Of My Soul
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The heavens opened
And down came her
She sought me out
She brought me to light
I moved from hell
When I laid eyes on her
She moved from heaven
To become my angel
I am who I am
Because she made me whole
My love, My life, My soul
Hers and hers alone

By Nehnah Dhiman


Angel of Destiny POV

It's hard work maintaining people's destinies. Over the years and decades I have seen many souls perish and wither and in the same sense I have seen them flourish and fly. I have become attached to many souls but there are two souls whom I have guarded and watched over that have gained my respect and admiration for the courage and valour against all odds.

Many a times they have met and many a time they have been separated, for it was their destiny to do so. Six times. Six times they have met and been torn apart. Their destiny was foretold before the written word was brought about. They would have to lose six times in order for their seventh meeting to be heavenly.

I am sending them back now. It is time for their seventh meeting. I have allowed them to retain some of their memories from the previous six times but have left them hidden. This meeting, though their last, will test them again. They will need to find each other but not until the time is right.

From a Nubian Princess and the Prince of Egypt in 572 BC to the Lord's daughter and the Kings son in 1918, they have always been of a high class blood line of opposing sides. This time, they are simply a daughter of a lawyer and a son of a doctor. There are no opposing sides. That much has been made easy for them. What will be hard is the fact that they are not due to meet until their 21st birthdays and yet their dreams will be of one another.

Good luck to them. I have done all I can to ensure them their love this time now it is up to them to fight for it. Again.

God Bless.