Buffy cursed inwardly.
"why did that damn vampire have to go crazy NOW of all times?" she thought as the counsel's private jet streaked towards Forks OR.

Just when things seemed to be quieting down on the hell mouth Riley had to go and dump her for some skanky special ops chic!

And now she had to go to some little backwater town in Oregon and kill some psycho vamp who was SUPPOSED to be a good guy. Damn vamp couldn't just keep his cool instead of going postal cause someone upset his girlfriend.
Fourteen dead and almost that many injured all over a few hurt feelings.

Faith was at home, still healing from her last counsel mission. The other slayer had broken half the bones in her body, she wouldn't be going anywhere for a while.
To be honest she deserved a break.

The counsel had been sending her out so often that she almost never unpacked her duffle bag anymore. Faith was the one that always got sent out, while Buffy got to stay home and take care of the hell mouth's occasional flare-ups.

It wasn't exactly a fair deal for her fellow slayer. But this was the worst time to have to go on a mission for the counsel.
Buffy really didn't even feel like going on patrol now, let alone flying north to deal with a special mission case.

Dragging herself from her mental rant, Buffy opened the counsel dossier on the vampire she was being sent to kill.

Alice's POV

Alice opened her eyes and shook her head in disbelief.

Something was coming to kill Edward, but for the life of her she couldn't see what it was. There had only ever been two people she couldn't "see" with her gift.

The slender brunette spun out of her room and ran to the living room, sure enough her sister in law and niece were still on the couch reading, just as she had left them.

Alice shook her head again. She hated that anyone could escape her "sight", but the more people she couldn't see the less she could protect those she loved.

She knew Edward had gone over the edge crazy, hells bells, even Bella and little Renesme knew he wasn't ok.

The night Edward had slaughtered the humans Bella had grabbed their daughter and fled to the safe house where Alice had been waiting.

The humans had just been playing a prank, it should not have gone as far as it did, but it had upset Bella and Renesme enough for them to cry.
And the minute Edward had seen their tears something had broken in his mind.

Alice couldn't begin to guess what had happened in her adopted brother's mind. She only knew that he was lost, if someone didn't stop Edward soon it would bring the Voultori down on them all.

The problem was it was breaking all the Cullen's hearts to think about what needed to be done about Edward.
But now something, or someone, was coming to kill him and she felt torn between relief and the need to protect her brother.

Silently Alice began to cry.

Jasper was gone, so was Esme, they had died trying to stop Edward. Even with his mind broken her brother was as deadly as ever.

Their family was already so broken, could she just stand by and lose Edward too?

Buffy's POV

Holy shit, Buffy hated all the different subspecies of vamps!

This vamp, Cullen, had to be dismembered and the pieces burned to be truly dead.
Add to that he was supposed to be wicked fast and have poison in his fangs.
Damnit! How was she going to going to kill him?

And it mentioned him having a nest of others with him, though there was no word on whether they would protect him.

The slayer tossed the dossier on the seat across from her and rubbed at her temples. This was going to be a hell of a fight, and she didn't know if her heart was in it.

Even with the hell mouth closed and the worst of things behind them there were still days when Buffy really wished she had never heard the term slayer before.

Then she thought of her friends back home and how many of them she never would have met if not for being the slayer, including her "sister" slayer, Faith.
Buffy glanced at her cell phone, checking the time, two more hours till they would land. Maybe she should get some sleep, maybe she would come up with a plan to kill Cullen in her dreams, gods knew stranger things had happened.

She snorted, yeah right, that would be the day, but she was tired.

She had been up for just over seventy-two hours already. One thing after another had kept her up and running, and then there had been no time to sleep before the counsel's jet was scheduled to take off.

Remembering the last few days Buffy closed her eyes.

The first emergency had come after Dawn had convinced her that she was ready to accompany her on patrols.
The slayer's younger sister had been doing well in training drills all week, so Buffy reluctantly agreed to Dawn coming on patrol with her. However, while going through the abandoned warehouses they had gotten separated by a four pack of vamps.

While Buffy was dealing with the older vamps, one of the younger ones had bitten Dawn.
Once Buffy had dusted them all it had been off to the hospital to get Dawn stitched up.

Then she had had to deal with bailing Riley out of jail, though why his unit couldn't do that she didn't have a fucking clue.
And then the asshole had had the nerve to break up with her as she was dropping him off at home!

Once Buffy actually got home there was the urgent call from the counsel to return.
The counsel was in a big hurry to have this particular vamp dead. The plane was leaving that evening and she was expected to be on it.
Fourteen dead wasn't something to laugh off, but neither was it the highest kill count she had seen. But the counsel had called and it was in the job description that she would answer.

There was really only time to make sure everyone knew where she was going and could handle things at home till she got back.
And then to throw her stuff into her own duffle bag and get her butt to the tiny airstrip just outside of Sunnydale.
Damn, it had been a long few days!