Deep, deep inside my labyrinth walls, I lies there so all alone.
As the nightlight rise, something goes wrong inside my head.
Something has made my prison be my every step away from me.
Myself I will destroy, if you tries to repair me first.

But come to me my dear, let me tap into your strenght and drain the source dry.
It's your thoughts that bind me here, and it's your love which I most fears.
The love will destroy me, because I keeps your life most dear.

There's no resting for my mind.
And there's no place for love in my cold heart.
What keeps us apart?
I give a curse to every sea that I must cross.
But I know that I must fight for what I've done.
A twist of fate, a shattered moon.
If you could see what I have done...
It would throw a cold knife into me.
But I can see what you've done, and I can see what we've become.

(A/N this is sort of the intro to my new story.)