Rio 2: Blu and Jewel POV style!
Chapter 1 The Most Beautiful Morning


I woke up to the usual forest samba. I rolled over, taking a long look at the most beautiful bird in all of Rio.
Jewel stirred in her sleep, yawned and her eyes fluttered open. Looking into those emerald eyes, i almost wanted to faint.
"Good morning, Blu." I heard her whisper. I blushed and returned this gesture with a quick kiss on her beak, witch made her smile.
"Morning Jewel," i said. "Jewel im gonna go get us some breakfast, i'll be back in about 5 minutes."
With that i took of to the morning sky.

~Jewel~ Watching Blu dissapear over the horizon, a thought came into my head, witch i chucked at. But as i pondered on it it became more real. I knew Blu had a crush on me. He had blushed when i said good morning to him, when i kiss him he turns a shade of red. All i have to do know is wait for him to admit it to me...

I Know this chapter was short, it is my first Rio story so give it a couple of chapters it will be longer.