Arthur Weasley was a family man beyond anything else. If one of his seven children fell ill, he would take off work in a heartbeat. No, he couldn't afford to buy his family many material things, but what he could afford is much more valuable: love.

He loved all of his children equally, but one of them had a special place in his heart. This was his one daughter, Ginevra, or Ginny as everyone calls her. She was definitely a strong girl for her age. She had to be with five older brothers and a twin brother. She even had a bit of a mischievous streak to her.

She was an avid Quidditch fan who favored the Hollyhead Harpies. She could always be found listening to the Weird Sisters whenever she could. Both of these, however, pale in comparison to the one person who many would consider her obsessed about: Harry Potter. Ginny had heard many magnificent stories about Harry Potter. Stories that ranged from him defeating dragons, to helping small villages find legendary treasure. Ginny loved all of the stories, but she realized that they couldn't be true. Harry Potter couldn't be much older than she was. She wanted to know the real Harry Potter.

On a hot summer night in 1987, Arthur was tucking Ginny and her twin brother, Ron, into bed. it was then that Ginny asked, "Daddy, can you tell me about Harry Potter?"

Arthur chuckled at Ginny's ever-present interest in The Boy-Who-Lived. "Of coarse, Sweetie. Which story do you want to hear?"

"How is it that he defeated You-Know-Who?"

Arthur was not expecting this. Would a story of the darkest times the Wizarding World had ever seen since Grindelwald be appropriate for two 6 year olds. No it wouldn't, but he knew how tough his children are. "Are you sure, Ginny? It's much different from the story books."

"Yes I'm sure Daddy. I want to know the real Harry Potter, not a story book hero."

Arthur let out a great sigh. "Alright sweetie. Do you remember the couple with the baby when you and Ron were one? The man had messy black hair and the woman had red hair like yours."

Ginny was deep in thought for a few seconds. "A little," she said.

"Well that was James and Lily Potter, Harry's Parents."

Ginny couldn't believe what she was hearing. "You mean I actually met Harry Potter before?"

Arthur let out a hearty laugh. "Met him?! You and Ron used to play with him every day in the month of August. You three were inseparable. He would call you two Ro and Gi."

Ginny couldn't help but giggle at the names that baby Harry gave her and her twin brother. "Why did they stop coming?"

"Well you have to understand that back then, You-Know-Who was at his most powerful. People were dying left and right. Once You-Know-Who decides if someone needs to be dead, he or she is dead.

"The Potters were scared for Harry. They were well-known targets of You-Know-Who and did not want Harry to be caught in the crossfire. So, they went into hiding and had Mr. Potter's best friend, Sirius Black, become their Secret Keeper. Unfortunately, Black betrayed the Potters and sold them out to You-Know-Who. No one expected this to happen considering that Mr. Potter and Black were as close as brothers.

On October 31st, the night of All Hallows Eve You-Know-Who broke into the Potter's house and killed both Mr. and Mrs. Potter. He tried to kill Harry as well, but couldn't. The curse rebounded on him and that was the end of his reign.

"When another one of Mr. Potter's friends, Peter Pettigrew, found out that the Potter's were dead, he went to go confront Black. Black killed him and twelve other muggles with a single curse that destroyed the street. All that was left of Peter was a finger. Black was arrested and thrown into Azkaban without a trial."

"Why wouldn't they give him a trial?" Ginny asked with a puzzled look.

"The evidence was too great. There were many witnesses of Peter screaming at Black for betraying his best friends. Then the street blew up. No one seemed to think a trial was necessary. Everyone thought he was guilty."

"How close was Peter to Mr. Potter?"

"Well, while James and Black were like brothers in all ways but blood, Peter was much more quiet. He usually just followed them, plus Mr. Potter's other friend, Remus Lupin, around. Now I haven't met them much, but whenever I saw Peter he looked a bit nervous. Come to think of it, it was as if he was hi-." Arthur stopped and had a blank stare. It was if he was deep in thought.

"Daddy, are you alright?" Ginny asked concerned.

Arthur snapped out of it and looked at his daughter. "I'm fine sweetie. Listen, it's time for you to go to sleep. I'll see you in the morning.

"Ok. Good night Daddy. I love you."

"I love you too, Gin. Sleep well." With that, Arthur closed walked out of Ginny's Room and closed the door. He walked to the sitting area where he watched the embers in the fireplace dance. As he watched, he began to think of what he was saying in Ginny's Room. 'Is it possible that Sirius Black is actually innocent and that Pettigrew is the actual traitor? I need to see Dumbledore about this.' He reached for the flowerpot near the fireplace and pulled out a handful of Floo Powder. He threw the powder into the fire, turning it an emerald green, and walked into the fire. He muttered "Dumbledore's office, Hogwarts," and then, he was gone