Based on Mass Effect of Bioware

Mass Effect 4

Automatic Voice Verification: "Welcome in the Database of the Galactic Immigration Agency of Illium, data will be verified."

Several data streams are activated and are transferred from A to B, suddenly it begins to flash red.

Automatic Voice Verification: "Data Transfer incomplete, corrupt data, please confirm your identity."

Species: Asari *Confirmed*

Name: Kysaek *Confirmed*

Origin: Thessia *Confirmed*

Last Job: Asari Military Forces *Confirmed*

Current Job: PGI – Peeks Galactic Industry *Confirmed*

Current Residence: Illium *Confirmed*

Automatic Voice Verification: "Data verified, transfer successful and saved, a wonderful day Mrs. Kysaek."

Published by the German Bioware Forum

A German Community Production

Written by Pain87 Originals

and translated by Rabenkopf


"35 years ago the known galaxy faced it greatest threat, an enemy which had extinguished every life for billions of years and took the future away of many, still unknown, species….

Through the earnings of the still young humanity and especially one male human, the legend Commander Shepard, the Galactic Community was able to defeat the enemy, only known as Reaper, in a long and cruel war….

Even 35 years after the war the signs of it are seen on many planets, but still the reconstruction proceeds and everything seems to be good. But in many parts of the galaxy autonomous colonies had separated themselves from their home or were conquered by Warlords, which used the chaos and still use….

Riots range over every world and the once so harmonic peace between every species is more endangered then ever…."

Gras rustling is heard. Hasty steps. Steps which underline the rustling and panting voices of several people. Like a shadow the first figure wearing a N7 armor is scurrying and then the next. Again and again they run like madman, pursued by fire of unknown rifles and striking grenades behind them.

N7 Human: "Go, Go!"

N7 Turian: "Behind you Commander!"

N7 Asari: "Enemy is coming closer!"

N7 Human: "Take up a position behind these rocks! Let us sweep them out of the way!"

A joint "Yes, Sir!" is heard and shortly after this some hasty jumps and rolls follow as well like fortifying of a position behind the formation of smaller rocks, rifles at the ready. At the horizon, between the trees, figures appear, judging by the equipment mercenaries or pirates.

N7 Human: "I hate this scum."

N7 Turian: "We will destroy them."

N7 Asari: "We are the Elite!"

Together and serious: "We are the N7!"

On these words all three begin to fire and shoot down rather fast the first enemies, which try to hide behind the trees. A typical firefight flares up, accompanied by various verbal attacks, whereby the N7 live up to their reputation. They shoot down one enemy for every bullet, throw their grenades and hunt them out of their cover. More and more smoke superimpose the clearing and the fire stops finally. No sound is heard except the fading echoing of the shooting.

N7 Human: "It looks like we are successful once again."

N7 Turian: "Have you expected something different, Sir?"

N7 Human: "Of course not."

N7 Asari: "This was nothing against the Elite of the Galaxy."

A joint "Hooray!" is heard full-throatedly, only interrupted by an even louder voice.

N7 Turian Commander, loud speaking: "Here you are!"

Hasty the three soldiers turn around to salute eagerly: "Yes, Sir!"

N7 Turian Commander, in a rough military voice: "I see you have defeated the enemy like expected! Not for nothing we are the elite army of the Galactic Community, Shepherds of the Security and Order! Only the Spectres are ranked higher than us, but they are Mavericks, no army like we are!"

Again a joint "YES, SIR!"

Voice: "Oh come on, are you serious?"

The Turian Commander turns around on the rocks and puts down his hands on the back.

N7 Commander: "There is nothing we can't do, nothing which can stop us, nothing which is impossible!"

The Turian lifts his stare, his face is fixed totally. "And what is with you?! When you come to the N7?! Help the Galaxy and secure it, like once the legendary Commander Shepard!"

Voice: "Come on, switch it."

Another voice: "Soon."

The logo of the N7 is whirling around, which is why the Commander and the three soldiers are below the picture now. N7 written in silver and red writing is stamped on the picture.

N7: "We are the Elite. We are the Guardians. Join us still today! We want you!" The Commander is pointing at the front.

Voice: "Switch it!"

Another voice: "Well, all right."

At the words a loud click is heard and the picture of the N7 soldiers vanishes. It changes the whole time in a rapid way and one can recognize only hardly what is happening on the following pictures.

Voice: "Have we not the rule: No Zapping."

Another Voice: "Yes, but we have also the rule, that we rotate who decides the channel and today it is my turn."

One Asari is sitting on a chair, which spins around with a movement of her, and is leaning back slowly.

Kysaek: "I would say it is obvious who has the today's privileges."

In the same gesture a man turns around in his chair to the Asari. It is a human, a little plumper and chubby, and he is raising his lightly haired hands.

Jim: "I think we need to add a third rule, which decides if zapping is allowed, no matter who has the today's privileges."

Kysaek: "666 channels…and there is nothing interesting. That leads inevitably to zapping. Besides this is something, which you humans have introduced to the Galaxy anyway."

Jim: "You are talking about real Entertainment? Then you are right."

Kysaek: "Zapping is Entertainment?"

Jim: "No…I bet this existed in the Galaxy even before us, considering your boring Shows….I mean, seriously…The Hour with the Salarian, good for the mind, but during it you feel dumper, than being good taught."

Kysaek: "Indeed…and these shows from Earth like Big Earth…we watch a dozen idiots, how they live in a house full with cameras for a full year…there are Pyjaks even higher quality."

Jim is grabbing a cup in which a black liquid is found, probably coffee, and is drinking a big gulp before he is slurping a bit. "Okay, okay…turn it off; soon the next Security Update must come."

Kysaek: "You are right…" And with one click of the controls the picture the small screen vanishes and Jim turns around to the bigger desk, which is coined with various buttons and switches and over it several smaller screens and one big one. The Asari emulates his deeds then and turn around to the electronic construction.

Kysaek: "How is the status of our Security-Chief-1?"

Jim, a little murmuring: "Mhrrr let's see…where is our good SC…" he grins lightly "…if we would miss him…"

The man activates an Omni-tool over the desk and it seems to go through few cameras, which show different places of the building, in which they are sitting. On the big screen one can see the whole layout of the building, which is roundish and seemingly divided into several rings. The tool is scanning though the areas of the outer Ring until Jim is laughing.

Jim: "There we have him…he is coming closer to Station 2 with his Security Patrol…10 Credits that he trashes them?"

Kysaek: "Come on…that is his ritual, no matter when and which Station…every half hour he trashes somebody. The bet no one wins, because we both would say trashing."

Jim, lightly resigning: "Okay, okay…but today it was especially bad or not?"

Kysaek in approving and serious voice: "Yes…probably because he was not promoted to the SC-2…"

The Asari takes also a cup, drinks a gulp of the coffee, while Jim access to the bigger Screen via Omni-tool, where the layout is shown more precisely.

The building appears. It is round and there are seemingly five rings. On the Outer Ring is written down Level 1 and there are moving around 3 white points, which would form a triangular by connecting them, whereby one point is always blinking, and there is also the Station, where the two are sitting. The next ring is without a Station, but here is written down Level 1 as well.

Kysaek: "Do you believe that he strays to the second Ring of Level 2 once and then will be shot down by the Mechs….for the Level 1 Mechs he has the authorization."

Jim: "Ah…I am working for 3 years here…an unfulfilled dream…"

Again the human drinks a gulp coffee, while still observing the layout. The next area is identical to the Outer Level 1 Ring, but there is written Level 2, as well like the second ring of Level 2 is identical to the second ring of Level 1. All 4 rings are a little wider corridors like it seems and in the middle is a seemingly a bigger room, which is looking like the Core and on it is written down Level 3.

Kysaek: "Tell me…what is Level 3 actually?"

Jim, a little annoyed: "You don't want to start a What can be in Level 3?-Speculation now?"

Kysaek: "You are working here for 3 years…Me a little shorter. You need to know, what you are guarding there."

Jim, smacking, because he had bitten into a piece of bread: "I kfow onfly one tfing….I get my money evefy monfay. Mofe I don't fant to kfow."

Kysaek: "First chewing…then talking…."

Jim, swallowing his food: "You have understood me pretty well."

Kysaek: "Very well then…." She lifts her eyes before the Intercom is heard.

Voice: "Hey, you two…SC-1 has left us right now…like always with the best mood. He is coming to you now."

Jim: "Were you nice to him at least?"

Voice: "Of course. We have given him many kisses…these he will give you now."

Kysaek: "Sounds exciting…" She looks at the clock. "Thought we would be lucky today…the second night shift starts in 10 minutes…I go to make a tour and then directly to the locker room. I want to go to the Eternity then and that I want to do without being pissed off.", she adds murmuring. With a small grin she jumps on her feet.

Jim surprised: "The Eternity? A date?"

Kysaek: "No, but who knows what will happen…besides you know, we Asari are very popular."

Jim, a bit slow: "Mhhh oh wellllll, since the Salika appeared…the female Salikans are rivaling the Asari quite pretty…I mean they are humanoid Insects and the guys are butt ugly with their huge eyes and this horn plates…but the women are rather similar to the Asari."

Kysaek, a little sullen: "With their smooth, gleaming skin, these black eyes and the Dreadlock hair, this is similar to our hair cartilage…but is not so stiff by light years." She is buzzing.

Jim: "You are saying it…but before you go, tomorrow I want to hear the story what has led you to the army in the first place and then to the position here!"

The Asari nods, which is why Jim adds: "Good…then hurry up, otherwise the SC gets you at the door, before you get out. We see us tomorrow evening."

The Asari nods again, checks her Predator Gun at its retainer, as well like the flashlight, which retainer is positioned at her shoulder and then turns around to march through the door, opening it with the control in the middle of it. With a hiss the door opens to all sides, like everyone knows is typical for doors of today. The Asari takes the first steps forward, lifting her head, after the flashlight is jammed tight at its retainer and running right into the Security-Chief-1, who is buzzing more than displeased.

SC-1 Phonor, with an annoyed voice: "Where to Bluish?"

The Human gasps once again so one could guess that he is 40 or 50 years old and classify him in this way as the typical old soldier. The face is stamped with scars, furrows and bruises; the glance is stiff and the hair style short with grey hairs. This picture is rounded out only more by the two masked soldiers behind him, both with Assault Rifles at the ready and the Logo of the PGI on their shoulders.

Kysaek, relatively fast standing at attention: "SC-1! I wanted to make a tour right now, before the first night shift is over!"

Phonor, slowly speaking: "For what a tour? We are here for tours…you can place your small blue ass right beside the fatso and with him keep in view the cameras."

Kysaek, raising her eyebrow a little: "Excuse me Sir, but also tours are written down in our employment agreements. If you dislike this…you should address the Personal Department…don't you need to….Sir?" in a little arrogant undertone.

One of the soldiers behind the SC, who is recognized easily as a Turian despite wearing a helmet, retorts: "Sir, maybe we should let our blue honey here do something useful. She seems to be underemployed…the janitor needs probably help by cleaning."

Phonor, shortly laughing: "Yeah indeed, that would be something…but this would be an insult to the good man."

Kysaek: "Sir, you have not answered my question….do you let me do my job now or should I use my time further for talking until my shift is over?"

Growling Phonor responds: "Out of my sight. Move your ass!"

The Asari nods only and passes the three, whereby the door behind her closes again. She reaches for her shoulder and activates the flashlight, which shines more light than the weak lights in the dark Level 1 corridors. Kysaek begins her patrol tour, looking around from time to time and like before it was seen on the screens, the whole corridor leads in an endless curve, which the Asari follows and lightens. Everything appears sterile, the corridor more or less empty besides several smaller protrusions for generators, which project out of the walls or some locked Security doors, behind which Mechs are ceasing, visible cause of the doors out of glass. The view repeats itself, while Kysaek walks through the corridor, where only her steps are heard, which are echoing back- like forward and sometimes along with some sounds of stretching of the body and pleasant sighs.

The steps become slower and she comes closer to a door, which is lightened stronger and over which "Locker Room" is written. She opens the door and enters it, walks around a corner of this contorted locker room until Kysaek reaches probably her locker and opens it. After it she drops down slowly on the bench behind her as well like she lowers her head to sit peacefully.

The whole thing needs several minutes to happen and only her breathe is audible. Her body is relaxed and deflated completely, before she pulls herself together to go to her opened locker once again. Bit by bit the Asari begins to undress her work clothes until she is standing there only in her underwear, which is probably also part of the equipment, because it looks like it is convenient and not comfortable. After she has taken it off as well the only thing she is still wearing is a dog tag, which is hanging around her neck. Would there be an observer so he would see easily the lightly trained body, which was probably a result of her military service, although a lightning scar is seen on the belly of the otherwise "flawless" Asari body. Kysaek folds her work clothes carefully and then puts it down in her locker, but there for takes her own clothes out. She dresses first in her underwear or at least in her panties, which are followed by a black cloth pants, which are fixed by a belt.

"What we could do with each other…" the voice of the other side of the room is echoed to the Asari, who stands still with the front to her locker. After some moments she takes a hand in front of her chest and turns around to the voice, which appears to belong to the second soldier, who has escorted the SC-1.

Kysaek: "Has the boss turned you loose?"

Mac: "Eventually every one of us has his home time…are you up to do something still today, honey?"

One moment the Asari keeps silent, looking at the human with lightly constricted eyes, before she raises her voice with a lightly sweet sound: "Of course…I am up to….ditch you here and to fly the coop."

Mac with a sardonic grin: "Why so unapproachable? If you would be only a little bit nicer, I could convince the SC easily to let you join the patrol team…that means more cash…and everything you need to do is to be only a little bit nicer."

Kysaek, a bit serious: "I would be pleased to be so nice to you and escort you with a biotic kick out of the locker room…"

Mac laughs shortly and goes a few steps back. "Mixed locker rooms, some day you become accustomed to it…as well like I become accustomed to you hot, blue ass.", the man murmurs, but then turns around and leaves premises, which is why the Asari continues to dress herself. First a white bra follows and then a dark blue strappy top, whereby she brushes her shoulders with the straps. Next follows an odor spray and she takes out a cigarette out of its box, which is found in the side pocket of her jacket. Then she dresses her short and black jacket, which has also a high standing collar. Then Kysaek locks her locker, fishes out a lighter of one of the inside pockets of her jacket, lights her fag and marches out of the premises to the exit at a low pace.

It is dark, the sky jet-black, but one can see clearly the stars below which the Skyline of the capital city of Illium is seen. The door behind Kysaek closes, while she enjoys the view for a while. These gaudy lights and high buildings…almost not to believe that all of this lay in ashes once, although it is still the case with more than the half of the planet. The hands hidden in the pockets the woman starts to move slowly, but lets her eyes wander around the surroundings from time to time again. Thereby she looks at the second facility, which is found directly besides the one she has left right now and has an identical shape like the first one. Finally further behind is found a big factory and the whole area is surrounded by a big wall. While Kysaek is coming closer to the Checkpoint slowly, her eyes stay shortly at the Headquarter of the PGI. Three slim tower buildings, directly beside each other, one smaller, right beside it a slightly bigger one and in the center the main tower is soaring much higher. After reaching the Checkpoint the Asari inhales a strong drag out of her cigarette and blows the smoke in the cold night air, before she puts down all her belongings on the band conveyor to go through a Scanner Frame herself.

"PGI…I ask myself what they do except of the big factory hall, where they produce part of space ships. It is like in an army base here….this main gate here, with cannons on the roof…but better I don't think about this…Jim is probably right: Shut up, earn your money and then home, party and once again to work.", she soliloquizes in her mind.

Her train of thoughts is interrupted, when the Scanner signalizes that everything is all right and her valuables are coming out on the other side of the band conveyor. She pockets them one after another and then goes through the exit of the main gate to the direction of the next train station her hands once again hidden in her pockets.

So now some explanations follow:

This is a story created in the German Bioware Forum by the author Pain87, but was later relocated to the German Mass Effect –World of Players Forum.

The story has a specialty: before each chapter Pain87 gives us readers small spoilers in shape of votings. These votings allow us readers to influence the direction the story goes at certain moments. (For example: if the main story should be continued or a side mission started and how the heroine decides in all this missions she takes :-) ) But this doesn't mean that we write the story – that is still the privilege of Pain87, whose idea was this story in the first place (and on whose Fanfiction Ending for Mass Effect 3 it is based on – written before the Leviathan DLC and Extended Cut-DLC) There for we, the readers, shape the details and direction of the protagonist ^^

The German Version is always at least one chapter ahead of this English Version here (because I need a chapter to translate it ^^ ), but who can understand German is allowed to take part in the votings, found in the German Mass Effect –World of Players Forum. :-) Because Mass Effect 4 – A New Galaxy and its direct sequel Mass Effect 5.0 was finished already, you can only decide how Mass Effect 6 will look like now ;-)

Also a topic worth to mention here at the start: the author includes often images or soundtracks (only original ones from Mass Effect ;-) ) in this story, but Fanfiction doesn't allow to insert links ^^; because of this I am using notes found right into the story, which could interrupt the flow of reading. This is a little bit annoying, but I don't know a different way to insert the links. Who knows an alternative, I am open to read them :-)

To the topic N7, because it was asked already several times:

The author is well aware that it was actually only a Human term for military specialists. The one in this chapter (and the whole story) bases on the N7 Special Ops founded during the Reaper War. In this future it became a real army, with the hardest training (equally to the N7 Training Program), consisting out of all species, the best of the best and it is only answerable to the Council. The difference to the Spectres is the fact that it's an army, not only mavericks (most spectres were mavericks). :-)

And last: When you don't like this kind of dialog system – like in a theater ;-) – don't be afraid: from the next chapter it changes :-)

So quite much info at the beginning, but I hope you enjoy reading this story from now on ^^ for further questions: I like to read reviews ;-)