Hi guys, this is my first attempt at a fanfic, so please send me reviews so I know if I'm doing anything wrong. By the way,this is based on an OC set after the Yeerk war. the main antagonists are going to be a new species and possibly some human enemies as well.

Chapter 1:

It was seven years after the end of the yeerk war when the andalites left. They just packed up, leaving no trace of any alien life on Earth. Everyone thought they would stick around for a bit longer, start a connection between the two planets and assist us in evolving our technology, but they were wrong.

I remember watching the last broadcast the andalites sent us from our widescreen television. I was in the middle of watching Dr Who when Matt Smith was rudely interrupted by the torso of an andalite.

(Hello, fellow humans.)

Thoughtspeak had become quite the norm over the past few years; most of us had talked to an andalite at one point, maybe on the train or at the mall. Some of the even richer people could afford the luxurious morphing technology themselves, and got the privilege of performing their very own thoughtspeak. Even if you hadn't spoken to an andalite before, there was a large chance that one was speaking on one of the hundreds of TV channels, some even hosted by andalites.

I turned my attention to the television

(We have interrupted your television programs for our farewell. The council has decided that Earth is too dangerous for our kind, therefore we will leave Earth and try to restore it to its original state.)

(Why must we leave, you ask? This is because humans need someone to pick on, someone to be in the minority, someone to look down upon. First it was women, then blacks, then gays, and now us. Having andalites targeted for bullying and attacks is not acceptable, and we would not want to disturb your fragile chain of command by introducing another layer to your pyramids.)

(Therefore, I and the other andalites have assembled our visitors and our technology and we are leaving. When your species are developed enough for spacetravel, we will return and retry our relationship with a more evolved species. Finally, we shall be issuing a full-planetary anti-morph ray, one of our most recent developments in the morphing technology. From now on, those of you who were granted morphing capabilities will find that they are no longer able to change forms. Farewell)

And then they left. That was four months ago.

…Except they left one small, major piece of technology behind.

…One factor that would be very important to me very soon.

…The morphing cube.