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"Come on guys, keep up!" Shannon called out as she walked further into the woods. She had her rucksack slung over her shoulder and was wearing he4r hiking gear. Tom mumbling something about the weather trudged after her. Maddie and Rhydian trailed behind silently giving each other worrying looks about Shannon's latest plan.

"Come on! We have to set up as soon as possible so we can see the beast. Here looks good" Shannon said stopping in the middle of a clearing surrounding by trees. She dumped her bag and started unpacking her equipment. She had dragged them all along to stake out the woods to find the beast. Maddie thought about changing so Shannon could see 'it' but Rhydian talked her out of it – it probably wasn't the best idea considering she thought Maddie was the beast.

"Eh Shan, it's a bit creepy out here" Tom spoke after she had finished checking her camera and setting out the bait.

"Don't tell me you're scared" Rhydian teased

"Shut up." Tom snapped pulling his jacket tighter over his body. The girls just shook their heads at their banter.

As it grew later in the night it also grew colder not that Maddie and Rhydian noticed. The woods were like a second home to them. Over to their left Tom was curled up on the ground asleep, softly snoring. Shannon was also out for the count still clutching her camera. That left Maddie and Rhydian who were lying down next to each other talking.

"Full moon tomorrow" Maddie sighed keeping her voice low incase the others woke up.

"Yeah, I can tell, I feel jumpy the day before like I'm trapped in a caged" Rhydian replied matching her volume.

"I feel like I want to explode"

"You still nervous? It only being your second transformation and all?" He asked

"A bit" Maddie smiled

"Don't be its instinct, don't think just feel and running helps" He smiled. Rhydian's hand brushed against hers.

"And you're going to be there right? I would hate to go through it on my own."

"I'm not going anyway, promise. Although we should get some sleep" Rhydian rolled onto his back and shut his eyes "Night Maddie"

"Goodnight Rhydian"

The sun shining woke Shannon up. Groaning from the pain in her back from sleeping on the floor, she shook Tom awake and stood up.

"I can't believe we fell asleep! We missed it! I will have to watch the footage back and see if I can see anything." She sighed and began packing up her equipment.

"Morning to you too" Tom grumbled and stretched. He stood up and brushed the mud off his jacket.

"Wake the other two up will you" Shannon called.

Tom turned to where Maddie and Rhydian were. He couldn't believe his eyes. Rhydian was sleeping on his back with Maddie snuggled protectively into his chest. Her arm was around his waist while his was around her neck acting as a pillow.

"Sure they're not dating" Tom said sarcastically – he would definitely be confronting Rhydian about it later on.


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