Ron woke up from a nightmare about spiders in his bed. He looked under his comforter and sheets and let out a breath of relief at the spiderless bed. He looked over to Harry's bed to see if he accidentally woke him up, but he wasn't there. The bed was empty. Ron quietly got out of bed and walked down the tower as silently as he could.

Arriving in the common room, he saw Harry sitting by the fireplace reading his potions book. The same textbook he's been reading last night… and the night before that. In fact, Harry has been focusing most of his focus on studying potions ever since Sirius' letter. Even Hermione told him to take a break from studying, but Harry refused. He really wanted to prove to Snape that he is not his father. "Harry, what are you doing up?" Ron asked, rubbing his eyes.

"I could ask the same to you?" Harry retorted without even looking up from his book.

"Bad dream," Ron said simply. "And unless you had one too, I don't really think you have that much of an excuse to be up at this hour."

"Just studying potions a bit. You know, read ahead a little bit."

Ron looked at Harry as if he had two heads. "At this time at night? Mental, you are. You're even worse than Hermione."

"Look, I just want to be prepared, alright? Snape seems to have it out for me. I looked up those questions he asked me on day one. We weren't supposed to learn about bezoars until early December, and the book doesn't even talk about the Draught of Living Death until the second to last chapter. I want to be prepared for anything he throws at me."

Ron still thought he was crazy, but decided that sleep was more important than Hermione corrupting Harry at the moment. So he went back upstairs leaving Harry to his studies.

The next potions class was especially tense between Harry and Snape. For the first half of class, Snape bombarded Harry with a wide array of questions ranging from what would happen if anything but human hair was to be used in polyjuice potion to the uses of mandrakes in potions, both potions beyond a first year's knowledge. With each question Harry answered correctly, Snape got angrier and angrier and the words coming out of his mouth becoming more and more venomous; but Snape couldn't find anything that he could take points of of him.

When it was time for the students to pair into groups to brew another Potion of Cure Boils, Snape made sure that Harry and Neville were paired together. For the most part, Harry did all the work as he didn't want Neville to end up in the hospital wing again like last time. Every time Neville tried to do something, Harry stopped him, saying that he would take care of it.

Snape caught this almost immediately. "Potter!" he bellowed. "As much as I know how you love oh so much to hog all the credit for work, I would advise you to work with your partner as instructed! 5 points from Gryffindor!"

Harry couldn't believe this. Last week, he got in trouble for not preventing Neville ruin his potion and now he's getting in trouble for preventing him from making the same mistakes! He was directly targeting him.

He looked over at Malfoy, who was partnered with Crabbe. He was doing all the work while Crabbe was… looking at a fly that landed in front of him. While Harry admitted to him self that Malfoy was smart to not trust Crabbe with matters as sensitive as this, Snape didn't call him out on it. Obvious favoritism. Maybe it was time for a one-on-one with Professor McGonagall.

Harry approached a large door on the first floor in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower and knocked on it. "Enter," an elderly female voice called. Harry opened the door to Professor McGonagall writing on some parchment. "Mr. Potter. To what do I owe this unexpected visit?"

"Professor, I was hoping to talk to you about Professor Snape. It seems like he has it out for me."

Professor McGonagall raised an eyebrow at this. "Have it out for you? And what proof do you have that Snape would have it out for you.

"Well for one, he is asking me questions out of nowhere that is above what we are supposed to be learning such as the contents of a Draught of Living Death. Also, he's taking points off for me not preventing a mistake of another student that I didn't know would occur; And when I was trying to prevent a disaster from my partner's part from happening, he takes off points for me hogging all the credit. Draco Malfoy was doing all the work for him and his partner but Professor Snape didn't even pay any attention to him."

Professor McGonagall was shocked of this revelation. She knew that Snape was guilty of favoritism of his students, but this is a new low. "Well Mr. Potter, while I personally cannot do anything about this, I will bring this up to Professor Dumbledore. I am sure he will talk to Professor Snape. Now, I believe that you have class in ten minutes, so I suggest that you get going."

Harry was expecting a bit more from his head of house, but this is better than nothing. He left her office to get to his next class.

Severus Snape is not a happy man. He had to deal with a thousand snot-nosed brats who didn't know an Erumpent horn from their elbow, and one of them being that… that spawn of James Potter. He would never forgive Potter for everything he has done. The seven years of torment he has experience from Potter and his merry men, him saving Severus' life causing him to owe a life dept to Potter, and the worst offence of all was he took the woman that Severus loved away from him. That alone was unforgivable.

And the brat was just as bad as his father. Arrogant, full of himself, glory-hogging. It was as if James Potter had a doppelganger. But then there were those eyes, her eyes. He couldn't bear himself to look into his eyes. It was too painful to see what has happened instead of what could have been.

But right now it didn't matter. The headmaster wanted to speak with him, probably to talk about his detentions being to harsh. The worst that has happened is that some students received some potion burns, which Poppy could heal in 10 seconds.

Severus entered Dumbledore's office and asked, "You wished to see me, Headmaster?"

Dumbledore looked at Severus with a twinkle in his eye. "Ah, Severus, please sit down." As Severus did so, Dumbledore continued, "I have heard from Minerva a complain from a student about you. One Harry Potter in fact."

"Of course it would be Potter," Severus said with a sneer.

"Yes, he has claimed that you have been unfair to him and have been singling him out whenever you get the chance."

"I have simply been trying to expose him for what he truly is."

"And what do you think he is?"

"Arrogant, attention-seeking, glory-hogging, just like his father."

"Now Severus, are you sure you are not basing this off of previous vendettas? I mean I have been hearing nothing but good things from most of the other professors."

"They don't see what I see."

"Really? Then you wouldn't mind if I watch in on one of your classes to see the so-called arrogance of Mr. Potter, would you?

The look on Severus' face proved that he did in fact mind, but instead he said, "No. Not at all."

Dumbledore clapped his hands together and said, "Splendid. I'll be in the next class that you have young Mr. Potter." Severus nodded and headed for the exit. "Oh, and Severus," Dumbledore said halting Severus' progress to the door.

Severus turned around. "Yes headmaster?"

"Just remember, the eyes are the window to the soul. Food for thought." Severus said nothing in response and left the office.

Harry and company walked outside to where a group of students surrounded a group of broomsticks. It was their first flying lesson, and Harry couldn't wait to get back up in the air. Ron and Ginny were pretty energized about the concept too, but Hermione was more nervous than anything. She only flew on a broom a couple of times, and she never got used to the feeling. She preferred her feet on the ground, but she'd get on a broom if she had to for an emergency… such as a grade.

When they got onto the grounds, they saw Malfoy holding a broom bragging to his friends. "Of course I'm not getting the Nimbus 2000. They're already working on the 2001. Faster, smoother, and better handling than its predecessor. I heard it'll be out by next October, but father has connections. He'll get me one before next summer's end."

Just hearing Malfoy's bragging put a sour expression on Harry's face, and Malfoy noticed. "What's a matter, Potter? Afraid that I'll fly circles around you?"

"Afraid?" Harry scoffed. "Why would I be afraid of someone who can't properly handle a broom?"

"I'll have you know that I've been handling a broom ever since I was five, Potter. Maybe you're father should have taught y… oh I'm sorry!" Malfoy laughed as the rest of the Slytherins laughed with him.

Harry was about to reach for his wand, but Madam Hooch, a which with grey spiky hair and yellow, hawk-like eyes, walked onto the grounds and Malfoy quickly put down his broom. 'Beat him in the air,' Harry thought to himself.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Madam Hooch shouted at her students. "Put your wand arm over the broom like so, and say, "Up!"" With those words, the broom under Madam Hooch's arm zoomed into her hand.

"Up!" Harry shouted, and the broom zoomed into his hand, although it took the broom a bit longer to do anything than his broom at home. 'Must be the age of the brooms. Godric Gryffindor himself might have rode on this broom. At least it was on the first try. That's something."

Harry looked around to see the progress of his fellow classmates. Ron and Ginny got it on their second try, and Malfoy on his third. Pavarti, Seamus, Dean, and Pansy Parkinson all got it on their fourth try. Hermione and Neville both eventually got it on their fifth time. Crabbe and Goyle couldn't even get their brooms up, so they picked them up, losing 5 points each from Slytherin for refusing to follow instructions.

Once everyone had a broom in hand, Madam Hooch began speaking again. "Now I want everyone to mount their brooms like so." Everyone did so, but Harry noticed that Malfoy was positioned the wrong way. "No no no Mr. Malfoy. Your technique is all wrong. You're grip way too close to the handle of the broom."

Malfoy looked flabbergasted. "But I've been flying this way for six years now!"

"Well you've been doing it the wrong way for six years. Move your hands closer to the your body. There you go." All the Gryffindors laughed at how Malfoy reacted to his mistake. "Alright. Now I want everyone to slightly kick off the ground, hover 5 feet in the air, and gently hover back down. On my whistle!" Madam Hooch blew her whistle and everyone hovered gently in the air. Everyone except Neville Longbottom, who lost control of the broom and kept going up and up.

"Mr. Longbottom! Mr. Longbottom, get down here this instant!" But Neville couldn't get down. He was a good 15 feet in the air when he fell off his broom and onto the ground. Madam Hooch ran to Neville to examine his injury. "Dear me. A brtoken wrist. Not to worry. Madam Pomfrey will have you fixed up in a jiffy." As Madam Hooch led Neville into the castle, she addressed the class, "I want everyone to stay grounded. If I catch any of you off of the ground, you'll be kicked out of Hogwarts before you can say Quidditch."

Once Madam Hooch was out of sight, Malfoy picked something up from the ground. It was Neville's wand. "Did you see his face? Great lump. Might as well take this from him. Squibs can't even use wands anyway." All the Slytherins laughed with Malfoy as he fiddled with Neville's wand.

"Give it here Malfoy!" Harry said, not wanting to let Malfoy get away with this.

Malfoy pretended to be deep in thought, but ultimately said, "I don't think so, Potter. I think I'll leave this somewhere for Longbottom to find it." He mounted his broom and began to take off. "Perhaps a tree."

Harry mounted his own broom, but before taking off, Hermione tried stopping him. "Harry, you've heard what Madam Hooch said. You don't want to get expelled, do you?"

"I'll probably get off easy compared to Malfoy," Harry said as he mounted off the ground to chase Malfoy.

Ginny turned to Hermione and asked, "Do you really think that you could have stopped him?"

Hermione huffed. "Of course not."

Harry didn't have time to enjoy the feeling of flying again. He was focused on getting that wand back from Malfoy. After two minutes or so, Harry managed to get in front of Malfoy and face him. Malfoy was shocked. He didn't expect Harry to be this good at flying yet.

"Give it here!" Harry shouted. "Or I'll knock you off your broom!"

Malfoy tried to look intimidating, but to little success. "You want it?" Malfoy turned so he was facing the Castle. "Go fetch!" he said as he threw the wand at the castle.

Harry raced towards the castle to catch the falling wand. He made a dive to catch it, but he was getting dangerously close to the ground. After about a 50 foot dive where he was only about 5 feet from the ground, Harry caught the wand and pulled out of the dive.

As he landed, he could see and hear all the Gryffindors cheer for Harry's accomplishment. "Mate that was amazing!" Ron shouted.

"That had to be at least a 50 foot dive!" Ginny added.

Harry looked at Malfoy who still looked smug. He soon found out why as he saw McGonagall march towards him at an alarming rate, and she didn't look happy.

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