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Fate is a cruel concept. Fate causes siblings to kill each other. Fate turns friends into enemies. However, Fate also what caused the meeting between people. Fate gives the chance to forge a brand new relationship. This is the story of a person who discards his happiness for peace and gains a chance to find a new happiness in a new world.


"Tsukuyomi!" = Normal Talking



"Tsukuyomi!" = Dragon/Sacred Gear talking


Chapter 13

Crazy School Days begin!


[Kuoh Academy]


It's the name of the school where many young devils commuted to in the human world. A splendid school where the majority of the students are females. One could even call it a paradise for men.

Of course, as a school where rich and noble girls a.k.a. 'Ojous' go to, the facilities are also outstanding compared to other schools. The clubs received a lot of attention and support – in other words, money – to conduct their activities. One club in particular has always been the center of attention since its forming. Not because it has outstanding achievement, but because two of Kuoh's most beautiful girls, which were none other than Rias and Akeno, were the ones who founded it two years ago and have since attended said club. When a certain prince charming, and a certain white-haired loli joined last year and this year respectively, it's only obvious that the club's popularity got boosted even further. This club is none other than the Occult Research Club, a club founded solely for Rias and her peerage.

However, despite the popularity of the Occult Research Club, even they are not immune to the laws and regulations of the school. That is, they are still under the responsibilities of the student council. The student council which is currently headed by the Sona Sitri, with her queen Shinra Tsubaki acting as the vice-president. It's obvious of course that, with the third and fourth most popular girls as the heads of the student council and combined with their intellects, it was already predicted that the student council would gain a similar popularity as the Occult Research club. And of course, being the place where the heiress of the Sitri clan and her peerage reside, the student council's facility was optimized to suit their needs.

And right now, in that esteemed student council room where dignity, regulations, laws, and honor were upheld, the student council members and the members of Occult Research club are currently having a meeting.

Or rather…it is more correct to be called an interrogation. And the members of Rias' and Sona's peerage are acting as some sort of witnesses.

The convicts? Right now, in the middle of the room, three of Kuoh's most popular girls, in other words Rias, Akeno, and Sona, alongside Koneko, are sitting on the floor in a seiza-style. With their hands on their knees, and their faces looking down.

Almost every person who is present has an uncertain look on his/her face. Why? Because they absolutely have no idea why these four girls are bowing their heads in submission towards a certain man who is sitting on the table. And two of them are masters who possess a very high degree of pride. Truly a mystery for them to submit to someone, unless there is a serious explanation.

The man is none other than Itachi of course, and right now he has a very unpleasant look on his face. Well, unpleasant for those who could see through his passive mask. As his gaze towards Rias, Akeno, Sona, and Koneko intensified, the student council members become even more rigid. They had never seen their King, Sona, being so submissive like this. The same could be said for the rest of the Occult Research club. Not even Yuuto had seen Rias, Akeno, and Koneko, sitting on their knees, and look like little girls who are being scolded by their teacher.

Usually the three girls that are Rias, Akeno, and Sona, would emit a refined air of elegance, while Koneko would have a passive air on her. However, right now, none of them have their usual presences, which greatly confused their peers.

Deciding to break the silence, Tsubaki stepped forward. However, before she could even open her mouth, Itachi's gaze met hers.

"…" She didn't know how to react. The man's gaze was unlike any other. It's not that his gaze was frightening or intimidating, but there's just something in those eyes, something that made her unable to take action. If she wants to describe it, his gaze was seemingly able to see inside her, and judge whether she was worthy of his attention or not. That's the only way she could describe his gaze.

"….Tsubaki." Sona's voice pulled her out of her stupor, and she looked at her king. "Stand back."

"…..Understood, Kaichou." She took a step back and stood alongside her peers.

"Sona." Sona flinched when Itachi suddenly called her name. She slowly averts her eyes back to Itachi, and she could see that there's a certain bad air coming from behind him. "When did I give you the permission to talk?" Itachi asked coldly.

Pressured by the look that Itachi gave her, she managed to mutter 'you didn't' before casting her sight downward. Seeing her like this, Sona's pawn, Saji Genshiro, mustered his courage and almost took a step forward. Almost.

"Stay where you are… Saji Genshiro-kun." Itachi coldly ordered him. Saji instinctively took a step back, due to the sheer coldness of Itachi's voice. "I only have business with…these four…" Either it was anger or annoyance; one thing can be said for sure.

"…He is upset." "He is upset isn't he?" "Why does Itachi-san seems really upset?"

Such were the thoughts of Yuuto, Issei, and Asia.

The four suspects' shoulders shook violently, and cold sweat began dropping from their faces. They avert their sights downward, and they are starting to become even smaller, well, metaphorically smaller. Itachi has no compassion for them currently though, and then he coldly declares….

"Now then, let me hear what you have to say."

And thus…the interrogator began to question the suspects for their crimes.

To truly understand the reason behind this interrogation, and the crimes that the four girls had committed, let us rewind the time to this morning.


~ 2 hours ago ~ [Itachi's house]

It was a normal morning. A normal morning of a very normal day. With a normal sunrise, and a normal sound of bird chirping.

That was what one Uchiha Itachi thought when he opened his eyes. He looked at the desk clock and noticed that the time was 6:23. He tiredly sighed, not because he woke up earlier than usual, but because he woke up a lot latter than usual. Usually, he would wake up before the sun even rised. To do daily training, meditation, and preparations like checking his weapons and such. However, not this morning. This morning, and the mornings of the past week, he could not do his morning activities.

The reason was…because his body suffered greatly from Grayfia's re-education.

He grimaced as he recalled those…horrible...memories. It has been more than a week since his fight with Raizer. And for half of that time, he could not even afford a single second to get up from his bed in Gremory castle.


Because he was, to put in a very light term, incapacitated as a result of one whole week worth of education inflicted by none other than the esteemed 'strongest Queen'. Such was the 'wonderful' result of Grayfia's methods of re-education. The girls' punishments were like babies kicks in comparison and their anger quickly subsided after they dealt the first blow. Not to mention, they only strained the body and it only lasted for an hour. Nothing else. However, Grayfia's ******* injured not only his body, but also his mind. His mental was driven to the breaking point, and if not for his exceptional mental strength, he would've definitely lost his mind on the first night. If you couldn't believe that Itachi's mind was almost broken, then why don't you try subjecting yourself to watching….

Romance series, love comedy movie, Princess' story, 'Way to deal with the opposite gender' education programs, guidance on 'How to behave like a true gentleman', 'Lovely cutie pie' music video, 'Romeo and Juliet', 'The importance of avoiding illicit relationship' speech, 'Tips on how to become a dedicated groom', 'Woman's heart' psychological program, 'Polygamy for beginner's, and 'Various ways to inflict Capital punishment to a cheating lover/husband'.

All at the same time. While being chained to a chair. A steel chair full of spikes. And being forced to watch for 72 hours non-stop in a dark room. Oh, by the way, that list is incomplete, for it took…144…televisions to display all programs at the same time. It was truly a miracle that he didn't go blind after watching so many…educational programs.

And for you information…those were just 10% of the total pu-*EHEM!*- educations that Grayfia kindly gave to him. Even while he couldn't move from his bed, Grayfia, being a considerate person that she was, visited him in her casual dress and warmly gave him motherly lectures (when she finished, the room's temperature was below -10 degree Celsius though). Truly a model for all mothers, she cares about her family to such an extent. For what the rest 90% entails, please imagine it by yourself. Because of the sheer bru****ty of the content of the 90%, it is not appropriate for it to be written down. Or else, someone might actually copy it and do it to normal people.

Grayfia most definitely did not go through the trouble of…'dirtying'…her own hands simply because of a petty grudge. Even if she was a bit vexed that someone managed to run away from her, and made a spot on her record, she's not so childish that she would make that certain someone tasted hell. Most certainly not. She only did what she deems as necessary for the future.

If he could, Itachi would've given her claps out of respect though. Because, even if she didn't do it intentionally, Grayfia had succeeded in taming 'it' in just a week. Something that took him almost two years was accomplished by her in such a short amount of time.

The proof?

'It' didn't dare to come out while Grayfia was around, and instead opted to sleep to avoid seeing what 'it' described as 'the housewife – Ice Queen – of the dread', while letting Itachi bear all the pain. Well, he was not alone for long though.

Midway, for some reason or another, Sirzechs joined him. In being re-educated that is. For efficiency's sake, Grayfia placed Sirzechs' frozen body in his room, and soon both of them got lectured by Grayfia. While Itachi did not have a single clue as to why Sirzechs was put in a same condition as him, he, however, could hear the Crimson Satan muttering something about 'sleeping face = moe' in his dre – no, nightmare. He sweat dropped of course and more so when Sirzechs started to cry lamely and begged for forgiveness to Grayfia in his sleep.

Even though he could've escaped from this heaven of learning, he opted to just obediently receive his re-education. After all…

What do you think would happen after he escaped?

Scenario 1.

Grayfia would immediately chase him once she found out that he was gone. Considering the fact that she almost caught him before, adding the fact that she is a devil while he is a human and that he is also severely exhausted from the re-education, he has no doubt that she might actually be able to catch him this time. However, the problem was… Itachi had no doubt that she would double the education and would be merciless this time.

Scenario 2.

Grayfia would let him go, but at the expense of…telling Rias and co. that he ran away. Now, most of you might think that it's not such a big deal. Indeed, what they might do would be far, far lighter in comparison to what Grayfia did. However, remember the words 'and co'. That means there is a very high possibility that Serafall would also be informed. Itachi does not fear nor dislike Serafall. But, he has yet cleared (if it can be cleared) the misunderstanding about his supposed 'date invitation' to Serafall. He learned it firsthand just how terrible the consequences born from misunderstandings. And if Serafall – screw it – if the girls gathered once more around him, and he has not yet explained to them what Serafall meant by 'date'… he is confident that at that time his life would end the moment Serafall starts spouting nonsense, again. At the very best…this week will repeat itself.

Scenario 3.

Grayfia would chase him, catch him, and instantly end his life on the spot.

Such were the examples of the possible outcome that await him should he choose to escape. Of course Itachi had already calculated every possible scenario and its outcome. Unfortunately though, he could not see anything else but hell after he escaped. And so, instead of digging an even deeper grave, he rather stick with the current one and just bear with it until it's finished.

And don't even say that he should ask her for lenience. It would definitely have the opposite effect.

What made him shuddered and sweat dropped at the same time tough, was the fact that he could not sense any malice or anger from Grayfia while she was re-educating him. It's like all of it was as natural as breathing to her. He sweat dropped when he realized that she must've done this kind of thing to Sirzechs so many times for her to become very skilled at this. And he shuddered because…if her being calm was already that bad…how would she re-educate him if she was angry?

But not everything was bleak. Rias, Akeno, and Koneko visited him every night, and though they deprived him of his short precious resting time (Grayfia only gave him the maximum of one hour of rest per day, before the re-education continued), he was content hearing their stories about their lives as students. Of course Sirzechs pleaded for his cute 'imouto' to comfort her 'dying Onii-san', but unfortunately for him; she was so busy with Itachi that she didn't register his plea (which greatly shocked him). Lord Gremory and Venelana would also occasionally visited him for a short time after Grayfia delivered her pu-*EHEM!*- educations, and on one occasion, while Venelana was rubbing his back with medical lotion (and ignoring the wail of her 'precious' son), Lord Gremory asked him about what had actually happened. Itachi's answer was…

"You're not ready yet."

Lord Gremory, Venelana, and Sirzechs, who had managed to wake himself up, understood the meaning behind Itachi's answer. It wasn't that he was reluctant to give them answers. But, he deemed that they were not yet ready for the kind of answer that he had for them. They were content with just that for now, because they knew that Itachi would give them the answers one day. Well, if Itachi actually has no plan to tell them, they could just ask Grayfia to kindly ask him the answers.

Itachi then raised his eyebrows, when Lord Gremory proceeded to tell him that he had arranged for Itachi to be transferred as a student of Kuoh Academy, but refrained from asking for the reasons. And it might actually prove to be advantageous, as he can directly monitored and prevented the 'flows' from worsening, and he probably could lead it to a safe conclusion if he was careful enough. Not to mention, he DID promise Rias that he would attend Kuoh with her and since this is her last year, this is the only year left for her to spend with him as a student. He has no intention to break any promises this time, unlike those cases with Sasuke. Besides, he knew that a woman's heart is a lot more sensitive than a man's heart, and he feared that, if he broke his promise, Rias' heart would get scarred. Filling her heart with distrust and hate is something that he wants to avoid at all costs.

Itachi sighed tiredly as he continued to remember what happened from that week until yesterday. He remembered that, after Grayfia declared his…graduation…from her re-education, Sirzechs brought him here yesterday and told him that this house will be his from now on. He instantly looked at the Satan with a 'you are joking, right?' look. Unfortunately, Sirzechs looked very serious. He incredulously stared around his new house, and for once he really wanted to protest for various reasons. It was understandable why Itachi was restless after seeing his would-be house.

After all, the house, to put it simply, looked half-assed. Aside from its ridiculously large size, it looked like whoever designed it simply could not bring himself to settle on one design. The front half was designed to look like a small European castle, but the back was modeled after a traditional Japanese house. In addition, half of the front gate was made from steel, but the other half was made from wood. And as if those weren't enough, even the inside looked half-assed. There was a Jacuzzi and swimming pool….inside a dojo.

As for the rooms…the six rooms were styled to look like modern rooms. With long curtains covering the exquisite windows that allowed him to look at his garden, a bed that was big enough for five people to sleep on, drawers with mirrors, elegant bookshelves, 3D television that connected to a Blu-ray player, and also came with its own PC, it truly was a wonderful room. Except the floors were tatamis…with images of half-naked anime girls hugging each other imprinted on it (in other words…eroge).

A bit disturbing, right?

As Itachi stepped in to check the bathroom (out of fear that it would be very out of the ordinary), his eyes immediately flattened. The bathroom, after all, looked like a…gentleman paradise (it was so…grandiose… that it couldn't be explained even further). Feeling a wave of dizziness coming his way, Itachi decided to end this little tour by checking the 'garden'. And as he feared, the 'garden' was…a combination of a soccer field and a power plant (how someone could combine the two, even he has no idea).

Knowing that if he didn't ask that certain question, he won't be able to rest easy, Itachi opened his mouth. However, now that he thought about it, it would've been better if he didn't ask about it.

"Sirzechs-san. Who designed this house?" Itachi asked.

"Me, Serafall, and Ajuka." Sirzechs answered brightly.




Itachi's opinions of the Satans instantly hit rock bottom. Not realizing Itachi's current mood, Sirzechs continued excitedly.

"I was planning to make it looked like a castle for Ria-tan, but since you might've preferred a simple Japanese house, instead of fusing over which one I should pick, we combined both~." Sirzechs explained with a wide smile. "Of course I took into consideration what to put in there, and after much discussion with Serafall and Ajuka, I decided to just shove everything that I think you'd love to have. It was a lot of effort to finish this house in just a week, but fortunately, I've managed to finish it this morning." Now, if it wasn't for what Sirzechs mentioned earlier, Itachi might have already buried the Crimson Satan beneath those power plants for implying that he loved eroge and has such a sick preferences.

"What do you mean 'for Rias'?"

"Oh, that…"

"Itachi, we're here."

Itachi looked at the source of the voice and saw Rias, Akeno and Koneko, standing in front of the door.

"What are you girls doing here?" he asked.

"We will live here from today onward." Akeno answered happily.

"….One house with Itachi-san…" Koneko muttered. Somehow, even though she looked stoic as usual, there was a pink glow around her face.

"This way, we can go to school and come home together~." Rias said without noticing that she almost sang those words.


"…Ah…is that so…" Itachi replied without a shred of enthusiasm.

"You look like you're not happy about it." Rias complained while puffing her cheeks in annoyance.

"No…it's just..."

"Ara ara~. Maybe he doesn't want us to disturb him in his daily girls' hunting~. Like he did with Ravel-sama and Serafall-sama~." Akeno teased, but her eyes had a dangerous glint in it.

"….Unforgivable…" Koneko muttered. Sensing that his life would be in danger soon, Itachi voiced his own opinion.

"Sirzechs-san, I appreciate your thought, but I think it's better for me to just remain in the Gremory castle, instead of moving here." Itachi stated, earning a gasp from Rias. "As for method of transportation, I can just use a magic circle to teleport myself instead of deliberately walki…"


The girls yelled at the same time.

"….." Itachi and Sirzechs were stunned. Excluding Rias and Akeno, that was their first time seeing Koneko yell like that.

"….Mind if I know why?" Itachi asked curiously while raising an eyebrow.

"W-well, it's not eco-friendly to keep using magic circles, don't you agree Akeno?"

"No, it isn't. We need to be mindful of the environment, right Koneko-chan?"

"….Nature is an important friend…"



None of them looked and sounded convincing.

"….Since when does magic circles have anything to do with the environment?" Itachi flatly thought. Their lies were so blatant that even a kid couldn't possibly be tricked. However…

"….sob…sob….I never noticed that Ria-tan cares so much about nature."

Sirzechs was crying proudly.

Itachi's head instantly dropped in resignation at Sirzechs naivety (and maybe a bit, just a bit, at his idiocy).

"Just forget about it. I'm going to rest." Itachi tiredly told them before limply walking out of the room, and heading to his own room.

"Oii~, Itachi-kun~! Do you know where your room is?" Sirzechs yelled while chasing after Itachi.


"….*HAAH*….." Rias sighed loudly once she was sure that Itachi was no longer around. "That was a close call…"

"True. It'll be a problem for us if he decided to go back." Akeno muttered with closed eyes while putting her right hand on her cheek.

"….Too much hindrance…" Koneko said, making Rias and Akeno nodded in agreement.

There are two reasons why the three of them would do anything in their powers to prevent Itachi from going back to the Gremory castle, at least until they've graduated from Kuoh.

First. If Itachi resided in Gremory castle, they wouldn't be able to…well…spend as much time as possible with him. Since they resided in the human world that means the only time they could meet him was school time. Not to mention, with Itachi's habit of lending a helping hand to the servants, he might not have as much free time as he should have.

Second. The most important reason. Because, the maids were making advance on Itachi.

I know you want to say what.

It's the fact. Itachi had been approached by the maids of Gremory castle. Due to his tendency to lend a hand to the servants in the past, some of them developed feelings for him yet were unable to convey them before he disappeared. And the moment he returned to Gremory castle, those maids steeled themselves to let Itachi know about their feelings. The maids were either carrying love letters with them, or being all shy in front of him, which of course, enraged Rias when she saw it. She was angrier at Itachi though, who didn't seem to mind their approach. Although in reality, he was trying to fend them off as quickly as possible, because Grayfia was still educating him at the time, and…if she saw him in that situation, well…you know what would happen. Unknown to Itachi, the reason why the educations intensified to the point that he was incapacitated…is because Rias had been reporting what she saw back to Grayfia. So, you could say around 30% was Rias fault, 10% was bad luck, and the rest was because he has been fated to go through painful moments. Of course Rias also told Akeno and Koneko what she saw, and together, they devised a plan to keep Itachi away from those maids' influences. By having him live with them.

Trust me. They have NO ulterior motives. They only planned to keep an eye on him all the time. So that he won't accidentally make another girl fell in love with him, again. So that he won't do anything reckless. And so that he won't be attracted to some unknown girl without them knowing. They absolutely have no plans to keep him for themselves, tried various ways to seduce him, or trying to discover his secret fetish based on the reliable information that Rias obtained from a certain kind of book about people with similar personality as Itachi.

….Unfortunately for her though…Itachi has no fetish at all. Well…Perhaps.

Rias pumped her fists and then declared, "Okay. Let's commence the operation!"

"Hai." Akeno excitedly replied while Koneko simply nodded.

Hidden from the girls' eyes was the clone of Itachi, who was hiding in the ceiling. He had an extremely bad feeling earlier, and so he sent his clone to secretly spy on Rias and the others.

"…What are they scheming now?" Itachi's clone thought. Whatever it was that they were planning, he had a hunch that he wouldn't came out of it unscathed. He focused his hearing when they seemed to have whispered something important. But then…


The clone disappeared as Itachi had fallen asleep. The stress had finally gotten to him and it actually quite an amazing feat for him to stay awake after being subjected to that 'wonderful' heaven. However, now that he think about it, it would have been better if he forced his body to stay awake and listen to their conversations until the very end. At least that way he would've had answers as to how this morning's situation came to be.

As he finished recalling what he could remember until he passed out yesterday and turned his head to the right, his face instantly sank into something very soft and warm. It's not a sensation that a pillow could possibly generated, and the very nice scent that came along with it further convinced Itachi that it couldn't possibly be a pillow. His sight went dark for a moment, before he slowly pulled his head out from said 'pillow'.

Moving his eyes to the right and then left, he discovered two pink 'dots' which forced him to accept the reality in front of him.

The pillow was….a woman's breasts. Bare….breasts. Whose breasts, even he didn't…..know….

There were strands of red hair on those breasts….

Slowly, Itachi looked up. And, as he suspected, he saw Rias' sleeping face. She was sleeping peacefully without any care about what she has brought upon him.

"…Mm…Itachi…more~." Rias murmured with a content look on her face. Itachi did not even want to know what she was dreaming about, for no good could ever come from knowing such a thing. Out of curiosity, Itachi casted his sight downward. Thus, at that time Itachi finally saw Rias' secret garden, which unfortunately for Rias, didn't spark anything within him. Deciding to ignore the beautiful scenery that lies in front of him due to his exhaustion, Itachi turned his head around. However, that was a bad decision to be made. After all…he was presented with another 'pillow'. And it's slightly bigger too.


For some reason, he could hear Akeno letting out a very erotic moan.

Seeking the answer to his suspicions, he casted his sight upward once again, and saw Akeno's sleeping face. With a similar expression on her face as Rias'. Just to make sure, he looked at that particular area, and then he sighed tiredly when he saw that her secret garden was revealed as well. He turned his head to face the ceiling, but before he could contemplate what he just saw, a pressure on his stomach and back alerted him to the existence of another person.

With half-lidded eyes, he looked at his stomach. And what he saw was…

"Nyaaa~, don't leave nyaa~."

A white-haired petite girl was hugging him in her birthday suit. Her sleeping face was so adorable to the point that if Itachi was less capable of controlling his emotions, he might actually waver. However, that was irrelevant right now, for he needed to review his current situation.

Okay, so the situation was like this.

1. Rias was sleeping on his right without wearing anything, not even underwear, and tightly hugging his right arm to the point that her breasts almost touched his head.

2. Akeno was sleeping on his left, also without wearing anything, and her left hand was slowly moving to his chest while rubbing it in an extremely erotic manner along the way.

3. Koneko was sleeping on his stomach, ALSO without wearing a single cloth, while hugging his stomach tightly to the point where he could feel her nipples rubbing on his skin.

The conclusion?

He was being sandwiched by three gorgeous girls in their birthday suits who were making inappropriate moves on him. Truly an enviable situation that most men could only dreamed of. However, instead of being grateful, the 'lucky bastard' said…

"Let's see… How do I get out from this?"

With a tone devoid of happiness.

Outrage would've erupted from the souls of the perverts across the globe if they heard him say that. Most healthy men would love to trade place with him, and enjoyed this situation forever. Itachi wasn't most men though.

Itachi himself didn't even bother thinking about 'how did they sneak in without waking me up?', or 'what are they doing here?', for there are certain things in this world that would be better to remain as mysteries. All he concerned about was finding a way to free himself from this 'prison' without awakening the three wardens. He tried to move his arms, but found out that Rias and Akeno were sleeping on top of its. To put it simply, if he moved his arms, they would be awake. Sighing, he instead opted to flash a hand seal with one of his hands and make a clone. But the moment he moved his fingers, he could feel his fingers touching something very soft.


An 'unpleasant' moan came from his right. Itachi didn't want to admit it, but his mind couldn't deny that he had just molested Rias' butt. A sudden thought then entered his mind.

"…Don't tell me…" Itachi bitterly thought as he moved his left fingers.

"Mn~, kyahn~!"

Another 'unpleasant' moan came from his left. He was then convinced that, as unbelievable as it was, his hands were right under Rias' and Akeno's butts. However, he wasn't the slightest bit excited at this development, even though he was in a situation that would make all perverts die from a nosebleed. Instead, he had confirmed one thing.

"You two…if you're awake, then move aside. Or else…"

"Mou~, can't you let me enjoy this for a bit longer?" Rias protested while sitting up. Itachi simply stared at her though Rias, having known Itachi for years, knew the meaning hidden in his eyes. "Baka-tachi…" Rias pouted and cutely threw her face away.

"Uhuhu~, were you excited? Was being hugged by a beautiful girl like me while sleeping excite that 'part' of yours?" Akeno playfully asked while seductively moving her hand around Itachi's chest. Itachi looked at her with a deadpanned face, and then, with an equally emotionless voice said…

"Not in the slightest."

"…..Hn~, is that so?" For some reason, there was a very ominous feeling coming from that voice of hers, which set Itachi's survival instinct on edge. Even Rias became tense, while Koneko was unaffected, because of her dreamland adventure. He still could be counted as very lucky though as Akeno had buried her face in his shoulder, or else he would've witnessed something beyond the level of an angered sadist. He wanted to say something, but his intuition told him that he would be in a dead or alive situation if he didn't stay silent. "Itachi~, by chance, are you actually a gay?" Akeno asked with a sweet-sounding voice. Sweat dropping, Itachi and Rias stared at each other, and then he stared back at Akeno, who was still burying her face in his shoulder.

"….I…" As if fate wanted to toy him around even further, Itachi's breath was halted due to a powerful force around his waist that made his bones whistle a 'nice' melody. The melody of bones cracking that is. "Kuh…" Itachi grunted while painfully looking at the girl on top of him.

"Munyaa~h, noisy…" Koneko sleepily muttered as she continued hugging Itachi like a pillow without realizing the harm that she was inflicting on his body. Itachi, though a bit reluctant to disturb the sleeping cat, decided to lift her from his waist. Koneko's eyes snapped open and she pouted while staring back at him. Itachi had an awkward expression on his face as he continued his effort of freeing himself from the little cat. Suddenly, however, Rias pressed his head into her breasts.

"Hiaf, hef ho of he (Rias, let go of me)." Itachi could only let out a muffled voice, for his face was pushed even deeper into her bountiful asset.

"Don't wanna. I want to keep hugging you like this until I'm convinced that you are straight." Rias denied his plea with a playful smile. "Or rather…I want to keep hugging you forever." she giddily thought as she put more strength in her hands.

"…But I am straight…" Itachi thought as he struggled to breathe and releasing his head from Rias' bosom. His 'trial' got even more enviable when Akeno decided to join them.

"Good idea, Rias. Maybe we could show him the wonder of women if he really swings that way." Akeno said as she too pressed her asset to the back of Itachi's head, causing his face to be further buried inside Rias'. "Ara ara~, how's this?" She rubbed her nipples to his head in a very erotic manner, which caused Itachi to feel extremely uncomfortable. As if having two pairs of breasts on his head weren't enough, a certain white-haired catgirl joined them.

"….Count me in…" And with that, Koneko began wriggling around on his stomach.

There was never a doubt that should a man be put in this situation, his 'little gentleman bit' would transform into a 'true gentleman', and then he would definitely ravish the girls. Such were the normal reactions that a normal man (which Itachi is not) should have. Instead, he only got slightly annoyed as he relaxed his arms to get himself out of this mess. The next moment, he swiftly spun his body around with such a speed that three girls couldn't even register what was happening.




None of them knew how did this happen. They were on top of Itachi, but then, before they realized it, their positions were reversed. Their confusions were short-lived though, for they had noticed something that caused them to blush, something which Itachi's failure to realize would cost him dearly very, very, soon.

"Of all things…I have never imagined that the move I designed specifically to escape from Serafall-san's grasp would be used on these people." he lamented while fighting back an urge to massage his forehead. "Listen carefully you three, I want you to do exactly as I….hm? What's wrong? What's with the odd face?" Itachi was curious after he saw the look on their faces. They looked very meek, something which he thought to be impossible for these hyperactive, problematic, troublemaker, prideful, unpredictable and 'uncontrollable' girls. Something within him stirred as he continued to see their quiet and delicate faces, and for once he actually considered them to be….normal girls. "Is it just me or do they actually look a tad different than usual? No, I must've been imagining things…" He quickly threw away such thoughts as he failed to notice his impending doom."Hey…" He wanted to call out to them, but at that moment, the door was opened and he turned his head around only to see a familiar bespectacled girl.

"Itachi, it's already morning. You should get up now."

And thus Sona Sitri (the executor), in her school uniform complete with an apron on the top, came in. But her expression turned sour immediately.

"…Sona." He wanted to ask what she was doing here, but after seeing her expression, something told him not to open his mouth.



"What do you think you're doing, you pervert." she coldly said as the room temperature dropped a few degrees.

"…Wha-." It was at this moment that Itachi finally noticed what was transpiring. He looked down at the girls, then at his hands and 'that front part below the waist', and then he looked back at Sona. "By all means…this is not what it looks like."

"Hoh…then please explain clearly what is it that I'm seeing right now." Although she asked it sweetly, it was more like a threat to Itachi's ears. After all, Sona never asked something sweetly. Thus, he knew what awaits him, should he fail to give her a satisfying answer, would be another painful experience. At least, it would only be at the level of 'painful' and not 'terrible' like the one Grayfia inflicted upon him. "Come on~, say it~, you don't need to be shy." Now Itachi truly had goosebumps. Sona's smile was unnerving, not because it was frightening, but because it was unimaginable for Sona to have such a murderous smile, one that almost rivaled Akeno's.

Well, why would she not be angry, when what she saw right after she entered the room was the scene of her partner assaulting her rivals (in love). Yes, the moment she entered the room, she witnessed Itachi (who was on top of the three naked girls) inserting his *BEEP* into Koneko's private garden while pressing Rias' thigh on one hand, and the area right above Akeno's p***y on the other. It's almost looked like he wanted to insert his fingers into their secret gardens, while continued to ravage the little girl. Plus, his disheveled clothes convinced her that they've been doing this for a while. Or rather, that was how she saw it from where she stood. An extremely erotic foursome sight.

Itachi himself was lamenting his poor decision to use that move. He developed it to escape from Serafall's hug, if the need arise, so he should've known better than anyone that the move was meant to be used on one person at a time, not three. Adding the fact that they clung tightly to his clothes and body, well, of course the result would be something disastrous.

As he continued to formulate a way out of this one hell of a mess, he could hear Van Helsing screaming at the back of his head.


He had no doubt that should that old man hear about this, that would be the first thing he would say. Realizing that saying the truth would be the best way to quell Sona's anger, he sighed and then began talking while slowly moving away from the girls.

"It's a misunderstanding. The truth is…MMPH!"

His effort became a dust in the air, because Rias, Akeno and Koneko pulled him down, and tightly hugged his face in their breasts.

"It is just as you see, Sona. We're having a very intimate moment right now. Could outsiders please wait outside?" Rias suggested with a smile.

"Ara ara~, it is rude to disturb one's moment of intimacy. Was it because privacy no longer has any value that you disturbed us? Or…were you planning to do the same thing as us? Either way…please be considerate and excuse yourself~." Akeno ordered with a graceful smile decorating her face.

"…Please leave us alone…" Koneko muttered.

"…." Sona was silent, but that exactly what caused Itachi to have cold sweat form on his back. When a girl was silent, especially after being insulted, it could only mean two things. One, she was sad and had accepted the harsh reality. Or two, she was calm like a volcano that would erupt anytime soon. To put it simply, she was holding back her anger. Itachi knew that it was the latter in this case, because, even though he could not see her face, he could sense her flaring aura as clear as the sun.

"….I see…" Sona muttered, causing Itachi to sweat drop. "Seems like you're challenging me… If so…" Her demonic energy flared up to the point that it was visible to the naked eyes. "Then let me freeze you in eternal ice!" In response, Rias, Akeno, and Koneko, also flared up their auras. The four auras clashed with each other, and caused sparks all over the house.

"You sure you really want to do this, Sona? It's three against one. You have no chance of winning." Rias smugly declared.

"Why don't you take a look at him and remember what he has accomplished. I'm sure that would tell you something."


"Fufu, Sona is correct, Rias. Besides, it's not three against one, right Koneko-chan?" Akeno said as she forcefully took Itachi's head from Rias, and shoved his face into her own breast. He seriously felt that he no longer had any say regarding the possession of his own body. If he could, he would've said 'leave my body alone' directly to their faces. But, seeing that they each have problematic personalities, it would be wiser just to swallow those four words into his stomach.

"Wh-what?" Rias gasped.

"…It will be my victory…" Koneko said simply. She then proceeded to move his hand to her tiny breast and prevented him from escaping. Rias' mouth hanged open, while Sona pushed her glasses up in understanding.

"Y-you two, are you betraying me?" Rias asked, shocked by this sudden turn of event.

"All is fair in love." Akeno answered simply. If Itachi's head wasn't buried inside her breast, he would've found out the reason why he was in this kind of predicament so early in the morning. Not to mention he was busy struggling to free himself, especially his head, without sparking anymore unnecessary problem. "Ahn~, if you move so wildly like that, I'm going to…" But instead, it caused the opposite effect. Akeno's moan caused Rias to snap out of her shock.

"Wai-, Akeno, Koneko, let him go!" snapped Rias. She gracefully jumped off from the bed, and began pulling Itachi's left arm very hard, which of course, considering the fact that she was a Devil and he was a human, caused his arm to suffer muscle pain. It got even worse when Koneko, with her herculean strength, gripped said arm with her hands to prevent Rias from taking his hand away from her chest.

"No can do~. I want to hug him too~." Akeno replied as she began sniffing Itachi's hair.

"This is my spot…" Koneko added.

"So, Rias, what will you do? You no longer have your advantages." Sona stated, smirking in delight at her main rival's predicament.

Rias looked like she was going to cry, but steeled herself. "U-uuuu…. I-I won't yield! It doesn't change anything even if they're not on my side!" Itachi could barely hear anything with his ears being buried inside natural soundproof walls a.k.a. boobs; however he did know that the situation was growing even worse by the second. He could literally 'see' their auras even from behind said walls and without using his sharingan.

"Hm...? This is…." His train of thought derailed from his plan to escape when he noticed a peculiarity in the air. "This sensation is…" Curious, he sharpened his senses and activated his sharingan, and he immediately found out what kind of danger they're in. "They have to stop flaring their powers or it will explode! Kuh…Akeno, you..." He tried to break through her grasp, but somehow he failed yet again to do so. "Where did she learn such effective binding skill? This is almost like...a...bondage technique…" He sweat dropped when he realized the likeliness of Akeno knowing SM technique was very high. On the side note, his migraine returned as he was reminded of a 'particular adult book', which was hidden in a deepest part of an old fart's library that he 'accidentally' read half a year ago.

"Ara ara, Itachi, if you keep wriggling around like that, I really will cu..." Her arousal then peaked when his right hand, due to sweat, slipped and caused his fingers to touch her 'glory hole'. "Ah…Ahahn~! MMNNN~!"

"…." He heard that. Very clearly. And so too did the other occupants of the room. They went silent and stared blankly at the impudent girl and the 'pervert' of a man. Then, at the same time, they snapped.

"ITACHI!(x2)" "Itachi-san…" Their powers flared up unlike anything Itachi had ever felt. And this made him paled.

"Oh sh-."


And thus, that was how the 'magnificent' house of Uchiha Itachi, which stood for no more than two days, met its glorious demise. Debris flew everywhere, parts of the roof landed on the neighbors' backyards, and smoke made its way to the sky. With the spot where the house once stood as the center, the neighborhood literally became a warzone.

What caused the house to explode and become one huge firework? Well, think about this. What would happen if the reactor of a power plant melted down? It's exactly what happened here. However, the biggest problem was, there wasn't only one reactor in that power plant, but several interconnected reactors which were powered by magical energy. So, when Rias and the girls flared up their powers, the reactors absorbed the excess energy in the air, and caused all of it to overload. The result? One big firework.

Itachi stared at where his house once stood from a faraway hill with his Mangekyo sharingan activated. He was forced to use 'kamui' because he knew a magic circle was not fast enough to teleport them to safety. Behind him the four girls (three naked) were confusedly looking around due to the sudden change of scenery. Then they focused their sight at the only male around them and Sona decided to strike a conversation. At least, she tried to.

"Sona, is there a room that I can use in Kuoh? One that is big enough for several people to fit in." Itachi asked, cutting Sona's attempt to speak. Seeing Itachi's back, she was unsure of this feeling that she had, but she answered him anyway.

"You can use the Student Council room. But, what for?" Sona masked her nervousness under a calm mask, but Itachi could hear it very clearly. Not that he care though.

"…Clean yourselves up, put on some clothes, decent clothes, and wait for me there. Do not ask why. Just do it. All of you." Itachi ordered without looking back at them. Now, even Rias and Akeno shuddered at the coldness in Itachi's voice.

"I-Itachi?" With her voice wavering, Rias called out to him. Itachi stared at his spot where his house used to be, and then he deactivated his sharingan before turning to face Rias. Gulping down her saliva, Rias opened her mouth. "A-are you mad? Because your house was destroyed?"

"Mad because my house was destroyed? No, I'm not. But, I would like to hear about the reasons that every single one of you have for…'visiting' me earlier." he stated. "And more importantly…. I want to know what you lots have to say about that. After I've cleaned up the mess that is." he said while pointing at the faraway scene of carnage.

"But that wasn't our fault! Wasn't it?" Rias protested.

"No, unfortunately we're the ones who caused the explosion." Unsurprisingly, it was Sona who answered. "Just feel the residual energy in the air from that smoke. It's undeniably ours." Sona said with a combination of troubled and awkward expression on her face. "But, strange…Your house wasn't supposed to be able to be destroyed so easily. After all, Onee-sama…"

"Sona. Be silent." Itachi interrupted her. "Save your analysis for later. For now…just do what I've told you to." he told her while shifting his gaze between the four girls, telling them that he meant all of them.

"…Itachi…" Sona muttered.

"Now." he said that one word with a tone that left no room for further argument. They all have the same expression on their faces, one of guilt and dejected, and then magic circles appear on their feet. A few seconds later they were gone.

Itachi stared passively at the spots they left behind, before he sighed and rubbed his face. "Such ruckus so early in the morning. And here I thought they have matured at least a bit. Seems like I was wrong, they are still the same little girls that I knew." Itachi commented to himself. He had a fatherly smile on his face, as if he just saw his daughters quarreling with each other, but could not bring himself to be truly angry at them despite the damage they might have done.


"Stop spouting nonsensical one-liners, will you? We don't have that kind of relationship. Not that I'm interested in having one anyway." Itachi denied tiredly.

"Well, at least they ARE lively now, however…" His eyes looked at the place where his house used to be. He activated his sharingan once more, and intensified his sight. "Just like Sona suspected…something is not right. I supposed I'll have to take a closer look." he thought, his eyes shifted into his Mangekyo sharingan. "I hope there are no casualties. It'll leave a bad taste if I have to erase the victim's existence from people's memory again." he grimly thought as he was reminded about what happened a year ago. Then, he used 'kamui' once again, and began cleaning up the mess while searching for something that could appease his suspicions.

[End of Flashback]


Afterwards, when Itachi arrived in the Student Council room, not only the four girls were present, but there were also unnecessary additions in the form of the two kings' peerages. He could easily guess their loyalty being the reason they were here. He was sure that they have no idea what was going on though.

He continues staring at the four girls with half-lidded eyes, and then he sighs.

"….Well? I'm waiting." Itachi said. Rias exchanged look with Akeno, and then, much to Akeno and Koneko disapproval, she decides to bear responsibility for them. She IS their king after all.

"…I'm sorry, Itachi, everything's my fault. I was the one who suggested to them to sneak into your bed while you were sleeping." Rias began. Itachi simply sighed, before making an eye contact with her. 'It's a good thing if you want to protect your important people, but you shouldn't be overprotective' was the message that Rias saw in his eyes. She pouted at him, causing Itachi to massage his forehead. Before she could continue, a certain pervert suddenly screamed at this revelation.

"WHAT?! Buchou sneaked into your bed?! That means…SLEEPING TOGETHER?! And together with Akeno-san and Koneko-chan too?! HOW ENVIOUS!" Issei ranted, tears of envy running down from his eyes. The room became silent instantly, and Itachi stared at Issei blankly, before he responds to the pervert's ranting.

"What's there to be jealous about?" Itachi seriously asked.

"Wha-." Itachi's question shocked not only Issei, but also Saji and some of the members of both kings' peerages. As if their reaction was nothing, Itachi returns his attention to the girls, and continues his inspection.

"What about you, Sona? Why did you come to my house so early in the morning?"

"W-well, I was planning to make your breakfast and lunch since I know men prefer to eat instant food instead of a well-cooked one. I'm worried that you're going to have diseases later in life. And it'll leave a bad image for me if my lifelong partner collapsed because he didn't have enough nutrition in his body." Sona swiftly explained. Itachi didn't buy some of it, though. The screaming sound of a certain male in Sona's peerage can be heard, but let's just ignore the side character for the moment, shall we? Itachi and Sona turn their attention to the screaming man for a second, but then they mercilessly shrugged it off as nothing. "After that, I was thinking of waking you up, and you know the rest."

"Right…, well, I'm not angry at you for destroying my house." Itachi told them. "In fact I'm grateful that abominable house is no more." he thought, smiling deep inside. Rias, Akeno, Koneko and Sona simultaneously sigh, relieved at what they heard. "But, I'm still disappointed that none of you could restraint yourself. All of you should feel grateful that there were no casualties, or else things would have turned out ugly. Think about it like this; would you like to bury the bodies of innocents that died because of your silly quarrel? Are you brave enough to look at the people who cherish that person in the eyes and say 'I'm sorry'? Even if you can say it, words alone will never be enough." he told them as he remembered his past in the Shinobi World. Hearing Itachi's lecture, the girls lowered their heads, and even the rest of them are contemplating Itachi's words.

Itachi doesn't want to tell them though, that the reason there were no casualties was, because the majority of their neighbors turned out to be devils assigned there by the doting (stupid) father and brother combo ( a.k.a. Lord Gremory and Sirzechs ) to protect his and Rias' privacy should he decided to have a 'steamy night'. They even had a huge banner which read 'Congratulations for your first time!' prepared for when the time comes. Unfortunately, it was destroyed, courtesy of Itachi, when he found out about this. When his house exploded, they immediately created a barrier to protect the humans, and quickly covered the incident. If he told them that, they're not going to take his words seriously, which is why, he rather hides it.

"That is…I…" Rias didn't know what to say. Not even Grayfia has ever lectured her like this. She could only bite her lips and stay silent, the same with Sona. As for Akeno, her eyes went blank, while Koneko calmly closed her eyes, yet her tiny hands were rolled into a fist and are trembling. Seeing their distressed, Itachi knows that they have understood his points.

"Don't stress yourselves over what I said." Itachi said while walking towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Sona asked.

"Class. This is my first day, after all. It won't do if I late." Itachi answered as he changed his clothes to that of Kuoh male's uniform with magic. "And without further ado…" He turns around, and bows his head slightly. "...Please take care of me." he humbly requested.



Many of them were stunned. They have thought that Itachi, having shown a high degree of intimidation and might, was a prideful devil who wouldn't bow his head to those weaker than him. Yet, here he is, bowing his head to them and asking for them to take care of him. Itachi raised his head, and sweat dropped when he saw their stunned faces.

"I think…I shall take my leave now…"

And with that he immediately walked out.

"…Pfft…fufufu…." Surprisingly, it was Akeno who suddenly laughed. Confusion engraved itself on the faces of Kiba, Issei, Asia, Saji and Sona's peerage. However, it even more so when Koneko, Rias, and Sona also began laughing.


"Aha, ahahaha…"


As if to voice their confusion, Issei asked this certain question to no one in particular.

"What's so funny?"



Itachi sighs. He sighs and he sighs again.

It is lunch break. The time that most students welcomed. Some use it to have fun, some use it just for eating and for 3rd years like Itachi and Rias, they use it to study for exams. Itachi did none of those though. He prefers calmness over rowdiness, and although he enjoys and appreciates his friends company, it doesn't mean that he has no need for a break. Even he would become frustrated if he continues to be subjected to the daily dose of madness that is his life.

Eating? He can still do his daily activity efficiently, even more than a healthy man, without having nourishment for two weeks. Not to mention he eats less than an average person, and even then he can still accomplished demanding jobs flawlessly. Besides, if he wanted to eat, he rather make it himself than buying it from the canteen for various reasons such as nutrients and safety. Not that he could do it with his house destroyed.

As for filling his break time with study…let's be honest. With his level of intellect, does he even need to study high school materials?

But, even in this break time, when he should be able to relax, he found himself in quite a dire situation.

Itachi, staring at the courtyard, sighs once again. The sole reason why he won't stop sighing is…


Because, in the seat behind him, there is a woman who has been sending him a murderous glare since his introduction to this class. She was a busty young woman with long, blonde hair in multiple drill-like curls.

And thus, he sighs again.

"Abe-san, have I done something to you that might have incurred your….anger?" Itachi asked the woman behind him without even turning around. Itachi knew very well though, the reason why she was glaring at him.

The woman, Abe Kiyome, came from a family of beast tamer, and Itachi knew that beast tamers have a bad impression about devils, not surprising since they are humans. It was just his luck to be seated right in front of her, as if earlier receptions weren't enough.

To put into simple words, rowdy was a severe understatement to describe his introduction. It was pure chaos.

He was expecting to just introduce his name, gave a few words of pleasantry, and then sit down. That's it.

So, imagined his, and the class, surprise when Rias suddenly barged in and demanded Itachi to change his classroom to hers. He could only stare at her with his mouth hanging open, before snapping it shut and telling her to go back to her own classroom. Then, all of a sudden, Sona, also to the class' and even the teacher's surprise, came in, demanding the same thing with Akeno following suit. At this moment, the males were seething with rage at the sight of three most popular girls pulling hugging a single man. The women on the other hand, were glaring daggers at Itachi for not being a gentleman, and granted the poor girls (from their point of views) their wishes.

Well, it's not like it was his decision to be separated from them (though he welcomed it). The teacher tried his best to quell the situation, but it was a futile effort, especially when Koneko came.

"I'm skipping years and now am in the same class as you, Itachi-san…" was what the little girl, without even paying any heed to the commotion, said right after she entered. Then, she ran towards him, and hugged him. Itachi lost his balance from the momentum and fell, with Koneko, Rias, Sona and Akeno right on top of him.

It was like pouring oil into the fire.

The males' anger erupted, and they began cursing him, while the women were whispering to each other and some began calling him 'playboy', and others calling him a 'new member of the perverted trio'. Knowing that nothing good will ever come if he let this continue, and with a severe headache, Itachi raised his fingers and casted a genjutsu on the classroom. The result was the four troublemakers obediently returned to their respective classrooms, while the rest of the classroom returned to their seats like nothing has ever happened.

Itachi feels a bit regretful that he had to resort to altering their memories, but it was a necessity if he wanted his sanity to stay intact.

His trouble didn't end there for now he has to deal with Abe Kiyome.

"Well? Abe-san, have I done something wrong to you?" he asked her once more, while holding back an incoming migraine. For some reason, there is something about her that seemed really similar to Ravel. It's not just her hairstyle, but there's definitely something.

"Hmph, you sure act all high and mighty, addressing me in such a haughty fashion. I guess that's what I should expect from a devil." she mocked, causing Itachi to curiously raise his eyebrows.

"Haughty? In what way?"

"You don't even bother turning around and properly talk to me." Kiyome answered.

"That's because you keep 'staring' at me. Forgive me for being a faint-hearted person who could not withstand your 'beautiful eyes'…" Itachi replied with a subtle sarcasm.

"I-it's not like I wanted to stare at you. A-and what do you mean by beautiful?! Just to let you know, your petty words did not make me happy in the slightest!" she told him, but she was blushing. Itachi's head was hit with a very nostalgic yet painful feeling, and he has a very bad feeling.

"So, please tell me, how did you know I'm a 'devil'?" Itachi asked, pushing aside his concern.

"Why should I tell you? I have no reason to cooperate with devil like you." she replied.

"Fine then, you don't ha-."

"B-but, seeing that you asked me politely, I guess I could tell you. You better be grateful Uchiha-san!" she told him.



Please wait a moment. Currently, Itachi's brain is suffering a major short circuit.

"The truth is your victory over the Phenex was spreading widely among our-…Hey! Where do you think you're going? I haven't finished talking!" Kiyome was yelling at Itachi for suddenly stood up and bolted outside the classroom.

Itachi himself didn't pay her any heed, and with his back drenched with sweat, he walked as far as possible from her. After making sure that he is alone, Itachi puts his face on his hands and mutters…


In a voice that truly showed how grave this matter is for him.

"So that's why she eerily reminds me of Ravel. Not only they had similar look, even their personalities… It's like the two of them are twin sisters born on different times." Although it looked like he was talking to himself, the fact is there was something that listened to him. And thus that something simply says….


"Out of the question." Itachi instantly denied its offer to eradicate one of the 'Tsunderes'. Massaging his temple, Itachi conjured a small magic circle on his hand, and something small fell from it. "…Putting Abe-san aside, I'm concerned about this." Itachi thought as he examined the pebble in his hand.

The pebble was a small part of his house's walls. Before the devils cleaned up the site, Itachi got his hand on this piece when he noticed how some of the walls remained intact despite the destruction around it. He knew that Sona was right; that Sirzechs would have never built a house for Rias unless he was sure that it could give her the maximum protection. Yet, the house was destroyed anyway. However, that's not what bothers him. What truly set his danger alarm ringing is the fact that the power plant was coated with the same material.

Even if it exploded, the coating should have kept the explosion trapped.

Even if it exploded, it shouldn't be able to damage the interior of his house.

Yet his house was burned down.

In the first place, could the reactors even exploded? It's unthinkable for Sirzechs to put something so volatile near Rias.

"…..What is actually going on?" Itachi thought to himself. Sensing that there's something wrong, he uses his kunai to scrap the pebble. It then feels like he hit something metallic. "This is…" He carefully pulled out what he found.

It was a thin yellow plate, so thin that it almost invisible if it was to be looked at horizontally, and with a great elasticity to the point that it didn't snap into two when he stretched it apart.

He knows.

Itachi knows exactly what the thing in his hand is.

"….Isn't this…the amplifier that Ajuka-san invented? I thought he said this was a failed invention…" Itachi thought. It was something that Ajuka invented years ago to store magic and then amplified it. However, because of its tendency to indiscriminately steal magic from everything around it and the explosion that occurs when it reaches its limit of capacity, he scrapped the project away. It then occurred to him. Ajuka was one of the people who designed his house, and thus it won't be hard for him to secretly insert this as part of his house. Thus, he came to a certain conclusion.

"…Did he want to kill me?"

Even without Rias, Sona, Akeno, and Koneko, powering it up, the magic from the reactors was more than enough to cause the explosion sooner or later.

Does that mean Ajuka is really trying to kill him?

Did he not care that he could have killed his friends' sisters?

Did he not care that he will earn Sirzechs' and Serafall's hatred?

Or did he think the end justified the means?

Rather, what would Ajuka achieved by killing him?

What's his purpose?

And what about their friendship?

Or…..was it someone else who used Ajuka's invention to try to kill him?

Itachi continues his speculation, but noting that he won't get anywhere unless he asks Ajuka, and until he has obtained more clues, he'd rather not dwell in this too deeply. And, even if Ajuka indeed tried to kill him, he won't make his move until he knows what the Satan's motives is for aiming for his life.

"Should I tell Sirzechs-san about this…or maybe he already knew? Either way, perhaps it is wiser if I keep this to myself for now." Itachi thought as he contemplating his next moves. His thought was halted when he heard voices from behind the kendo building. Curiosity killed the cat is appropriate to be used here, after all, what he saw when he arrived at the source of the voices was…


"Oi, Issei, hurry up and change with me!"

"It's been more than two minutes! We've agreed that we got 30 seconds each, remember?"

The perverted trio, busy peeping at a girls' changing room.

Itachi stares at them, then he stares at the Kendo club building, and then he stares at them again. He wanted to ignore them, he really did, but Issei's left hand has been blinking at him without the owner's knowing. To be precise, it was Ddraig trying to communicate with him.

"….Guess I have no choice…" Itachi thought.

"….Uhihihi…this is amazing. Aah~, how I wish I could see Buchou and Akeno-san naked too~. OOOHHHH! Just a little bit mo-GAAAH! Stop disturbing me, will you!" Issei turns around, when someone's hand in on his shoulder, expecting Matsuda and Motoyama to be the one who disturbed him as usual, but then… "U-Uchiha-san?!" Instead it was Itachi.

"I need to talk to you, let's change locations." Itachi simply said as magic circle appeared beneath them.

"E-eh?! Wait! We can't use magic here! What about Matsuda and Motoyama?!" Issei yelled.

"What about them?" He steps aside and shows Issei the unconscious men. "Don't worry, they're just sleeping, but more importantly…" The magic circle glows and prepares to transport them away.

"Wa-Wait! Uchiha-san! I haven't finished engraving their blossom images to my….." Issei couldn't even finish his wailing, as Itachi mercilessly denied Issei his calling. On the other hand, Issei's wailing drew the attention of the Kendo club girls and, having been a victim of the trio's perverseness, they came out wielding bamboo swords only to discover two of the perverted trio unconscious. They will still beat them up though.

"You guys prepared for this, right?" said a girl with a long brown hair tied into a twin-tails.

"Uhm, what? Wait! Why are we sleeping?! Oi, Matsuda! Wake up!"

"…Mommy, five more minutes…"

"I'm not your mom, you idiot! Wake up! We're in danger!"

"Huh, what? Wait, what?! What's this? Where's Issei?!"

"That bastard left us! Hey, it was Issei who's peeping! We're not at fault here!"

"Doesn't matter. You're here so you're guilty." said another girl while swinging her sword.

"What kind of shitty reasoning is tha-WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

And thus, the crying sound of two of the perverted trio can be heard all over the school. The duo swore to themselves at this point that they will make Issei suffer the same pain.


"Whoa! Uchiha-san, what is this place?" Issei asked. "And it's hot! Really hot!

They arrived at a vast landscape filled with only sand as far as the eyes can see. There's not even a cloud in the sky, and the dry wind makes the heat even more unbearable.

"….My very own pocket dimension, modeled after the Sahara desert."

"….S-Sahara desert!? And a pocket dimension too? I know magic is awesome and can do science fiction stuff, but such a thing actually is possible? I can't believe it!"

"…It's up to you whether you want to believe it or not, but Issei-kun, you really are quite an idiot, aren't you?" Itachi asked with a very serious expression.

"What?!" Issei yelled.

"You said you can't believe magic can create a pocket dimension, yet you contradicted yourself by saying 'magic can do science fiction'. Doesn't pocket dimension fall under the category of 'science fiction'?" Itachi questioned, a smile slowly formed on his lips.

"You, that's…. Is it?" Issei asked uncertainly. Itachi instantly drops his smile at Issei's question.

"…You know what Issei-kun? You could win a Nobel Prize if you write a thesis comparing your level of intelligence to that of primates." Itachi seriously suggested.

"Hey! I won't be happy getting a prize, because I wrote 'I'm as smart as a monkey' in a published paper! It's like I'm yelling 'I'm stupid' to the world with a loudspeaker!" Issei protested. Itachi was honestly impressed that Issei could pick up that subtle insult, so he decided to reward him with another one.

"…So you DO possess a certain degree of intelligence, huh? I thought you could only think about a woman's body, especially the breast." Itachi said.

"…Geh… So what's wrong with that?! Boobs are a man's dream! They embody the hope that every man has since they were babies! To want to fondle them, to want to bury our face in them, AND to want to suck that gorgeous, beautiful, alluring 'puddings' is the purpose of our existence!" Issei declared to the heavens as tears started streaming down from his eyes, and…images of 'golden boobs' were floating behind him.

"…Huh…" Itachi could not even react to that declaration. Such was how stupid Issei's declaration sounded to Itachi's ears. And he looked ridiculously lame too.

"Instead I should say 'WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!' You disturbed my sole enjoyment, brought me to this hot place because you said you wanted to talk, but instead you only start badmouthing me. What's your problem anyway?!" Issei shouted.

"….My problem with you? I have none. As long as you're useful, I could care less whether you want to be a harem king just like Rias said, or just want to be a plain pervert." Itachi lazily replied.


"But I can't say the same with that left hand of yours." Itachi's eyes grew sharp in an instant. Issei stares at Itachi blankly, and then he slowly averts his gaze to his left hand.

"My…left hand? You mean…Boosted Gear? Is there a problem with it?" Issei asked. The seriousness in Itachi's eyes scared Issei, and he begins to worry that there's really something wrong with his Boosted Gear.

"There are a lot of problems with it. The most significant, however, is the fact that you have not activated the 'Scale Mail'." Itachi told him.


"Your balance breaker. It's an armor that will give you an extreme boost in your offensive and defensive abilities once you unlock it. If the calculations were correct, despite your lack of power, you should have been able to achieve it before your battle with Raizer's peerage. Yet, it lies dormant even now." Itachi explained.

"….Eh…That sounds amazing…but, what calculations?"

"You don't need to concern yourself about that. To make it short, Issei-kun, have you ever talked to the dragon in you?" Itachi asked.

"….Umm, no." Issei answered. "It talked to me a few times, giving me instructions and such, but that's all." he added.

"….Issei-kun… I've told you I want to talk to you, right?" Itachi crackled his right hand, and concentrated magic to his fingers.


"Sorry, but that was a lie." Itachi truthfully said as his sharingan activated.

"Eh?" It was the only thing that Issei could mutter, before Itachi appeared in front of him, and jabbed his fingers into his chest. "HIGYAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" It was a familiar feeling. Issei feels his body burning, like fire is coming out from his chest. He felt this before, but could not recall where due to the sheer pain Itachi caused. "U-Uchiha-san! Stop! Stop! AAAAHHH! Please, STOP!" Issei screamed as his skin darkened, and pieces of red armor began appearing all over his body.

"….Bear with this, Issei-kun. If I could, I would rather not resort to this either, but unfortunately, I can't talk to Ddraig eye-to-eye if I don't do this." Itachi said. Issei's scream become even more incoherent, and sensing that now is the time, Itachi spread activated his seal.

"DIVINE SEAL: Heavenly Bane of Dragons."

A golden ring appears above Issei, and slowly, hands are growing from it. Those hands then reach out to the pieces on Issei's hands, shoulders, feet, stomach, and finally his chest. Then it grabs those parts firmly, and seemingly melted into the armor.

"Pull!" Itachi shouted that command, and then jumped meters away from Issei while gripping golden energy chains with his left hand. The next moment, Boosted Gear's 'Juggernaut Drive' stood in front of him.

"….." Itachi stared at it silently and preparing for what would come next. He knew that this will be quite demanding as his right hand was limply hanging on his side, and he could only use his left hand, yet there's no hint of tension on his face.

'Divine Seal: Heavenly Bane of Dragons' is a dragon binding technique with its primary application is sealing a dragon's power and storing it into a 'vessel'. In a way, it's very similar to the Jinchuriki sealing technique, but with several differences. The greatest difference is that he 'liquefied' his magic to the point that it could enter his chakra vessels, and then channeled it to his fingers like he would do with his chakra. To put it simply, he performed ninjutsu not with chakra, but with magic.

It was a crazy thing to do. It really was. Especially, considering that his magic is originally not his own. It was like covering your blood with a different blood type, and then had it sucked out before receiving a blood transfusion. Not only a piercing pain, even the slightest mistake of handling the quantity of magic entering his chakra vessel could blow up not only his hand, but his whole arm. However, Itachi, with his precise control over both magic and chakra, managed to greatly reduce the damage to just having his hand unusable for a day instead of an injury. All he did was 'halt' the chakra flow to his right hand vessel before channeling his magic into it, with the expense of his hand going numb right after he used the technique.

But, actually it's the secondary application that made this technique worth using despite the risks.

'Issei' starts thrashing around, and then the orbs in his body begin to glow.


"Cancel!" Itachi pulled the chains in his left hand, and then the hands that melted with the armor sprout out and quickly cover Issei's body, leaving only his eyes visible. Then, the ring above him starts spinning as it saps his power. "Seal!"With that last command, the armor crystalized. And now, the Boosted Gear has successfully been suppressed.

Its secondary application…is that it could prevent Sacred Gears with a creature sealed inside it from functioning properly.

In a sense, these Sacred Gears are an extension of its creatures. More often than not, it was actually the Sacred Gear's functions that made a battle much more troublesome. Well, it depends on the user's creativity, really. However, the primary purpose of Sacred Gears with a creature sealed inside it is to act as 'receptacles' that channeled those creatures' powers so that its users can use them in the most effective ways. Itachi first discovered this when he wielded the Boosted Gear, and he couldn't help but notice how eerily similar this is to the purpose of a Jinchuriki. And how eerily similar they way they both work.

And so, he developed his sealing technique by basing it on a Jinchuriki and tailed beast suppression jutsu, which is none other than the chakra chains. He himself could not produce the chakra chains, and he doubted that it'll work on the creatures of this world anyway. But, with some guidance from Van Helsing, Itachi managed to create his very own 'chakra chains', but this one made from magic. It was proven that he could suppress, seal, and unseal a dragon from a Sacred Gear with this technique (by experimenting with it on Ddraig, much to his dismay), unfortunately the same could not be said for other creatures. He could not even suppress nor seal a chimera for some reasons unknown to him. Thus the name 'Heavenly Bane of Dragons'. Instead, he found out its secondary application to be much more useful.

Think about it. Even if he could not seal or suppress a creature's power, won't that creature be useless anyway if it could not channel its power to its Sacred Gear? Just like how a tailed beast could not give its host its power when their connection was blocked. As long as Itachi has inserted his 'chains' into the user, and using the creature as a 'focus' point, he could block its connection to the Sacred Gear by creating a 'net' to isolate the creature from it, resulting in the Sacred Gear becoming powerless. You could say that the advantage, but also the greatest weakness of Sacred Gears with a creature inside it, is that it relies on its respective creature as a source of power.

So, even if he unsealed Ddraig's power, and forcibly made Issei entered Juggernaut Drive, he could just block Ddraig's power after that.

Itachi slowly makes his way to 'Issei', and then he stares directly into his eyes.

"Now, Ddraig, let's see what your problem is." Itachi said as he entered Issei's subconsciousness.


[Issei's subconsciousness (?)]



Itachi stands in front of Ddraig in this fiery place as the dragon stares at him fiercely.

"What do you think you're doing?" Ddraig asked, his voice carried a subtle hint of anger.

"I could ask you the same thing." Itachi replied coldly.

"You are not supposed to interact with them anymore. Do you forget what Van Helsing told you? What the 'Omnicalculator' calculated for us? You are an 'alien' to this world, and your presence alone caused a great rift in the law of cause and effect, even more so when you interacted with its residence." Ddraig fiercely reminded.

"So you don't see yourself as one of the residence?" Itachi asked sarcastically.

"You know the answer to that yourself. I've made my choice on this matter, and that is to help you fix things up and get even with the one who imprisoned me in that dead man."

"….Then, tell me one thing." Itachi began. "If you truly feel that way… Then why didn't you win in that Rating Game? Why didn't you lend Issei-kun your power, and allowed him to use Scale Mail?" Itachi questioned while glaring at Ddraig with his Mangekyo sharingan. "You - do - realize that winning the Rating Game against Raizer Phenex was part of the first step. Yet, you let him lose, and that forced me to interfere directly, Ddraig. You said you'd lend us your help, but that wasn't what you delivered." Itachi told him.

"Heh. You lose your cool Itachi. You might be able to hide it behind that analytical mind and calm facade of yours, but I know you're one of the most emotional humans out there. Those few months we were connected weren't for nothing. I even dare betting my life that you don't actually care about what happens to this world as long as your friends are safe." Ddraig accused while snickering.


"Don't glare at me. I had my own reason for not helping my current 'partner'.

"And that is?"

"Because, Ddraig respects you greatly, Itachi." Instead of Ddraig, it was woman who gave the answer. Itachi turns around, and a woman wearing a medieval armor greets him. "It's been a while, Itachi. A year and a half in living time, is it?"

"To be precise, it's a year, four months and thirteen days since the time I last wielded Boosted Gear." Itachi replied. "It's been a while indeed, Elsha, Belzard." Itachi greeted her, and the silent man who stood behind her. The man was once renown as the strongest Boosted Gear wielder, while the woman was renown as the second strongest and the strongest female who ever wielded Boosted Gear. "Still the same, I see."

"But, of course! Since I died young, that means I will forever be bounded to this beautiful youthful appearance!" Elsha proudly boasted, while puffing her chest.

"…No…that's not what I mean. And even if you're youthful, in the end you're already dead. So what's the point, granny?" Itachi asked seriously.

"…Kuh, Itachi, you really love rubbing a woman in the wrong way, huh? Do you really find it that enjoyable to insult a girl about their age?" Elsha asked with a dangerous smile on her face.

"Insult? I was simply stating the fact." Itachi answered truthfully. The next second, he dodged a slash from Elsha.

"Don't dodge!" Elsha yelled.

"Then don't attack." Itachi replied lazily. A cross mark appears on the woman's forehead, but before she could continue her assault, Belzard grabbed her by the collar.

"Belzard, let me go! I have to teach this brat how to be respectful to his elder!" Elsha angrily yelled while trashing around in the air.

Feeling that if he didn't say this, it will keep bugging him, Itachi says, "You finally admitted that you're a granny…" Elsha almost lashed out again, but Belzard's stern voice stopped her.

"Stop fighting."



They both fell silent, while Ddraig could barely hold his laughter.

"Heh heh heh heh….." They stared at Ddraig weirdly, but then they also relaxed themselves, with Belzard putting Elsha down. "It feels like a really long time since I last saw this kind of rowdiness here." Ddraig told them excitedly.

"….True." Belzard said with a small smile plastered on his lips.

"W-well, I couldn't say I dislike this." Elsha added with her face red from embarrassment.

"….I didn't like it at all though." And thus, with that sentence from Itachi, the merry mood collapse instantly. Itachi sweat dropped at their silences, and says, "Can't you tell that I was joking?"

"Well, with how serious you looked…"

"….And with that no nonsense voice of yours…."

"….We could not think of it as anything but you being serious." Elsha finished.

"….Of course you couldn't…." Itachi commented with a barely noticeable sarcasm in his voice. "Anyway, we're off topic here. Elsha, what you said before, could you clarify it?"

"Ddraig, may I?" she asked the dragon. Elsha looked at Ddraig in the eyes, and she took Ddraig's silent as a sign to proceed. "Itachi, you knew this already. Among us, among all the previous wielders of the Boosted Gear, you were the only one who managed to achieve its Balance Breaker without making a contract with Ddraig, and then proceeded to gain complete control of 'Juggernaut Drive' before transforming it into the more powerful and stable 'Judgment Drive'. Not even Belzard and I, who were known as the strongest and second strongest users, could use Scale Mail if we didn't make contract with Ddraig, and whenever we used Juggernaut Drive we always lost our minds." Elsha said.

"….In a way, that makes you one of the bests, if not the best wielder of Boosted Gear in existence." Belzard added.

"Indeed. You even managed to lift their hatred. It used to be very noisy in here, but now it just feels empty. Not that it's a bad thing though; it's really good in fact." Elsha said, her face beaming with happiness for her comrades.

"And….how's that related to Ddraig's unwillingness to make a contract with Issei-kun?" Itachi asked.

"My pride wouldn't let me." Ddraig answered. Itachi's eyes narrowed as he waited for Ddraig to finish explaining himself. "I couldn't help comparing him to you, and how you went through all of those hellish workouts to forcibly access Balance Breaker without ever giving up to the temptations of a easy way out. Even years from now, I doubt anyone could do the same thing as you. But, at the very least, they will have to prove themselves and earn my respect before I would make a contract with them. I've sworn to myself that is how I will respect you and that life of yours." Ddraig finished.

"….You won't take that back?" Itachi asked.

"Never. Not even in an eternity." Ddraig proudly replied.

"….Ddraig, if pride and respect were food, then it must've taste really bitter and sour. Inedible and a destroyer, yet you couldn't help but wanting to keep it." Itachi said. "You risked everything, because of your pride, and, respect towards me. Honestly Ddraig, if I knew this would happen; I would have never done anything that could make you respect me." Itachi told him.

"Are you blaming me now?"

"Blaming you? No. It is unfortunate, but everything was my fault, my mistakes. The fact that you respect me, that it then caused you to become reluctant to form a contract with Issei-kun, were all my mistakes. Even the fact that I'm here, like you said, is a mistake." Itachi said.




They all went silent after hearing Itachi's words. Elsha doesn't know what to say, because she really never encountered someone with a case like him. Belzard is simply choosing to stay silent, and broods over this. Ddraig closed his eyes, and tries to think of something that could counter Itachi's argument, but then he finds out that there is nothing he could say.

"…However." Itachi began firmly. The lady, the warrior, and the dragon focus their attention on him, the moment he opened his mouth. "That is why, it has to be corrected. The past cannot be changed, but it's different with the future. We can avert this world from destruction, but to do so, I will need every single help available. To protect this world, its inhabitants, and then deal with the one who brought me here." Itachi said.

"But, what about the end result that 'Omnicalculator' shown? That we can't prevent the world from being annihilated?" Elsha asked.

"…I've been thinking about this. But, what if he was wrong?" Itachi said.

"He? Van Helsing?"

"Yes, what if he was wrong in calibrating the calculations? What if he updated the program mistakenly?" Itachi said. "He was basing the calculations on the world where I don't exist. Yet, I am here, and when he found me, he updated it by including my existence in it. But, he didn't, no; I think he could not include these two things. One is the value of my existence not as a resident of this world, but as one of Shinobi world. It's impossible to be calculated, because the scale of Universal gap between the two worlds is infinite. And so he could not draw the link to before I existed here. To put it simply, his input on my existence and the effect that I have as a whole was severely incomplete. I lived eleven year longer in the Shinobi world than here, after all." Itachi explained. Ddraig and Belzard had no trouble following him, but Elsha's eyes are now swirling with confusion.

"And the second is…?" Belzard asked.

Itachi points his finger to the sky, and says, "That."

They all looked to the sky, and in that fiery sky, there is a massive sphere. It has no color, but then suddenly it sucks all the fire in area into it, as if it was eating, and giving it a reddish hue all around it. Slowly, it descent to the ground, and as it grew closer and closer, its true size is becoming more accurate.

It's like the moon is directly in front of them. That is how big it is. Even Great Red will look like an ant in comparison.

"You…" Ddraig's voice was full of contempt at its sudden appearance.

What were you guys talking about? It seems fun~. Oh, and Ddraig? Your fire taste awful.

It was speaking at them, yet at the same time it is not. It was speaking, but it has no voice and they heard it directly in their heads.

"Che! As annoying as ever. Talking directly in someone's heads is one of the reasons why I really hate you!" Ddraig yelled angrily.

Eh~? But, I love you Ddraig. Same with you two, Elsha, Belzard~. You three are very precious to me~.

"I-is that so?" Elsha asked cheerfully, but it couldn't hide her discomfort. Even Belzard is looking extremely wary.

Yes~. After all~, I've never got bored with you three before, and you won't make me bored in the future either, right? My precious toys~?

Ddraig instantly flew thousands of meters away from it, with Belzard and Elsha on his head. They were prepared to battle it, but Itachi has deemed it necessary to step in.

"Stop it." Itachi ordered as chains appeared from the sky, and immediately started encasing it. "If you cause any trouble, just remember that I can imprison you."

Boo~. You're not any fun lately, It-tan. You keep threatening me like I'm a lunatic~.

"But you ARE a lunatic." thought the three 'toys' at the same time.

"It's because you won't behave. And don't call me It-tan." Itachi ordered.

Why? Because you don't like it? Or, maybe~, you don't like anyone other than Sera-chan to call you that?

"…." Itachi, unfazed by its provocation, passively stared at it without giving it any answer.

Oh? Did I hit a jackpot? Woo~, It-tan is actually a spoiled boy who just wanted to be pampered by Sera-chan~. Maybe you should ask Ria-tan, Ake-chan, So-tan, and Neko-chan to pamper you too~.

"Enough. I'll have you return now." Itachi said as the chains tightened, and then it slowly dragged it towards a hole in the sky.

BOHOOO~, but I haven't even 'played' with Ddraig yet~. Promise me that you will play with me next time, 'kay?

"Over my dead body." Ddraig answered while glaring hatefully at it.

Sure! We'll play till you die! Ahahahahahahaha~.

And with that laughter as the last thing that they heard, it disappeared into the black hole.




"…Phew. That was close. Thanks, Itachi." Elsha gratefully said, relieved that it was gone. "Still, I cannot fathom how you could stand having that thing inside of you."

"…It's far too dangerous and unpredictable…" Belzard commented.

"But, it exactly what we need. Its unpredictability, and its nature that neither I nor Professor still have been able to fully understand might be able to save the world."

"…However, the opposite is also very likely. You are making a very dangerous bet if you're using it." Elsha grimly told him.

"I know, but that's why I'll only resort to that if I am truly left with no option." Itachi said, trying to assure her. Elsa only sighs tiredly. "….Ddraig, stop looking irritated like that." Itachi said. Ddraig was indeed still glaring hatefully at where it disappeared, so much that fire returned to the place.



"Can you check with 'Omnicalculator'…the probability of me winning against it?" Ddraig requested.

Shaking his head, Itachi says, "Unfortunately for you, I cannot grant that request."

"What? Why?"

"Because, I have destroyed it." Itachi answered like it wasn't a big deal. "And Ddraig…you must have already realized what the outcome will be." Itachi grimly thought.

"…..!" None of them could contain their surprise. Destroying a program that could literally make you almost omniscience was unthinkable.

"Y-You destroyed it? Destroyed it?! B-but why would you do that?!" Elsha still couldn't believe what she heard, and it made her almost yell at him.

"…It was the Devil's tool. The more you use it, the more it traps you. The more you rely on it, the more you become dependent on it. And when you finally notice, it will already be too late and you can't live without it. That's the kind of danger it possesses. It's something that could cause a war between all beings, even gods and dragons, because of its allure. As the one who perfected it, I too will be responsible if something bad happened because of it." Itachi said. Elsha couldn't say anything to deny that possibility. With that kind of tool in hand, many factions, organizations, countries, will compete to obtain it at all cost, even if it means causing another war.

"Did he know that you destroyed it?" Ddraig asked.

" The Professor knew, and he chewed me out because of that." Itachi said before sighing tiredly. "Anyway, it's a good thing that there's no copy of it out there. I wouldn't even dare thinking what could happen if it was used for evil purposes."

"…What a waste. I haven't even known the probability of getting a boyfriend in the future." Elsha cried, lamenting the opportunity that she missed. All males there stared at her blankly, and then as one, they give her the cruelest response ever.

"It's absolutely impossible for you to have a boyfriend."

"Y-you three, what did you just say?!" she shouted angrily.

"We said that it's impossible for you to have a boyfriend…"

"…Because, you and I are already dead…"

"Hurry up and realize that already, granny."

They were like a chorus, singing together the cruel song known as 'reality' for the dead woman.

"….Hu-hu-HUWAAAAAAAAAAAA~!" Elsha snapped and began chasing them around. Itachi dodged a slash from Elsha, Belzard defend himself from her kick, while Ddraig has flown away to avoid being pulled into the skirmish. "AAAAAAH!" she continued slashing and kicking, but the males managed to defend themselves effectively.

"Hm?" Itachi, sensing that his time is almost up, decides to let them deal with her. "Well then, Ddraig, Belzard, I leave her to you."

"Wait! You're running away?" Ddraig yelled. Itachi only shrugs, and makes hand language which say 'what do you expect me to do? Babysit her? That's your job'. "Y-you bastard!" Ddraig yelled at him angrily. Slowly, Itachi disappeared, starting from his feet, with a smirk growing on his face, which caused cross marks to appear on Ddraig's head.

"…Ddraig, you said you won't lend your power to Issei-kun, because he hasn't earned your respect, right?" Itachi asked for confirmation.

"….That's right. What are you planning to do?" Ddraig asked after seeing Itachi's smirk.

"Nothing. I'll simply make him strong enough so that you will approve of him." Itachi explained. To those who could tell the small difference, Itachi's smirk is looking increasingly evil (in a good way), and we could only pray for Issei to survive whatever it is that Itachi had in mind for him. "See you later, my friends." And with those farewell words, Itachi returned to reality.

"….Yeah, see you later….NOT! COME BACK HERE!" Ddraig yelled, but it fell on deaf ears, as Itachi was already gone. He then turns to where Belzard is fighting Elsha, and sees that he is now being cornered by the woman's relentless assault. "…How do I calm her down?" Ddraig asked no one in particular, yet he seemed to expect someone to actually give him the answer.


Itachi opens his eyes, and then he looks around. All he can see is sand, and the crystallized Issei in front of him, and he confirmed that he has return. He raised his left hand, and put it on Issei's chest, before muttering…


The crystal that held Issei shattered alongside the armor, leaving Issei to fall towards him. Itachi holds Issei's body from falling, as a magic circle appears beneath him.

"Seriously… You are one troublesome junior." Itachi muttered with a small smile.

Then they disappeared from Itachi's pocket dimension, with one place in Itachi's mind as their destination.


[Occult Research club]

The sun has already set, and the school has been closed. Yet, the light of a room in the old school building is on. This is not a paranormal activity, mind you (Well, Devils ARE supposed to be paranormal, but let's not think about it too hard). And in that room the worried 'Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess is waiting in concern for two individuals to make their appearance.

Rias is concerned. She has not been able to find her pawn nor her childhood friend. All she knew was that they disappeared around afternoon and didn't attend the last class. And they have yet to return till now.

And so she is tapping her foot restlessly, fearful that something happened to Issei, fearful that Itachi might have disappeared again, and that she might not able to see them anymore.

"Uhuhu. Buchou, it's better if you calm down a little. It feels like there's going to be an earthquake if you keep tapping your foot so hard." Akeno teasingly remarked while serving her a cup of tea. Rias turned to her, wanting to say something in return, but then she only slumped back to her chair.

"You're right. I shouldn't be so worried like this." Rias commented tiredly while playing with her bangs.

"B-but, Buchou-san, what if something bad happened to Issei-san and Itachi-san? They might need our help." Asia worriedly said. Rias thought about it for a bit, but then she shakes her head.

"Issei is a big boy; I know he can protect himself. As for Itachi…" Rias pouted, and then added, "He has this tendency to suddenly disappear and reappear like a ninja. I have lost count how many times he's done that." Rias said, feeling annoyed at Itachi. "I guess it was a bad thing to do, making him watch all those anime and tokusatsu. I just hope he won't try to become a real ninja." Rias whispered. Unknown to her though, Itachi is a full-fledge ninja, even before she forced him to watch those anime with her.

"E-eeeh? B-Buchou-san likes to watch anime and tokusatsu?" Asia almost shouted at this news. She was shocked that the dignified Onee-sama has a liking to such things.

"Th-that is, well…yes." Rias sheepishly admitted.

"Ara ara, Buchou is actually a hardcore Otaku, Asia-chan~. And when it comes to her hobby, she becomes very stupid~." Akeno said with a playful smile.

"A-Akeno! How dare you say that!" Rias yelled, angry at the insult that Akeno has thrown.

"Tell me then, Buchou~." Akeno began sweetly, making Rias break a cold sweat. "Who was it that Itachi tied to a bed in order to force her to sleep, because she stood awake for days watching anime and almost become a hikikomori?" Akeno asked.

"U-uuuu…" Rias, unable to deny it, could only whine.

"…(~ _ ~)…"

"D-don't give me that pitying look!" Rias yelled after seeing the expression that Akeno gave her. "M-mou!" she threw her face to the side while pouting again. Akeno giggled at how adorable Rias is, and thinks that she finally knows why Itachi kept messing around with the red-haired girl in the past. Feeling embarrassed, Rias quickly gulped down her tea, while Asia, as the sole other occupant was busy contemplating something that is dangerous to be said. But then she says it anyway.

"Then that means, Buchou-san, do you like to watch Kaben Rider Pinky too?" Asia innocently asked. If only her innocents can be preserved for eternity, maybe the world will be a much better place. But with so many perverts around, that was nothing but a hopeless dream.

"BUWAH!" Rias magnificently spat out the tea in her mouth (so much that it formed a rainbow across her desk), and began coughing violently. Akeno, on the other hand, put a hand to her mouth while looking very surprised. "A-Asia…! Wh-Where did you learn about that?!" Rias stuttered with a red face as she wiped the table and sorted out the wet papers from the dry ones.

"Hm? Issei-san often watched that video at night, but for some reason, whenever I wanted to watch it with him he'd always turned it off." Asia said dejectedly. Rias sweat dropped, and Akeno has this uncertain look on her face.

"Umm, Asia, that was…" Rias couldn't bring herself to say any more. She wanted to explain the nature of that film, but to say 'oh, it's actually an adult video, so you can't watch it until you turned 18' to a very innocent girl like Asia is very unbearable for her. It's like she's trying to put black paint onto a bright, colorful, and beautiful painting of the highest quality. She just couldn't do it. The same couldn't be said for the 'Queen of Sadists' though. Akeno walks closer to Asia, and then she drops her poison to those innocent ears.

"Ara ara, Asia-chan, that video is actually…" Akeno began casually without having even a shred of guilt for what she would do. Rias paled when she realized what her 'Queen' intended to do, and she slammed the table.

"A-Akeno, stop!" Rias yelled at her, her voice full of dread. Her face turned to one of horror when Akeno ignored her, and proceeded to tell Asia about the adult video. Fortunately for Rias, an unexpected help came when a magic circle suddenly appeared, and from it came certain figures that they knew very well.

"…Rias, can I bor-… Did I miss something?" Itachi curiously asked after he saw Rias looking like she had just seen something terrible.

"I-Itachi…nice timing! Take Akeno away from Asia!" Rias ordered immediately.


"Just do it!" Rias shouted. Itachi, having no idea what was going on, dropped Issei on the floor and did as she ordered. He grabbed Akeno by the waist, much to her delight and Rias' annoyance, before moving away from Asia. "Huff, crisis averted…wait. Akeno! Get away from him at once!" Rias angrily yelled, but this time was because Akeno was tightly clinging to Itachi. Asia, who is clueless to what almost befell her, went to Issei who is still unconscious, and tried to awake him.

"Uhuhu~, sorry, but I think that's impossible, Buchou." Akeno began while pressing her bountiful asset to Itachi's chest even more. "Look, he doesn't seem to want to release me even when I try to." Akeno seductively said. Rias glares at Akeno, while Itachi starts to feel uncomfortable at this closeness.

"Okay, that's enough, I have no time to neither listen nor be a part of your daily quarrel right now." Itachi said as he gently released Akeno from his grasp. Although Akeno felt a bit dejected at how he didn't react to her suggestive moves, nevertheless, she complied and stepped away from him. He coughed a bit, and then proceeds to tell Rias what he has in mind. But, then someone opens the door, and from it comes Yuuto and Koneko.

"Buchou, Akeno-san, we have finished scouting the area." Yuuto said with his usual gentlemanly smile on his face.

"There is one…" Koneko added. She then sees Itachi, and quickly hugs him, which of course sparked the jealousy of Rias and Akeno.

"Koneko…release me...please?" Itachi hesitated in making his request, due to the puppy eyes that she showed him. With the knowledge that he has been defeated, and one hell of a migraine, Itachi says to her, "Just do what you want." Koneko face instantly brightened, and then she hugged him tightly and dearly. The two women who couldn't believe that Itachi allowed Koneko to hug him like that reached the same conclusion.

"Lolicon…" Rias accused while glaring at him menacingly.

"He really is a pedophile, isn't he?" Akeno said while sighing.

"Eh? What? You can't do that Itachi-san. You'll become a criminal if you go after children." Asia said, fearing the idea that Itachi would end up spending the rest of his life in jail.

"…." Itachi really, really, REALLY wanted to remind them that, despite her look, Koneko is just two years younger than him. But, seeing that the little girl has not really grown properly, and stayed small in recent years, he could not argue that he must've looked like a lolicon who likes doting on little girl. To get out of this crisis, he has no choice but to ask a certain Casanova for help. Itachi stares at Yuuto in the eyes, and Yuuto, understanding the message, decides to tell Rias his finding.

"Buchou, sorry to interrupt, but if we don't move right now, that stray devil might run away." Yuuto said.

"Ah! You're right, I completely forgot about that! Uuu~, Itachi, this is all your fault!" Rias whined, blaming Itachi as the culprit for her forgetfulness. Itachi raised his eyebrows at the ridiculous accusation.

"How is this my fault? I've just arrived here." Itachi said.

"But you let Koneko hug you as she liked, and that distracted me." Rias said while angrily throwing her face to the side.


"What a ridiculously childish excuse…" Itachi incredulously thought while staring flatly at Rias.

"Akeno. Prepare the magic circle. Asia, Issei hasn't waked up yet?" Rias asked. Akeno quickly conjured a magic circle, while Asia simply shakes her head. "Itachi, what did you do to Issei?"

"Nothing much. Simply sparring with him to see how powerful he is, but it seems I used too much power when I delivered the final blow." Itachi said, lying smoothly to them. "Don't worry. Issei-kun's injury has already been treated and he is simply unconscious." Itachi explained, making Rias and Asia sighed in relief. Rias then directed her concern towards Itachi.

"Y-you didn't injure yourself, right? Nothing's wrong, right?" Rias asked. Whenever the thought of him sparring with someone appeared, she couldn't help but be reminded of the aftermath of Itachi's sparring with Sairaorg where he ended up with a broken hand.

Shaking his head, Itachi says, "I'm fine. But, I better wake him up." With one hand, Itachi easily lifted Koneko from his waist, much to the little girl's surprise since she put a lot of strength in her grips, and then placed her on the sofa.

"B-but, Issei-san won't even budge. How do you wake him up?" the concerned Asia asked Itachi who was moving next to Issei.

"….Like this." Itachi answered while moving his face towards Issei right ear. He then whispers, "Issei-kun. If you wake up now, I will bring you to a 'nice place for men' later." Instantly, Issei's eyes shot open, and then he stood up while raising his right hand to the sky.

"I'M AWAKE!" Issei yelled.



All of them stared at Issei with their mouths hanged open. Whatever it was that Itachi whispered, it worked too well, as now Issei is acting like a kid with ADHD.

"C'mon! Don't just stand there, Uchiha-san! Let's go!" Issei yelled excitedly. Itachi, seeing how Issei became another person entirely, massaged his pained head, and let out an audible sigh. Rias, Akeno and Asia are still in shock from Issei's sudden enthusiasm, while Yuuto and Koneko faces turned blank.

"Issei-kun…" Itachi said slowly in an effort to get his attention.

"C'mon! C'mon! Whatever's coming doesn't matter, paradise is waiting for me!"

"….Does his mind being controlled by his libido? Or his libido is actually his mind?" Itachi incredulously thought. "Issei-kun, do you even know where you are?"

"Of course! I! I! ...Where am I?" Issei asked while scratching his head. Itachi covers his face with his right hand, while trying very hard not to be stressed out. "Wait, this is our club room, right? How the hell did I get here?"

"You were sparring with me, and fell unconscious. Don't you remember that?" Itachi asked to confirm that his memory alteration worked.

"Really? I don't remember. All I remember was that I was peeping on girls changing as usual." Issei replied. Itachi passively stares at him, but inwardly he smiles at Issei's answer.

"Seems like the damage shook you brain and caused temporary amnesia. Don't worry, you'll remember soon enough." Itachi assured. In actuality, he had planted a false memory in Issei's head to hide what had occurred. He felt a bit guilty, but knew that it's for the best if Issei couldn't remember what happened. After all, Issei seems like the type that will easily blurt out someone's secret. "Anyway Rias, we should move now, or else we will lose track of that stray devil." Itachi suggested.

"O-okay. Everyone, let's go." Rias ordered. Issei, who has no idea what is going on, obediently follows her order. "Well then, Akeno, pl-wait. Itachi, why are you stepping in?" Rias asked, because Itachi suddenly stepped into the magic circle.

"I want to observe you. To see how much you have developed, and to see what Yuuto-kun and Asia-kun are capable of." Itachi replied. It wasn't a lie, but it wasn't the truth either. He is well aware of their strengths, but he needs to have a valid excuse if he wants to make them stronger. Well, he already has a valid excuse, but it would look suspicious if he says he knows their strengths without ever looking at them in action.

"Is that so? Well, just so you know, we're a lot stronger than we used to be. And Yuuto, Issei, and Asia, are also very capable servants." Rias said haughtily.

"I'm sure they are." Itachi said, but inwardly he sighed at her haughtiness. "Rias, your pride will be your own undoing one day."

With that, the Gremory group (plus Itachi) headed to capture the stray devil.



"…43 minutes and 28 seconds…" muttered Itachi, as he looked at Issei effortlessly chasing after a deranged-looking stray devil, from the rooftop of one of the nearby buildings. The stray devil was a self-proclaimed 'gentleman researcher' who betrayed his master, because of his intense love to his research…on big breast. Itachi himself decided to sit out from this and literally just watch how they handle this person, because he was confident that they could handle this swiftly. Besides, what's the point of observing if he helps them? However, Itachi couldn't help feeling a bit disappointed that they took such a long time to capture the 'breast researcher'.

"…If they placed a trap in that hallway, and then tied him with Akeno's magic, they could've solved this around seventeen minutes ago. Well, I guess those were a bit brutal and indiscreet, but still, there are a lot of ways for you to settle this quickly, Rias." Itachi thought while continue observing them. Suddenly, the vibration from his cellphone pulls him out from his train of thought and, when he saw the name of the caller, he sighs slightly.

"…Sirzechs-san, what do you want?" Itachi coldly asked.

"[Mu!? Itachi-kun, why are you so cold? I haven't even said anything to you.]" Sirzechs complained.

"Just to let you know. It's already night, and I'm feeling very tired right now because of what happened earlier." Itachi said.

"[Ah, yes! Ria-tan and her friends sure were amazing, right? They could blow the safe house that could even withstand a nuclear attack to pieces. I'm truly impressed!]" Sirzechs proudly declared.

"Well, I'm not, so I'm going to hang up now." Itachi commented dryly.

"[W-wait, Itachi-kun!]"

"What? I don't want to hear your nonsense right now, so if you have anything to say, better make it clear and quick." Itachi ordered.

"[Itachi-kun…you really sounded like Grayfia just now. Are you sure she didn't do anything weird to you?]"




"[Ah well, it's nothing to worry about. Anyway, Itachi-kun, your house has been rebuilt, but this time I made it simple like you asked.]"

"…That was fast." Itachi thought, slightly amazed at how quick the construction was done. "I see...thank you and…sorry for the trouble, Sirzechs-san."

"[HAH HAH HAH~. If it's for my little brother, it's no problem at all.]" Sirzechs replied. Itachi smiles slightly at that 'typical Sirzechs' response, but then he decides to ask him a certain question.

"Sirzechs-san, do you know if anything has happened to Ajuka-san?"

"[Ajuka? Nope, I guess?]" Itachi raised his eyebrows at the uncertain tone in Sirzechs' voice.

"…You guess?"

"[I honestly don't know. I haven't met him in person lately, and the only times we talked were either through magic circles or through phone. I don't even know where he is.]" Sirzechs said. Itachi's eyes instantly narrowed.

"The materials for the house, wasn't it Ajuka-san who made them?" Itachi asked.

"[He did make some of it, and told me to use it, but… What of it?]" Sirzechs asked. Itachi ignored his question in favor of asking a more important matter.

"What about this new house? Did you use materials from him?"

"[Nope. I couldn't get a hold of him, so I just used the same materials as the ones used to make our castle.]" Itachi unknowingly let out a relieved sigh. "[Itachi-kun, just what's this all about?]"

"…Sirzechs-san, do you trust Ajuka-san?"

"[Of course.]" Sirzechs answered without hesitation. Itachi closes his eyes, and begins thinking on how to explain his suspicion to Sirzechs. But, then he decides to tell the Crimson Satan just this one thing.

"Sirzechs-san, please be careful."

"[Huh? What do you-?]" Before Sirzechs could finish his question, Itachi hung up. Looking at his phone, Itachi can only think how complicated things have become without him even realizing.

"…Is this also the result of my existence here?" Itachi muttered. Sensing the presence of Rias' group coming out of the factory, he turned towards them, and sure enough they're walking while merrily chatting with each other. "56 minutes and 7 seconds…huh?" Itachi whispered after looking at his watch. He then jumped down and landed right in front of them, surprising Issei and Asia. "You sure took your time, Rias." Itachi told her.

"So, what do you think? We are impressive, right?" Rias said with a wide smile.

"Yeah, impressively useless." Itachi harshly told her. Everyone is taken aback at the harsh criticism, but before Rias could protest, Itachi shows them the watch that he's been holding in his left hand. "Look at this. If you made a proper plan instead of chasing him around like fools, you could have finished it twenty minutes earlier. Yet, none of you actually thought of making at least one trap, or properly used your powers to catch him. Especially you, Rias. As their King, you should have think things through with a cool head, put every scenario in consideration, and not recklessly rely on one strategy to settle it." Itachi reprimanded her. Rias lowered her head dejectedly, which caused Issei to step up for her.

"Hey, Uchiha-san! I don't know why you keep criticizeing Buchou, but she did her best! All of us did our best! And besides, we caught him anyway, so there shouldn't be a problem right?" Issei said.

"Issei…" Rias muttered.


"….Stupid." Koneko said.

"Ara ara, Issei-kun…sometimes keeping quiet is a lot better, you know?" Akeno said.

"Akeno-san's right, Issei-kun." Yuuto agreed.

"Huh? What do you-HABWEH!" Electricity surged from his feet and Issei immediately dropped to the ground.

"I-Issei-san!" Asia ran towards Issei and began healing him.

"…There's no problem you say?" Itachi asked. Issei slowly stood up after being healed by Asia, and his eyes widened when he saw magic circles beneath him. No, it's not only him. There are also several under everyone's feet. "Then, this too, is not a problem, right?" Itachi asked as he activated all the magic circles beneath them. Yuuto activates his sword birth, but before he could take action, his feet were frozen. Asia, wanted to help Yuuto, immediately runs towards him, but before she could reach him, her feet were also frozen.

"I-Itachi-san, why are you doing this?" Asia asked. Issei himself has similar question, but Rias, Akeno, and Koneko already have a clue as to what motivates Itachi. "We're friends, right? You're not actually our enemy, right?" Asia, who had experienced being used by fallen angels, knew full well the pain of being used and betrayed, and she certainly didn't want anyone else to feel that. Itachi stares at her for a moment, and then he sighs while releasing them from his magic.

"You are too trusting, Asia-kun. However, with this you realized, right? How weak you are." Itachi said to Issei. Issei couldn't deny that he's weak, but still it doesn't sit well with him that Itachi could calmly attack those who think of him as a friend. "However, your weakness does not come just from lack of training. In fact, carelessness is the most dangerous weakness. No matter how strong your opponent is, with careful planning, you can defeat them. And no matter how strong you are, or how many you have on your side, if you're careless and blinded by arrogance, you will lose." Itachi explained. "Do you want to lose again? Like you did with Raizer?" Itachi asked.

They flinched when Itachi reminded them of their failure. And the frustration that they had forgotten returned once again. There is no doubt in their eyes on what answer they should give.

"…No." Issei answered.

"No." Asia repeated.

"Never again." Koneko said while clenching her tiny fists.

"You know my answer." Akeno said.

"Still, to point out our greatest fault by attacking, you really are one harsh person." Yuuto said with a smile. "Just like master said." he thought.

"So, what do you propose we do?" Rias asked. Itachi smiled at their answers, and the look in their eyes, and then he gives them his answer.

"For starters, train yourself to be stronger." Itachi said. "It's no good if one person is strong while the other is weak. Each one of you has to be strong enough to be able to cover each other's weaknesses." he added.

"But, we trained every day and I still haven't felt any stronger." Issei said.

"…But you have not tasted 'my' kind of training." Itachi replied. For some reason, Issei shuddered when he said that. The same with Asia, Akeno, Koneko, and Yuuto. On the other hand, Rias paled when she finally grasped what Itachi wanted to 'bestow' upon them. And that is…the Lucifer group special training regimen.

"I-Itachi…I don't think they are ready for 'that kind' of training." Rias said, trying to talk some sense into him.

"Why don't you worry about yourself? It's not only them. You're also included in this." Itachi told her.

"E-eeeeh?!" Rias couldn't believe what she heard, and thought he was joking, but the face that Itachi made shattered her illusion.

"What? You're not going to do it?" Itachi asked calmly, though Rias could see that he was actually having fun seeing her trembling.

"Well, I, that is…. Uuuuuu~." Her brain short-circuited. If she agreed to this, she might experience hell unlike any other. On the other hand though, there's no doubt that they could become a lot stronger by doing this training. However, some, if not all of them, might break in the process. Itachi, without caring about her distress, took Rias' reaction as an approval to his plan.

"Good, we have her approval." Itachi said.

"I-I didn't appro-MMPH!" Before she could say more, Itachi forcefully covered her mouth with his hand. Everyone sweat drop watching Rias trying to release Itachi's hand from her mouth, but begins pounding at his chest after she realized how futile her attempt was. They couldn't help comparing them to a slapstick comedy duo, especially with how Rias becomes even more agitated after Itachi flashed a small (and somewhat evil in Rias' eyes) smile to her.

"Starting tomorrow, I want you to meet me in front of your club building after school. If you have something to ask, ask me tomorrow. That is all." Itachi finished. They walked home, still unsure how to receive this, with Rias still futilely trying to warn them. Suddenly, however, Akeno and Koneko walked back to him. "What's wrong? Why don't you go home?"

"But, our home is the same as yours." Akeno said.

"….." Itachi had forgotten that simple fact, because of all the things that happened today. The shock from being reminded that one fact was so great that his hand unintentionally released Rias.

"Bwah! Itachi! Don't do that training! You'll break them!" Rias begged him. Akeno and Koneko tilt their heads to the side in confusion at the dangerous words that came from Rias' mouth. On the other hand, Rias' voice brought Itachi out of his stupor, and then he stares at her. Instead of trying to reason with Rias, Itachi simply asks her this one question.

"Are you truly satisfied with the way you are now?"



"…" Rias has no answer for that. She knew she was weak, so much that Itachi had to come and save her. But, to put her servants through that training is something that she never wanted to do. She prefers a safer training method, even if that means they'd grow slower. Even so, she could no longer bear with the frustration that came whenever she recalled her defeat. And thus, not knowing whether she will regret it or not later, Rias says…

"I'm not. I'm Rias Gremory, and I certainly not satisfy with how weak I am right now."


"Itachi, I want to become strong. Strong enough to protect my peerage. Strong enough not to be humiliated again. And strong enough to live up to your expectation." she declared to him. Itachi raised an eyebrow at the last thing she said.

"…My expectation, huh?" Itachi amusedly thought. "Then, you agree having me train you?" Itachi asked.


"Akeno? Koneko?" Itachi asked the two girls besides him.

"I'm with Rias." Akeno answered.

"..Me too." Koneko added.

"Okay, then shall we go home now?" Itachi asked. The girls nodded, and then a magic circle appears to teleport them back. "By the way, don't sneak into my room again." Itachi warned them.

"Don't worry. We won't~.' Rias replied, while giving a signal to Akeno and Koneko. Itachi, worried that they might try to do something stupid, decides to brace himself for whatever misfortune would be coming his way. But, for now, he'll just think what to throw at them tomorrow, and find out who has been spying on them..


After Itachi disappeared, Azazel came out from hiding with a smile. He had been observing the 'Sekiryuutei' to find out what kind of man Issei is and also to determine whether he is an enemy of the fallen angels or not.

"He looks interesting. That Sekiryuutei, I mean." Azazel loudly said despite the fact that he was alone. But then, suddenly the space behind him becomes warped, and then Itachi appears behind him while holding what seems to be an egg. "Yo, Itachi, been a long time since I last saw you, and now you can even do something very interesting there." Azazel said, commenting Itachi's 'kamui'. "You mind teaching me that?" he asked with a wide smile while turning to face Itachi.

"Unfortunately, only those who possess these eyes can do what I just did." Itachi said. "I never realized you have the tendency to spy on people, Azazel-san. Do you truly find it that amusing?"

"Well, I've got too much free time, so I was thinking to take a peek at the new dragon. But I certainly didn't expect to see you there. Or should I say to see you here?" Azazel asked. Itachi's clone gave him cold shoulder, causing Azazel to sigh and gives up his attempt to find out how Itachi is able to split himself. "By the way, is your sharingan a changeable eye? Because, as far as I remember, it used to look a bit different." Azazel noted after seeing Itachi's Mangekyo.

"…I'll leave that to your imagination." Itachi replied.

"Oh! There you go again with that style of answering that leaves me with more questions!" Azazel yelled. "I swear, one of these days I will find out all about it." he stated. "Oh yeah, what's that slimy thing in your hand?"

"This? A chimera egg that belonged to that stray devil. It was crawling underground and headed to Kuoh, so I captured it." Itachi explained. "I planned to send this to Grayfia-san, but, well, maybe it's better if I just destroy it." Itachi said as he effortlessly crushed the chimera egg. Azazel's mouth hanged open after seeing Itachi's ruthlessness. "Then, what do you think about Issei-kun?" Itachi asked. Azazel blinked twice, before he starts talking.

"Hmm, the first thing that came to mind when I saw him was….he's a lecher. Second is that he's an idiot. And third, he's gonna grow up to be the worst kind of man. A scum I might say. A scum with obsession towards women." Azazel said while holding his chin and trying to look smart, despite the fact that it made him looked lame instead. "Hoi, why are you staring at me like that?" Azazel asked after he saw Itachi staring at him flatly.

"Well, you basically have just defined yourself in a very straight way. I'm amazed that there is actually someone who could point out his own bad sides without shame." Itachi mocked while clapping. Azazel simply laughed at this.

"Hahaha…! Thank you for the compliment. But now, it's my turn to ask you something, Itachi." Suddenly the aura around Azazel became very intimidating, and one might even say that this is a different person than the casual man from before.

"Ask me what exactly?" Itachi asked, unfazed by Azazel's intimidation.

"You see… I was investigating something, and that something is the source of information about the whereabouts of Boosted Gear. On the course of my investigation, however, I happened to step on a curious thought. How did this information suddenly appears without anyone knowing who spread it?" Azazel began. "Then, coincidentally, it was one of mine who discovered this information first and then killed him. Then, coincidentally again, he was resurrected as a pawn by Rias Gremory. But, this is what made me really curious. Coincidentally, you were there when Rias Gremory attacked those fools. You seem to love being at the right place at the right time, huh?" Azazel asked amusedly.

"…Your point being?"

"I'm going to get this straight, Itachi. Did you manipulate my subordinates to kill Hyoudo Issei so that he could be resurrected and become Rias Gremory's pawn?" Azazel asked as he smiled menacingly.

"Just like you said, I was there by coincidence." Itachi answered simply.

'Too much coincidence is unrealistic you know. The world does not work like that." he said. "Besides, it was too convenient. The ending that is. If you didn't save them, there's no doubt that all of them would have died. And, though I'm grateful for that, my brain is still telling me that it was too convenient. Like someone was actually guiding the whole things to reach a happy ending where everyone's alive." Azazel finished.

"…Perhaps it was the work of God?" Itachi asked, still feigning innocence. Azazel laughs humorlessly at that, but then his expression turned serious when Itachi said, "But that's unlikely, since God is already dead. Don't you think so too? Azazel-san?" Despite the tone in Itachi's voice became colder, Azazel returned to acting casually like it was nothing.

"Heh. So you know? I guess that's to be expected from someone like you." Azazel praised with a wide smile. "Then can I take that as a sign that you've admitted you're the one pulling the strings from the background?" he asked. Itachi simply stay silent, causing Azazel to sigh. He then drops his intimidation, which causes Itachi to drop his. "Well, don't worry. What happened is done. Besides, you didn't sacrifice the lives of my men, and I'm not here to look for trouble either, especially against you. I rather have you on the same team than as an enemy." he told him.

"…Now you're trying to recruit me to the fallen angels side? I didn't realize that you lack man-power." Itachi said. Azazel dismissed his subtle mockery, and decides to make it clear for Itachi.

"No, it's not that. But, it'll be troublesome if we can't work together in the future, since we…"

"Since you are going to make peace with devils and angels." Itachi finished for him. Now Azazel is truly surprised, since it was supposed to be a top secret among the devils, angels, and fallen angels. In fact, only the tops knew about this.

"What, you knew about this too? Did you eavesdrop on us? Or are you able to see the future?" Azazel asked.

"I did not eavesdrop on you, nor can I see the future. However, it was predicted." Itachi answered.

"Predicted? By who?" Azazel asked with a raised eyebrow.

"It's classified." Itachi monotonously answered. Azazel instantly drops to the ground at Itachi's answer.

"You're going Hollywood on me?! That's the typical asshole-of-a-soldier response that they always used in movies, and now you're using it on me?! What are you? Some actor-wannabe?" Azazel comically yelled. Itachi merely smiles seeing Azazel comical expression, but this lights the fire within the Governor General of the fallen angels. "WOOOOOOOOHHHH! THAT'S IIIIIIIT." Azazel shouted a war cry to the starry night.

"….Azazel-san?" Itachi, unsure what the hell is going on, tried calling out to him, but then he dodged a punch from Azazel. Before Azazel could retract his fist, Itachi caught his arm and threw him to the ground. "What do you think you're doing?" Itachi asked.

"SHUT UP!" Azazel roared. "I will wring out every single answer from you, even if it costs me my life!" Azazel declared. Now, if he finished it just like that, he might be able to look cool for once, but unfortunately he adds something unnecessary.

"I HAVE TO KNOW HOW YOU TAMED THAT 'WILD HORSE'!" Azazel yelled loudly, so much that the ground shook from the force of his yell.

"Wild…horse?" Itachi hesitantly repeated.

"That girl! Raynare! It's like she became an entirely different person when she returned! She actually apologized sincerely, started helping out; overall she became a real gentle and nice girl! Even after seeing it every day, I still couldn't believe it! Just what did you do to make her like that?! You have to tell me how!" Azazel roared even louder. Itachi, not sure how to react to this sudden development, slowly brings his hand to his face, and begins rubbing it while letting out a loud and tired sigh.

"How did it come to this?" Itachi asked himself. "…And…what will you do once I tell you the method?"

"I'll use it to tame other 'wild horses' and have lovey-dovey se-…I mean a healthy relationship with them." Azazel told Itachi.

"…" All respects that Itachi had towards Azazel instantly evaporated into thin air.

"Of course they still have to be wild in bed. No, no, that's getting old. It'll be much better if they-…HOTAAAAAAAAA~!" Azazel suddenly screamed in pain. Why would he not? After all, his back is on fire. "HOT! HOT! HOT! DAMN IT, IT'S HOT!" He continued screaming while rolling in the ground and trying to put out the fire. "HOI, ITACHI! Don't just stand there like an idiot! Put out this flame!" Azazel ordered with tears streaming from his face.

"…..You just said you want to have a…'healthy' and wild relationship with women in bed, am I right? Then it's only appropriate that you should train yourself like this as a preparation to…receive their 'flame of passion'. Surely you don't want to disappoint them midway, yes?" Itachi asked him. "Here. Let me add another one." And with a flick of his finger, a big (and I mean BIG) magic circle appeared above Azazel. Azazel, who sensed the danger above him, looked up, and the only thing he could say after he saw what loomed above him is…

"Ah, crap." And with that, the fire of judgment fell upon him. "WAHAAAAAAAA~!"

"…It's been a pleasant night talking with you, Azazel-san. But, unfortunately you'll have to find out about that another time." Itachi said with a small smile.

"Wait! Are you gonna leave me like this?!" Azazel yelled while rolling around with such a speed that even Ghost Rider would be jealous of the fire and smoke that he produced.

"You can just ask Vanishing Dragon over there to help you." Itachi asked as he pointed at a water tank on another building. Azazel's eyes widened, but unfortunately he could not ask how Itachi managed to sense Vali, because he's busy protecting his treasured 'manliness'. Itachi turns his attention towards the water tank, and decides to give him a piece of advice. "Vanishing Dragon. If you want to spy on someone, don't do it with your bloodlust leaking out like that." And after he gave Vali his advice, the Itachi in front of them disappeared in a puff of smoke.




"….Heh. Never thought there is someone interesting like him nearby. Seems like the world really is a big place" Vali muttered with a ferocious smile on his face.

"Oi, Vali! If you want to act cool, do it later! Just help me now!" Azazel ordered. Vali sweat dropped when he saw Azazel, because he literally has been engulfed in fire and is spinning around like a beyblade.

With a sigh he brings out 'Divine Dividing', a Sacred Gear with the ability to halves an enemy's powers every ten seconds, and starts dividing the flame's power.

~ 10 minutes later ~

"Hah…hah…hah… HAH! You saved my skin there." Azazel gratefully said, while tiredly leaning to a wall. "Damn that Itachi. To think he had the heart to attack me for real… I WON'T LEND MY PORN COLLECTION TO YOU EVEN IF YOU BEGGED ME! YOU HEAR THAT?!" Azazel yelled angrily and shamelessly, causing Vali to rub his face at his leader's attitude. Azazel suddenly shifts his attention to Vali. "So, as his destined rival, what do you think about the new 'Sekiryuutei'?" Azazel asked, his eyes gleaming with interest.

"….A disappointment. He's weak, amateur, and doesn't seem to be able to hold himself against a tougher opponent." Vali told Azazel. "I'm more interested in that man from before. So, he was the Uchiha Itachi that you took an interest, hmm? Just like you said, he was an interesting one." Vali said.

"Hoh? Seems like he made quite an impact to you. Then what's your opinion of him?" Azazel asked.

"….Unlike others around his age, he has an aura of a veteran. Yes, I know you noticed this too, Azazel. He has the eyes of someone who had experienced countless wars and bloodshed. And that is not something normal for someone his age." Vali stated, making Azazel smiled at his pupil's ability to notice that. "I really wanted to try fighting him, and with those strange abilities of his, I'm sure he'll make a decent opponent. But, I guess that has to wait." he finished. Azazel sighs at Vali's obsession with battle, but he knows it's something that runs in his blood, Lucifer's blood, and an essential part of him.

"Well, maybe if the peace talk went well, I could ask Sirzechs Lucifer to let you fight him. So just bear with it for now."

"Heh, don't worry. The riper he is, the more interesting our battle would be. The same for 'Sekiryuutei' Hyoudo Issei." Vali said while smiling in anticipation.

"…..About that…." a voice came out from Divine Dividing, which caused Vali and Azazel to look at it. "….Are you really sure about that?"

"Sure about what, Albion?" Vali said, addressing the white heavenly dragon that resides in Divine Dividing.

"….The 'red' one. There is no mistake that he is inside that man, Hyoudo Issei was it? Yes, he is residing in him. But…" Albion's voice turned uncertain. Vali and Azazel look at each other with slight confusion, and then Azazel decides to ask Albion.

"But what, Albion?"

"I'm not sure how to explain this, but that man…Uchiha Itachi… He has the 'scent' of the 'red' one all over him." Albion told them. Their eyes instantly widened at this piece of information

"Are you sure about that, Albion? You saw it yourself that Hyoudo Issei was the one with the Boosted Gear." Vali said.

"True, but there was no mistake that he has the 'red' one's scent on him." Albion confirmed. Azazel and Vali pondered at this information, and then Albion continues. "But, this is what I don't understand. The only way Uchiha Itachi could have his 'scent' is if he resides in him. But, he does not. This could only mean that he…"

"That he used to have it inside him." Vali finished. "But a Sacred Gear could only be removed from its host if the host is already died. And a forceful removal from the body results in the death of the host. Azazel, has there been a case where a Sacred Gear was removed from the body without killing its host?" Vali urgently asked.

"No. Such a thing has never happened before." Azazel answered seriously. However, it doesn't mean that he has no way of finding the truth. "I'll ask Shemhazai to look into this. Meanwhile, you keep your eyes open in case Kokabiel makes his moves." Azazel ordered before he disappeared. Vali continues to ponder about the possibility of Itachi being a former wielder, but then Albion's voice brought him out of his thought.

"I have to tell you one more thing."

"What is it?"

"There's not only the 'red' one's scent on him. In fact, there in another dragon's scent on him. One which is far more powerful."

"A scent of a dragon that is more powerful than a heavenly dragon?" Vali asked. It didn't take him a while to realize which dragon Albion was talking about. "It couldn't be!"

"Yes, it is just as you suspected. He has -that- dragon scent on him." Albion replied, confirming Vali's hunch. His ferocious smile returned, and then he mutters…

"Great Red."


[Occult Research club]

"Haa~h. Why do we have to do this right after school?" Issei complained. He missed his daily afternoon peeping, because Matsuda and Motoya chased him all around the school, while yelling 'traitor'. To make it worse, the swimming club extended their club hour to after school, and though he really wanted to peep at them, he didn't want to taste last night's electricity all over again. Thus, he had no choice, but to drag his feet to the appointed place. The only good thing that happened was he could see Asia in her bloomers.

"Cheer up, Issei-san. I don't know what happened, but I'm sure things will eventually get better." Asia said with a truly angelic smile. Issei's energy instantly restored after seeing Asia's smile.

"Thanks, Asia. I feel a lot better now."

"Really?" Asia asked, unconvinced.

"Really." Issei repeated.

"You want me to check you?" she offered without knowing the danger that might befall her, due to recklessly saying those words.

"Got checked by Asia?!" Issei's imagination instantly ran wild. "Check-up means… A doctor! No, no, in her case, a nurse is a lot better! Yes, with white and short tiny skirt, and in the school nurse office… Uhihihi~!"


"Sure, please check me!" Before Issei could hug Asia, a small, blue dragon appeared in front of him, and began attacking him with lightning.


"Whoaa~! Stop. I'm sorry! It's my fault! Please stop attacking!" Issei begged while desperately avoiding its' attack.

"Ra-Rassei-kun, please stop." Asia pleaded.

"Raa…" Rassei reluctantly stopped. But then the small dragon notices the arrival of certain people, and begins making a weird sound. "Ra-Raraah! Rararararah…!" While still making a weird sound, lightning discharged from its body, and then Rassei aimed it at the tallest man in that group. "RAAAAHH!"


"Uchiha-san, look out!" Issei yelled.

"Hm?" Itachi turned his eyes towards Issei, but instead of his junior, he saw a lighting heading towards him. However, instead of trying to avoid the attack, Itachi calmly holds up a wristband, and the next thing that happens is that wristband sucked the lightning. "So eager already?"

"I'm sorry, Itachi-san! Come on, Rassei-kun, you should apologize too." Asia told the small dragon. Instead of obeying its master's order, Rassei defiantly threw his face to the side. "Ra-Rassei-kun!" Asia cried.

"Don't worry, Asia-kun. Seems like Rassei-kun sees me as some sort of rival. Isn't that right, Rassei-kun?" Itachi asked. In response, Rassei only snorted at him. "What's wrong, Issei-kun? What's the matter?" Itachi asked as he saw Issei's blank face.

"Wha-what was that? What did you do? Buchou, what did Uchiha-san just do?" Issei asked erratically. Akeno giggled at Issei's reaction, and Rias decided to tell Issei what Itachi told him.

"It's because of this." Rias answered while showing him the same wristband on her left wrist. "Apparently, this wristband can absorb demonic powers, and thus rendering us powerless. But, there's a limit on how much it can store, and once it exceeded it, it will snap. That's why I have to wear four of it." Rias said.

"It is unfortunate, but I only have to wear two." Akeno said, lamenting her lack of power despite being a magic specialist.

"One." Koneko said while showing her right hand.

"Same here." Yuuto said.

"With that said, Issei-kun, Asia-kun, wear this." Itachi said while handing them their wristbands. "If it didn't exceed its limit, you should feel as weak as a human. But if it glows, make sure to put another one on quickly." ordered Itachi.

Asia put the wristband on her left wrist, and she instantly feels like her energy is being sucked. Issei too, put the wristband on his left hand, but unlike Asia who could still standing without trouble, he immediately slumped to the ground.




There's only one thing that ran through Itachi's mind when he saw that.

"Just how small is your magic reserve?"

"….Da-damn. It feels like there are boulders on my back. Uchiha-san, you sure this thing is working properly?" Issei asked while trying to stand, but failed.

"…Maybe?" Itachi replied unsurely.

"Maybe?!" Issei yelled.

"Well, never before has someone fell to the ground, because of putting on just one of those wristbands." Itachi told Issei, making him slumped down once again from despair. "We can fix that, don't worry. But, if you want to complaint, complain to its maker will you?" Itachi said as if that was the most obvious thing to be done.

"Sure. Where is the person who made this?"

"Britain. To be precise, beneath the River Thames in London." Itachi replied.

"Then doesn't that mean whoever made this is already dead?!" Issei yelled again. Due to the anger from being made fun, he managed to stand, albeit with a great effort.

"Issei-san, you managed to stand." Asia praised, her eyes gleaming with amazement.

"Great job, Issei. You really are my pawn." Rias praised him too, feeling proud that Issei could stand.

"You can do it after all, Issei-kun." Yuuto said.

"Hnn…" Koneko only flashed him a smile.

"…" Issei was not happy at all receiving all those praises. In fact, he really wanted to cry. After all, it's as if they're treating him like a baby that has just learned how to stand. On the side note, while Issei was receiving praises, Akeno walked closer to Itachi without Rias or Koneko realizing.

"…He looks like he wants to cry." Itachi whispered to Akeno.

"Ara ara. It must be because how they're treating him like a child." Akeno whispered back.

"…Indeed. I too could see how similar he is right now to a baby." Itachi whispered, making Akeno amusedly giggled. "Okay, enough chit-chatting. Let's move."

They followed him obediently, with Issei having a hard time to follow them. Yuuto, Asia and Koneko wanted to offer him their help, but Itachi ordered them not to, since this could be considered as a warm-up for his training.

"Are we…there…yet?" Issei asked while panting heavily.

"There yet? We're already been on the site since the very beginning." Itachi told them. Blinking, they have the same look on their faces; confusion. Massaging his temples, he says, "This whole school ground is the training site."





They yelled as one, but fortunately Itachi already covered his ears.

"Wait! Wait! Are we really allowed to use the school like this?" Issei asked.

"I already booked it, so of course." Itachi replied.

"Booked it? From who?" Rias asked. At her question, Itachi stares at her incredulously. It's because she should have known who was it that could give him the permission to use the school.

"Your father. Who else?" Itachi said, making Rias gasp. "Look. He is currently waving at you from there." Itachi said while pointing at the director's room. Rias follows the direction that Itachi's finger pointing at, and her jaw immediately drops.

Her father is there.

Her father is there, waving at her.

Her father is there, waving at her, with a smile on his face.

Her father is there, waving at her, with a smile on his face, and equipped with a handycam in one hand.

Overall, he looked like a doting (stalking) father who wanted to immortalize his daughter's dazzling forms.

"…O-Otou-sama…" Rias muttered embarrassedly. Lord Gremory, noticing Rias and Itachi looking at him, gives them a thumb up, which Itachi counters with his own. Seeing the two men exchanged thumbs up, Rias came to a conclusion. "Y-you've conspired with Otou-sama, haven't you?" Rias yelled while pointing at him.

"No, I simply came to him this morning, and asked 'want to see Rias doing a physical exercise?', and then he suddenly agreed, and lent us the school. I didn't even finish what I wanted to say." Itachi said, denying Rias' accusation.

"S-so that's how it was." Rias said, feeling ashamed that she easily accused Itachi due to his tendency to toy with her.

"Well, I did agree to his condition that he will be allowed to record your growth every day…"

"So it was you, after all!" Rias yelled at Itachi again. "Itachi, you, you… You big idiot!" Rias cried while running away. Itachi sweat dropped as he watched her ran into the gym, and he starts to feel a headache creeping to his brain.

"You're not going to chase her?" Akeno asked. Itachi shakes his head slightly, and pulls out a stack of papers.

"I will, but after I give them the instructions." Itachi told her. "Here, hold on to this."

"This is?" Akeno asked, as she saw the tables on those papers.

"I want you to record how long it takes for them to fall, how many laps they've completed before they fall, and how much time is needed for their consciousness to return." Itachi said. Akeno, despite hearing something dangerous just now, didn't shudder even one bit.

"Not how long it takes to complete the training?" Akeno curiously asked.

"If you could complete this training in one day or less, I would never have told you to do it in the first place." Itachi said. "Alright. What I want you to do is simple, very simple. I want you to run from that start line." Itachi began while pointing at the track field. "Then circle the whole school ground, and then to the school's rooftop, before you go back to the start line. I've put a sign, telling you to follow it, so you won't get lost." Itachi told them.

"Umm, Itachi-san. Doesn't it seem too easy? I mean, it's just running." Yuuto said. Itachi averts his eyes to him, and gives him a pitied look.

"Yuuto-kun, I promise you, tomorrow you will not dare say that again." Itachi warned, which caused Yuuto to shudder. "Yes, this is just running. But…I want you to keep running until midnight."

"U-until midnight?!" Issei screamed.

"In that time, you're not allowed to rest, to drink, or even to walk. Just…running." Itachi ordered. Issei paled, Asia looks very worried, Yuuto has cold sweat running on his back, while Koneko simply gulped down her saliva. "Ready, GO!" And then, despite the handicap that they have, they started running. "Akeno, I'll be counting on you to keep track of them, while I'm looking for Rias."

"Uhuhu~, just leave it to me." Akeno said, before she started chasing after them. With no one's around, Itachi let out a sigh, and then he starts heading to where Rias is.

"Make sure none of them die, Akeno." Itachi gravely murmured, as he remembered the hell that he went through.

And true to Itachi's words, after they experienced this hellish running, none of them dared to say it was easy ever again. After all, they all almost died after just two hours of running. And they unanimously agreed to give Itachi the nickname 'Devil Instructor', because he forced them to run again right after they woke up from their fainting.


End of Chapter 13.

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"It's me."


"No, everything went according to plan. Those senile old fools won't even know what's coming."


"Yes, I'm begging your forgiveness for that failure. I swear, next time Itachi will die."


"Change of plan?"


"You want me to kill him without damaging his eyes? Understood. However, it might be a while before we could kill him properly."


"No, forgive me. However, the construction of 'the cannon' is slower than expected. And finding an energy source to sustain it is another major problem. Drying ten thousands stray devils wasn't enough to fill even a third of it."


"I understand, but I'm the only one qualified to oversee the completion of 'the cannon'. Don't want any mistakes being made in its construction, after all.


"Understood, Thank you for your understanding, Herr Schmidt."



"…..Si…r..ze…chs…..Ita…c..hi...h…ur…r…y….ki…ll…me… ."