So here the next prelude to Kysaek's organization :-)

Kysaek's current money: 1.145.000 Credits Necessary Money: 1.000.000 Credits

New Investments:

Exodus Cluster, Utopia System, Arcadia:Building a small Mine for general Extraction (125.000):

An inhospitable planet in the Utopia System, close to Eden Prime, which seems to have much metal reserves

A German Community Production

Based on Mass Effect of Bioware

Mass Effect 4

Act VIII: Kysaek's Awakening – Time for the Offensive

Chapter VI: Witch Hunt

Starting with music: "The Normandy – Mass Effect 1 (OST)"

Numbers over numbers fly across the screen of Jerto Ma's Terminal, while this one types around on the keys of it, making some calculations.

On the Bridge are many activities right now, but organized and peaceful. Directly behind Jerto, Elaine is standing with crossed arms and observes the Volus doing his work over his shoulder. A short shaking is felt and with a 'Wupp' the Galaxy ends the FTL-Jump, and one moment later the droning voice of Selok is heard from the lower part of the Bridge: "FTL-Engines offline. Start preparations for Cloaking Mode and this time faster than else; last time we were almost detected by a sensor." The Crew Members around him keep silent, while typing around on their holographic panels: images get shifted and new menu buttons projected. In the upper part of the Bridge Kysaek says in the meantime: "What you think?", and Jerto turns around slowly, before answering her: "With our current finances the Mine Facility on Arcadia is more than only profitable. I have calculated a chance of success of 95 percent, but when I am allowed to state…"; "Tell me, we are not on a military vessel here."; "It discomfits me a bit, that you have come with this to me first. There should be really Volus, which are no financial geniuses or something similar."; "I am sorry, but I have not thought for this in this direction, but instead rather of the fact, that you are my assistant." Elaine explains, while the Volus breathes in the whole time, but speaks like usually without breaks with his VI-voice: "Oh so it is. You are right: I am your assistant and at the end I count numbers to my skills."; "Then I am relaxed…and hey, what our galaxy would be without some prejudices? Look at me: we Asari are in the heads of many sluts or dancers…I believe, there the Volus have it better with their prejudice."; "Ah…true, Kysaek. Still something else?"; "No, that's all. Send the data for me and send the necessary arrangement to the facility."; "Aye, Ma'Am.", Jerto responds and turns back to his Terminal.

Elaine turns away from Jerto as well and goes to her own Terminal on the other side, activates it and opens the menu 'Ship Information & Troops', whereby she pushes directly the submenu 'Normandy': an image appears with the Status Display 'Ready' in front of her eyes and the Asari starts typing around, sending a Readiness Order to the ship and starting an Image Communication with her Omni-Tool. Seconds later Elaine looks in the eyes of Dorvan and asks: "Are you really sure, that she is there?"; "Absolutely. Because we knew the Timeframe and she has told so generously about her ticket and the Blue Suns in her message, it was easy to find this turian woman. Her flight went absolutely to Illium, but about the strength of her escort I can't tell a thing."; "Why not? You don't know how many she has paid?"; "That sure, but the prices vary by mercenaries steadily and some pay with other things than money…"; "I really don't want to know where that is heading."; "There are more things than you think right now probably. That reaches from sex to slavery."; "Since when are you an expert for such things?"; "The ExtraNet hides much knowledge and I spent a lot of time on its paths."; "Of course; only look out that you don't turn on the wrong path."

"Noted.", the Batarian answers and the connection gets deactivated, while Kysaek's Tool stays active and she sends Phonor orders for the next mission. One moment later the Asari directs her attention on Galaen, who stands lower than her and says a bit louder: "Galaen.", who turns around jagged and replies: "Yes…Kysaek?"; "Get ready. You come with me on the next mission."; "Aye-aye.", the turian woman answers disciplined and salutes. Kysaek shakes her head sighing, before turning around slowly and leaving the Bridge. With the Elevator she drives upwards to her cabin and changes her clothes there, switching the simple clothes for her Battle Suit and weapons. Then she goes to the Hangar and climbs inside one of the Shuttles with her companions, whereupon the left Hangar door opens slowly. The Transporter comes loose from its retainer and flies over the heads of the Crew Members, right across the Energy Shields and the opened armor gate.

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Elaine examines the Asari world via the board screens at the tail part of the Shuttle and seems to be quite calm. Observed from the distance the planet looks like a small coin, to which the Shuttle comes closer every moment.

The Asari leans back in her seat and breathes out deeply once, while Phonor starts speaking: "It's been a while that you were here, or not?" Kysaek looks to the man and replies: "An odd feeling, but it has been a while for you as well, or not?"; "Not so long, like you believe and differently from you I was not wanted."; "Thanks, had forgotten it almost."; "You Asari are too sensitive. But when you don't stay watchful, you could find your end quite fast here."; "I will remember this." Elaine answers. For few moments it is silent, when Galaen ends it by saying to Elaine: "Are you sure that this isn't too dangerous?"; "The question should rather be: 'What is not dangerous for us?'"; "True, but keep careful. When someone wants to deal with personal affairs, many succumb to their feelings and the judgment gets clouded."; "What is to judge here? She has stolen from us, lied to us, betrayed her partners and flew with a platoon of Blue Suns to Illium. I would say whatever will happen, is more than only justified."; "I hope you are right and where exactly we are flying?"; "Nos Astra, Capital District Z9. It is quite at the edge and should give us some space to move."

"Understood, but actually it isn't important where we land. As long as we don't march exactly into a Police Station or misbehave completely, we can move around freely."; "Schaefer and Vorrn aren't here, so it will not be a problem probably.", Elaine says and Galaen nods silently, while the Shuttle has reached the sky above Illium already. The goal is at the dark side of the planet currently and almost no clouds cloak the view, which is why various cities are seen from the orbit as points of light and give Illium a natural beauty. The Transporter crosses the outer atmosphere and comes closer to the capital Nos Astra with every moment.

Last image of this chapter :-) "1479142-ilium" needs to be the skyline of Nos Astra ;-)

The closer the Shuttle comes, the more lights there are to reveal the visage of the capital, as well like the bustling activity at this late hour. The Transporter flies in between the urban canyons and lines up in the traffic of the Skyways with decreased speed. Elaine gets up from her seat, while the sunblock of the windows drives up, allowing all three a clear view: building facades expend in far heights and are crossed partially by tunnels of Skyways, but also equipped with bigger Holo Boards for Commercial Pics and playing Vids; from simple care products and Skycars, which are presented mainly by Asari, till to commercials of weapons, everything is seen on the projections and shines in colorful glint. "Hey, Asari.", Douglas says, whereby Elaine continues to look out of the window, while asking: "Yes?"; "I hope you don't get a crying fit, when we climb out."; "Hey, we have left Vorrn onboard and still I need to hear such things. That isn't funny."; "That was no joke. Like I said, you Asari are often too highly sensitive. When Thessia became the target of the Reaper 35 years ago, there I saw like Matrons and even Matriarchs collapsed in despair. They surrendered and were not able to act, because they couldn't believe what was happening. Thereby you can think that someone, who lives almost 1000 years, would be more hardy."; "…such a thing should have happened more often in this war. When the Earth burned, you have for sure shed tears of iron and rammed them directly into the bodies of the Reaper."; "Bullets did the same job. It is one thing to be shocked by such a thing, but a completely different to deny the reality. The War rampaged for some months already, but the Asari maintained a low profile till it was their asses, which were at stake and even then they couldn't grasp it. But that this happened to them, was more than only necessary."; "Extinction?"; "No. A good kick in the reality ass, with warmest regards of the Reaper."

"You don't like Asari much, don't you?"; "Because I speak the truth? Don't worry, I have an opinion to every species…but enough of that.", Phonor drones only and Kysaek doesn't say another word, while the Transporter flies right now at the tunnel of a building, crossing it to get to the other side. There the machine leaves the Skyway and gets slower and slower, while getting down over a small landing protrusion. The UT-49 lands on the ground and Kysaek puts her helmet on, as well like her companions, before the door opens and everyone climbs out, one after another. "From here on it needs to be only few minutes till to the hotel, where she has hidden herself." Elaine says and Galaen goes into it: "What exactly we can expect?"; "Well that we will see on site, not before. Let us go and keep your weapons back."; "Of course.", Galaen as well like Douglas reply, before everyone moves on slowly across a small bridge, found in between the protrusion and the Z9 District.

The door opens and the squad passes the passage inside the district: in front of their eyes is found a small, but good filled yard, surrounded by several shops and stairs – last mentioned lead to the upper floors, which consist out of Edge Balconies with the sign 'Z9'; these higher floors end in around 30 meters, where an opening is found, across which one can see out into the night sky and shows in this way that this district belongs to a bigger construction. After few moments everyone lowers their heads again and move on forward, across the crowd of different species: from Turian till Volus everyone is moving, whereas the Elcor are found more at the edge of the yard and stand around with some Hanar.

Casually Galaen says: "So that is Illium, Transshipping Point of the Omega Systems and Gate to the Traverse. Impressive and so decent." It takes some seconds till Phonor responds: "I thought you need to know it better. Illium is a good place, but mainly for the rich ones of the galaxy. The Company and Trade Laws are loosened up a bit cause of its closeness to the Terminus Systems and the Traverse than the general galactic Laws. Illium is for the Asari that, what Noveria is for us humans."; "For an old soldier you are well informed, Douglas."; "The old soldiers are the best; why do you think they got so old?"; "Perhaps because they have served the whole time behind the desk instead of the front?"; "Was this an attempt of a joke?"; "…unwanted.", Galaen answers calm and then it gets silent again inside the group, before Elaine points at an Elevator beside stairs and says: "We take the Elevator and drive upwards till to the floor of the hotel."; "As you may think fit.", Phonor says and the three move till to the mentioned Elevator, before Elaine pushes the button of the door and waits with her companions till the door opens and a handful of Batarians, Quarians and Vorcha approach them.

A Quarian says: "What a game. I would have never thought that the Illium Dark Blues would lose against the Palaven Silver Stars." A batarian woman says: "What have you expected? The T'Vary Sisters are both hurt and not on the field. Without their Stars the Dark Blues are nothing." One Vorcha on the other hand smashes his claw-like hands together over his head and groans: "Nhpfff bet lost. My monthly salary gone. Not good." what the batarian woman returns with a happy "I have said it you!" and adds: "I have won four monthly salaries by this Biotic Ball. Thank you Palaven Silver Stars!" The small group passes Elaine's group, who climbs inside the Elevator in return. After everyone who wanted has left the Elevator, the door closes and Elaine pushes the 'Upwards Button'.

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The machine starts moving, accompanied by a gentle melody and a male voice: "Now after some time has passed, there was a dispute in the Citadel Council once again between the Turians and Quarians, when it became apparent that the Quarians didn't want to stop their intended planet colonization. Like back then the Turians have protested fiercely this time, because the Colonization plans of the Quarians doesn't make sense with their current population and colonization worlds on destro-amino base are rarer than levo-amino anyway. On the other hand the Quarian Council Representatives have justified this decision that they wanted to colonize worlds for the future and that's why prepare already now for it. On the question: 'Why the few, old quarian colonies aren't put back into operation?' a spokesman of the Quarian answered with: 'The old colonies were claimed by the Turian Hierarchy shortly after the start of the Geth War and the closing of the quarian Embassy on the Citadel. They allow indeed a new colonization, but only with appropriate taxes for the Hierarchy, because the planets are subject to their administration and affiliation.'

It is certain that this debate is far from over and leads to tensions between the Hierarchy and the people of Rannoch…"

"And now only the newsflash: The Cargo Ship MSV Cordoba stays vanished. ExoGeni has reported it missing around two weeks ago. It should fly a delivery to the Research Colony New Prime on the planet Chasca, in the Matano System of the Maroon Sea Cluster, but has never arrived there. The last radio contact was straight after leaving the FTL-Jump, when the ship has arrived in the Matano System. The investigations are in progress, but they move forward only slowly, because the Maroon Sea is found in the Eastern Attican Traverse and ExoGeni doesn't have the necessary resources for such an extensive search."

And music off again ^^

The voice silences and the Elevator stops. Its doors open, whereupon the group leaves the Elevator again, entering one a bit bigger observation platform, from which one can see the big Skyline of Nos Astra and how it leads left and right. On the right side is found a small area, full with parked Skycars and on the other side is a ten-floor, semi-circle building, which edges out of the base construction. The platform is almost empty and only few persons are found on it, whereby Elaine points at the building: "That's it: Hotel White Sky." By the second glance the small Neon Light Label over the entrance is seen, shining in a white light now: 'White Sky' and vanishes one moment later.

Phonor crosses his arms only, while Galaen takes some steps forward and asks: "How should we proceed? It would be extremely bad to storm in with drawn weapons."; "Of course it would be bad. Perhaps I have not much experience in such things, but a bit more trust you should give me."; "So what we'll do?"; "We go in and ask."; "That's all…?"; "It doesn't need to be planned in minute detail every time. One of you goes inside and looks around for a moment. Such an escort of Blue Suns will strike out for sure and when you don't see them, simply ask by the reception."; "And who should go?" Galaen presses. Elaine looks first at the turian woman and then at Douglas, but this one shakes his head instantly: "Forget it. I am a soldier and Small-Talk is not my taste. Give me the right mission and I achieve it, but I will not be roped in for chatter, Asari." the man says seriously and convinced. Kysaek shakes only her head and looks to Galaen, saying: "You will do it like it seems. When you know it, come back to us; we'll wait here."; "Aye-aye.", the female Turian answers and salutes for a moment, before turning around and going to the hotel entrance, while Kysaek stops at the railing of the observation platform and Phonor keeps his position.

Elaine opens one small shelf of her belt and takes out a box of cigarettes, pulling out a fag with her mouth. After the box is back at its place, she ignites the cigarette with the Heat Function of her Omni-Tool and takes a deep drag, before blowing a smoke cloud out in between her lips and passing the next minutes in this way. The cigarette gets smaller with every drag and dissolves in the fiery blaze more and more, until it is almost only a stub. Kysaek snaps it away from the platform carelessly, while hearing in the same moment Phonor's statement: "There she comes.", whereupon the Asari turns away from the railing, to the side. Galaen approaches them and stops, saying: "I have what we need."

Elaine nods and says: "Continue."; "I don't know from where she has the money for it, but she has rent the whole seventh floor and how many Suns there are, it not guessable. But the Asari at the reception has informed me expressly to keep away from this floor, to avoid trouble.", Galaen explains and Elaine goes some steps forward, while Phonor comments it shortly: "From where she has the money…everyone can increase their money, not only we." Kysaek directs her attention at the outer ring in the meanwhile, which is found around the seventh floor and can see a turian Blue Suns mercenary. Her head moves from the middle left and back, but doesn't see anything new during this, before going from the middle right, whereby she can see now one armored woman, but whose helmet doesn't allow to conclude if it is a human or Batarian. "Have you noticed any extraordinary safety measures?" the Asari directs to Galaen, who answers: "In the lobby were some LOKI-Mechs, but unarmed and apparently programmed as VI-servants."; "Good. We go in and do it fast. Till here some Security Forces appear, it could take a while."; "So simply storming in?"; "No. First we go to the seventh floor. Then we storm in."; "I hope that's worth It."; "When you don't teach the people a lesson, they will never learn." Kysaek responds only and moves forward.

Her companions follow her in a normal pace and go with her to the stairs of the hotel, across these stairs and the entrance. In front of Kysaek a big room is seen, with several passages, one Elevator and stairs on the right side; the ground is out of grey metal and mirrors the light from the ceiling, but there is no decoration in the lobby except of some small sculptures of various species. Except for the LOKI-Mechs and the Asari behind the reception, no one is here. The receptionist raises her right hand and asks: "Can I do something for you?", whereupon Elaine shakes her head, answering: "We want to visit someone and know where we need to go." The Asari behind the reception grimaces a bit and tenses up her arms in front of the body, saying these words: "I hope you don't want to use your weapons here."; "Only when the Suns force us to do…", Kysaek responds and goes to the stairs, whereby she can hear the murmuring of the receptionist: "These damn Gang Wars. When I call for the police, these criminals come always back and make even more trouble…fortunately we are covered."

Slowly but focused the three take step by step, getting higher floor by floor. At every second turn of the stairs is found a door like as well the fitting number of the floor. Higher and higher Kysaek's squad goes, until they reach number six and stop there for a moment. Elaine nods to her companions and takes the lead around the last turn, where the floor with the number seven follows. In front of the door stands one single Blue Suns Batarian, who sees the three immediately and takes his Avenger higher.

Next music: "Agent Combat – Mass Effect 2 Liar of the Shadow Broker Original Videogame Score"

Without a word Elaine stops in front of the Batarian, who warns her: "Here is nothing to see, get away."; "I think here is something to see. We want to talk with your employer.", Kysaek counters, but the Batarian stays stubborn: "No way. Get lost or it becomes uncomfortable!"; "…ach I don't am in the mood to talk today simply. Let's go!" she says, whereupon Elaine's companions draw their assault rifles rapidly. The Suns mercenary gets his Avenger at the shoulder, but he is without a chance against the superior number. The companions shoot him down, before he collapses and Kysaek draws her Predator pistol, while her companions position themselves beside the door. The Asari opens the door and reveals a longer corridor in this way, on which side several doors are found. In front of them a female human Blue Suns Guard is standing, who has turned around already to the battle noise and gathers her Biotic.

In return Phonor leaves his cover and shoots the female mercenary down, before the group marches inside the corridor, only to get back into cover at the sides, when several doors open. Some unfamiliar voices, but also electronic whirring is heard, before several FENRIS-Mechs come around the corner and run at Kysaek's group. Unfortunately the machines are easy prey on the long corridor and get destroyed as fast as they have appeared, while the unfamiliar voices become clearer: "We have company."; "Then we should greet them appropriately.", and on each side appears one Turian Blue Suns mercenary, armed with Vindicator assault rifles. A fire battle with alternating shooting starts between both parties, whereby the Turians keep their line and Kysaek can't continue to advance, while another group of FENRIS-Mechs appear, which storms forward and gets covered by the fire.

The mechanical 'dogs' storm forwards and small flashes of electric overloads ignite at their surfaces. "We need to finish them off, otherwise they chase us away from our cover!" Galaen warns and in the same moment Phonor takes the initiative: he draws a dot-like item from his belt and throws it behind the storming FENRIS-Mechs. "Don't look!" the man warns and the others obey: they turn their faces away and some seconds later an extremely bright light flares up, blinding the Suns mercenaries. Thereupon Phonor turns around the corner again and shoots at the first line of Mechs, at their front legs. They collapse whirring, while Kysaek and Galaen finish off the remaining units. Then the squad moves on instantly, because the mercenaries are still blinded and stay in their cover. Their eyes recover slowly, but they can see only the incoming gunstock of Kysaek's troop.

The Turians are hit at full tilt and forced down, where each of them gets killed by one shot. The battle noise ends and Galaen says: "Was this all?" and Elaine states: "Don't forget that there are at least two guards at the outer balcony."; "Understood."; "But we will not bother us with them. Rummage the rooms, somewhere she needs to be." Kysaek orders and with weapons at the ready the group splits up.

Music off. :-P

Kysaek goes back to the stair entrance and opens the first door beside it. Carefully she enters the room and looks around properly: in the middle is a black couch with four sitting spots, which stands opposite of the glazed terrace door, and over which a Vid Screen is hanging; on the right side is a bed, which looks completely alright and not used; on the left side is found only a smaller door, to which Kysaek goes now and opens it; a small, but well equipped bathroom is revealed, but no one is inside the room and so Kysaek goes back to the corridor.

Still it is silent mostly, except for the noise of her companions and the occasionally passing Skycars. The Asari goes inside the next room, which has the same equipment like the last one and once again no one is inside this room and so Elaine repeats the pattern still some times, but there is no trace of the wanted turian woman. Sighing Elaine grabs at her helmet and asks inside the radio: "Have you found something?" Phonor as well like Galaen answer with "No.", whereupon Kysaek sighs again and puts her arms at the sides. She looks around again, before droning: "Has she seen us coming and ran away?"

Suddenly Kysaek hears a repeating beeping from one of the dead mercs. She runs to the Turian and kneels down to him, only to activate his Omni-Tool. Seconds later the female, for Elaine everything but not unfamiliar voice is heard: "How could you? These Mercs were not cheap and you kill them simply." Thereupon Elaine responds: "You have other problems, so where are you?!"; "Oh I have flown away right now. I heard it rumbling and disappeared with the remaining mercs from there."; "Can't be! We haven't seen you!"; "Of course you haven't, because you fell for my trick, hihihi."; "About what are you talking?!"; "The whole floor was only a distraction. I have rented another room under a false name, one floor over you."; "Bitch!"; "Says who? I was so free and have enlightened you; now tell me who you are? Who from the many of my pursuers?"; "Not that this changes anything, but you have stolen me and my companions much money on the Citadel and there for you will pay."; "…ahhh I remember you. I didn't notice it back then, but in the meantime I know who I have robbed there. Your escape from the Citadel was so big and your face was seen everywhere. Would I have known it back then, I would be a rich woman now…"; "Your loss; soon you are a dead woman!"; "Nhmmmm first you need to get me, sweetie. Till then feel kissed from me. See you…" the turian woman says and the conversation ends with hanging up.

Annoyed lightly Kysaek straightens herself, while her companions return. Phonor says: "When you ask me, drop it. I don't like something about the voice of this woman and I believe when you get her, you can lose only.", what Galaen supports: "Even I don't approve of theft, this here should be warning enough.", whereupon Kysaek drones: "We will see…we get out of her, before the police or whoever appears here." She turns around and looks at Douglas, orders him: "When we are back on the ship, you take Tavis and Thais. I want that you fly ahead to the Eagle Nebula and scout it a bit. We will follow with the Galaxy." The man nods: "Like you say, Asari." and after his words it gets silent again, while the group leaves the floor, like nothing has happened….

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And before I let the author has his to say again, a small announcement: in the next chapter the main story continues ^^ so stay tuned ;-)

Note of the author:

While looking for pictures of Illium, I noticed a mistake I made at the start of the whole story ^^; Cause of the temperatures of the planet the Asari has built these acrology buildings specially, because the ground has a temperature of average 60 °C. But Kysaek 'lived' more or less at the ground…but in the end I can correct it easily ;-) Because at the polar caps are normal temperatures and there is no specific mentioning of where Nos Astra is found ;-) so problem solved by putting Nos Astra close to the caps simply in this story ^^