Warning—Read this story at your own risk. Contains spoilers for chapters up to 168.

First of all, to clear a few things up, I do not like NatsuMikan. I don't even like Mikan. But I read chapter 168, and I felt that I had to write this.

It's set right after Mikan's told that her memories will be wiped, but before Narumi uses his pheromones on her.

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They said they were going to wipe her memories.

They said they were going to wipe her memories.

She couldn't believe it.

After everything, after all she had done for them, this was the reward she got? After she sacrificed her freedom to keep the Academy was safe, they decided to do this to her?

That just wasn't fair.

But then, life wasn't fair. Otherwise, why would Natsume have died?


The boy she loved—no, loves.

Yes. The love was still alive.

Her love didn't die with him. How could it? It was a part of her, and while she was alive, it would still be there. It would still hurt.

Wait. Maybe that was the real reason they were going to wipe her memory. Maybe they thought that she'd forget him.

But she wouldn't.

Didn't they realize that he had changed her? She wasn't the carefree, idiotic child that entered the Academy one year ago. She had grown, mostly because of him. And they couldn't change that.

Even if her memories were taken away, her personality wouldn't be what it was then. She could never fit into her old village, because she wasn't part of it any more She couldn't have ordinary children as her playmates, because she wasn't an ordinary child. What she had gone through had changed her. And the scars would remain.

Her body would remember, even if her mind didn't. She knew that she would be kept awake at night, when everything would come back to haunt her in her dreams. Her memories might be gone, but the pain would still be there.

And she'd much rather remember what caused all this. She'd rather remember everything that happened than go through life bitter and lonely, not knowing who or what had made her like this. If she didn't know, she…she didn't know what she'd do if she woke up, changed from her ten-year-old self to her present self, not knowing how she had changed. She might…she might even kill herself. She didn't know. It was a possibility. Right now everything was a possibility.

But if they left the memories, she would know what made her change into what she was now. And she would remember her love, too.

But no, they couldn't even give her that grace. They had to cast her out of their lives, completely and utterly, ruining hers in the process. That was their 'thank you'.

If only Natsume had been here, he would have stopped them. Somehow, he would have stopped them, and they would have escaped together to some place where no one and nothing could hurt them. They would have been happy.

But he was dead. Dead. Gone. Lost. He had left her.

And he had broken his promise.

He had broken his promise.

He had promised her that he'd take her out of the Academy, but he hadn't kept his promise. He had made the Academy a better place, but he had died in the process.

Was this the price of freedom?

Maybe. Probably. She didn't know any more.

But she couldn't help thinking that this was a high price to pay—a very high price. Death. Loss.

Someone—she couldn't remember who—had said that freedom was never easy to get. It was paid for by blood and tears.

His blood.

Her tears.

That, maybe, was the price. The price that they had to pay to keep the Academy safe.

But not for them. Never for them or their children.

Because he was gone from the Academy, and she would be too, soon.


And no one would remember them.

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