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A Certain Duelist's Dream

Chapter 3: Dream Sea Duel: The Epic Conclusion

On the previous chapter, things were heating up as the duel between me and the mysterious magician. More characters are being summoned by me, and it culminated when the magician summoned his ace monster, Arcanite Magician! Now, let's get back into the story.

Motor-mouth: 7400

Hand cards: 5

Motor-mouth's field:

1 set card and one face-up Limit Reverse

Monster cards:

Silent Psychic Wizard (Touma Kamijou)

Effect Veiler (Index Librorum Prohibitorum)

Serene Psychic Witch (Kuroko Shirai)

Psychic Lifetrancer (Aisa Himegami)

Magician: 6500

Hand cards: 2

Cards in field: 1 set card, a face-up Spirit Barrier and a face-up Appropriate

Monster Cards:

Magician's Valkyria

Arcanite Magician (Two spell counters)

"'s time to crush your illusions!" I declared with such valor that Touma actually smiled as I said it out. "Face-down trap open, Psychic Overload! I'll target three psychic monsters in my graveyard, return them back to the deck, and then draw two cards. I'll return Magical Android, Hushed Psychic Cleric, and Psychic Jumper back to my deck."

"However, the continuous effect of Appropriate is still applied," The magician interrupted. "Each time you draw a card(s) except in your draw phase, I'll draw two cards."

Thus, Hushed Psychic Cleric and Psychic Jumper returned to my deck and Magical Android returned to my extra deck, and then I drew two cards. Due to the effect of Appropriate, the magician also drew two cards.

"I activate the effect of Time Escaper from my hand," I revealed the titular card. "During either player's turn, I can discard Time Escaper and select 1 psychic monster I control and banish that monster until my next standby phase. I target Psychic Lifetrancer."

Himegami looked back at me as a vortex opened next to her and she stepped into the vortex.

"Himegami," Touma muttered.

"Don't worry about her," I replied. "She'll come back later."

Touma acknowledged that with a nod and I continued on my turn, "Shirai, are you ready?"

"Yeah, just do what you need to do already," Kuroko replied as she twirled her two batons.

"Okay," I nodded in confirmation. "I'll offer Serene Psychic Witch as tribute to summon Overdrive Teleporter!"

A portal appeared underneath Kuroko as she began to disintegrate from the field. When she totally disintegrated her holographic debris went through the vortex and a new psychic monster emerged from the vortex. I was able to have a good look at the new monster and became surprised at the appearance of the monster. Unlike in the card artwork, the projected monster was female, and she had red hair that ended in twin-tails. Also, she was wearing a revealing version of the psychic monster's outfit. Yes, I just summoned Awaki Musujime as the Overdrive Teleporter.

Overdrive Teleporter Lvl: 6 Atk: 2100 Def: 1200

I immediately expected a surprised expression from her. She held the hems of her white long coat and the green goggles completely obscuring her eyes from view. My expectations should be right.

"Weird costume," Awaki muttered to herself.

That was totally unexpected. It may because of her experience while she was in GROUP, or she has some strange imagination all the time, her reaction to her being in a weird place in weird clothes only led her to make a 'Oh whatever' response. Before I could make my next move, I made sure that she really had no awkward response to all this. And she only crossed her arms and sighed loudly.

"I'll just activate an equip spell, Telekinetic Charging Cell to you," I said to Awaki. "With this card, I don't have to pay life points to activate your effect."

Suddenly, two electrical devices flew around Awaki. The devices emitted psychic energy that surrounded Awaki. This somehow made her relaxed as she felt a radiant energy within her.

"Now, I activate the effect of Overdrive Teleporter," I declared. "I'll pay 2000 life points to special summon two level 3 psychic monsters from my deck. Because of the effect of Telekinetic Charging Cell, I don't have to pay life points at all. I summon Psychic Commander and Hushed Psychic Cleric from my deck."

Awaki used her ability, Move Point. With the support of the Telekinetic Charging Cell, she was able to teleport the two psychic monsters into the field with ease. Of course, Accelerator was still dressed as the Hushed Psychic Cleric.

Once the two psychic monsters were successfully summoned, I managed to have a good look on Psychic Commander. Just like most of the monsters I've summoned, the projected monster looked different from the card artwork. First, the projected monster had brown hair and a relaxed expression. I realized that this was another member of GROUP by the name of Etzali.

Psychic Commander Lvl: 3 Atk: 1400 Def: 800

"Umph...Misaka-san," Etzali, the Aztec magician was half-asleep as he sleep talks. " Kamijou Touma, don't take her away from me...Uh? Huh? Where am I?"

"Hell if I know," Accelerator gave his answer in a low grunt. Awaki just sighed in annoyance.

"Why do I always see all of you everywhere I go? Is this some punishment or something?" Awaki complained as she rubbed her temples, hoping that the last idiot of their team won't come back from the dead. Otherwise, this will be the GROUP's reunion.

"We seem out of place here Index," Touma mentioned as the field was filled with people he knew. All of which were his enemies once. "And the space is really running out."

"Yeah, if more people are coming, I would suffocate," Index replied, and then she glanced at Touma and remarked. "But, it's still a lot bigger than your room Touma."

"I don't want to hear that from a person who has already taken over my bed and is still free-loading there," Touma retorted.

As Index and Touma continued to talk to themselves, Etzali walked to Touma and greeted him.

"Ah Kamijou, I hope that you've kept your promise," Etzali said to Touma.

"Yeah, I'll keep that in mind," Touma replied back, remembering the promise he made to him concerning Mikoto Misaka.

As they began to talk among themselves, I was feeling left out. The dialogues these guys are having just allowed no space for me to interject. An awkward feeling welled up within me.

On the other hand, I'm actually feeling a bit safe having these guys stand before me. It really ensures that my next move will be fine.

"I continue my turn!" I raised my hand in an exaggerated motion. "Index, Touma, I'll tune the two of you right now."

"Tune?" Index tilted her head as she asked me. "What do you mean?"

"I'll just declare it for you," I grinned as I raised my hand. "I'll tune the Level 1 Effect Veiler with the Level 4 Silent Psychic Wizard."

Index was transformed into a single green ring, which enveloped Kamijou Touma as he dissociated into 4 stars. The others except for Accelerator were perplexed by this phenomenon.

"Gathering the hopes and dreams of many," I chanted. "They'll become the bridge that opens a new door to knowledge! I synchro summon T.G. Hyper Librarian!"

A bright light enveloped the green ring and the four stars as a new synchro monster appeared into the field. This time, I'd expect that the appearance of synchro monster would be accurate to the card artwork, but I was sadly mistaken. The synchro monster was a girl with rose-colored hair and eyes. She was only 135 centimeters tall and the outfit she was currently wearing really did not suit her as the cloak was too long for her. However, that outfit still makes her look cute nonetheless. In short, I summoned Komoe Tsukuyomi as T.G. Hyper Librarian.

T.G. Hyper Librarian Lvl: 5 Atk: 2400 Def: 1800

"Waah!" Komoe was very surprised and shocked as she looked around. "What am I doing here? Why am I wearing this?"

"Tch, it's her again," Accelerator muttered as he recognized the rose-haired teacher.

Of course, I didn't forget the second effect of Silent Psychic Wizard; so Esper Girl, a.k.a. Last Order, returned to the field. The effect of Esper Girl allowed me to banish the top card of my deck face-down when she was special summoned.

"Waah! It's the pink-haired sensei, Misaka says as Misaka utters in pure surprise," The little girl said as she saw Komoe.

"Please call me Komoe-sensei," Komoe replied to Last Order. Then, she noticed Awaki and asked, "Awaki-chan, you're here too?"

"Hmph," Awaki grunted and crossed her arms in ignorance.

"Okay, I'll just go with the duel," I muttered under my breath as I checked the three remaining cards in my hand. "I'll activate the effect of Hushed Psychic Cleric once again. I'll send Necro Gardna to the graveyard to banish Silent Psychic Wizard."

Once again, the staff that Accelerator was holding glowed in a brilliant white color. Then, a dimensional vortex opened and a silhouette of Silent Psychic Wizard entered the vortex.

"I'll tune Esper Girl with Hushed Psychic Cleric once again," I declared.

"Yay! Misaka is excited to tune with you, Misaka squeals as Misaka grins happily," Last Order said as she transformed into two green rings.

"I'll kill you for this," Accelerator grunted as he dissociated into three stars.

"Clustering stars gather around the rings, they'll become the light that opens the heart!" I chanted as I grabbed the chosen card from my extra deck. "Synchro Summon! Appear once again, Magical Android!"

A beam of light then envelops the dissociated level stars, passing through the rings, and Mikoto Misaka appeared out of the light. At the same time, Touma, a.k.a. the Silent Psychic Wizard, returned to the field, I drew a card due to the effect of T.G. Hyper Librarian, I added the banished face-down card to my hand due to the effect of Esper Girl, and the magician drew two cards due to Appropriate.

Magical Android Lvl: 5 Atk: 2400 Def: 1700

"Huh, I'm back again," Mikoto muttered as she examined herself. "And I'm still wearing this costume."

"Same for me, Misaka," Touma agreed.

At the same time, Komoe became surprised when she saw Touma appeared in the field. Etzali was perplexed as he saw Mikoto once again.

"Kamijou-chan!" Komoe addressed Touma. "What are you doing here?"

"Komoe-sensei?" Touma replied back. "Why are you wearing that costume?"

"I-I'm not sure, Kamijou-chan," Komoe replied as she grabbed the tip of her cloak. "I fell asleep after a party arranged by Yomikawa and then I found myself here.

"Misaka-san?" Etzali addressed to her. "I never expected your arrival."

"It's you," Mikoto huffed. "I didn't expect you to be here either."

Once again, I was feeling left out as they began to talk among themselves. It looked as though I have to interrupt their conversation and resume the duel once again.

"If you fellas excuse me, I'll activate Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy the continuous trap, Appropriate," I said to them as I continued my play. The magician scowled as he sent the destroyed trap to his graveyard. "Then, I'll just tune the level 3 Psychic Commander with the level 6 Overdrive Teleporter."

"What's going on-" Etzali muttered as he suddenly transformed into three green rings and they began to circle around Awaki, who dissociated into six orange stars.

"Green rings and level stars align themselves as one," I solemnly chanted. "Together, they'll open a new door to infinite esper potential! Synchro Summon! Come forth, Hyper Psychic Blaster!"

The rings and the stars aligned themselves, and a new synchro monster emerged from the formation. At the same time, I drew a card due to the effect of Hyper Librarian.

As I stared into the new psychic synchro monster, I realized that the helmet that was present from the artwork wasn't there at the projected monster. Furthermore, the projected monster had unkempt blonde hair and a face that makes this guy look like a delinquent. These facts made me realize that I just summoned Shiage Hamazura as the Hyper Psychic Blaster!

Hyper Psychic Blaster Lvl: 9 Atk: 3000 Def: 2500

"What the hell?" Hamazura uttered as he examined himself. He was rather shocked that he was currently wearing a suit of powered armor. "Why am I wearing this?"

"Hamazura," Touma addressed him. "I didn't expect you to show up."

"Hey boss, I didn't expect you here either," Hamazura explained. "I was sleeping after doing the 'chores' for my teammates around Academy City. The next thing I know, I found myself here."

Meanwhile, I became momentarily silent as I listened on the conversation. As much as I want to hear more of their talk, I was currently in a duel against the mysterious magician.

"Ahem, I have to finish the duel guys," I addressed them. "So, I'll just proceed to my battle phase."

"What the hell is he talking about?" Hamazura asked Touma. "Who is this guy anyway?"

"For the record, he's the one that summoned all of us here," Touma explained. "All of us appeared here in these ridiculous costumes."

"Really, boss?" Hamazura was surprised at this revelation.

"Yeah, my name's Motor-mouth and I was the one that summoned all of you," I introduced myself to confirm Touma's answer. "Now if you'll excuse me, I command Touma to attack Magician's Valkyria."

Touma quickly lunged towards Magician's Valkyria with his right hand clenched. Magician's Valkyria tried to defend herself but Touma managed to bypass her defenses, punched her in the face and that attack destroyed her. However, the magician did not take any battle damage due to the continuous trap Spirit Barrier.

"Nice try, but you're sadly mistaken if you're sure of your victory," The magician addressed to me. "I activate my face-down trap, Time Machine! I'll special summon Magician's Valkyria on the same side of the field she was on, in the same battle position she was in when she was destroyed."

Suddenly, a time machine appeared in the magician's side of the field, and the clock began to turn backwards. Moments later, Magician's Valkyria returned to the field in the same position. Crap, due to the effect of Magician's Valkyria, I couldn't select other spellcasters as a valid attack target except for her. So, I was forced to attack Magician's Valkyria once again.

"You're up, Komoe-sensei," I said to her. "Please attack Magician's Valkyria once again."

"B-but I don't know how-" Komoe stammered as she replied to me, then a bluish glow appeared on the index finger of Komoe. Then she unwillingly pointed her finger at Magician's Valkyria. A bluish burst of energy emerged from her index finger; the beam pierced through Magician's Valkyria, destroying her once again in the process.

"Hamazura, you're next," I addressed to him. "I want you to attack Arcanite Magician."

"I'm not so sure about this," Hamazura said to me hesitantly.

"Just do it," I replied. "Do you want to go back to your normal life or not?"

"Okay, I get it," Hamazura rolled his eyes as he aimed at Arcanite Magician using his twin plasma pistols. Then, he pulled the trigger and fired at Arcanite Magician. The spellcaster tried to conjure a magical barrier in self-defense but the attack managed to pierce through, destroying the spellcaster synchro monster altogether.

"Now, it's finally time to launch a direct attack," I declared enthusiastically. "Misaka, show 'em your signature attack!"

"Hmph, it's about time," Mikoto muttered as she gathered electrical energy from the palm of her right hand. Then, she threw the charged electrical energy at the magician.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but that attack won't reach me," The magician smirked in confidence. "I activate the effect of Swift Scarecrow from my hand! I'll discard Swift Scarecrow to negate a direct attack and end the battle phase!"

Suddenly, a worn-out scarecrow materialized in the magician's side of the field. The mechanical scarecrow managed to block the electric attack generated by Mikoto.

"Tch, he managed to block the attack," I frowned as I looked at the five remaining cards in my hand. "I'll proceed to Main Phase 2. I'll activate the spell card, Pot of Avarice. I'll target Overdrive Teleporter, Maxx'C', Effect Veiler, Storm Caller and Krebons in my graveyard, I'll return them back to my deck and then I'll draw two cards."

As I return the targeted cards from my graveyard to my deck, I saw the silhouettes of Awaki, Index, and Aogami in the playing field. The silhouettes returned back to my deck just as I returned the targeted cards to the deck and I drew two cards afterwards.

"I'll set four cards face-down," I said after I examined my field. Apparently, the Limit Reverse that I activated earlier was still there. "I'll end my turn from here. At the end phase, Magical Android allows me to recover life points by the number of psychic monsters that I control."

Motor-mouth: 7400 + 1800 = 9200

"Then, it's my turn," The magician muttered as he drew his seventh card. "It's about time I get serious. Motor-mouth, prepare yourself."

I gulped as the magician boldly declared his intentions at me. However, I was prepared for whatever that magician threw at me.

"I normal summon Magical Exemplar," The magician put the titular card in his monster card zone.

A new female spellcaster emerged from the magician's side of the field. She had long, black hair that reached to her shoulders, and she was wearing a long-sleeved green robe adorned with magical runes and symbols.

Magical Exemplar Lvl: 4 Atk: 1700 Def: 1400

"I activate the spell card, Monster Reborn," The magician continued his turn. "I'll target Arcanite Magician in my graveyard and special summon him into the field."

"Wait, I chain Maxx 'C' from my hand," I countered. "Every time you special summon, I get to draw one card."

However, the magician seemed undeterred by my counter and continued in his combo as the chain resolved. Thus, Arcanite Magician returned to the field, much to our dismay, and I drew one card. Afterwards, two spell counters could be seen hovering around Magical Exemplar.

Magical Exemplar: Spell counter(s): 2

"Each time a spell card is activated, two spell counters will be placed on Magical Exemplar," The magician explained. "Then, I'll activate the effect of Arcanite Magician. I'll remove 1 spell counter from my side of the field to target 1 card in your field and destroy it. My first target is the Hyper Psychic Blaster."

Magical Exemplar: Spell counter(s): 2 - 1 = 1

Arcanite Magician waved his staff at Hamazura, and a spell counter flew from Magical Exemplar and latched itself on the tip of the staff. Suddenly, the orb flew towards Hamazura in a breakneck speed. This time, I was prepared for this outcome.

"I activate Effect Veiler from my hand," I revealed the titular card to the opponent. "I'll send Effect Veiler from my hand to the graveyard to target Arcanite Magician and negate his effects until the end phase."

Index appeared in the field once again. She began to sing a magical tune as the orb flew closer to Hamazura. Somehow, the projectile meant to destroy Hamazura disintegrated and Arcanite Magician became shrouded in a fog-like mist.

"Thanks for saving me," Hamazura said to me.

"You're welcome, but you really should thank Index," I replied. "Yet, this duel is far from over."

As I stared at the magician, I could see the grin in his face. I immediately became cautious at the sight of the magician grinning like a maniac.

"Hmph, that tactic was just a diversion," The magician said to me.

"What do you mean by that?" I retorted.

"I forced you to use that card so I can freely utilize my real strategy," The magician grinned that sent chills to my spine. "I activate a spell, Miracle Synchro Fusion! From my field and graveyard, I banish Arcanite Magician and Spellbook Magician of Prophecy."

Suddenly, a swirling vortex appeared in the magician's field. Spellbook Magician of Prophecy materialized into the field and flew straight into the vortex; Arcanite Magician also went to the vortex.

"Magical forces have gathered for eons," The magician chanted. "Two magical beings shall unite as one! Fusion Summon! Appear in the field, Supreme Arcanite Magician!"

A new fusion monster came out from the swirling vortex. This new spellcaster looked similar to Arcanite Magician but his armored robe was colored in lavender, and it was far larger than before. Also, I drew another card due to Maxx "C" and Magical Exemplar gained two additional spell counters.

Supreme Arcanite Magician Lvl: 10 Atk: 1400 Def: 2800

Magical Exemplar: Spell counter(s): 1 + 2 = 3

"When Supreme Arcanite Magician is fusion summoned, two spell counters will be placed on him," The magician explained. "Supreme Arcanite Magician gains 1000 attack for every spell counter on him."

Supreme Arcanite Magician Atk: 1400 + 2(1000) = 3400

"Tch, not good," I muttered as I examined my set cards in the field. Unfortunately, none of them can somehow deal with the Supreme Arcanite Magician at the moment.

"I activate the second effect of Supreme Arcanite Magician," The magician declared. "Once per turn, I can remove one spell counter from my side of the field either destroy one card in the field or draw one card."

I put my right hand on my duel disk, just in case the magician used the first effect of Supreme Arcanite Magician to destroy any cards in my field.

"I'll remove one spell counter from Magical Exemplar to draw one card," The magician revealed.

A spell counter flew away from Magical Exemplar and it went to the staff of Supreme Arcanite Magician. The magician drew one card afterwards.

Magical Exemplar: Spell counter(s): 3 - 1 = 2

I felt my heartbeat slowed down a bit when the magician used the second effect instead. However, his turn wasn't over yet.

"Next, I'll equip Supreme Arcanite Magician with the spell, Mage Power," The magician continued. "Supreme Arcanite Magician gains 500 attack points for every spell and trap card that I control."

Due to being equipped with Mage Power, Supreme Arcanite Magician began to glow in a purple aura. Also, more spell counters began to revolve around Magical Exemplar.

Cards in the magician's field: 1 face-up Spirit Barrier, and Mage Power

Supreme Arcanite Magician Atk: 3400 + 2(500) = 4400

Magical Exemplar: Spell counter(s): 2 + 2 = 4

"I'll activate another spell, Spell Power Grasp," The magician resumed his combo. "I'll target Supreme Arcanite Magician, and place a spell counter on him, and then I'll another copy of Spell Power Grasp from deck."

"What is he planning?" Touma asked me.

"Supreme Arcanite Magician gains 1000 more attack points and Magical Exemplar gains two more spell counters," I explained to Touma. "Crap, which means he's powering them up in order to overwhelm us."

A spell counter flew from the spell card, and attached itself to Supreme Arcanite Magician, further increasing his power; at the same time, two more spell counters appeared around Magical Exemplar.

Supreme Arcanite Magician Atk: 4400 + 1000 = 5400

Magical Exemplar: Spell counter(s): 4 + 2 = 6

"Then, I'll activate the second effect of Magical Exemplar," The magician raised his right hand in the air. "Once per turn, I can remove any number of spell counters from this card to special summon a spellcaster monster from my hand or graveyard whose level is equal to the number of spell counters that I removed. I remove 6 spell counters to special summon Trance the Magic Swordsman."

Magical Exemplar: Spell counter(s): 6 - 6 = 0

All of the spell counters that were revolving around Magical Exemplar were merged together into an orb, and Magical Exemplar threw the orb high up in the air. From the orb came Trance the Magic Swordsman; I gritted my teeth as Trance returned into the field once again. At the same time, I drew a card due to Maxx "C".

Trance the Magic Swordsman Lvl: 6 Atk: 2600 Def: 200

"I'll set three cards face-down, and Supreme Arcanite Magician gains 1500 more attack points due to Mage Power," The magician muttered as he set three more cards in his spell/trap zone.

Cards in the magician's field: 1 face-up Spirit Barrier, Mage Power, and three face-down cards.

Supreme Arcanite Magician Atk: 5400 + 3(500) = 6900

"Fukou da, that's one ridiculously powerful magician," Touma muttered. Then, he faced me and asked. "Do you have a plan in mind?"

"Yeah, I do have plan," I replied back to reassure him. 'But unfortunately, it's a particularly risky plan.'

"I'll proceed to my battle phase," The magician declared coldly. "Trance the Magic Swordsman, attack T.G. Hyper Librarian!"

Trance drew his sword and lunged at Komoe at the command of the magician.

"Waah!" Komoe cried as the incoming attack drew closer to her.

"I activate the effect of Necro Gardna!" I removed the titular card from my graveyard. "By banishing Necro Gardna in my graveyard, I negate that attack."

Suddenly, a barrier formed around Komoe; the barrier managed to shield the rose-haired girl from the attack of Trance.

"Motor-mouth-chan, t-thank you for saving me," Komoe tearfully said her gratitude.

"You're welcome," I smiled at her as I replied. However, the magician was just warming up.

"Supreme Arcanite Magician, pick up where Trance left off and attack Hyper Librarian again," The magician ordered.

Supreme Arcanite Magician recited an incantation, and a magical burst of energy came out of his staff and flew towards Komoe. I'm not going to let Komoe be destroyed by that attack.

"I open a face-down trap, Absolute End!" I pressed a button on my duel disk. "Magician, all of the attacks from your monsters become direct attacks on this turn."

Because of Absolute End, the attack that was meant for Komoe went directly to me instead. I braced myself as I took the full brunt of the magical attack.

"Motor-mouth!" Touma and Mikoto exclaimed.

"Aaarghh!" I screamed in pain. The damaged I received from Dice Jar earlier was nothing compared to this; the attack forced me to kneel and my breathing became shallow.

Motor-mouth: 9200 - 6900 = 2300

"Are you okay?" Touma asked me.

"I-I'm fine," I stuttered. "I-it's just a scratch. . ."

"Motor-mouth-chan," Komoe knelt down near me; she was holding back her tears. "You don't have to push yourself for us."

"You idiot, you could have been killed by that blast!" Mikoto shouted at me. By the looks of it she knew about this situation because she had experienced something similar before. "Why did you do that?"

"I did that because it's not fair for you guys to do most of the action while I'm in the back row barking orders," I replied at her. "Besides, I have another reason why I did that."

"What do you mean?" Hamazura asked.

"Look at the playing field," I explained. At the playing field, there was a face-up trap card; the artwork of that trap card featured a black sphere that was being struck by something. The magician frowned as he recognized that card.

"So, you activated Flashbang during damage calculation," The magician muttered.

"That's right, I activated Flashbang when I received the battle damage from Supreme Arcanite Magician," I explained. "This trap card forces you to end your turn, magician."

"Fine, my turn ends here," The magician concluded his turn. "It's your turn now, Motor-mouth."

"I-it's my turn," I staggered as I tried to stand up again, but I fell down on the ground in failure. "Darn it. . ."

Suddenly, two people walked to me and offered their help to me.

"We'll help you stand up," Touma reached his right hand to me.

"Y-you're helping me?" I asked back. "W-why?"

"You idiot, of course we want to help you!" Mikoto snapped at me. "You protected us and you even took the full brunt of the attack! It's the least we can do to help you back!"

With the support of Touma and Mikoto, I was able to stand on my two feet once again. I looked into their faces and I realized that they were genuinely worried about me. For a guy that they just met recently, they would actually lend a helping hand. It was a moving yet heartwarming sight to behold.

Upon standing up, I looked in my duel disk and stared at the top card of my deck. Then, I closed my eyes and thought of the events that I've experienced so far. I thought of my best friend, Kouto Cotello, and I thought of my new friends that I made right now. With these thoughts circling in my mind, I put my right hand on the top card of my deck and began to concentrate. And then. . .

"I . . . d-draw!" I declared with such passion as I drew my fourth card. I glanced at the drawn card and a grin formed in my face. "During the standby phase, the effect of Time Escaper activates; Psychic Lifetrancer returns to the field."

A dimensional vortex opened in my field and Aisa Himegami stepped out of the vortex.

"Oh, it's you," Himegami addressed Touma.

"Nice you came back Himegami," Touma replied.

Mikoto was silent. She recognized Himegami from the night when she met Kamijou since World War III.

"I activate the effect of Psychic Lifetrancer," I continued with my play. "I'll banish Genetic Woman in my graveyard, and gain 1200 life points."

A ghostly silhouette of Kanzaki appeared into the field before dissipating into thin air once again. Then, a green aura surrounded my body as I recovered some life points.

Motor-mouth: 2300 + 1200 = 3500

"I activate a spell, Miracle Synchro Fusion," I put the titular card in my duel disk. "I banish Himegami in my field and Time Escaper from my graveyard."

A swirling vortex appeared in my field; Himegami stepped into the vortex and Time Escaper followed suit.

"Two minds will mend together as one," I chanted. "This will open the door to infinite potential! Fusion Summon! Appear now, Ultimate Axon Kicker!"

A new fusion monster emerged from the swirling vortex. To my surprise, the projected monster was a humanoid version of the fusion monster. He had unkempt brown hair, and he also had the eyes that had the intention to kill. He was wearing a skeletal armor version of the fusion monster, with dark matter oozing from many places in his body. And an ominous red aura began to surround him, making his presence unnerving to the other people; even the magician was intimidated by his presence. I gulped as I just summoned the 2nd Level 5 Esper, Teitoku Kakine, as the Ultimate Axon Kicker. Then, two additional spell counters appeared on Magical Exemplar.

Ultimate Axon Kicker Lvl: 10 Atk: 2900 Def: 1700

Magical Exemplar: Spell counter(s): 0 + 2 = 2

"Yes, I'm back!" Kakine said aloud as he examined his body. "I'm whole once again!"

"What have you done?" Hamazura exclaimed at me. "Of all the people you could've summoned, why him?"

"It's not my fault," I defended. Then, I realized what I just said and retracted. "Okay, I did summon him, but I didn't know about that until now!"

As soon as those words left my mouth, Kakine suddenly appeared in front of me.

"What did you say?" He asked me.

"Uh, I said I was the one that summoned you here," I gulped as I replied back.

"Is that so?" Kakine seemed amused. "On how did you manage to summon me, it doesn't matter-"

"Ahem," The magician interrupted. "I would not count on that."

"Hmm?" Kakine turned around and faced the magician.

"As I said, your freedom is short-lived," The magician interrupted. "As much as you enjoy your freedom, you're still under chains."

"What did you say?" Kakine glared at the magician.

"I activate a trap, Void Trap Hole!" The magician declared. "When your opponent special summons an effect monster with 2000 or more attack points: negate the effects of that monster and destroy it."

Suddenly, the ground beneath Kakine became unstable, and it began to collapse. Kakine tried to fly away, but the gravitational pull was too much, and he slowly fell to the dark void.

"This can't be. . ." Kakine moaned as the trap hole pulled him into the void. "My new-found freedom . . . nnooooo!"

This was the last time I heard of Kakine as he was completely engulfed by the trap hole. Also, the attack of Supreme Arcanite Magician decreased slightly by five hundred points.

Supreme Arcanite Magician Atk: 6900 - 500 = 6400

"Tch, didn't saw that coming," I muttered as the trap hole finally closed up. Then, I looked at the three remaining cards in my hand and made my move. "I normal summon Psychic Snail."

A new psychic monster materialized into the field. I looked at the appearance of the projected monster and I realized that this guy is basically wearing a humanoid version of Psychic Snail. The only distinctive feature that I could recognize was his hat. Based on what I can describe from his appearance, I just summoned Hanzou Hattori as the Psychic Snail.

Psychic Snail Lvl: 4 Atk: 1900 Def: 1200

"Huh? Huh? Where am I?" Hattori muttered as he examined himself. "Woah! Is that you, Hamazura!?"

"No way, I can't believe it's you, Hattori!" Hamazura exclaimed. "What amazing get-up is that? What happened to the ninja rule of not having fancy clothes?"

"Well, I don't think there really was a rule like that," Hattori agreed. "But I guess you're right that not flashy clothes should be worn."

"Flashy? What you're wearing is literally a latex suit with a large shell on the back," Hamazura shot back. "I don't even think it can be classified as cos-play."

"Don't tell me about that logic when you yourself are carrying plasma rifles and white armor," Hattori sarcastically replied.

"Alright, I'll proceed with my next move!" I yelled in case some absurd conversation was about to begin once again. "I use Psychic Snail's effect! I'll pay 800 life points to target one psychic monster that I control. I target Hamazura."

Motor-mouth: 3500 - 800 = 2700

Suddenly, Hattori began to glow in a yellow aura, and that aura somehow went to Hamazura. Hamazura felt a new power surging through him.

"Woah, what did I just do?" Hattori wondered aloud.

"It's simple; you have an ability that enables other psychic monsters to attack twice in the battle phase," I explained. "But in exchange, I have to pay 800 life points and you cannot attack on the turn I use your ability."

"Touma, Misaka," I called out to them. As they paid attention to me, I addressed to them. "I'll use Hattori's ability to allow both of you to attack twice."

Touma and Mikoto momentarily began to glow in a yellow aura when they received the buff from Hattori.

Motor-mouth: 2700 - 2(800) = 1100

"Ack!" I coughed and spluttered as I realized that I'm almost on the verge of defeat and possibly even death. Touma, Mikoto, Komoe, Hamazura, and Hattori became concerned over me and walked towards me.

"Motor-mouth," Touma asked me out of concern. "Are you alright?"

"I said I'm fine," I replied as I struggled to stand up again.

"Why are you pushing yourself?" Mikoto berated me. "You're putting yourself more at risk!"

"M-Motor-mouth-chan," Komoe shed a few tears as she said to me. "You mustn't risk your life too far for our sake."

"Don't worry about me; I know my actions are worth the sacrifice," I reassured them as I stood up. "No matter what happens, we'll finish this duel together."

". . ." Touma was silent as he listened at my words. Then he spoke to me, "Okay, we'll finish this; we'll make sure we're behind you all the way!"

"Yeah, let's show these so-called magicians not to mess with us!" Mikoto exclaimed.

"C'mon buddy, I know you can do it," Hamazura cheered. "Now, let it happen."

"Thanks guys," I replied out of gratitude.

"As much as I enjoy seeing this camaraderie, you're sorely outmatched," The magician spoke to me. "You used up your life points in your psychic monsters in order for them to attack twice, and yet my spellcasters are far stronger in terms of attack points. Your chance at defeating me is nothing more than a mere illusion."

"Is that so?" I retorted with a grin, which surprised the magician. "As I've said before, I'll break that illusion and win this duel! I activate a continuous spell, Future Glow! I'll banish Ultimate Axon Kicker in my graveyard and note his level; then, all of my face-up psychic monsters gain attack equal to the level of the banish monster times 200."

A silhouette of Kakine momentarily appeared in the field before disintegrating into holographic debris. Also, a white aura began to appear around Touma, Mikoto, Hamazura, and Hattori as they received the power boost. At the same time, two more spell counters appeared on Magical Exemplar, not that it mattered anyway.

Ultimate Axon Kicker Lvl: 10

Future Glow Atk Boost: 10(200) = 2000

Silent Psychic Wizard Atk: 1900 + 2000 = 3900

Magical Android Atk: 2400 + 2000 = 4400

Hyper Psychic Blaster Atk: 3000 + 2000 = 5000

Psychic Snail Atk: 1900 + 2000 = 3900

Magical Exemplar: Spell counter(s): 2 + 2 = 4

"Now, I proceed to my battle phase," I declared with such determination. "Hamazura, attack Trance the Magic Swordsman."

Hamazura began to focus his aim at Trance the Magic Swordsman using his twin plasma pistols. Then, he pulled the trigger and fired at the spellcaster.

"I will not let that attack go through," The magician pressed a button on his duel disk. "I activate a trap, Mirror Force! Your attack position monsters will be destroyed, Motor-mouth."

Suddenly, a magical reflective mirror appeared in front of Trance, shielding him from Hamazura's imminent attack. However, my lips curled as I have a countermeasure for that trap card.

"Sorry, but I don't think so!" I smirked as I activated my countermeasure. "I activate a counter trap, Solemn Judgement! I'll pay half of my life points to negate the activation of your trap card and destroy it!"

Motor-mouth: 1100 / 2 = 550

I felt a sharp pain in my chest as my life points was cut in half, but the cost was worth it. Then, Touma ran towards the Mirror Force and punched it with his right hand, the Imagine Breaker. Instantaneously, the effect of Mirror Force was negated and it shattered. Thus, Hamazura's attack managed to hit Trance without impediment, destroying the spellcaster altogether. Due to Spirit Barrier, the magician did not take any battle damage.

"You're next, Misaka Mikoto," I addressed her. "Attack Magical Exemplar now!"

"Let's do this!" Mikoto replied as she used her ability to magnetize the iron particles scattered around the field to create a makeshift chain sword. Then, Mikoto lashed the chain sword at Magical Exemplar. Yet, the magician did not activate any card effect whatsoever, so Magical Exemplar was utterly annihilated by that attack.

"Well played, Motor-mouth," The magician gloated to me. "You may have destroyed Trance and Exemplar, but I still have Supreme Arcanite Magician. You cannot win with your monsters having lower attack than mine."

"Who says having more attack power means that you win?" I shot back. "Having monsters with high attack doesn't mean everything in the long run. From my field, I open a quick-play spell card, Book of Moon! I target your Supreme Arcanite Magician and flip him face-down."

Suddenly, Supreme Arcanite Magician became disappeared in the field, and a face-down card appeared in his place. The Mage Power was sent to the graveyard because the monster that this card was equipped to was flipped face-down.

"Hamazura, you're up again," I said to him. "Attack the face-down monster."

"I got it," Hamazura aimed at the face-down monster and fired away. However, the magician was forced to use his last ace in order to defend from the attack.

"I activate a continuous trap, Mirror Wall!" The magician declared. "This trap will cut the attack points of your attacking monsters by half. You lose, Motor-mouth."

Suddenly, huge crystal obelisks sprout out of the magician's side of the field. As Hamazura's plasma shots went through them, I could tell that the power of Hamazura's attack was waning the moment the shots passed through the obelisks.

Hyper Psychic Blaster Atk: 5000/2 = 2500

Supreme Arcanite Magician Def: 2800

Possible Battle Damage: 2800 – 2500 =300

Crap, if I don't do something to counter this, Hamazura's attack would not be enough to overpower Supreme Arcanite Magician and I might lose the duel. However, it seemed Lady Luck smiled at me when I looked at the two cards in my hand.

"I told you we're going to win this duel and I'll prove it to you," I smirked. "From my hand, I chain with Double Cyclone! With this quick-play spell, I destroy my face-up Limit Reverse and your Mirror Wall."

Two swirling tornadoes suddenly appeared in the field; one tornado struck Limit Reverse, and the other tornado struck the Mirror Wall, destroying the two cards and scattering their debris in the field. With Hamazura's attack returned to normal, the attack was successful and it destroyed Supreme Arcanite Magician. With no more monsters present in the magician's side of the field, the effect of Spirit Barrier was not applied anymore. So, he could now be hurt by battle damage.

"Touma, attack the magician directly," I said to him.

"Let's end this," Touma lunged at the magician. The magician couldn't do anything because he used up his last ace at Hamazura earlier. Due to the effect of Psychic Snail, Touma was able to execute two attacks at the magician; a left hook and a big right-hand hay-maker, knocking the magician down to the ground and winning me the duel.

Damage Calculation: 3900 x 2 = 7800

Magician: 6500 - 7800 = 0

As the duel ended, Mikoto, Komoe, Hattori, and Hamazura disappeared from the field one by one; but to my surprise, Touma didn't disappear like the others, and what's more was that Index appeared alongside Touma. Also, Touma and Index were now wearing their usual outfits.

"Oi Motor-mouth," Touma greeted me. "It seemed that you won."

"No, you're saying it wrong," I replied. "We won. I have never won this duel alone if it wasn't for you and the others."

Suddenly, the magician stood up and walked to me. He was rather happy for me; it seemed that he took his loss in stride.

"Well done, Motor-mouth," The magician acknowledged his defeat. "You have proven yourself in this duel, and won spectacularly."

"Oi magician," Touma asked him. "Do you what is this place? Index tried to explain it to me but you cut her off."

"Touma, I'll explain it from him," Index interjected. "This place is known as the Dream Sea."

"Dream Sea?" Touma said aloud.

"Remember that we dream while we are asleep?" Index explained. "The Dream Sea is the place that our consciousness goes when we are asleep. Usually, we wouldn't be conscious, but that was bypassed due to the summoning spell conjured by that magician."

"So, this place is some sort of dreamland," Touma understood. "So, how did we end up in those costumes?"

"I think I can explain that," I replied. "It's because of the type of deck I use."

I showed Index and Touma my deck. They were surprised at the cards that they saw; Touma saw the card of Silent Psychic Wizard and Index saw the card of Effect Veiler.

"So, you're using a Psychic deck," Touma commented as he inspected my deck. "That explains why we were summoned here."

"Yeah, since most of you came from Academy City," I theorized. "Some of the psychic monsters resemble several people from your world, which may be why they were summoned here as I use the cards in my deck."

"I do have one question though," Index asked me as she examined Effect Veiler. "If you're using a Psychic deck, why did you include this card?"

"Although Effect Veiler isn't really a psychic monster," I explained. "Her effect is invaluable and useful; that's why I kept that card in my deck."

"Okay, that's enough you two," The magician butted in. "During the duel, I forgot to introduce myself to you. My name is Sigmund Runa."

"Sigmund Runa," I repeated his name. "Doesn't that name mean 'secret protector'?"

"You're correct," Sigmund grinned. "Anyway, that was an exciting duel and you passed the test. Here's something to complement your valor."

Sigmund reached for his pockets and grabbed a pendant. Then he gave that pendant to me.

"This pendant acts as a communicator," Sigmund explained. "When the time comes for me to contact you, just wear that pendant in your neck."

"Alright, I'll be sure to remember that," I replied as I put the pendant in my pocket.

"I guess it's time that we have to part ways; after all, we can't stay in this realm for too long.," Sigmund said to me, and then he turned his attention to Touma and Index and said. "Index, Kamijou, both of you shall return to your world."

"One last question before you send us back," Touma asked Sigmund. "What will happen to the other people that were summoned here?"

"Oh, don't worry about that," Sigmund cheerfully replied. "I'm sure they'll think that they're dreaming and they may not remember the events that happened while they were here."

"That's good to know," Touma agreed. Then, he faced me and said. "I guess this is goodbye, Motor-mouth."

"Yeah, I'll miss both of you," I smiled as I replied.

"If you have the time, you can come and visit us sometime!" Index suggested to me.

"I'll consider that," I replied to her.

Suddenly, Index and Touma were encased in a bright light, and they were turned to orbs. The two orbs flew out of to the sky and left the Dream Sea. Sigmund and I were the only ones left in this dimension.

"I guess I'd better leave too," I said to Sigmund.

"Of course, but there's two more thing I need to tell you," Sigmund replied. "Your boss thinks he's the one in control; but in reality, there's someone else that's plotting everything behind the scenes, and you're going to meet a special person very soon."

"So, what you're saying is that there's a man plotting behind my boss-man," I wondered. "And who is this 'special person' that I'm going to meet?"

"Oh, you'll find out soon enough, Kyle Jade Spanner," Sigmund grinned. "Now, off you go!"

Suddenly, my vision got distorted and I lost consciousness soon after.

"Motor-mouth, wake up!" Someone was shaking me.

"Nggh," I began to open my eyes. The person shaking me was Kouto Cotello; I could see from his face that he was worried about me.

"Thank goodness you woke up," Kouto wiped the sweat off his forehead. "You were rolling around your bed muttering gibberish when I went to your room."

"I was doing what?" I exclaimed. "D-don't mind that; come on buddy, let's play that new XBox360 game at the lounge."

"Sure thing, Motor-mouth," Kouto agreed. "Are you referring to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3?"

"Yep," I nodded. "And I'm gonna use Phoenix Wright to beat the sock outta you!"

"Let's go to the lounge already and play the game!" Kouto pulled me out of the bed.

As Kouto and I walked in the hallways of the Citadel, I checked my pockets and I felt something inside. I grabbed the item and brought it to my view. To my surprise, it was the very same pendant Sigmund gave me! I guessed that really wasn't a dream after all . . . or is it?

"Hey, what's that pendant you're holding?" Kouto asked me.

"Ah, i-it's a gift," I stammered. "I'll explain later, but now we need to play that game!"

"Okay buddy," Kouto agreed.

3rd Person POV

Meanwhile in another city far, far away, a certain unfortunate boy named Kamijou Touma had woken up from his slumber.

"Ack, what a bad dream," Touma muttered as he left his bed to get a cup of water.

As Touma went to the kitchen, he mumbled about dimensions, ridiculous outfits, and a bossy guy. Unfortunately, the hands of misfortune began to turn, and he found his roommate, Index, lying asleep next to the refrigerator.

'Of all the unfortunate things that happen to me, why does this have to happen now?' Touma mentally complained in his head.

Touma tried to be careful not to wake the gluttonous nun; he slowly reached for the refrigerator handle and grabbed a plastic cup of water. Just as he was about to close the refrigerator, the hands of misfortune has struck once again.

"Gah!" Touma yelped as the cup of water slipped from his right hand and fell on his roommate.


Slowly, Index began to regain consciousness and faced Touma.

"Touma, what are you doing here. . ." Index mumbled at Touma. Then, she realized that she was soaking wet. "Touma, what did you do to me?!"

"Index, I-I can explain about that," Touma pleaded to her, but the nun refused to hear his plea.

"Touma!" Index bared her teeth and lunged at Touma, biting him at the back of his head.

"Fukou da!" Touma screamed at the top of his lungs at the starry night.

End of Story

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