could not believe that he was doing this to her "Okay, I come see you… to help you and you treat me like I'm just… your ex"

"Well technically…"

Buffy Held up her hand "SHUT UP, and then you order me out of your city and then you come back here and start pounding on my boyfriend, I would really like to know what the HELL you are trying to do!"

Angel looked at her like he used to, with his hurt puppy look "I was trying to make things better!"

Buffy leaned against the wall and could not help but start laughing; Angel hadn't heard that gorgeous sound for so long and could not help but laugh too.

"Well, it's going pretty good don't you think" Angel said looking at her all banged up and bruised and he still though she was the most gorgeous thing he had ever seen.

"Swell!" she said closing her eyes.

Angel leaned against the wall as well "You know… I couldn't leave it like that, the way I spoke to you… I came to apologize, I had no right."

Buffy's smile faded "And Riley?"

"I got jumped by some soldiers, he came in the middle, and wasn't real forthcoming with the benefit of the doubt."

Buffy looked into his amazing brown eyes "Put yourself in his place."

Angel looked at the floor and he knew he had to tell her, she was probably going to be mad but he had to do it "I get it, which is why I'm staying!"

"Excuse me" Buffy said surprised.

Angel took her hand and brought it to his chest "I'm staying, Cordy and Wes have everything under control in L.A especially with Gunn and his gang joining us, and I decided I couldn't live my existence without you, I am living back at the mansion and I'm staying for good"

Angel did not give her a chance to respond he pulled her to him and put his lips to hers. It was as if memory took over, Buffy kissed him back running her finger into his hair. Then she pushed him away.

Buffy's eyes welled up with tears "Why are you doing this to me, I'm with Riley, I'm finally happy…. Why?"

Angel kissed her hand "I made the mistake of letting the Mayor and your mother get into my head once, My head is clear now and I knew where I belonged, When you're ready to talk You know where to find me!" Angel let go of her hand and walked down the corridor.

He was home and he would get his life back and his girl back he had no doubt about that.

How will Riley react to Angel staying, will Buffy tell the scoobies, and how will all of this affect her fight with Adam? Stay tuned~Angel098756 P.S PLZ REVIEW! Another chapter should be uploaded in a couple days!