Hello, it's me PokeRescue18! I decided to take a another break from writing Crisis in order to write this three-shot fanfic! I was inspired to write this fanfic when I began to watch To Aru Majutsu no Index and I read the light novels; I got hooked into the series soon afterwards.

Even until now, I still use a Psychic deck since Emergency Teleport became unlimited in September 2012. Then, I realized that several psychic monsters resemble the main characters from To Aru Majutsu no Index. These factors were the inspirations for this fanfic!

Please enjoy reading this three-shot fanfic. In case I forgot, I don't own YuGiOh or To Aru Majutsu no Index.

A Certain Duelist's Dream

Chapter 1: The Duel at the Sea of Dreams

Motor-mouth's POV

"Man, I'm bushed."

"I agree with ya, Kouto buddy."

Kouto and I were walking in the corridors of the Citadel after a long, boring meeting of our boss Odio Tristeza. Earlier, Odio was discussing about the new project based on the blueprints that I stole from LaRousse City.

"Do you think his plan will work?" Kouto asked me.

"I'm not really sure about that," I replied. "But I think he's pushing the plan way too early. If I were him, I would have waited for better conditions to start the master plan."

"But, I think Master Odio has his reasons on why he plan so early," Kouto reasoned.

"You do have a point," I replied back. Kouto and I reached our dorms. At this time, we were about to go into our rooms and get a well-deserved sleep.

"I guess we'll leave this for now," Kouto said after he stretched his arms. "Good night, Motor-mouth."

"You too, buddy," I replied to Kouto as he went to his room.

Now, that I'm alone and in my room, I realized that my room was a complete mess. Tch, I guessed that with all the missions that I've underwent I didn't give a damn about cleaning my room. So, I cracked my knuckles and began arranging and cleaning my room.

"Hah, all done," I uttered as I managed to clean my room. Sure, it was tiring, but at least my room wasn't a cesspool of chaos anymore.

Then, I looked in my drawers and I managed to pick up my deck box containing my trusty Psychic deck. I haven't played anyone in a duel for a long while! I can't find any duelist from this dimension either. I grabbed the deck box and went to my bed to lie down.

As I lie down in my bed I examined my deck carefully. So far, it is still faring well despite being overlooked for a long time. I have received this deck from the Author, so I know that this deck is very competitive, especially with Emergency Teleport became unlimited in this format.

"This sure brings back memories isn't it?" I said to myself. "Wait a sec. . ."

I stared at some of the Psychic monsters carefully. I noticed that there some of them looked similar to the characters of a certain anime/light novel. But, I shook my head at that thought; I guess was really tired from my mission at LaRousse City. So, I put my deck back in the box, returned the deck in my pocket, and lulled myself to dreamland. . .

In what seemed to be an eternity of slumber, I woke up. I was surprised that I'm not in my room anymore. Heck, I don't even think that I'm in the confinements of the Citadel anyway. I looked at the surroundings; it seemed that I was in another dimension, darkness engulfed the place, and the whole fabric of space-time was getting distorted. In short, this place can screw the minds of anyone here. Then again, my mind was already screwed long ago. . .

"Geez, I must be dreaming again," I said to myself as I attempted to pinch my cheek. Not only did that hurt, but sadly it didn't snap me out of this nightmare.

"Motor-mouth, I have been expecting your arrival," A voice called out to me.

I turned around to see the person that called to me. To my surprise, I wasn't alone in this creepy dimension. The person was a guy around my age; his face was obscured by his cowl, and he wore a robe with intricate pattern. Seriously, was this guy a magician or a person cos-playing as one? I'm not sure, but by his attire, it's safe to call this guy a magician.

"How did you know my name?" I replied to him. "Let me guess, you've been observing me recently, right?"

The magician grinned. "Apparently, I know a lot of things going on, even on other dimensions."

"So, what do we do now?" I asked him. "I mean, we can't just be staring at each other while we're here."

The magician was silent before he gave his answer, "We can play a game."

Before I can ask what game we were going to play, he reached for his sleeved and my eyes bulged at the revelation. The magician pulled out a YuGiOh deck from his sleeves and showed it to me.

"Do you play this game?" He asked me. I showed my deck box to confirm his question.

"Yeah I do; we have one problem though," I added. "How are we going to play if there's no table to-"

Before I finished my sentence, a duel disk materialized in the magician's left arm. I looked in my left arm and I saw a duel disk attached to my left arm as well.

"Does that answer your question?" The magician asked to me. "Shall we get this duel started?"

"Duel!" We shouted in unison and our duel disks activated as our duel officially began.

Magician: 8000

Motor-mouth: 8000

"I shall start off first," The magician declared as he drew his card. "I summon Spellbook Magician of Prophecy."

As the magician put the monster card in his duel disk, a young boy dressed in a blue robe materialized into the field. His eyes were calm as the blue sea as he held a book in his right hand.

Spellbook Magician of Prophecy Lvl: 2 Atk: 500 Def: 400

"When Spellbook Magician of Prophecy is Normal Summoned or flipped face-up," The magician explained. "I'm allowed to add 1 "Spellbook" spell card from the deck to my hand."

He searched his deck for the "Spellbook" spell card that he wanted. He smiled as he revealed the chosen Spellbook to me. It was the Spellbook of Secrets, the same grimoire that Spellbook Magician was holding.

"I set two cards face down and end my turn," The magician calmly concluded his turn.

I observed the field carefully; obviously, this guy plays the Prophecy deck. I was familiarized with that deck and its dependency on the "Spellbook" cards. I was quite puzzled at why he summoned the Spellbook Magician and left him vulnerable. Then again, the magician had set two facedown cards, so I should be cautious. Also, he has four cards left in his hand. I need to find a way to break his strategy before he overwhelms the field with spellcasters.

"It's my turn; I draw," I declared as I pulled a card from my deck. I looked in my hand cards. "I normal summon Serene Psychic Witch."

The psychic monster materialized into the field. But to my utmost surprise, Serene Psychic Witch looked different compared to the card artwork. The projected monster wears her pigtails differently than depicted in the card artwork; her pigtails are tied in place by a red bow in each end.

Serene Psychic Witch Lvl: 3 Atk: 1400 Def: 1200

"What happened?" Serene Psychic Witch was just as confused as me. She was puzzled at her outfit and then she stared at me. Suddenly, she teleported close to me and interrogated me, with both batons inches at my throat. "Tell me what's going on, now."

"I-I don't know either," I stammered as I replied back. At this time, I got a good look at her face. By her younger appearance and her reddish eyes, I swore that I've seen her before in an anime or something.

"So you don't know either," Serene glared at me as she repeated my answer. She lowered her weapons and sighed, "Fine, I guess I couldn't get any answers from you. First, I was sleeping with Onee-sama in the same room and the next thing I remember, I'm here."

"Onee-sama?" I blinked in confusion. "I must be dreaming right?"

"A dream? I guess that explains why I'm here," She replied as she grinned at me. "Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself; I'm Shirai Kuroko."

The pupils of my eyes contracted and my jaw dropped as I processed this revelation. Shirai Kuroko, one of the prestigious Judgement members of Academy City was summoned by me as the Serene Psychic Witch. Normally, I would be freaked out by this, but since this was a dream, anything could happen.

"Hm, are you finished talking?" The magician called at me. "We are in a duel."

"Oh, sorry about that," I replied back at him. Kuroko looked at me as I said to her. "I guess we just have to go along with it."

"Okay, but what is going on?" Kuroko asked to me.

"You see, this guy challenged me to a game," I explained to her. "And for unknown reasons, I managed to summon you in the field."

"Look, I don't really know how this game works," Kuroko twirled her batons as she asked me again. "But what should you do next?"

"It's actually simple," I replied to her as I pointed at the Spellbook Magician. "I need you to attack the guy in a blue robe. Don't worry; you just have to knock him out."

"Okay, this should be easy," Kuroko smirked as she wielded her twin batons and teleported to the Spellbook Magician in attempt to deliver an attack.

"Trap card open, Negate Attack," The magician activated one of his facedown cards. "This trap card negates the attack of your monster and ends the battle phase."

Suddenly, an invisible barrier formed around Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, as Serene, a.k.a. Kuroko, attacked Spellbook Magician. However, the barrier managed to block Kuroko's attack and she grudgingly returned to my side of the field.

"Tch, I didn't expect that to happen," Kuroko cursed as she failed to strike the Spellbook Magician of Prophecy.

"It's alright; you'll get another chance," I replied to her. "I set two cards facedown and end my turn."

"I guess it's my turn now," The magician declared as he drew a card. His total hand cards were five. "I activate the spell card, Magical Dimension. It allows me to tribute my monster to special summon a spellcaster monster from my hand. Afterwards, I destroy your monster."

He offered his Spellbook Magician of Prophecy as a tribute in order to summon Trance the Magic Swordsman in the field. The summoned spellcaster was fully covered in armor; because of this, he could easily be mistaken to be a warrior instead of a spellcaster. Trance was also carrying a huge sword engraved in magical runes in his right hand.

Trance the Magic Swordsman Lvl: 6 Atk: 2600 Def: 200

Then, a purple aura enveloped around Kuroko.

"What's happening-" Kuroko uttered before she disintegrated from the field.

"Tch, I activate Serene Psychic Witch's effect," I picked up my deck in order to activate the effect. "When she is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, I can banish 1 Psychic-Type monster with 2000 or less attack from my deck. I banish Esper Girl."

"That hardly matters," The magician smirked as he activated his card. "I play the Spellbook of Secrets; I'm able to add any 'Spellbook' spell card from my deck to my hand. I choose the Spellbook Organization."

Then, he activated Spellbook Organization, which allowed him to look at the top 3 cards of his deck, and then he must return them to the top of the deck in any order.

"I summon the Strength of Prophecy," The magician summoned his next monster.

Another spellcaster monster materialized in his side of the field as soon as the magician played the monster card. The spellcaster was a red-haired woman adorned with armor that exposed her midriff. Also, she was carrying a lion-shaped ax as her weapon of choice.

Strength of Prophecy Lvl: 4 Atk: 1500 Def: 1400

"I activate Strength's effect," The magician declared. "Once per turn, I can return 1 "Spellbook" Spell Card from my graveyard into my deck to select one face-up spellcaster monster on the field. That monster's attack is increased by 500 and its Level is increased by 1. I select Strength herself."

A hole opened in his side of the field, and the Spellbook of Secrets flew out and returned itself back to the deck. Then, Strength was surrounded by a glowing red aura.

Strength of Prophecy Lvl: 4 + 1 = 5 Atk: 1500 + 500 = 2000

"Now I proceed to my battle phase," The magician said aloud. "Trance the Magic Swordsman, attack him directly."

Trance drew his sword and lunged at me at the command of the magician. However, I was prepared for this outcome.

"I activate the effect of my Battle Fader from my hand," I revealed the aforementioned card to the magician. "I special summon Battle Fader and your battle phase ends."

Suddenly, a compass-like monster materialized in my side of the field. The fiend-type monster emitted an invisible barrier that blocked the attack of Trance and forcibly ended the battle phase.

Battle Fader Lvl: 1 Atk: 0 Def: 0

"Not bad at all, Motor-mouth," The magician complimented me. "I activate the spell card, Soul Taker. I destroy Battle Fader, but you shall gain 1000 life points in exchange."

Battle Fader imploded, and I placed the card in the banished zone due to Battle Fader's effect.

Me: 8000 + 1000 = 9000

"That's all I can do for now," The magician calmly spoke as he checked his only remaining card. "My turn is over."

"Now, it's my turn to strike back," I declared as I stylishly drew my card. "During the standby phase, I activate the second effect of Serene Psychic Witch; I special summon Esper Girl from the banished zone."

A small dimensional portal appeared in my side of the field, and Esper Girl came out of the portal and landed on the field. But something's not right with Esper Girl. First, her hairstyle is slightly different from the card artwork; the projected psychic monster also had a prominent ahoge. Suddenly, she turned around and faced me; that was the first time I've seen that face. Her face was twice as cute as the card artwork; she even had the blush stickers in her face for crying out loud!

Esper Girl Lvl: 2 Atk: 500 Def: 300

"What is going on? Misaka asks as Misaka is absolutely confused at the moment," The girl spoke to me in third person. Then, I recognized her as Last Order. First, I summoned Kuroko, now Last Order. What the hell was going on?

"Hello, Misaka is talking to you. Misaka says as Misaka is trying to get your attention," Last Order was jumping in front of me.

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't notice you," I apologized to her.

"Finally, Misaka is delighted!" Last Order was jumping around the field in excitement. "Misaka has never experienced anything like this before; Misaka expresses her reaction as Misaka feels happy."

'Okay, I guess I better give her some company,' I considered that thought. "I activate the spell card, Emergency Teleport. I'll be able to special summon a level 3 or lower psychic monster from my deck or hand. I choose to summon Hushed Psychic Cleric."

Another psychic monster materialized in the field. However, I special summoned the psychic monster in defense position. Just like the last two, the appearance of the psychic monster was different from the card artwork. The psychic monster in question had moppy white hair, unlike the groomed white hair depicted in the artwork. I gulped as I realized the person I summoned was none other than Accelerator.

Hushed Psychic Cleric Lvl: 3 Atk: 0 Def: 2100

"Tch, who the hell did this to me," Accelerator turned around and faced me. I saw his veins in his head popped out of anger.

"Haha, I'm not even sure I know what's going on," I replied. However, the magician was grinning as if he was amused at the comical situation that the two psychic monsters were doing.

"There you are!" Last Order ran towards Accelerator and hugged him. "Misaka thought you would never come, Misaka say as Misaka expresses her thoughts."

"Shut it, brat," Accelerator snapped at Last Order. "Get the hell off me."

A much as I was amused to watch this scene unfold in front of me. I still have to duel my opponent. "I activate Hushed Psychic Cleric's effect."

"What the hell?" Accelerator glared at me in response.

"Once per turn, I can send 1 card from my hand to the Graveyard to target 1 psychic monster in my graveyard, and banish it," I declared as I sent a Pot of Duality from my hand to the graveyard.

Suddenly, the staff that Accelerator was holding glowed in a brilliant white color. Then, I saw a dimensional vortex opened and a silhouette of Serene Psychic Witch entered the vortex.

"You," Accelerator addressed me. "What the hell did you made me do?"

"I just used your special ability," I quickly answered his question. "Without further ado, I'll tune the level 2 Esper Girl with Hushed Psychic Cleric."

Last Order smiled at Accelerator before dissociating into two green rings. The two green rings surrounded Accelerator.

"I'll get you for this," He said at me before he dissociated into three stars.

"Clustering stars gather around the rings; become the light that opens the heart!" I chanted as I grabbed the chosen card from my extra deck. "Synchro Summon! Appear now, Magical Android!"

A beam of light then envelops the dissociated level stars, passing through the rings, and the psychic synchro monster appeared out of the light. Again, something was not right with the appearance. I looked into the card artwork and compared it to the materialized psychic monster that appeared on the field. From the artwork, Magical Android had auburn hair that went down to her waistline. On the projected monster, I noticed that she had short, brown hair, and she had two small white flower decorations in her hair. My eyes nearly bulged from their sockets as I just summoned the 3rd Level 5 Esper of Academy City, Mikoto Misaka.

Magical Android Lvl: 5 Atk: 2400 Def: 1700

"Ah! W-where am I?" Mikoto stuttered as she surveyed the field. Then, she looked at herself and shrieked, "Why am I wearing this?"

I decided to shut up and proceeded with my turn. "I activate the second effects of Esper Girl and Hushed Psychic Cleric. Esper Girl allows me to add the banished facedown card to my hand while Cleric special summons a psychic monster that was banished by his effect earlier."

Suddenly, Mikoto saw a large portal on the ground. As she stared at the vortex, Misaka could barely hear a whisper coming from the portal.

"Onee-sama. . ." A voice echoed from the vortex. Mikoto gulped as she recognized the familiar voice.

"Onee-sama!" Serene Psychic Witch, a.k.a. Kuroko sprang out from the portal in an attempt to tackle Misaka.

"Get off, Kuroko!" Mikoto whacked Kuroko with her staff before she shocked Kuroko into submission.

"Do you have any idea on what the hell is going on?" I demanded the magician. "Why am I summoning these people?"

"The explanation is actually simple," The magician nonchalantly replied.

"Then you'd better explain this right now," I was losing my patience at my opponent.

"We're currently in a dimension known as the Sea of Dreams," The magician explained. "Basically, this is the place where people go when they are sleeping. This place is like a huge network that connects through the subconscious of humans."

"But that doesn't explain why I'm summoning these guys," I asked to the magician.

"My guess is that they fell asleep at around the same time as you," The magician offered a plausible explanation. "Although on how they became duel monster cards is beyond my explanation."

"Kuroko, do you have any idea on what are they talking about?" Misaka asked Kuroko, who recovered from the shock treatment earlier.

"Gee, my guess is as good as yours, Onee-sama," Kuroko replied. "I do look good in these clothes though."

"Wah, but what about someone else saw me in this?" Misaka was fidgeting her fingers. "It'd be embarrassing!"

"Don't be so modest, Onee-sama," Kuroko replied. "You're fine in whatever outfit you're wearing."

"Ahem," I interrupted. "If you girls don't mind, I'll continue my play."

Mikoto and Kuroko stared at me in confusion as I placed another card in my monster card zone.

"I normal summon Silent Psychic Wizard."

Silent Psychic Wizard Lvl: 4 Atk: 1900 Def: 0

Mikoto and Kuroko watched in awe as a new psychic monster emerged from the vortex. The appearance of the projected monster was identical with the artwork, much to my relief. But, my illusions of relief were shattered when Silent Psychic Wizard began to speak.

"Oi, why did I end up here?" He said his question aloud. Then, he saw Mikoto and Kuroko and addressed, "You and Biribiri are here too?"

I cringed as I heard him call Mikoto "Biribiri". At this point, I just summoned Touma Kamijou as the Silent Psychic Wizard.

"Biribiri?" Kuroko raised one eyebrow. Then she realized on who this person was. 'It can't be . . .'

"W-what are you doing here, idiot!?" Mikoto stammered as she replied to Touma. I can see that her face was beet red and she was hesitant to look at Touma.

"Beats me, Biribiri," Touma replied nonchalantly. "I was sleeping in my dorm when suddenly I found myself here."

'That . . . barbarian,' Kuroko readied her twin batons. 'How dare he talk to Onee-sama like that!'

"Ahem, sorry for interrupting," I coughed to gain their attention before their quarrel can escalate further. "But I'll activate the effect of Silent Psychic Wizard. When he is normal summoned, I can banish one psychic monster from my graveyard; I choose to banish Esper Girl."

Suddenly, Touma waved his staff and a white vortex appeared. He saw a silhouette of Esper Girl entered the vortex before it closed.

"What in the world I just do?" Touma was bewildered on why he waved his staff without warning.

"I'll just proceed with my battle phase," I shook my head and proceeded to check my two remaining cards. I also examined the opponent's field carefully. So far, the magician had Trance the Magic Swordsman and Strength of Prophecy in his field. Although both monsters have 2600 and 2000 attack respectively, I knew what strategy I can use in this turn.

"Alright, let's battle!" I declared with such enthusiasm. "Silent Psychic Wizard, attack Trance the Magic Swordsman!"

Once again, Touma's body acted against his will and lunged at Trance.

"Fukou da!" Touma yelled as he was forced to attack Trance the Magic Swordsman.

"Are you nuts?" The magician called out to me. "Trance's attack far exceeds that of Silent Psychic Wizard! It's suicidal!"

"Please stop the attack!" Mikoto shouted at me. "You'll hurt the idiot!"

"Onee-sama," Kuroko looked at Mikoto.

"Heh, I wouldn't dare to call an attack unless I wanted that from the start," I smirked in confidence. This surprised Mikoto, Kuroko, and the magician. "I activate a facedown card: the quick-play spell: Shrink!"

"What?" The magician uttered in pure surprise.

"Shink allows me to target 1 face-up monster on the field," I explained. "The original attack of the target is halved until the end of this turn. Of course, I choose to target Trance the Magic Swordsman."

As the quick-play spell took effect, Trance was shrunken down to approximately half his original size. His orginal attack was also cut by half.

Trance the Magic Swordsman Atk: 2600/2 = 1300

At least, Touma's misfortune didn't plague him for now. With the attack of Trance lowered, he managed to use his right hand to punch Trance. Touma's attack destroyed Trance and his holographic debris scattered around the field.

Damage calculation: 1900 - 1300 = 600

Magician: 8000 - 600 = 7400

"Then, I order Magical Android to attack Strength of Prophecy," I declared as I pointed at the only remaining monster that the magician had on the field.

Unlike Touma, Mikoto didn't hold back as I ordered her to attack the opponent's remaining monster. Electric sparks flew from her body as she pointed her staff at Strength. Then, a burst of electricity escaped from the tip of the staff and it was heading straight for Strength.

"Heh, the last sortie was totally unexpected," The magician said to me. "But this time, I'm well prepared! I activate my facedown card: Damage Diet! All damage I take this turn is halved!"

"Yeah, you may have halved the damage you will take," I smirked. "But your monster will be destroyed!"

At this moment, Strength was struck by the electric attack that Mikoto unleashed. The spellcaster disintegrated into holographic debris.

Damage calculation: 2400 - 2000 = 400/2 = 200

Magician: 7400 - 200 = 7200

"I'm not done yet," I said at the magician. "Serene Psychic Witch, attack the opponent directly!"

"I thought you didn't ask," Kuroko remarked as she readied her batons and lunged at the magician. During her lunge, she teleported to the magician and stuck him with the batons.

Damage calculation: 1400/2 = 700

Magician: 7200 - 700 = 6500

"I set one card facedown," I set one card in my spell/trap zone. With only one card remaining in my hand, I declared, "Turn end. At the end phase, the effect of Magical Android activates; I'll gain 600 life points for every psychic monster that I control."

Motor-mouth: 9000 + 3(600) = 10800

"Then, it's my turn again," The magician remarked as he drew a card from his deck. "I activate the spell card, One Day of Peace!"

"What kind of card is that?" I asked my opponent.

"One Day of Peace allows the both of us to draw one card," The magician explained. "But neither one of us can take damage until the end of your next turn."

So, both of us drew one card from our decks. However, the magician grinned as he looked at the card he drew.

"I set one card facedown," The magician continued his play. "I also set one monster in defense position. I'll end my turn."

I examined the battlefield. Sure, the facedown monster was a mystery, but I had to be careful about the facedown card too.

"I draw," I began my turn. I looked into the card I drew; it was a Mind Protector. "I set one card facedown; Serene Psychic Witch, attack his facedown monster!"

"Here I go!" Kuroko readied her batons once again and lunged at the facedown monster card.

"Be careful, Kuroko!" Mikoto warned her.

"No need to be concerned, Onee-sama," Kuroko muttered as she teleported to the facedown monster. The facedown monster was revealed to be Morphing Jar.

Morphing Jar Lvl: 2 Atk: 700 Def: 600

"The flip effect of Morphing Jar activates," The magician declared. "Both of us must discard all the cards in our hands, and then we each draw 5 cards."

I scowled on the inside as I was forced to discard my only remaining card, which was the Mind Protector that I drew earlier. As for the magician, he was ecstatic as he drew five new cards.

"I activate my facedown trap card, Nordic Relic Laevateinn!" The magician declared. "I'm allowed to target 1 monster on the field that destroyed a monster by battle this turn and destroy that monster. Also, cards and effects cannot be activated in response to the activation of this card."

Suddenly, a huge sword came out from the trap card and flew towards Kuroko. The sword managed to stab her, and she was destroyed in the process.

"Damn it," Touma grumbled.

"Kuroko, no!" Mikoto cried. Then, she looked at me and said, "Can't you do something?"

"Don't worry; her sacrifice won't be in vain," I replied. "I activate Serene Psychic Witch's effect once again. This time, I choose to banish Psychic Jumper."

A portal opened in my field once again, and a silhouette of Psychic Jumper went into the vortex before it closes once again.

"I set three cards facedown and I end my turn," I finished my play at that turn. "Magical Android's effect activates again."

Motor-mouth: 10800 + 2(600) = 12000

"Huh, you never order us to attack," Touma pointed out.

"His field is open," Mikoto agreed. "You should've attacked earlier."

"Yeah, I can attack him directly," I explained. "But in his last turn, he activated One Day of Peace. So, even if I tried to attack him using the two of you, he cannot take battle damage due to the effect of One Day of Peace."

"Damn," Touma cursed. "I guess we have to wait for another chance."

"Heh, I never knew you would up quite a fight," The magician said to me.

"What do you mean?" I replied back.

"This duel is actually a test," The magician explained. "A game tests the limits and strengths of players. This duel is no different."

I gazed at the magician as he continued to speak.

"What I saw in you, Motor-mouth is that you're unpredictable," The magician said. "In other words, you're a wild card. Your loyalty is not bound to a single faction."

"I'm listening," I spoke back.

"Currently, you are serving an organization whose goal is the destruction of two worlds," The magician acknowledged. "You're a mercenary hired by that organization."

I glared at my opponent. Sure, he watched the events that took place in the PokeWorlds, but how did he know so much about me all of a sudden?

"I guess we should go back into the duel," The magician declared as his turn began. "I draw."

I gulped as the magician drew his card; I had a bad feeling about this.

To be continued. . .

There you have it, this chapter one of the three-part fanfic! I wanted to delve into Motor-mouth's backstory, his motivations, and his loyalty while bringing characters from TAMNI at the same freaking time! Please, I need constructive criticism in this fanfic, so feel free to help me out!

And I'd like to thank kevslave for making this crossover possible. Heck, he was the one that encouraged me to writing this! Alright, I have already thought up of the cards the TAMNI characters will appear, here's the list:

Silent Psychic Wizard = Touma Kamijou

Effect Veiler = Index

Esper Girl = Last Order

Serene Psychic Witch = Kuroko Shirai

Hushed Psychic Cleric = Accelerator

Flamvell Uruquizas = Stiyl Magnus

Magical Android = Mikoto Misaka

Psychic Lifetrancer = Aisa Himegami or Ruiko Saten (Please help me decide on this.)

Psychic Jumper = Motoharu Tsuchimikado

Krebons = Aogami Pierce

Overdrive Teleporter = Awaki Musujime

Psychic Commander = Etzali

Yeah, I know that Effect Veiler and Flamvell Uruquizas aren't psychic monsters. But in my perspective, these cards fit Index and Stiyl well. If you readers have other cards to represent the other TAMNI characters, please PM me.

There's more to come, so hang on tight, readers!

A Certain Duelist's Dream

Chapter 2: The Mercenary's New Resolve

See you next time!