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Angel was down in the sewer making his way to the mansion to grab some things before he met Buffy and the gang at the Giles house, he and Buffy had decided to all meet up there first and go to the frat house together. He started to walk up the ladder of the sewer access when he heard a noise. Angel jumped off the ladder and had the perp by the throat in a matter of seconds.

"Bloody hell can I guy not be anywhere without you lot ruining my day" Spike said shoving Angel.

Angel just smirked "Well, well Spike looks like you're up to your old tricks what did Adam promise you, huh? Maybe Buffy dead or was it something more?"

Spike knew he had been caught but he also knew he had a few minutes before he had to meet Adam at the initiative "What in the bloody hell are you talking about, like I would ever work for a wallop like Adam, now shove off I'm trying to find a place to live since Harm burnt all of my stuff."

Angel just laughed "Say what you want Spike but we both know the truth you would sell Drusilla if you had to too get what you want, and I bet the thing you want most is that chip out of your head, is that what he promised you? That if you did something to separate Buffy and her friends he would remove your chip! Haha boy you are more gullible than I thought. How about this why don't I just remove your head and you won't have to worry about that pesky chip anymore!" Angel said grabbing Spike by the neck.

"Oy let go I didn't do anything to your precious slayer…" Spike said throwing his fist into Angels face.

Angel looked up to hit back but Spike had already taken off. Angel was starting to think he should have killed Spike right after Dru brought him home. Angel walked up the ladder to get into the mansion he had to grab some weapons and then meet up with Buffy.

Buffy walked up to the gang who were all standing in front of UC Sunnydale. She needed the weirdness to stop so they could be strong and fight Adam together.

"Where's Anya?" Buffy asked when she met up with the gang.

Xander shrugged his shoulders "Oddly Anya decided not to join us despite all the fun we had at our last meeting."

Willow nodded "I don't think Tara felt welcome"

Buffy hated that Will looked so sad "Because of the things that we said?"

Willow nodded; Buffy shook her head "Will who told you we were talking behind your back specifically?"

Willow knew at that moment she was an idiot "Well um… Spike specifically but…"

Buffy looked at Xander "And who told you that we thought you'd be better off joining the army?"

Xander looked at the ground "That's not… exactly what he said"

Giles knew what Spike had done "Well uh… S… S… Spike can be very convincing when… when… when uh… I'm very stupid" he said taking his glasses off and cleaning them.

Buffy crossed her arms "He played us, he wanted us to fight… to split up, that's where it came from the stuff we said the other night"

Giles smiled "Of course… well piffle, let's move on"

Xander looked at Buffy "I'm movin"

Willow nodded "Me too"

Buffy put on a smile "Good, great"

Willow crossed her arms "So… why do you think Spike made with the head games?"

Xander just chuckled "He's all dressed up with no one to bit, he's gotta get his ya ya's somehow"

Buffy shook her head "It was more than that, I think it was Adam"

Xander rolled his eyes "Spike is working for Adam? After all we've done… nah I can't even act surprised"

Buffy crossed her arms "Angel and I went to Adam's lair and he was gone, but Spike just happened to be there. He made this big noise about getting information off those encrypted disks"

Willow's head shot up "Oh I decrypted them" Everyone stared at her "Well they decrypted themselves but I almost had it" she said in a factual voice.

Giles looked at Willow "What did they say?"

Willow smiled "A bunch of stuff we already knew about 314, but also it said there's some final phase where Adam manufactures a bunch of creepy cyber-demons like him. There's a special lab in the initiative but it didn't say where."

Buffy shook her head "Adam fed Spike those disks it has to be, he wanted me to know about his evil-guy assembly line. This lab it's in the initiative?"

Willow nodded "Hidden somewhere"

Buffy smiled "We'll give the demon his due he thought this one out"

Willow looked at her confused Buffy took notice of the look "Don't worry Will I will explain on the way to Giles place we need some weapons and a plan"

The gang walked into Giles apartment to find Angel already there. Angel stood up as Willow, Buffy and Xander headed for the couch. He went to grab her hand when Buffy pulled it away giving him a look that clearly said no. Willow and Xander did not seem to notice thank god he thought as he remembered Buffy's rule that no one was allowed to know until soldier boy was found and told.

Buffy sat as close to Angel as she could without it looking suspicious "Riley said his power source is a uranium core embedded somewhere inside his chest probably near the spine"

Xander leaned his head on the back of the couch "Great! So we just ask him to lie down quietly while we do some exploratory surgery"

Willow looked at Giles "What about magic? Some kind of… I don't know… uranium extracting spell?" everyone gave her a funny look "I know I'm reaching" she said looking down.

Giles stood up and walked over to his book shelf "You may be on to something Willow only I can't perform the incantation for this!"

Angel looked at Giles "Right, don't you have to speak Sumerian?"

Giles gave him a funny look "I do speak Sumerian, it's not that only an experienced witch can incant it, and you'd have to be within striking distance of this object."

Xander looked at Buffy "See what you get for takin French instead of Sumerian!"

Buffy gave her pouty face "What was I thinking"

Xander stood up and leaned against the wall "No Problem all we need is combo Buffy… Her with slayer strength, Giles Multi-lingual know how, Willow's witchy power and Angel's temper… no offence Dead boy but your temper is bad you go all fangy when your mad." Everyone looked at him "Yeah don't tell me I'm just full of helpful suggestions"

Giles gave him a surprised look "As a matter of fact you are!"

The gang walked into the frat house. Angel came in through the cellar to meet up with them. They walked up to the mirror which looked like a closet door.

Angel looked at the mirror and saw everyone's refection except his own "Umm Buffy… how will a mirror get us into the initiative?"

Buffy looked at Angel and smiled "Game faces on guys were going in" she said as she kicked in the mirror.

Angel looked at her "Oh… that works"

Buffy and Willow started suiting up to repelled down he elevator shaft, Angel decided that was too slow and just jumped landing feet first on the stopped elevator "SHOW OFF!" Buffy yelled!

The girls were slowly going down the elevator shaft when Buffy looked at Willow "You Doing Ok?"

Willow looked at her and knew this was awkward "Super, what was I thinkin using stairs all this time?

Buffy was tired of the awkwardness "Okay Will!"

Willow shook her head interrupting her "No really Buffy it's not as scary as I thought!"

Buffy looked at her "No that's not what I was gonna say… I just… I'm sorry I hate that things have been so strained between all of us!"

Willow looked at Buffy as they continued to walk down the elevator shaft "It's not your fault Spike stirred up trouble"

Buffy Smiled at Willow "Yeah but… I think trouble was stir-upable. I think we've all sort of drifted apart this year don't you?"

Willow frowned "Maybe a little but you know first year of college it's hard to keep the old high school gang together"

Buffy's eyes went wide "But… I want it together Will I miss you! And Giles and Xander and God did I miss Angel! It's all my fault… well not me missing Angel that is his fault… but the rest is my fault I've been so wrapped up in my own stuff I've been a bad friend."

Willow looked at buffy weird "You're the slayer Buffy your stuff is pretty crucial… Wait The way you said you missed Angel it sounded like…"

Buffy had to change the subject "I mean Riley and… Riley Mostly"

Willow knew something was up but let it go "Well I haven't been Miss available either I… I kept secrets I hid things from everyone"

Buffy shook her head "That's not your fault you were going through something huge Will I mean you're dating Tara and then having Oz come back and mess with your head I know what that's like I have a certain undead who does it to me too."

Willow smiled "I wanted to tell you what was happening but I was scared."

Buffy smiled back "You can tell me anything I love you your my best friend!"

Buffy and Willow grabbed each other's hands and pulled each other in for a hug when they felt themselves start to slide down the wall "Oh Falling now"


Adam watched as the Slayer landed on top of the stopped elevator.

Spike smiled "Must see TV baits taken traps landed so…" he looked at Adam who was glaring at the screen "HELLO? Paging Dr. owes me one!" he said getting frustrated.

Adam grabbed Spike by the collar "She is not alone… So you failed me AGAIN!"

Spike knew he had to get out of here "Well that's one way of looking at it"

Adam was getting annoyed "What's the other way?"

Spike ripped himself away from Adam and bolted for the door but Forrest grabbed him by the throat "Oh come on! It's not like I wasn't trying that's worth something isn't it`

Adam cocked his head to the side "I suppose… Yes I will honour our agreement to remove your chip" He looked at Forrest "Take off his head"

Spike struggled in zombie boys grip and remembered he had a lit cigarette in his hand. He raised his hand and put the cherry out in Forrest's eye. The zombie freak screamed and Spike took off into the initiative. He was going to be in the middle of the battle now and knew he needed to get out of there and what was up with everyone wanting to remove his head today he thought has he tried all the doors.


As soon as the gang had gotten the door to the elevator open they came face to face with the initiative soldiers.

Graham looked at Buffy "Let's go Colonel wants to see you"

Angel leaned over to Buffy "We can take them" he whispered.

Buffy just shook her head and motioned her head for the gang to follow her. When Graham brought them into the room where the colonel was standing by he just glared at the gang. Buffy started to talk but he shut her up.

"You've got some nerve lady" he said grabbing the bag from Giles, he looked at the tall spikey haired guy "Who are you? I don't remember you!" Angel went to speak but was silenced just like Buffy "I doesn't matter, you think you and your friends can just keep waltzing into a government installation brandishing weapons like…" he pulled out the funny shaped vase "Like…"

Willow figured she would help him out "It's a gourd" she said looking at him.

Giles piped up "Magic gourd" he said filling in what Willow missed.

The Colonel looks at the group with disgust "What kind of freaks are you people?" he asked as he set the gourd down.

Buffy pushed the guards away who were holder her back "Colonel Adam is here in the initiative"

The Colonel just scoffed "Nice Try!"

Buffy wanted to hit him but resisted the urge "Those overcrowded containment courtesy of Adam, he is pulling a Trojan horse on you, he's just waiting…"

The Colonel just smirked "Everything in this installation is under hour surveillance!"

Angel growled "Will you shut up and let her finish!"

The Colonel stepped forward "You better watch your tone with me I can tell what you are and I can have you in one of those containment cells within seconds, disgusting parasites like you don't belong in my presence you should be put down like dogs…"

Willow interrupted cuz she knew this could get ugly "Do you know about the secret lab?"

The Colonel looked at her "Of course… What secret lab?"

Buffy smirked "The one Adam's been using, the one built for the final stage of the 314 project." She saw the blank look on the Colonels face "And you have no idea what I'm talking about!"

The Colonel got close to Buffy's face "I know everything that goes on around here, a tick on a mouse couldn't get in without my knowing it, and if Adam wants to try anything we're ready for him."

Giles took off his glasses "Jolly good, how… how exactly do you plan to get close enough to Adam to remove his power source?"

The Colonel walked over to the switch bored "Hit him simultaneously with multiple taser blasters; incapacitate him with as much voltage as we can muster."

Buffy crossed her arms and shook her head "I've seen Adam hit with taser blasts, he feeds on it, and now you're gonna provide him with an all you can eat buffet!"

The Colonel slammed his fist down "You telling me my business?"

Angel stepped forward and snarled "You need to back off"

Buffy put her hand on his arm to pull him back "This is not your business! It's mine, you the initiative, the boys at the pentagon… you're all in way over your heads, messing with the primeval forces you have absolutely no comprehension of."

The Colonel glared at her "And you do?"

Buffy gave him her cocky smile "I'm the slayer you're playing on my turf!"

The Colonel just shook his head "Up there maybe, but down here I'm the one in control" has soon as he finished that sentence the power in the initiative shut down.

Angel smirked and looked at him "You were saying?'

The soldier running the computers worked to get the power working "Sir the power grids down and the backups not responding… Sir someone just opened the containment cells!"

Buffy walked up to him "Look I'm the only one who can stop him now, just let me handle this and get your men out of here!"

The Colonel looked at the two soldiers holding guns "These people are under arrest, do you understand" and walked out with all the extra soldiers.

Angel hit the first soldier in the face and Buffy sent a roundhouse kick into the other knocking them both unconscious.

Buffy looked at Willow who was already at the computer "We need to find Adam"

Willow smiled while typing "On It!"

Giles walked over to Buffy "The enjoining spell is extremely touchy, it's uh… volatile we…we can't risk it being interrupted, we need a place that's close to you and quiet."

Xander stood behind Willow as she pulled up the surveillance footage of the initiative "Uh…Quiet?"

Willow kept typing "Got it according to this, there's ducts and electrical conduits all running into there" she said pointing at the empty space on the screen.

Buffy looked at the gang "Its Adam!" she said crossing her arms.

Giles looked up from the computer "Are you sure?"

Buffy nodded "Right behind 314, Will can you unlock it?"

Willow shook her head "I don't have to all the locks in the initiative have been disengaged… except for the exits."

Xander looked back at the screen of demons attacking the soldiers "Demon open house."

Angel looked at Buffy "Ok so we know we are going to 314 now all we have to do is get there."

Giles grabs the bag and the gang follow Buffy out the door into the trenches. Buffy knew she would have to have her fists ready and knew Angel would to. Just as she thought it she heard a shout. She saw a demon on top of a person. Buffy slammed her fist into the demons face and pushed the monster off of what she thought would be a soldier.

The victim stood up "Thanks Buffy"

Willow's eyes went wide "Oz?"

Buffy looked at him "Follow us and stay close!" she said heading for 314.

They opened the door and everyone ran inside. Angel and Xander started barricading the door while Giles set up the spell. Buffy started looking for the door to get to the lab while Willow stared t Oz.

Willow walked up and hugged him "We rescued you, you left how did you get back into the initiative?"

Oz hugged her back "The army guys were waiting for me. That colonel guy was pissed about Riley and you guys getting me out of here and had a swat team on me as soon as I got outside of town."

Angel walked up to Oz "Good to see you Oz"

Buffy looked at the gang "Hello does anyone remember the cyborg we need to destroy? Now Giles will this work for the spell? It uh should do if we have Angel and Oz watching the door!"

Angel shook his head "No I'm going in with Buffy, until the spell works she will need all the backup she can get!"

Buffy nodded "I could use him Oz could you watch…"

Just as she was about to ask Oz if he was ok to watch the door the gang saw flashes of blond hair near the door and then come in. Spike grabbed the demons neck and snapped it. "Nasty sort of fellow lucky for you blighters I was here"

Buffy looked at Spike "Spike if you don't want to die tonight I suggest you do what I say now" Spike stared at her "I need you to watch the door with Oz while me and Angel are in the lab, if anything goes wrong Oz will put a stake through you understood"

Spike glared "You could've asked nicely slayer…"

Buffy looked at Willow, Giles and Xander "Once we're in barricade the door behind us"

Xander walked up to her "Buffy I still don't like you going against Adam without us!"

Buffy just smiled "I won't be" she said looking at the gang before she and Angel walked into the door of the lab, She knew this was it, it was going to be Adam or her and either way he was going down!

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