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CHAPTER 1: I miss you

Amu's pov.

I don't want to go! I hate it! High-school.

It reminds me to much of a High-school boy I once loved. Who promised that when I was old anoth he'd come back. Yeah right! Where is he now! Where has he been the past few years! I can tell you this much, he isn't where he should be. He should be with me! As I lay here on the ground, he's probably at the other side of the world with a loving family. A wife and three kids all shouting " お母さん (Okāsan, Mum/mom) and パパ (papa, daddy)" while laughing. I can picture it now, Ikuto's little boy so fragile and cute. With his fathers shining, messy, blue hair and his mothers eyes, which I'm guessing are brown. A girl who I can't imagine because she looks like her mother but with Ikuto's midnight blue eyes. A cute baby girl with some small strands of blue hair poking out her head. Her small hands wrapped round Ikuto's finger. I slump up from the ground and look at the clock. 8:40am. School starts in 15 minutes and its a 30 minute walk from my house. Who cares if I'm late other than Hotori Tadase. A boy I once had feelings for when Ikuto was still around but now Tadase and I are just friends. That all we ever will be. Friends. I walk to the door and shake my chara's eggs. " "みな (Mina, everyone)! Wake up!" All my charas pop out their eggs, then fly to my shoulder. I leave the house for yet another long day.

I slowly walk down the street as my charas play 'I spy'. Every now and then from the corner of my eye I notice Dia smirking at me. Its beginning to bug me, a lot. It's as if she knows something I don't. I look down at my phone. 8:45am and I can still see my house."I spy with my little eye something beginning A" shouts Ran up at my ear. They're testing my patience! "Is it... Anime dvd!?" shouts Miki in my other ear. "NOPE!" Ran snigger's. " Anaconda~desu?" Suu asks stupidly and Miki reply's "where. For it to be in eye spy you must see it. Don't be a ばか (baka, idiot)!" I sigh as anger builds in me. I then send a death glare at my charas ,that shut them up! Dia then smirks at me again! "Ok, Dia tell me what the fuck is with the smirking!" Dia puffs out her cheeks and frowns. "Why did you need to swear. What happen to the sweet Amu we knew and loved? Your always cranky at this time of the year because of Ikuto but you don't need to take it out on us!" I look at Dia with a look that could cause another ice-age. "She died when Ikuto left for the second time!" Dia smirks and says "if he comes back will she be reborn?" Oh, I see! She thinks he is coming back!? Well, she's got her hopes up for nothing because he isn't! EVER! "He wont come back but if he does I'll beat the shit out him! Guys, you can go hang out with the other charas I think we need some space for a while." With that they left.

I walk past the elementary school I went to. I feel tears form in my eyes but I will never let them fall. N-n-never. I look to the ground as I feel my cheeks become wet. Noises escape my mouth. No. Don't cry for that 変態 ばか (hentai baka, stupid pervert)! No! Stop crying for him! I rush away from that school and end up at the park. Of course, I always do. Ever year I seem to do the same routine. Today is the date he left, today is the day I always remember him. I sit on the bench and stare at the spot he played his violin and the melody fills my head. Tears fall to the ground as puzzled members of the public pass me. I lay my head and remember the day he left.


The wedding ended and my charas were all back. Me, Ikuto and Tadase walked out of the party. Where we saw Ikuto's dad catching a taxi. Ikuto turned to his mother and asked where he was going his mother replied "to the airport". Ikuto runs clicks his phone open and calls a taxi. A few minutes later the taxi arrives Ikuto got in it and left to airport where he saw his father catching a plane to Spain. A week later Ikuto leaves to find his father. Telling me to remember the promise he made to me. "Never forget the promise" were his exact words before he lent in and licked the loop of my ear causing me to shout at him. The last thing I said to him wasn't "good-bye" or "I love you", no, it was " 変態 ねこ (hentai neko, perverted cat)!"

*flashback end*

The tears drip from my chin to the ground. Love? Is this love!? If it is I'd rather never love anyone ever again! Love hurt. It hurts so why did I have to fall for a man who was going to leave me for so long if not forever! "Whhaa! Why!? I HATE IT!?"

"Hate, what?"

Huh! Do I know that voice! Could it be! No it couldn't! I look up to see...

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