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Chapter 9: Shocked


I looked first at Rafael then Blu, Pedro and finally Nico. I turned round to face Blu, looked deep into his eyes and asked "What was your dream about?" Blu looked rather uncomfortable, and he shot Rafael a pleading look. Rafael cleared his throat, and began.

"Well, the whole story, as Blu told me, was that right after finding out you were pregnant, he had a sort of cross between a vision and a nightmare. The things he saw, well, I'm not going into full detail-" Blu gave Rafael a thankful look "-because some of them are quite disturbing. well at first he-" Blu stepped in, shook

his head, looked straight at me and said,
"First I saw a massive forest fire, then corpses, screaming children-" Blu gulped and I had a horrible feeling the next line was going to refer to me. "-And then I

saw you, with Nigel." Blu concluded. An eerie silence followed, until Rafael spoke up. "Well, we have to find out if Blu's dream was a dream or a vision, the future." We somehow were all thinking the same thing, and moments later, we all took of in the direction of the aviary.


The whole time we were flying, I watched Jewel. She had to flap harder than all of us, her face was pale, and her eyes were fixed ahead. Suddenly, guilt rises up in me. I should never have taken Jewel In this state. Or maybe at least given her a ride in my talons. About halfway there, her forehead was beaded in

sweat. Just as you could see the aviary, she vomited all over the forest canopy. I volunteered to carry her the rest of the way, but she refused and said she was fine.

Oh yeah, like I'm gonna believe that! We landed in the aviary and walked to the treatment room.
"dude, this is well nice!" Pedro muttered to Nico, looking around the aviary. I squawked, requesting Tulio's presence.

Behind a door, we could hear him laugh, then he came bustling out to us.
"Ol meus amigos de penas! What brings you here?" I stare at him blankly. Finally, he gets the message, and pulls out a peice of paper and a pen. I scrawl

down what my dream was about and asked what it meant. Tulio read it, and laughed.
"Blu, that dream wasn't a vision. It was just a dream. What you saw was everything you would hate to see most, It is actuallu common in birds who really love

things, Like you love Jewel." Me and Jewel blushed scarlet, and looked down,
accompanied by some snickers from Nico and Pedro. I scrawled back; So none of this is going to happen?

"Not likely The only thing that could cause this was natural events, or that cockatoo Nigel..." Tulio caught sight of Jewel's belly, and a wide grin spread across his face. He winked at me, causing me to blush again. Then a serious thought popped into my head. I wrote on the paper;

Where is Linda?
"Oh, she's gone back to Minnesota to make arrangements to move the book store here." Tulio replied.

"Well, we should get going guys." I said to everyone. We said goodbye to Tulio, and flew out of the aviary.
As we flew, Jewel began to pant, and suddenly dropped out the sky. I shrieked and nose-dived after her, just catching her before she hit the hard forest floor. I

gently laid her down on the ground, and called Rafael, Nico and Pedro over.
"What's the matter with Jewel, dude?" Asked Pedro anxiously. I shook my head and looked up at the rapidly depleting sun.

"I don't know, but we need to find somewhere to put her for now; believe it or not, pregnancy can make birds a lot heavier." I looked around, hoping to find something remotely nice to go into. Nico spotted something, and showed us what it was. It was a deserted hollow in the side of an oak tree. When we reached

the entrance, a disgusting sight met our eyes. Two red macaws had been brutally murdered next to a shattered chicks egg.
"Nigel..." I muttered to myself as i pushed the corpses to the ground.


I slowly woke up to find myself in somebody else's hollow. My head hurt, my belly hurt and a cold numbness had spread from my beak to my feet. As my vision cleared, I could make out the shapes of Nico, Pedro, Rafael and Blu. I groaned, sat up and looked around. I was in a deserted hollow of some sort. There was a

shocking amount of blood on the floor so i quickly scanned my body for any obvious cuts. Blu walked up to me and kissed me on the top of my beak, sending warmth coursing through my veins. I smiled and looked around again, yawned and suddenly drifted off to sleep.

Little did we know it that Nigel was secretly plotting his revenge.
"This isn't over, pretty bird." He said with a menacing laugh.

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